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The Devil Judge- Episode 3 Recap

Yo Han watches on as Ga-on sleeps in Yo Han’s Victorian mansion. Yo Han’s niece Elijah (Jeon Chae-Eunasks if Yo Han killed Ga-on. Yo Han firmly says he did not. Ga-on wakes up and Elijah says this is no fun. She wheels her wheelchair out of the room. Ga-on groans in pain as his dressed wounds hurt.

Yo Han follows her after telling Ga-on not to strain himself. Ga-on looks at the room in which most of the furniture is under covers.

In the morning, the forensics sweep Yo Han’s office. Kang Yo Han addresses the press. He holds up a bandaged hand saying he is fine. He says they do not know who is behind the attack. Yo Han says someone is very scared and the act of terror cannot halt the public judgement. He says the show will go on as planned and he will punish the son of an influential person who continuously abused the weak and unfortunate. He says the defendant is Lee Young Min, VP of Joongwon F&B and Minister Cha’s son. He is asked how he can do this as the prosecutor will retaliate.

Minister Cha is shocked as she sees this on TV. She curses as he says all are considered defendants before the law.

Later, Yo Han removes the bandage on his hand to reveal that there is no injury on his hand. Soo-Hyun catches up with Yo Han and asks about Ga-on. After learning that she is a cop, Yo Han asks if Ga-on and she are dating. Soo Hyun says they are just friends. He goes on to say he can’t reveal Ga-on’s whereabouts but he assures her that he is fine. She tries to hold him back but he is firm. He tells her to finds the culprit and leave Ga-on to him.

At Yo Han’s home Ga-on wakes with a start as the caretaker Ji Young-ok (Yoon Ye-Hee) drops a food tray. She seems to disapprove of Ga-on being treated here. She refuses to tell him anything and asks him to speak with Yo Han if he wants to discuss anything.

Ga-on gets out of bed slowly and walks out of the room. He explores the mansion. He sees Yo Han’s empty study. He goes on to explore the rest of the mansion.

After some time, Ga-on comes across a showpiece and he takes it in his hand. He nearly drops it when he hears Elijah say it is a national treasure. He puts it back as she says he is a fool for falling for the joke. He asks if he did something to upset her. Elijah says his face upsets her and she doesn’t know why Yo Han brought someone fake into the house.

At Minister Cha’s house, Young Min is cursing Yo Han. He tells his father that he is worried. His father tells him not to worry as his wife (Minister Cha) will take care of it. Just then, Cha walks in and slaps her son for disappointing her. She then goes on to say that she will do everything it takes to protect her son. She says there will be no trial.

Cha visits President Heo but finds Yo Han sitting with him. Yo Han gets up to leave as he doesn’t want the trial to be compromised. Yo Han tells her that the trial is nothing personal. Cha says what will happen from now on is not personal either.

On his way out Yo Han runs into Sun-A. She asks if he was hurt in the attack. He says the attack was planned in a way that it would injure and not kill. He says it was meant to be a warning. 

Sun-A says there are some people who are wise enough to heed warnings while the others don’t and regret it later.

Yo Han smiles as he agrees that there are some people who do not heed warnings.

Later, Sun-A speaks to Heo in Cha’s presence. She says the sponsors of the Foundation are concerned about the trial. She adds that the people are against the rich abusing their power.

President Heo tells Cha that her son has taken after her.

Sun-A asks if the live trial can take up another case. Heo says that one million people have signed a petition asking to find the one responsible for the attack on Yo Han. Heo says Yo Han has the people’s support and they can’t mess with himCha says she understands and says she will take care of it.

At home, Yo Han finds Ga-on sleeping. He unbuttons Ga-on’s shirt and this wakes up Ga-on. Yo Han checks Ga-on’s wound and changes the dressing. He notices an old tattoo on Ga-on’s shoulder and asks him about it. Ga-on says he got it when he was immature. He goes on to call Yo Han an old fart for judging him. Yo Han gives him a hard pat on the shoulder in response.

Yo Han comes down to find Elijah watching Jin-Joo’s emotional interview on TV. Elijah asks Yo Han if he is dating Jin-Joo. He instantly denies it by calling Jin Joo dramatic. She comments that this is boring.

She then asks why he brought Ga-on home. Yo Han smiles as he asks if Ga-on bothers her. She threatens to kill Ga-on if he doesn’t send him away. Yo Han points out that she can’t walk and asks how she intends to kill Ga-on. He reminds her that she had vowed to kill Yo Han first the moment she was able to walk. He tells her to take it, one person, at a time.

She goes away in a huff. Yo Han asks the cat on the couch if it won’t follow her. The cat mews and goes away too.

Yo Han checks in on Ga-on before heading to work. He tells Ga-on to stay put. Ga-on says he wants to go home. Yo Han tells him to stay here till the terrorist is found. He says there is a substitute Judge for the trial.

Judge Jung In Seok fills in for Ga-On. Jin Joo tries to hide her disappointment but fails miserably. She doesn’t allow him to sit at Ga-on’s desk. She tells him to sit at a table beside it. Jung complies.

Meanwhile, Ga-on ventures out of his room. This time he finds a locked door. Ji finds him and tells him to stay in his room. he says he is not sleeping beauty and he is bored. She says she can put him to sleep like sleeping beauty. She then says it is just a joke and walks away. He goes back upstairs.

At the station, Soo Hyun and her team go through the footage from the court and find nothing suspicious. Suddenly she wonders if the bomb was placed while the painting was installed. She asks for the interior designer’s number.

Yo Han’s detective (K) informs Yo Han that Soo Hyun seems to have found a lead. Yo Han tells him to follow her. He says they should get to the culprit before she does.

Soo Hyun and her deputy come to the other side of the neighbourhood and find a man working on wood. The deputy goes to him. He grabs the deputy and pins him on the desk. Soo Hyun holds up her gun and he lets the deputy go. She asks to see his accounts book to find if he installed the paintings. She is non-cooperative and he asks for a warrant. He is confident as he tells them to come back with a warrant.

Later that night, the man heads home. He stops when he hears Yo Han asking how small bombs are made in furniture plants like these. The man turns around to see Yo Han in his black hoodie.

Yo Han kicks him hard in the chest and the man recoils. He tries to hit back but Yo Han overpowers him. The man offers to tell him everything but Yo Han says he isn’t interested. Yo Han drags the man to the furnace. The man says someone from the Foundation made him do it to scare Yo Han off. Yo Han heaves the man and his investigator (k) intervenes in time to stop him.

Yo Han lets the man go. He tells the man to tell his master to deal with Yo Han on his own. K comes up to him and asks if Yo Han is doing this because of Ga-on. Yo Han doesn’t reply as he gets into his car and drives away.

Yo Han comes home and returns Ga-on’s phone to him. Ga-on asks if Yo Han is injured. Yo Han is distracted as he says it’s nothing.

Ga-on asks if they are preparing for Young Min’s trial. Yo Han says there is nothing to prepare. Ga-on asks what is the reason Yo Han got involved in this terribly unfair game of justice.

Yo Han asks if he needs a reason. Ga-on asks if there is something he needs to make right. Yo Han asks Ga-on if he is an old fart who judges a person. Yo Han tells him to focus on getting better. He walks away after punching Ga-on in the stomach.

Soo Hyun is extremely worried when Ga-on calls up to say he is fine. She flips when he says he is Yo Han’s house. She says the explosive could have been self-fabricated. Ga-on says he will look around and see if he can find something on Yo Han.

The news mentions that a Dream Home Village project is coming up with 30000 units on the outskirts of Seoul. Chairman Seo says the weak and the ill will be inhabited there. It mentions that free healthcare and housing will be provided.

Later, Seo is joined for dinner by Sun-A and the sponsor. They congratulate him on this move and say he can expect a Nobel prize. Sun-A watches as Seo says he is doing this for the country.

As the conversation continues they start taking a dig at each other. Chairman Park tells Heo that the project is halted because there is a problem between departments. Chairman Min says they have finished with the first block but they can’t do anything the administration department creates problems.

Heo says Min expects them to evict people and bulldoze the buildings surrounding the project.  Min says that is what was promised in advance.

Heo loses his temper and starts yelling about who has the real power. Heo says the people trust him and they made him the president. He says he cannot displace the people as everyone are his citizens. Sun-Ah spills wine over him and apologises profusely. Heo is forced to exit the room.

Later, his wife tells him to go for a massage and let off the steam.

Heo gets a massage, he is surprised when Sun-A takes over as the masseuse after some time. He asks if she knows the massage. She says she grew up poor and there is not one trade where she isn’t trained.

She says she was moved when he said he cared for the under-privileged people. Sun A massages his spine as she walks over him.

Sun-A asks if he will change his mind for 20% of profits from Dream Home Projects. Heo seems interested in this. Sun-A says his face needs a massage and she stamps her foot with immense pressure. Heo asks how she got in. Sun-A’s face is filled with contempt as she increases the pressure on the foot on his face.

AT Yo Han’s home, Ji unlocks a room and goes inside. Ga-on peeks inside to find her talking to a photograph. She calls someone as master and she says she will protect him. She says the house belongs to him and not Yo Han. She suddenly turns around but Ga-on hides in the hallway just in time.

At the office, Judge Jung and Jin Joo are working on the case. The plaintiff has filed a case against Lee Young Min for slapping him and punching his abdomen at a restaurant.


Lee Young Min and his girlfriend are at a restaurant. He is upset that it is a roadside place. Just then, the server finds them and asks him to move his car as people are complaining that it is blocking the road.

Young Min throws the key at the server and tells him to move the Porche. The server says he can’t drive a customer’s car. Young Min rudely says he is drinking and he can’t be seen drunk driving. He manhandles the man and pushes him. The chef walks in and tells him off. 

Young Min punches the chef. The chef doesn’t punch him back because he has a record of assault. Young Min then goes to hit the others.

Jin Joo says they were so angry with Young Min that they refused to settle. She says the three victims have each other’s back.

Meanwhile, Cha makes a call to the Chief Justice.

At night, the chef (Kim) gets a call from the prosecutor’s office. He is told that his previous assault case was not thoroughly investigated. They call him to the office.

Someone follows the other victim as she walks home. She starts running.

Ga-on asks Soo Hyun to finds out Yo Han’s family certificate. She says it won’t be easy as he is not a suspect. Ga-on notices a tablet on the chest with a glass of water. 

Ga-on wakes up at noon the following day with a start. He sees the tablet is gone.

Meanwhile, Jin Joo is frustrated as they receive a signed agreement from the female part-timer that she has settled. Jung says the male server had settled yesterday. Jung says the defendant would have shown remorse. Jin Joo says the powerful don’t apologise.

At the restaurant, the chef tells the server and the part-timer that he will handle it and they don’t have to feel guilty.

Chief Justice Ji Yoon Sik tries to reason with Yo Han. Yo han says equality before the law is a sweet story like Santa Claus. He asks the Chief Justice to consider this as a Christmas Special movie. He also tells him to tell “them” not to worry about Yo Han.

This night, Ga-on chooses not to take the tablets.

The next day, Ga-on walks into Yo Han’s room to find him getting ready to leave. Yo Han is surprised as Ga-on usually sleeps till mid-day.

Ga-on says he is can come as a witness if required as he saw Young Min drive aggressively. Yo Han asks if that is all Ga-on saw. 

Ga-on recalls Yo Han breaking the Porsche with a hammer but he remains quiet. Yo Han walks away after telling him to get rest and not worry about the trial.

The trial begins.

Ga-on watches the show. He chokes on his drink when Yo Han puts up Ga-on’s image on the screen and asks the public to pray for him. He says there are people who don’t want these trials to go on.

Ga-on wonders why he Yo han is going overboard.

Yo Han says only the public can protect them now from the powerful.

As the trial begins, Young Min is disinterested. He gives a look of disbelief when Yo Han calls him forward. He asks why he should come forward.

The prosecutor steps up and says that the defendant cant be prosecuted if the victims sign an agreement. Yo Han says one victim hasn’t signed an agreement.

Just then the chef walks into the courtroom and says that he no longer wants to sue them.


The Chef learns that the building where the restaurant is will be demolished and everyone will be thrown out if he goes ahead with the lawsuit.

Yo Han asks the Chef why he changed his mind despite repeatedly filing petitions to punish Lee Young Min.

The prosecutor has a satisfied look on his face as he says that they will have to withdraw the case.

Ga-on springs out of the seat in frustration.

Lee Young Min asks for a chance to speak and he gives a sarcastic apology followed by a sarcastic smile at Yo Han.

Yo Han is amused.

Ga-on is furious as he recalls the same apology when Young Min nearly hit an old man the other day. Yo Han gets up from his seat and walks down to the prosecutor.

Yo Han says that the defendant wouldn’t be punished if it is a normal assault case. he asks the prosecutor what happens if the person is a repeat offender.

The prosecutor says there is no evidence that Lee is a repeat offender. 

Yo Han asks him how many times Lee has settled. Jin Joo says 12 times. Yo Han sends the speechless prosecutor back to his seat.

Yo Han asks the public a question. He asks them to send responses in the form of videos if they find the defendant’s face familiar. The PD puts up Lee’s face zoomed on screen.

The man on the cycle (whom the yellow Porche nearly hit) is at the market. He recognises Lee.

After some time, they receive a video call from a young woman who is excited to be on a live show.  She tells them that Lee Young Min is a psycho. She says she worked part-time as a parking lot attendant. She says Lee threw a tantrum and even kicked an attendant one day. She says Lee slapped her on the face too. She says the store told them to let it go as he was a VVIP customer.

Lee Young Min curses her on live television. Yo Han asks if she will be fine after saying this. She says she got fired anyway so she will be fine.

The attorney objects saying this hasn’t been officially investigated. Yo Han asks if she is willing to give an official statement and she says she will.

The next call is from a bartender who speaks about Lee slapping the female bartender. Soon the calls start pouring in.

Ga-on realises that this is the reason why Yo Han wanted a live trial.

Yo Han turns around and gives Lee Young Min a cold smile. For the first time, Lee has a worried look on his face.

Yo Han says this is like a Christmas tree. He then goes on to ask the public how they want Lee to be punished.

The public vote rapidly climbs to 90 % guilty.

Inside, the PD celebrates as they touch 3,000,000 views.

Yo Han goes back to the bench and says he wants the prosecution to modify the indictment. He says this is habitual assault. He says they will resume trial after the indictment is modified. Yo Han says the anger could be directed at the prosecution if the indictment is delayed.

Yo Han tells the Chef that habitual assault is punishable even after settlement. He adds that the Chef’s case will also be put on trial. He says that he won’t allow any case to be buried and justice cant be bought with money.

Ga-on watches in awe as Yo Han stands amidst the applause. He recalls asking Yo Han if he has a reason for doing this.

Ga-on pries open the locked door and goes inside. He takes the steps leading down to a basement room. The room is furnished with items from the ’90s. He finds the book Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil. He opens it and finds a photograph in it.

Ji walks in on him commenting that he is very curious. He asks her who this person is. She says it is Issac, Yo Han’s older brother. She says Issac is the true heir of the mansion.

She says Yo Han was an abandoned child whom nobody wanted. Ga-on jumps at this information and asks if Kang Yo Han isn’t related to the family by blood. He says he already suspects Yo Han and he asks her for more information. Ji walks away after telling him to find out for himself.

Ga-on looks at the picture with Issac and his daughter Elijah. Henotes that Issac bears a stark resemblance to Ga-on. Ji says that Yo Han grew up in this basement room.

Ga-on manipulates her by saying that Kang Yo Han was probably more qualified than Issac so he inherited the property. Ji says Ga-on resembles Issac a lot.

Ji says Issac lost his mother at a very young age. She says Issac’s father was heavily drunk and slept with a woman who worked at the bar. She says the woman became pregnant and showed up with the infant demanding money. The woman wasn’t accepted.

We see Issac’s father looking at the abandoned baby. He shuts the door on it. He turns around to find Issac crying. He goes over and picks up the baby and holds him close. Issac’s father takes him in.

The nanny cares for the baby Yo Han in the basement and Issac brings him a lot of toys.

One day, Yo Han now grown into a boy reads a book. He hears footsteps and immediately puts out the light and pretends to be asleep.

Issac walks down the stairs and gives him books on crime and punishment. Yo Han looks up at Issac who smiles.

One day Yo Han’s father catches him looking at Issac’s mother’s picture in his study. He grabs the photo and puts it back.

Yo Han habitually goes and stand in the corner and removes his shirt. His father puts on his gloves and takes a cane. As he is ready to strike Yo Han, Issac stops his father.

The father walks away after his eyes fall on Issac’s bracelet (his mother’s chain with cross pendant.)

Later when Ji asks Yo Han’s father why he hates Yo Han so much. He says it is because Yo Han looks like him while Issac is like his mother. He says Yo Han will kill his brother one day.

Ga-on asks Ji why she suspects Yo Han as she said Issac is the rightful heir. He points out that Yo Han grew up under his father’s abuse. Ji says she was the one who brought Yo Han up. She says Yo Han was already capable of doing something dreadful.

Ji says that a servant girl had a crush on him and he made her jump from the second floor. She says that he fed weed killer to the chairman’s favourite hunting dog. Ga-on asks if there was a reason. She says something could have irked him or he was just having fun. She asks what child can go that far without hesitation.

Yo Han drives his SUV into a redevelopment area. He walks into an abandoned place and finds another homeless person. 

He asks the man if he recognises him as it has been a while.

We see a montage of a firefighter (the homeless man) in the burnt church.

The man gets serious as he utters the words, ” Church… fire…”

The man runs away and Yo Han follows him to the roof.

Ga-on comments that Issac took good care of Yo Han. Ji says Yo Han is a survivor of the fire.

Yo Han slowly walks towards the man. The man is terrified as he steps back, dangerously close to the edge of the roof.

Ji tells Ga-on that the fire happened a month after the chairman’s death and Issac died in that fire.

Yo-Han keeps walking forward till the man trips over the edge and falls to his death. ‘

Yo Han calmly walks down and comes up to the man who is twitching on the ground holding on to dear life. Yo Han removes the watch from the man’s hand and asks if the man likes it so much that he didn’t sell it. The man begs him to save his life but it falls on deaf ears as Yo Han walks away.

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Sun-A seems to hold more power than she lets on. She confidently oversteps the line with everyone and lives to talk about it. She has a way with words and gets under everyone’s skin. But, she seems to struggle when she is faced with Yo Han, who seems oblivious to her talk.

This trial was dramatic with Yo Han bringing up Ga-on’s photo. It goes to show that Yo Han is pointedly trying to gain the public’s favour. He knows to strike the right chords with the people.

The prosecution did absolutely nothing in this trial and was in fact bent upon withdrawing the lawsuit.

Yo Han carried on the prosecutor’s job smoothly while sitting at the judge’s bench. 

It looks like he is picking cases that won’t get indicted without a live trial. With the live trial, everything is instantaneous and the defendants don’t get time to threaten or bribe a witness.

This episode showed a bit of Yo Han’s personal life.

The atmosphere in Yo Han’s house is odd. Neither Ji nor Elijah (Issac’s daughter) seem to like Yo Han and Yo Han seems to have accepted it. They all have a dark sense of humour too. It is intriguing that Elijah says she finds Ga-on’s face upsetting when he resembles her father.

Yo Han was brought up in an abusive environment. Ga-on’s view on Yo Han seems to be swaying every time he learns something new on Yo Han. 

The choice of book in which Ga-on finds Issac’s photo was interesting. Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil is a book containing an account of real-life trials of Nazi officials where the defendants are not motivated by passion or ideology. Instead, they commit genocide to get a promotion or just because the law states it. The defendant even stated that he was simply following orders or abiding by the law. The contents of the book is a subject for debate even today.

Ga-on resembles Issac. I am curious to see the storyline on it.

Lee Young Min portrays arrogance very well. He takes the public for granted and feels he is entitled to mistreat them. His sarcastic apology is one such example. It is interesting to see how the defendants show absolutely no remorse over their actions.

So far, Yo Han hasn’t harmed anyone who hasn’t harmed him. Everytime he goes after a person he seems to have a motive behind it (including his classmates who bullied him). 

I am curious to see the part everyone has played in his past that has led him down this path.

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