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Sone Ka Anda/ Musings (Basics of Nature)

-By Kalpana-

The restlessness had become a part. There was all there is to call my life a comfortable, happy life. Affluence, rich, upper class living, good family life. Family life was peppered with usual everyday arguments, laughter, sharing, loneliness, me-time, individuality and we belong moments. 

Yet, this restlessness persisted. There was something missing. My mind would occasionally scream a silent scream wanting to escape the comfort bubble. 

On one such episode, I put on my shoes and decided to go down to the society garden. I walked in into the patch of landscaped greens that are in modern societies. I sat on the one of the benches quietly and remained there still, immobile. Disturbed screams continued in my mind. Till the whispers of the rustling leaves penetrated my conscious. My inner scream stopped midway. My ear holes pricked. I listened as parched would gulp down life saving water . I sat there for how long I don’t know. Letting the greens engulf me. I spoke to them. They spoke to me. The whispers continued till the scream faded away. 

Now, I come down daily to the basics of nature. 

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