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Sone Ka Anda/Musings (Let there be light)

-By Kalpana

Let there be light!

And my brain went into an over drive. What kind of light? Neon light? Tube light? LED light? Low voltage light? Night lamp? Lamp light? 100 Watts bulb? 1000 watts bulb? Candle light? 

The light for me is the light that accentuates the darkness. Out for a stroll at night, power cut ensued. I stood still for a few seconds. Crankily, I mumbled at the power cuts. Closed my eyes tight shut in sheer frustration. When I opened them moonlight shone. Stunned, I basked in it. Looked up at the sky to witness the twinkling stars. Astonished I stared at the nocturnal lights. It had been eons when I last had been embraced by moonlight. I bathed in it. Filling myself to the innermost core in its silvery embrace. 

Electric Lights illuminates your homes. Lights of heavens illuminated my soul. 

Let there be light. 

-By Kalpana-

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