Mouse- Episode 11 Recap

(Episode 11- Kill her! Kill him!)

A young boy is catching butterflies in the field. 

He finds Jae-Hoon standing among the tall grass beside a dead animal. The boy sees Jae-Hoon’s hands bleeding from a deep gash. He has a weapon in his hand. Jae-hoon asks the boy to get lost. The boy doesn’t leave. Instead, he prepares a medicine out of the Asiatic pennywort nearby and applies it on Jae-hoon’s wound.

Jae Hoon asks if the boy is not scared of him. He says everyone is avoiding him since he cut open the rabbit. The boy says he can’t avoid a wounded friend. He says cutting open animals is bad.

Jae-hoon wonders why he wasn’t born like this boy. Jae-Hoon wishes to be like him.

At present, Ba-reum is horrified as he sees an apparition of a smiling Sung Yo Han asking him if it feels exhilarating to kill a person. 

Later, a flustered Ba-reum rushes home. He tries to convince himself that Sung Yo Han was the one who killed that man and not him. He looks up to see Sung Yo Han asking him if he feels better by placing the blame on Sung Yo han. He says it doesn’t change the fact that Ba-reum is a killer. Ba-reum tells himself that he is hallucinating. He says it was self-defense. Sung Yo Han declares that Ba-reum enjoyed killing Woo Hyung Chul.

Ba-reum yells that Sung Yo Han and he are different. Sung Yo Han laughs and says no one will believe that. Ba-reum holds his head and tells him to get lost. He opens his eyes to find the room empty as before.

Ba-reum rushes to the police station where Mu Chi and the team are there. He tells them that he killed Woo Hyung Chull. Everyone goes silent.

They go to the warehouse and Ba-reum waits outside. Mu Chi gives him an odd look and Ba-reum rushes inside to see no signs of a murder or the dead body.

The forensic team says there are no bloodstains and neither Ba-reum’s nor Woo Hyung Chul’s fingerprints are there. They say this isn’t a murder scene.

Ba-reum tells them to find Woo’s car and the truck which Ba-reum drove the previous day. Just then, they locate Woo’s phone.

Later, at the station, Ba-reum watches as the team checks the CCTV footage. It shows Woo boarding a boat wearing a navy jacket, black pants and hiking hat. 

Ba-reum can’t believe his eyes. Shin says no one reported a car or truck missing either. Later, Mu Chi returns Ba-reum’s phone which was found at the house.

Ba-reum asks if Mu Chi knows that Woo was the one who killed the masseuse and the schoolgirl. The owner of the massage parlour had told Ba-reum that Mu Chi had come before him.

Mu Chi says he was concerned that he shot an innocent man. He says Song Soo Ho was burned alive while Kim Jin Ah was burned after she died. He says he found the same business cards with Woo and the masseuse. He says he was about to fill Ba-reum in on the details but he saw Park Hye Won’s photo on the computer screen. He says they found the bodies because of Ba-reum and thanks Ba-reum.

Mu Chi asks why Ba-reum is desperate to prove Sung Yo Han’s innocence. Ba-reum says there is no specific reason and leaves.

Ba-reum visits Seul Ki in the hospital. Dong Kook thanks Ba-reum for saving his fiancee. He says though he knew Ba-reum would never kill a person, he did feel glad as jerks like this deserve to die.

The news reports that killer Woo Hyung Chull has smuggled himself to the Philippines.

Mu Chi recalls Ba-reum asking him why he would say he killed Woo Hyung Chul if he didn’t kill him. Detective Park tells Mu Chi to give Ba-reum some office work for the time being. Mu Chi watches Park look longingly at his family photo, particularly at his daughter.

At night, Ba-reum speaks to Mu Chi over the phone. He says the doctor says there is nothing wrong with him. he asks if he will be fine working with Mu Chi’s team. Mu Chi tells him to join them tomorrow.

After he hangs up, Ba-reum clearly remembers strangling Woo Hyung Chul. He shakes the thought off and goes to feed the pregnant cat Nabi. Nabi is cranky as she hasn’t been fed. Ba-reum leaves the food by her side. Nabi seems very angry and screeches at him.

As he walks away a memory of Ba-reum breaking the bird’s neck at the hospital comes back to him. He wonders if it is a hallucination.

At the hospital, Ba-reum is told that the kids in the pediatric ward found the bird in the flower bed. The man says he informed Ba-reum’s aunt about it.

Ba-reum finds a mound beside the tree where the bird is buried. He realises he killed the bird. He wonders if he did the same with Woo Hyun Chul.

Ba-reum returns to the warehouse searching for any traces of the murder but finds none. Ba-reum lifts some wooden planks which weren’t there the previous day. He finds charred marks on the floor where Woo has toppled over a fire cauldron the night before. Ba-reum realises that he wasn’t hallucinating.

Someone watches Ba-reum as he walks away.


After Ba-reum goes into the warehouse, a figure in black watches him from the car. Later, the figure moves the body and cleans the crime scene, removing all traces of the crime.

At present, the figure speaks into the phone that Ba-reum might have figured it out.

On the way back, Ba-reum is pushed over while getting out of the bus. Ba-reum walks into the station to turn himself in.

Just then, he gets a call from a man asking if he is going to turn himself in. Ba-reum realises that his phone has been switched when someone bumped into him.

The man asks to meet in person. He tells Ba-reum to not inform anyone who knows about the brain surgery. Ba-reum is suspicious but he agrees.

Ba-reum goes to a deserted place by the lake. He sits on the bench waiting. Someone clamps a cloth over his face from behind and Ba-reum loses consciousness.

He wakes up in a bed. He walks out to an office room and sees a person sitting at the desk. Ba-reum recognises him as the same person who bumped into him. The person removes his disguise and he is Daniel Lee.

Ba-reum asks him how he is alive when Sung Yo Han had killed him.

Daniel Lee says there are more pressing matters like where Woo’s body disappeared.

Lee says someone else wore an outfit similar to Woo Hyung Chull and got into the boat. Lee asks how Ba-reum felt when he killed Woo. Ba-reum says it was a mistake and it was self-defense. Lee tells him to be honest and asks if he felt ecstasy when he killed Woo.

Daniel Lee says that murderer Sung Yo Han’s brain has been encroaching Ba-reum’s brain for the past year. He says the switch has been turned on and he will continue to kill now. He says Sung Yo Han’s brain will eventually consume his brain and the urge to kill will be stronger. He says Ba-reum won’t be able to stop, no longer how strong his will is.

Daniel Lee tells him to direct his murderous instincts into killing the 1% psychopaths out there. He asks Ba-reum to bring in DNA samples and offers to find out the psychopath gene among them. He says Ba-reum can kill them.

Ba-reum is taken aback by this outrageous idea and he flatly refuses. He says he will turn himself in for killing Woo Hyun. Lee asks how he plans to prove that without the body. He says Ba-reum will also have to disclose having Sung Yo Han’s brain and will end up being a test subject all his life. He says they don’t have much time before Ba-reum kills again. He returns Ba-reum’s phone. Ba-reum calls Lee insane.

As Ba-reum walks out, Lee warns him that Ba-reum will kill soon and that he will probably kill his loved ones.

Ba-reum returns home. His aunt calls him up to say she has left some porridge for him. Ba-reum asks why she didn’t tell him about the bird. She says he didn’t recognise her when he woke u so she couldn’t bring herself to talk about the bird. Ba-reum hangs up. He tears up the paper which Daniel Lee gave him and discards the idea as absurd.

Ba-reum is the police station. Shin comes up and tells him that Sherlock Hong Ju is back on air today and he is going as the guest. He notes that Ba-reum is working alone. Ba-reum says he will be fine.

Shin looks around for some change to buy a beverage for Ba-reum. he finds some money in the evidence cover. Mu Chi rushes in and tells him off for tampering evidence. He grabs the money from Shin saying someone (Bong Yi) had hired him as a hitman (to kill Kang Duk Soo when he got out of prison).

Meanwhile, Hong Ju concludes this week’s show by saying that next week they will cover Kang Duk Soo’s case -crimes against minors.

After the show, Shin volunteers to participate in next week’s show as he majored in child psychology.

He asks her to involve Mu Chi as he was the one who arrested Kang Duk Soo and he was on the case. He says Mu Chi stills watches out for the victim. Hong Ju gathers that this was the person whom Mu Chi wanted her to look after.

BOng Yi watches as the small girl Yu Na’s mother speaks to her. The mother says she will be back for Yu Na once she finds a place to live. She tells Yu Na to ask Bong Yi for help if she needs anything.

Kang Duk Soo watches from afar as Yu Na walks over to a couple who escort her.

Later, Bong Yi is waiting tables when one of the girls recognises her as their classmate. They give her weird looks and finally, the girl passes her a tip. Bong Yi doesn’t take it. The girl says she was being generous and walks away.

Later, Ba-reum walks into the restaurant to find Bong Yi wasted. He shakes her awake and she says he forgot his promise to marry her. She passes out again. Ba-reum asks the owner why she drunk so much. The lady says the girls had commented that they feel bad about the incident which happened to Bong Yi. She says they ended up pulling each other’s hair.

Ba-reum brings Bong-Yi home and puts her to bed. He remembers granny speaking with him.

Then he looks at her exposed neck and the voice inside him urges him to squeeze her neck. Ba-reum places his hand over the neck. He struggles to keep in control as the voice chides him. Finally, Ba-reum gets a grip on himself and moves away. He recalls Daniel Lee warning him that Ba-reum will soon end up killing his loved ones.

Ba-reum runs out of the house. Lee had told him that murder is an addiction and soon the urge to kill will become stronger.

Bong Yi wakes up and is embarrassed as she remembers what she told Ba-reum earlier. She runs out to return his phone which he has left behind.

Ba-reum is on the other side of the road. He remembers that forgot his phone in Bong Yi’s house.

Bong Yi waits for the signal to turn red. As she crosses the road, her shoe falls off and she bends down to retrieve it. 

Hong Ju is in her car waiting for people to cross the road.  

As Bong Yi gets up, she is shocked to see Kang Duk Soo whispering in her ear. 

Hong Ju notices Kang Duk Soo holding Bong Yi. She runs towards Bong Yi.

Bong Yi freezes in shock as she falls.

Ba-reum turns around to see Hong Ju running to Bong Yi and helping her up. Ba-reum spots Kang Duk Soo and he recalls granny telling him to watch out for Bong Yi. He recalls her regretting sending Bong Yi late that night to get Makgeolli.

Kang Duk Soo spits on the road and walks away. Ba-reum recalls Lee asking for DNA samples. Ba-reum collects Kang Duk Soo’s saliva from the road.

Back at Bong Yi’s home, Hong Ju asks what Kang Duk Soo told Bong Yi. Bong Yi says he didn’t tell her anything. She says Hong Ju does shows to get high ratings. She says she won’t discuss anything with Hong Ju.

Hong Ju says Mu Chi is worried about her and wanted to know if Bong Yi could stay with her. Bong Yi is angry and says she won’t keep running when she didn’t do anything wrong. She tells Hong Ju to leave.

Later, Ba-reum goes to the precinct and transfers the saliva on to the toothbrush. He collects all the toothbrushes from the precinct and gives them to Dr Lee to check for the psychopath gene.

Mu Chi walks into the evidence room to find Ba-reum gone. Hong Ju visits him and tells him that Kang Duk Soo came into contact with Bong Yi. She gives him the dashcam footage from her car.

Mu Chi is furious as he takes this up with the parole team. He is told Kang Duk Soo had asked for permission to move into the locality. They say he didn’t break any law as the restraining order against him was not granted. 

Lee brings back the toothbrush with Kang Duk Soo’s saliva and says this person has the gene and is dangerous. He says this person will evolve. Ba-reum doesn’t disclose Kang Duk Soo’s identity and walks out.

Back at the precinct, Ba-reum checks Kang Duk Soo’s case. He finds footage of Bong Yi’s testimony. Young Bong Yi’s face is bandaged and she narrates the account of the incident. She says her grandmother drank a lot when Bong Yi’s father passed away. She sent Bong Yi to buy Mokgeolli on a rainy night. Kang Duk Soo was among the customers at the restaurant.

Bong Yi had found a puppy tied to the railing on the bridge. She had gone near it to untie it. Kang Duk Soo had come from behind and abducted her.

Ba-reum understands why Bong Yi was traumatised on rainy days. He looks at the file titled “Case report on minor girl rape in Anshin-Dong”.

Mu Chi had found Bong Yi and taken her to the hospital. He had found Kang Duk Soo and arrested him too. Kang Duk Soo had claimed to be drunk and said he remembered nothing.

At the trial, Kang Duk Soo claims he didn’t do it. He says he was drunk. The court had sentenced him to just 10 years of prison and 10 years of probation because he was drunk.

Tears streak down Ba-reum’s face as he goes through the file.

The next day, Ba-reum watches Bong Yi landing hard punches on the punching bag.

Mu Chi recalls Bong Yi giving him some money and asking him to kill him once Kang Duk Soo is released.

Ba-reum watches Kang Duk Soo through his window. He recalls Dong Koo saying he would be glad to see a jerk like that die. Ba-reum walks away.

Mu Chi visits Kang Duk Soo a few moments later and asks him what he said to Bong Yi at the crosswalk. He says he has the video. Kang Duk Soo says he didn’t say anything and he ran into Bong Yi by mistake. He leans into Mu Chi’s ear and whispers what he said to her. Mu Chi beats the hell out of him and points the gun at Kang Duk Soo’s head. Kang’s mother walks in and Mu Chi puts the gun away.

At the precinct, Kang Suk Soo and his mother lodge a complaint on Mu Chi and Mu Chi is locked up. Kang Duk Soo puts on an innocent act and his mother supports him. The Chief sends them away. Kang Duk Soo smiles at Mu Chi before walking away.

Mu Chi tells Shin that Bong Yi is in danger and tells Shin to check on her. He says Kang Duk Soo had set him up so he won’t be able to help Bong Yi. SHin wonders where Ba-reum is as he was told to keep an eye on Mu Chi.

Meanwhile, Ba-reum goes to the hardware store. He buys rope, axe, hammer etc and comes home. At midnight he goes out and sneaks into Kang Duk Soo’s house. He finds Kang Duk Soo unconscious on the floor. He finds a note beside which reads, “I repent for my sins.”

Ba-reum admits Kang Duk Soo to the hospital. Ba-reum thinks that Kang Duk Soo isn’t a psychopath. He says Daniel Lee was wrong as Kang Duk Soo repented his sins by taking the poison.

As Ba-reum walks out he sees Kang Duk Soo’s mother who is using crutches. Ba-reum is on the bus when he sees a child with his aunt. he gets down and approaches them. When his aunt learns that he doesn’t remember the child, she says the Ba-reum had almost raised Hoon Suk when he was small. Hoon Suk is throwing a tantrum saying he wants her to buy a cat for him. She promises to buy him a cat toy.

They go to a restaurant. Ba-reum’s aunt keeps a close eye on the two as she buys their order. Ba-reum shows Hoon Suk a picture of Nabi. He tells Hoon Suk to come when the cat has her litter. The aunt buys Hoon Suk a toy and Hoon Suk is overjoyed.

Ba-reum vows to prove Lee wrong.

Shin visits Bong Yi and tells her that Mu Chi is in the lock-up. He gives her the taser which Mu Chi had asked her to keep on her at all times. 

The weather forecast predicts rain for tonight. She recalls what Kang Duk Soo had whispered to her at the crosswalk, “You wait, I’ll come for you when it rains.”

Mu Chi also learns that it is raining and he asks to be let out. 

Ba-reum comes home to find that the cat had her litter. He is glad as he calls Hoon Suk. Hoon Suk says his mother stepped out to help with granny who is sick. He says the housekeeper is there. Ba-reum says he will pick Hoon Suk up.

Shin gets ready to leave for Hong Ju’s show. Kang Duk Soo’s mother turns up and tells Shin that her son is at fault and Mu Chi is innocent. She gives Shin a paper that contains the written statement and leaves.

Shin is late and he passes the note to Detective Lee and tells him to free Mu Chi.

Ba-reum writes a note to his aunt saying he is taking her son to his home. Later, Hoon Suk runs up to Nabi and is overjoyed seeing the kittens. Nabi sneers at Ba-reum. Hoon Suk says the kitty doesn’t like Ba-reum.

It is raining as Kang Duk Soo watches Bong Yi walks down the street. He receives a call from the parole officer. He says he is at the pharmacy to restock his prescription.

At her show, Hong Ju says tracking sex offenders mostly relies on phone calls.

Meanwhile, Ba-reum and Hoon Suk have dinner. Ba-reum is shocked as he hallucinates Sung Yo Han standing behind Hoon Suk.

At the parole monitoring office, an alarm beeps indicating that Kang Duk Soo’s anklet is damaged. The units are alerted and his phone’s location is tracked to Moochang Interchange.

This is announced in the news and Bong Yi wonders why he ran away. Bong Yi goes to the store and is told that Yu Na came by to buy buns for her mother. 

At Ba-reum’s home, Ba-reum is checking the clogged kitchen drain and Hoon Suk comes over to him. He asks Ba-reum to play. Ba-reum says he will be right with him but Hoon Suk doesn’t budge. He starts nagging him and throwing a tantrum. Ba-reum goes stiff. Hoon Suk says he will hide and he asks Ba-reum to search for him after counting to 100. After Hoon Suk runs away, Ba-reum calls him a chatterbox and an annoying brat. He gets up to look for Hoon Suk. He smiles as he looks at the mewing kittens.

At the studio, Shin tells Hong Ju that Mu Chi is in the lock-up.

At the lock-up, Mu Chi begs Kang to throw him the keys. He says he will take full responsibility as Bong Yi is in trouble. Kang throws the keys to him. He tells Mu Chi to decide if Bong Yi is more important than Han Seo Joon. He says Mu Chi will lose his job.

Later, Mu Chi runs out of the lockup. Detective Lee watches him from far.

Hoon Suk is in the closet. he says Ba-reum cant find him.

Hong Ju wonders if rain is the trigger.

Bong Yi rushes home to find Yu Na’s spot on the bed empty. Her mother is fast asleep.


Kang Duk Soo had broken his anklet and thrown it into a truck that had driven away. He had seen Yu Na’s mother giving Yu Na a phone. He looks at a name on one of the packages and sends Bong Yi a text.

Bong Yi realises that Yu Na is the target. She immediately reports to the police and runs out of the house. She runs down the road in a panic.

Mu Chi drives down the road. 

Hong Ju places a call to Ba-reum as she drives down the road.

The cops knock on Yu Na’s house. Her drunk mother says that Yu Na is in her bed sleeping and the cops leave.

Ba-reum goes around the house with his wrench, searching.

Kang Duk Soo puts a finger over his lips telling Yu Na to be quiet. Bong Yi comes out of nowhere and pounces on him. He floors her easily. He hits her leg with a stone and she yelps.

Mu Chi is driving and he swerves to avoid an oncoming truck. His car goes off the road and crashes. Mu Chi gets out of the car. He takes a blow to his head and falls unconscious. A black figure comes up to him with a wooden plank.

Ba-reum approaches the closet slowly.

In the field, Bong Yi is seriously injured as Kang Duk Soo keeps hitting her. She holds on to his leg and doesn’t let go.

Ba-reum opens the closet. He finds Hoon Suk sleeping beside a phone which is ringing. Ba-reum lifts the wrench and brings it down repeatedly.

Bong Yi is about to faint. She looks up at a black figure who is holding a wrench (same one that Ba-reum had with him). She puts her hand over his shoes and says, “Please take Yu Na, please save her.”

Bong Yi faints. The figure in black is Ba-reum. He lifts the wrench high up and brings down the wrench repeatedly with full strength.

Daniel Lee’s voiceover says, “You should do as I say Ba-reum. If you don’t, you will end up killing your own family and people whom you love first.”

A body is dragged by the black figure across the bridge. The body leaves a bloody trail along the path.

Image Courtesy- TVN


The first half of the episode was an interesting watch. It kept moving back and forth between Ba-reum being a killer and Ba-reum hallucinating the whole thing. 

Ba-reum is hallucinating Sung Yo Han’s image. He is showing two personalities and a nagging sound seems to trigger the other personality. Apart from having a killing instinct, this seems to be a problem on its own. As of now, Han, Daniel Lee, the doctors and the government are already treating him as a test subject. No one seems to be bothered about him.

It looks like the government is keeping a close eye on Ba-reum. They might want to make him look like a lunatic rather than have him expose them. 

There are people always watching Ba-reum. Oddly, they don’t do anything to stop him from attacking a person but they are interested in hiding the body and cleaning the crime scene.

Daniel Lee’s body wasn’t found and his blood didn’t match with the one on Sung Yo Han’s shoes. He is dead to the world for some reason chose to remain hidden. Daniel Lee is shady and doesn’t seem trustworthy. He wasn’t keen on answering any of Ba-reum’s questions but only wanted his curiosities answered. I wouldn’t put it past him to have lied throughout the entire conversation to get what he wants. I wonder who he is working for.

From what is shown, Ba-reum has killed the bird and Woo Hyung Chul by strangulation. He also uses brute force/ weapon (when he attacked Mu Chi and today’s episode) but hasn’t killed anyone with that method yet. 

Ba-reum’s aunt is edgy around Ba-reum. She kept the bird’s death from Ba-reum. She might be keeping more things from him.

The first scene showed Jae Hoon as a child and another child who nursed his wounds. The child seemed to care for Jae Hoon though he knew Jae Hoon is the killer. I wonder who the child grew up to be. 

Kang Duk Soo’s mother had an injury as she is using crutches. I wonder if she was the one who poisoned him. She even came and asked them to free Mu Chi.

Detective Lee is acting extremely suspicious. He was the only one who knew that Mu Chi is out of the lock-up and surprisingly Mu Chi was knocked out cold. 

The episode touched upon the subject of paedophiles where the plight of the victims is distressing. The portrayal of how the existing system/law (apart from negligent parents) in place isn’t efficient enough to keep minors safe was depicted well. 

The episode was vague towards the end as a timeline wasnt shown. It looked like Ba-reum was in two places at the same time. He was at home and simultaneously we saw him at the field with Bong Yi.

He had the wrench in his hand but there was no blood on it at any point in time.

Mu Chi was hit on the head abruptly and I wonder who would do that. 

From what is shown, it looks like Ba-reum is losing control and he may choose to kill other predators to satiate his killing thirst.

This episode made one wonder how much of what was shown is a figment of Ba-reum’s imagination and what part of it is real.

-By Soul Sword-

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