Mouse Episode 10 Recap

(Sung Yo Han in me)


A month passes after Han’s arrest. Sung Ji-Eun (pregnant) walks into the hospital. She is alarmed to see a woman trying to strangle a kid in one of the rooms. The staff pull her away and carry the kid away. The woman recognises Ji-Eun from Daniel Lee’s clinic as she had seen Sung Ji-eun speaking with another woman outside Daniel Lee’s office. She warns Sung Ji-eun not to have the baby.

Sung Ji-eun runs out of the room. She hears the staff say that the woman tried murder-suicide. A nurse who is also pregnant watches Sung Ji-eun as she walks away.

Sung Ji-Eun exits the building. She screams in horror as the woman who strangled her son falls to her death a few feet away. Sung Ji-eun looks up and sees the son standing at the window from which his mother fell.

Sung Ji-eun clamps her mouth in horror and her water breaks.

Present Day

The Chief tells the press that Woo Jae Pil’s case is closed because he is dead.

Mu Chi looks at the mirror after he wakes up. He has bruises all over his neck and he faintly remembers Ba-reum strangling him. He looks around and sees Ba-reum with a bandage on his palm. He says he jammed it between the doors.

Later they have breakfast which Ba-reum has made. Ba-reum explains that they had a brawl after Mu Chi came by the previous night. Mu Chi says he should cut back on his drinking. Ba-reum tries to convince Mu Chi against going to jail. Mu Chi loses his temper and says he will do what the nation cant do. He says he has rotten luck. Ba-reum says Mu Won is watching out for him.

After Mu Chi leaves, he receives a call from Bong Yi asking how his hand is.

Previous night

Ba-reum straddles Mu Chi and chokes him. He picks up a rock by the side. A voice inside his head urges him to kill Mu Chi while another one tells him not to. Both voices continue to chide him till they mingle to confused bickering.

Ba-reum brings the rock down on his own hand. His hand is bleeding when Bong Yi come inside. She rushes towards him and he says he jammed his hand in the door. She tells him to go see the doctor.

At present, Bong Yi tells him on the phone that he should rest his hands while the bones set.

Ba-reum wonders if the nasty brain may kill him from inside.

Ba-reum visits Han in prison. Han asks if Ba-reum has decided to keep his mouth shut about the world’s first successful brain surgery. He says he is disappointed as he thought this would make him as famous as Daniel Lee. Ba-reum says he almost killed a person and asks what is happening to him.

Han says he once implanted the frontal lobe of a violent mouse into that of a docile one. He says the docile mouse turned violent and killed the violent one. He says he is curious to see what happens to Ba-reum. Han says he didn’t replace Ba-reum’s entire frontal lobe but just the parts that were damaged. Han says he seriously hopes Ba-reum doesn’t let Sung Yo Han take over him.

Meanwhile, Park learns that the girl in the grave is Jung Man Ho’s daughter. Park wonders where his daughter is.

Park and Mu Chi visit Han. Park asks where Han had abandoned his daughter. Han says he cant remember. Park verbally abuses Han. Han tells him to watch his words. Park immediately apologises to him and begs him to tell where his daughter is so he can bury her. Han says he can’t remember and Park goes berserk.

After Park is dragged away, Han tells Mu Chi that he will soon regret shooting Sung Yo Han. Mu Chi says he is already regretting it because he wanted Yo Han to see Mu Chi kill Han.

Meanwhile, Ba-reum visits his doctor. He says he has Sung Yo Han’s memories and he is becoming violent. He says he is worried that he will become like Sung Yo Han.

The doctor says this is why they don’t disclose who the donor is. He says the patients tend to think that they become similar to their donors. He says it is worse for Ba-reum because he went through a brain implant. The doctor prescribes him some medicines.

Ba-reum returns to work. He goes to place some left out evidence from Kang Min Joo’s case in the evidence room.

Seeing the room empty, he leaves a note for Mu Chi about the evidence and sits at the computer. He keys in Sung Yo Han in the search and he is flooded with crime scene photos. Ba-reum tells himself that it is a psychological problem.

Just then, Mu Chi comes in and asks what he is doing on the computer. Ba-reum says he came to give Mu Chi the evidence and search for Bong Yi’s granny’s brooch. He says he thought it might be listed in the evidence.

Mu Chi says he will look for it. After Ba-reum leaves, Mu Chi comments that there is no brooch.

Bong Yi is at work and the news runs in the background. The news says that Woo Jae-pil worked at a delivery company after retirement and raised his son alone.

Bong Yi is coming back when Kang Duk Soo’s mother grabs Bong Yi by her hair and tells her to leave the neighbourhood. Bong Yi says it is the woman who should move for giving birth to a son like him.

Mu Chi intervenes and warns the woman that he won’t let this slide no matter how old she is. Mu Chi drags Bong Yi away. 

The lady goes inside and Kang Duk Soo is lying outside. He says the girl grew up into a pretty woman. He asks his mother why she lied to him.

Once inside Bong Yi’s house, Mu Chi says that he couldn’t find her granny’s brooch. He says she might have dropped it somewhere. He tells Bong Yi off for coming to this neighbourhood again when Kang Duk Soo’s mother lives closeby. Bong Yi says she can’t live on the run.

She says her granny and she moved away and lived in a redevelopment area. She says this is the only place she can live in as this is the house her father built. He tells her to move into his house. She refuses saying he is not her father.

Before Mu chi leaves, Bong Yi says Woo Jae-Pil’s hands were too soft for someone working in a moving company. She says his hands seemed like he hadn’t worked a single day in his life. She says she felt something metallic (like a ring) when he clamped his hand over her mouth.

Mu Chi visits Ba-reum who is shovelling the mud to plant flowers outside the precinct. Mu Chi comes and helps him. He tells Ba-reum that Woo Jae-pil worked with a moving company and the person who attacked Bong Yi had soft hands. Ba-reum looks at the mud and asks if Mu Chi has the crime scene photos of where the girl’s (Man Ho’s daughter) remains were found.

Ba-reum says he is right-handed and when he digs with the shovel, he holds the handle with his right hand and leads with the left hand. He says the left side will be deeper than the right. So they go to check the photos.

They find that though Woo Jae Pil is a lefty, the left side of the hole is deeper (as if a right-handed person dug it). They go through old pictures and finds that Woo Jae-pil’s hand was in a cast so they conclude he had dug the pit with his right hand. Mu Chi says another left-handed person would’ve helped to tie the knot on Soo-Jin because Woo Jae-pil couldn’t have tied the knot with one hand.

Ba-reum says that it looked like a child had tied the knot. Mu Chi says Woo Hyung Chul would have been 12 years old at that time. Ba-reum says Hyung Chul has a solid alibi for Hong Na-ri’s death.

Ba-reum and Mu Chi go to the woman who confirmed Woo Hyung Chull’s alibi. She says she left to take her dog to the vet for 20 minutes. She says her dog suddenly suffered from convulsion and the vet asked if she had given it Xylitol.

Ba-reum guesses that Woo Hyung Chul fed something to the dog to create his alibi.

At Hong Na ri’s house, Mu Chi and Ba-reum recreate the crime to check if the murder is possible withing the 20 minute time frame. Mu Chi says it is a 16 minute round trip to Hong Na-ri-s house from the lady’s house. Ba-reum ties Mu Chi’s hands and Mu Chi asks him to act like he is strangling him. Ba-reum puts his hands over Mu Chi and strangles him for real. Mu Chi says his grip is strong. Soon, Mu Chi is choking and he thrusts out his legs to break free. Ba-reum tightens his grip as the voice in him tells him to strangle Mu Chi and that it’ll feel good.

The 20-minute alarm beeps and Ba-reum snaps back to his senses. Mu Chi is furious at him for strangling him for real. He then says it was impossible to kill Hong Na-ri and get back in 20 minutes. Ba-reum apologises.

Later they have lunch together. Mu Chi says Ba-reum is changed a lot and can think like a killer now. He says he wasn’t like this before the surgery. ba-reum is angry as he says he hasn’t changed. Mu Chi says it was a compliment. Soon, Mu chi makes a fuss about the beer not being cold. Ba-reum gets up cursing under his breath. Mu Chi asks what he said. Ba-reum says he didn’t say anything.

Ba-reum walks into the restaurant when something strikes him. The shopkeeper has placed a pot of broth in the fridge to chill it and removed the beer cans to make space for it. He tells Mu Chi he figured out the alibi riddle for Woo Hyung Chul.

Meanwhile, Woo Hyung Chul waves to his pregnant wife as he is going to work. Mu Chi and Ba-reum walk up to him. Mu Chi takes Hyung Chul’s hand and says they are soft. He says Woo Jae-pil took the blame for Hyun Chul so that he would stop killing out of guilt. He calls Hyung Chul a killer. Hyun Chul tells Mu Chi to crack his alibi for Hong Na-ri’s case.

Mu Chi says a few days back he got sick after drinking milk from Hong Na-ri’s house. He says the milk wasn’t expired yet. Ba-reum says Woo Hyun Chul had killed Hong Na-ri before that day. He says Hyun Chul killed Hong Na-ri and put her in the fridge (1degree C) to delay the process of decomposition by 2 days.

Mu Chi says he chose the house closest to Hong Na-ri’s place to create his alibi and installed the window bars. He says Hyung Chul knew the owner had a dog (from the file) and fed it the poison. Ba-reum says Hyun Chul went to Hong Na-ri’s house after the owner went to the vet with her dog. He removed the body from the fridge and placed it outside. He then texted her separated husband from her phone to come over so her body can be found as soon as possible. Ba-reum says this way his alibi can be solid. Mu Chi says this can be done in under 20 minutes.

Mu Chi says Hyun Chul has no alibi for 3 days before the murder. They say they have footage of him leaving the office and reaching home an hour later. Mu Chi says it takes only 30 minutes to reach home and 30 minutes is ample time to commit the murder. They also show that the DNA inside the fridge matches Hong Na-ri’s.

Hyun Chul asks where the arrest warrant is. Mu Chi and Ba-reum exchange a look. Ba-reum moves away to request for it. Hyun Chul runs to his car. Mu Chi shoots at Hyun Chul but nothing happens. Ba-reum holds the bullets in his hands saying he emptied Mu Chi’s gun.

Kang and Shin round-up Hyun Chul and arrest him. Ba-reum says he already requested Shin to bring the warrant because Mu Chi didn’t ask for one. Mu chi is furious but Ba-reum says Mu Chi was again protected by Mu won.

Ba-reum visits his doctor again and asks for a second surgery because he is hearing things now. The doctor says it is impossible and dangerous. He says they will get in trouble. Ba-reum is vexed as he tells the doctor that Sung Yo han is taking over his mind. He tells the doctor that they are to blame if anything happens to him. He tells the doctor to be ready to take responsibility and walks out. The doctor calls up Choi Young Shin and informs her.

Choi calls up someone else and asks for a favour.

Meanwhile, Bong Yi goes to a departmental store at night. She finds a young girl (Yu Na) stealing some food. Bong Yi buys it for her. The shopkeeper says the girl’s mother started drinking after her divorce and she doesn’t send the girl to school. She adds that all families moved out of the neighbourhood after Kang Duk Soo moved to his mother’s house.

Bong Yi trembles when she hears this. She follows the girl and offers to escort her home.

The girl goes into the house. Bong Yi finds the mother drinking in the courtyard. She seems indifferent towards her daughter and refuses to shift to another locality. This angers Bong Yi. She says she is the victim and it gives her the right to intervene. She tells the mother to move away and walks off.

Bong Yi comes home to find Ba-reum crouched outside her house. She goes up to him. He puts his head on her shoulder and asks if he will be fine. She holds him and reassures him that he will be fine.

AT the station, Mu Chi throws a fit when the Chief tells him the warrant was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

Mu Chi goes to Hong Ju who suggests they should find something solid. She has a notebook that Kim Young Hee’s mother had given her. She says it is empty. Mu Chi flips through it and finds a photograph of Kim Young Hee and another woman whom he finds familiar. He takes the photo with him. He asks Hong Ju if she can care for a person for a month. Hong Ju flatly refuses. Mu Chi leaves and Hong Ju wonders who the person was.

Mu Chi heads home and he takes out the bank passbook.

Bong Yi takes the bus home at 11:30 PM. A schoolgirl drops her wallet and Bong Yi picks it and gives it to her. Bong Yi gets off and walks home. Someone follows her home. She hides behind a wall and throws a kick at the person. She is taken aback as the person is Mu Chi.

The schoolgirl is walking back home. Suddenly she is attacked out of nowhere.

Bong Yi applies medicine to Mu Chi’s wound. Mu Chi hands her the passbook. She asks who Sung Ji-eun is and why she deposited money in his account every month. He tells her to take this money on loan and look for a studio in his neighbourhood. 

Bong Yi says running away won’t solve anything and she wants to sort it out from here. She says she will make him avoid her. Mu Chi gives up and tells her to call him first if needed. She agrees. She says something is on Ba-reum’s mind. Mu Chi agrees and says he is too sensitive and different nowadays.

Ba-reum goes to the church. He kneels before the altar and asks not to become a monster like Sung Yo Han.

Elsewhere, the killer drags the body of a schoolgirl into a building.

Ba-reum goes to work the next day. He receives a call from Shin saying that Ba-reum is to join Mu Chi as a detective in the Evidence Management team. He says Kang wants Ba-reum to watch out for Mu Chi. Ba-reum is delighted.

Just then, Shin receives a call about a murder with Sung Yo Han’s MO of the broken middle finger and the cross. Ba-reum offers to join him at the scene.

At the crime scene, they find the charred body of the schoolgirl tied to a chair. A cross is drawn on the wall behind with the broken middle finger pointing at it.

Ba-reum notices that this is the work of a professional. He gets a whiff of mint scent (the one from the person who he chased after granny died).

Later, Shin tells Ba-reum that the victim was 1 year old and lived with her grandmother. The chief tells them to treat it like a normal murder investigation. He says they don’t want to worry the public as it is a sensitive issue from the past (Sung Yo Han case). He tells them to make sure that the press doesn’t know the connection.

In the evidence room, Ba-reum learns that Mu Chi didn’t find the brooch. He asks if he can see the pictures of Sung Yo Han’s basement. Shin joins them as they check the footage. Ba-reum is sure that the killer’s basement (from broadcast) is different from Sung Yo Han’s basement.

He thinks that there is a possibility that Sung Yo Han isn’t the killer. He has memories of Sung Yo Han hitting the victims but not of killing them. he thinks that he may not have the killer’s brain.

Ba-reum tells Mu chi that they didn’t find granny’s brooch nor Mu Won’s chain. He says the killer could still be alive. Mu Chi is against this theory as he doesn’t want to believe that he killed an innocent man. He says Sung Yo Han could have buried the chain and brooch with Daniel Lee or Han Kook. He asks why Sung Yo Han hit Ba-reum over the head. Shin thinks Ba-reum’s theory makes sense. Mu Chi chases both of them out.

Later, Mu Chi goes up to collect evidence. He checks the photos of the crime scene.

Ba-reum and Nam are called in to check a suicide case.

Nam tells him to wait here while he checks if the ambulance is here. Ba-reum sees the woman’s body hanging from the railing. He smells mint again. He goes closer and finds that her middle finger is between the rope and her neck. He feels it was a murder and she was trying to defend herself. He concludes that the killer removed all her fingers except for the middle one. He removes her finger and finds Mu Won’s chain with a cross locket inside her robe. He falls in shock and hurts his head. He gets up and finds Granny’s brooch pinned inside her robe.

Later, Ba-reum calls Mu chi and SHin to the crime scene. He says he found the brooch and the chain on the robe but before he could bring Nam and show it to him, both were gone. They say Ba-reum is too obsessed with the theory that Sung Yo Han isn’t the killer and he is seeing things.

Mu chi finds the business card of a hostess bar on the desk. He had seen the same card at Lawyer Woo Hyung Chul’s house.

Mu Chi tells the chief to put a tail on Hyun Chul.

Ba-reum believes that there is another killer on the loose. He vows to catch the killer and prove that his new brain is not that of a killer’s. He heads over to victim Kim Jin Ah’s locality. He tracks her movements and deduces that the killer had stalked her for a while and knew where to wait to drag her away.

Jus then, Mu Chi calls Ba-reum back to his precinct.

Mu chi notices all the pens and files neatly arranged and wonders if Ba-reum has OCD. He shuffles everything to make it look normal. He looks at the computer screen on Ba-reum’s desk. He sees footage of a woman in Byun Soo Young’s case (cross killer victim in the drain-red riding hood). She was Byun Soo Young’s friend.

Mu Chi recognises her as the woman with Kim Young-Hee (the missing girl from the park) from the photograph he took from Hong Ju. 

Mu Chi goes over to the hostess bar and asks the hostess about the woman in the picture. The hostess says that Kim Young Hee recommended Hye won (woman in the photograph) as her replacement when she quit.

The woman says Park Hye Won quit her job a year back after Byun Soo Young died at the hands of the cross killer. She says Park Hye Won was going to get married to a lawyer.

Mu chi checks Park Hye Won’s address and the landlord says she said she was going abroad a year back and asked him to sell her things. He says she didn’t come back for her deposit. He says it was unlike her and she never answered his calls.

Mu Chi also checks Hye Won’s friend who says she got a text from Hye Won a year back that she was moving abroad. She says she found it odd as the writing style didn’t seem like Park Hye Won.

After checking records Mu Chi finds out that there is no record of Park Hye Won leaving the country. Mu Chi wonders how Woo Hyung Chul knew that she worked at the bar. He realises something.

Ba-reum returns to the scene of the suicide case. He goes over the railings and checks the rope burn. Based on his findings he learns that the victim was hung postmortem and it was staged to look like a suicide. He thinks that the cause of death must be strangulation.

 he heads out to check out school girl Kim Jin-Ah’s autopsy report.

Mu Chi tells Hong Ju that Park Hye Won was Woo Hyung Chul’s fiance and no one reported her missing as she was an orphan. Hong Ju wonders why he killed her.

Mu Chi says Hyung Chul saw Park Hye Won when he was hired as Sung Yo Han’s attorney. Hye Won had testified as Byun Soo Young’s acquaintance. Mu Chi says Kim Young Hee was the one who recommended Hye Won to work at the bar, so he killed her. He says Woo Hyung Chul kills the women who don’t fit his standard of women he views as ladylike. He says Hong Na-ri and Kang Min Joo also cheated on their partners.

Hong Ju asks why he went after Bong Yi. He says Hyung Chul represented Kang Duk Soo for a while. Hong Ju says Bonng Yi was a victim and doesn’t fit Hyung Chul’s victim profile.

She says that Park Hye Won and Kim Young Hee’s bodies weren’t put on display. Mu Chi says he wasn’t confident in the beginning and then he grew more confident.

Hong Ju says either the murder weapon or the bodies should be found if they have to prove Hyung Chul guilty. Just then, she gets a call and she rushes out. She then comes back in and says she has to leave. Mu Chi wonders what is up with her.

Woo Hyung Chul is in the hospital. He notices Hong Ju walking out with her baby. He goes to see the doctor after her. The doctor gives him the iron supplement he had requested. He says it wasn’t easy to obtain and asks how his wife’s morning sickness is. Woo Hyung Chul says she is fine and asks if that woman is Producer Hong Ju. The doctor confirms it and when asked he says that she has a relationship with Sung Yo han. He says he was the one who leaked the information to the press. He says he was at the nearby table when Mu Chi accused her of dating Sung Yo Han.

Ba-reum and Shin are briefed by the mortician. He says they found acetone traces which is easily combustible. Ba-reum asks if the cause of death is strangulation. He is told there was no damage to cartilage or fracture in the neck. Ba-reum says fracture won’t be there if a wide towel is used to strangle. He tells the mortician to check for congestion. (One of the signs of death by suffocation is the appearance of blood engorgement of the viscera. Congestion is one of the signs of prolonged asphyxia. The visceral veins and capillaries are filled with blood.) 

Shin asks Ba-reum what is congestion and he immediately explains that congestion is a direct indication of strangulation. Shin asks if he went to med school. Ba-reum says he never went to college. Ba-reum realises it is from Sung Yo Han’s brain.

Mu Chi visits Jung Man Ho in prison. He says Hyung Chul was the one who may have killed his daughter. He asks if he has any information on him.

Man Ho says Hyun Chul’s mother tried to kill him and commit suicide when he was young. He says a few days before the incident, Hyung Chul’s uncle Chang-Soo drove his mother to Guryeong.

Elsewhere, Woo Hyung Chul reads articles and wonders how she came into contact with the killer. 

Later, the mortician confirms that there was congestion in the centrum and he would’ve missed it if not for Ba-reum. He says he had ruled it out because of ash found in the windpipe.

Mu Chi visits Chang-Soo. Chang Soo says he drove Hyung Chul’s mother to a hotel.

We see a montage of Han walking out of the hotel after dropping Daniel Lee. Hyun Chul’s mother walks in and greets Daniel. Han watches them for a second before walking away.

 Chang Soo says his sister was anxious after that and he drove her to a research lab in Seoul one day too. He says she tried to kill Hyung Chul a few days later and then jumped from the balcony.

Mu Chi looks behind them at the hydrangeas covering Hyung Chul’s mother’s grave. Chang Soo says Hyung Chul visits the grave now and then. Mu Chi notes some of them are purple and some are blue. He is told that for purple hydrangeas one has to sprinkle lime on the soil. He says blue hydrangeas indicate acidification.

Mu Chi asks if iron content in soil increases acidification. Chang Soo yells as Mu Chi runs over and starts to dig out the flowers. He stops shovelling as his hand hits something.

Meanwhile, Bar-eum visits Kim Jin-ah’s grandfather and asks if Jin Ah ever ran away. The grandfather says she ran away a year back but she came back. He says that Lawyer Woo Hyun Chul had given her free counselling.

At the grave, Mu Chi finds a knife (iron) inside the grave. He digs further and finds human remains with tie knots.

Mu Chi drives down the road and asks Woo Hyung Chul to be put on the most wanted criminal list. The person tailing him says he has lost Hyung Chul as he met with an accident. Mu Chi tells them to track his cell phone and car.

Ba-reum comes home. He thinks that Hyung Chul kills women who he feels is vulgar. He wonders who his next target is.

Just then DOng Koo comes up to him. Ba-reum forgot about DOng Koo’s wedding which is tomorrow. He brings Ba-reum the suit.

Meanwhile, Mu Chi finds an article on the internet about Hong Ju’s affair with Sung Yo han on Woo Hyung Chul’s desk.

Dong Koo takes Ba-reum’s photo as he tries on the suit. He says his fiance Seul Ki isn’t responding to his texts.

Suddenly, Ba-reum recalls Woo Hyun Chul joining them for dinner (offered legal advice on the script) the day Dong Koo introduced his fiance to them. One of the friends had said that his fiance was known to change boyfriends.

Ba-reum asks DOng Ku his fiancee’s address.

Mu Chi rushes to Hong Ju’s house and rings the bell. Hong Ju opens the door. She seems fine. Mu Chi is confused as he hears a baby cry.

Hyung Chul rings Seul Ki’s doorbell and says her fiance got into a fight. She immediately lets him in.

Later, Woo Hyung Chul drags Seul Ki’s tied up body across the room. He strangles her. He hears a sound and hides.

Dong Koo and Ba-reum try to enter the house. Ba-reum tells Dong Koo to call 911. He then opens the lock with plastic tape and gets in. 

He finds Seul Ki on the ground with her hands tied behind her back and cloth around her mouth. Ba-reum turns her over.

Suddenly, Hyung Chul tries to choke Ba-reum from behind. Ba-reum manages to throw a curtain over him and he throws punches on Hyung Chul’s face. The bloodstains the sheets. He pauses for a moment when Hyun Chul goes stiff. Hyung Chul overpowers Ba-reum and jumps out of the window. Ba-reum chases after the man.

Hyung Chul gets away in his car but Ba reum manages to ram a vehicle into the ca. Hyun Chul runs away with Ba-reum following him closely.

Hyung Chul hides behind a wall and strikes Ba-reum on his head when he comes running in.

Ba-reum’s hands are tied when he wakes up. He thinks that Hyung Chul won’t kill him if he keeps talking. Hyung Chull says he was supposed to kill that brat but Ba-reum ruined it. he puts a noose around Ba-reum’s neck.

Hyung Chul admits to killing all of them. Ba-reum asks for the reason. Hyung Chul says he killed all the vulgar women.

In a flashback, young Hyung Chul watches his mother tell Soo Jin that she would love to have a daughter like Soo Jin.

Later, Hyung Chul acts terrified and says Soo-Jin is dead. He cries when he says he tried a rescue knot on her but he made a mistake. His mother says he intentionally did it but his father doesn’t accept it.

Ba-reum tries to free himself from the knot. He tells Hyung Chul that Woo Jae Pil took advantage of the Head Hunter case and he obtained Park’s daughter’s DNA. He placed it in the grave along with the body and he dressed Soo Jin in Park Hyun Soo’s clothes.

Hyung Chul says it was his idea.

Ba-reum says Hyun Chul killed his mother. Hyung Chul says his mother took his hair to Daniel Lee. He says Daniel Lee told his mother that Hyung Chul had the psycho gene.


Young Hyung Chul is having lunch with his mother. She asks him why he killed Soo Jin. He says he knows that Soo Jin is her daughter. He says she cheated on his father and had Soo Jin. His mother drinks some poison and tells him that she will also go with him. Hyung Chul realises that his food is poisoned and he tries to run. She holds him tight.

Ba-reum asks why he tried to kill Bong Yi. Hyung Chul laughs as he asks if Ba-reum doesn’t know.

Hyung Chull says Park Hye Won was also like his mother but she tried to get married to him. He says he judged those lustful wenches like a deity.

Ba-reum asks why he tried to kill Bong Yi. Hyung Chul laughs as he asks if Ba-reum doesn’t know. Ba-reum breaks free and overpowers Hyung Chull. Hyung Chull spits blood. Ba-reum asks why he killed the cross killer’s victims. Hyung Chull says Sung Yo Han killed them. Ba-reum asks how the brooch and chain were found on the victim.

Hyung Chul says Ba-reum is insane after the surgery. Suddenly granny’s image appears before him and Ba-reum loses focus. Hyung Chul gets away.

Ba-reum gets another flash of memory. He sees the fire blaze in the boxing ring. Ba-reum says it was Sung Yo Han all along.

Ba-reum rushes over to Hyung Chul and strangles him. Hyung Chull has no power left in him to fight back. Ba-reum wears an evil smile as the voice urges him to kill. He continues strangling Hyung Chul till Hyung Chul goes limp.

Ba-reum’s smile fades as he sees that Hyung Chul isnt breathing.

He hears a voice and looks up. Sung Yo Han asks, “How does it feel? Isn’t it exhilarating to kill a person?”

Ba-reum is appalled at what he has done and looks up at Sung Yo Han’s smiling apparition.

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This was another good episode.

The tie knot killer turned out to be Woo Hyung Chul. Hyung Chul’s mother’s role fit perfectly into the flashback scenes that we have already seen from earlier episodes.

There were new characters introduced in this episode. There was a pregnant nurse (flashback) who looked at Sung Ji-eun when she walked out. 

Hong Ju has a child which is probably Sung Yo Han’s. Interestingly, Woo Hyung Chul’s wife was pregnant as well.

Han’s conversation with Ba-reum was interesting. He spoke to Ba-reum like he was a result of his creation/experiment. Also, he pointedly told Ba-reum not to become like Sung Yo Han. This is an odd comment as Han would want Ba-reum to become a killer. I wonder if he meant that Sung Yo Han isn’t the killer but Ba-reum is. He also told Mu Chi that he would regret shooting Sung Yo Han.

The investigation on the tie knot murders was a great watch. Woo Hyung Chul meticulously worked on his alibi more than the murder itself. Also, it was interesting to see how the 3 victims Byun Soo Young (cross killer case), Park Hye won and Kim Young Hee was connected.

This episode made one question whether Ba-reum is seeing things or if they are really there. It isn’t clear if the brooch and the chain are a figment of his imagination. Also, Ba-reum kept getting the mint scent from granny’s attacker at the recent crime scenes with the cross killer MO.

In the past, the cross killer killed only flawless people. He chose victims from both genders as well. Hyun Chul claims he killed only flawed women. Hyung Chul maintained that he didn’t kill the cross killer’s victims. He also didn’t respond to Ba-reum’s questions about the brooch and necklace. 

I am curious to see why Hyung Chull chose to kill Dong Koo’s fiance over Hong Ju.

The girl who killed the mouse is still on the loose. The eye-witness claims to have seen a boy with Han. It isn’t clear who they grew up to be.

Ba-reum seems to be doing certain actions which are beyond his control. This forces him to desperately look for help from anyone. He ended up rattling things with the government. It looks like they will take drastic measures in response to his behaviour.The scene at the church with Ba-reum was again a similar scene from Jae Hoon at the Church asking God to save him. It makes me curious to see from which part of the brain urged Ba-reum to go to the Church.

All of Ba-reum’s childhood memories show the face of the character but the adult version of the killer doesn’t show the face but instead just shows the scene. It does make one wonder if the owner of the face is Ba-reum. It looks like Ba-reum has formed an image of Sung Yo Han as a killer and that manifested in front of him in the last scene.

It looks like Mu Chi is also having a doubt at the back of his mind that he may have killed the wrong person.

This episode was like detangling a deep web of mystery and it was gripping.

-By Soul Sword-

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