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Sone Ka Anda/Musings (Superiority/Inferiority Complex)

-By Kalpana-

Super se bhi Upar Complex- Superiority/Inferiority Complex

Is The world really suffering from a superiority complex?

To combat the inferiority complex; one develops a superiority complex. 

The ‘cool dude’ look, the over tattooed looks are a cry for handling the inert weaknesses that needs to be tackled, accepted, moulded to a level to help us reach out to our dreams. Tackling, overcoming these inert weak mindset is the formula for an increased confidence. 

A world that judges, criticises, looks down, scoffs at weaknesses is the crucial tip that sways the scales of confidence. Instead of facing the self hammer of improvement, we put on a mantle of over confidence. 

‘No matter who you are, what you are; you are unique’. 

‘You are the best the way you are.’

‘No matter what people say, there’s no other person like you.’

‘You are unique the way you are’. 

These so-called lines to boost your confidence level, actually ends up with one becoming defensive. We are so desperate to be accepted by the world, crave for approval and that small but, indeed poisonous fame, we move on as default, ill functioning person, shying away from our inherent weaknesses. We, not only want to turn a blind eye, we even do not acknowledge our strengths for as we subconsciously become prone to camouflaging our weaknesses. 

A criminal thinks he is unique. A cruel person too thinks he is unique. The weaknesses are slotted as unique, as we read the motivational phrases on uniqueness and self acceptance. one of a kind inheritance that makes them special. Such thoughts, where one seeks self approval to climb up the ladder of confidence only leads to a totally out of control failures at the most basic levels of human psyche. This results in a pompous, chaotic, in comprehensive, incompetent and an incomplete life circle of utter failures. 

As eager self acceptance of ‘this is who I am; take it or leave it’ becomes their mantra, their slide into dark valley of stunted self is inevitable. A deep self love, self care for change towards betterment, improvements is misplaced by airy lines and thoughts. A short cut, or cut to the chase to reach self gifted success for recognition is set in motion.  Without any scope for trimming of physical, mental, emotional charge ups which are significantly detrimental to a healthy growth. It gets totally ignored into submission under the blanket of ‘you are unique’ kinda expectations by peers around you. 

Confidence should be an inward journey of self-sculpting. Do not think you are unique the way you are. You are and will be unique if, you develop the power and strength to overcome your drawbacks. You are your best master. You know what needs to be built up and what needs to be controlled, discarded to Build your confidence. It might be an uphill task. But, trek the trek. Tick mark your mental, emotional, physical strengths as you find your self confidence. Do not accept those half baked quotations. Especially, if they are going to leave you a wreck dealing with both superiority and inferiority complex. 

Do not let beauty, money, degrees, luxury be the measure of your scale of confidence. Measure it in the name of coping your challenges. That is not repeating errors that had  unsavoury repercussions, controlling your emotional wheel-anger, impatience, moodiness, laziness..accept the physical, mental challenges. Rest will follow.

-By Kalpana-

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