Mouse Episode 14 Recap

(Episode 14- The Cat Killer)

We see a montage of Ba-reum’s old house in the redevelopment area. The place is deserted. The yard on the side where Sung Yo Han stood on the day of the attack is shown.

At present, Mu Chi runs into the crime scene where the 8th and 10th victims were found. He finds Hong Ju on the ground. He helps her sit up. She says he went that way. Mu Chi runs over to find Lee Jae-Shik on the ground facing down with his hands behind his back. Mu Chi checks for a pulse.

Ba-reum is hiding among the tall grass.

Mu Chi flashes his torchlight across the field and starts searching. Ba-reum makes a run for it and Mu Chi chases him. At one point Mu Chi loses him. Ba-reum crouches in the grass, hidden from sight. Mu Chi calls out to him saying that this doesn’t justify the killing and he is still a psychopath. He tells him to show himself.

Bong Yi flushes the pen drive which places Ba-reum at the scene of Kang Duk Soo’s murder.

Later, the news reports that Lee-Jae Shik was killed the day he was released. They play footage sent by an anonymous person. It shows Lee Jae-Shik confessing to killing all the women in the Suseong Serial Murders. He gives the location where he buried the bodies too.

The police find the remains of the victims and their belongings in the place Lee Ja-Shik mentioned.

Dong Koo comes searching for Kim to tell him the good news. He finds Kim dangling by the noose. Dong Koo runs to him and lifts him asking why he would want to kill himself.

Ba-reum comes home to find Bong Yi waiting outside. Tears trickle down her eyes as she goes up to him and hugs him. Ba-reum recalls Mu Chi calling him a psychopath. He pushes Bong Yi away gently thinking that he is a killer. He tells her he isn’t the whom she thinks he is. He walks into the house leaving her behind.

At Lee Jae Shik’s crime scene, the forensics confirm that crescent-shaped apples were found just like in the Suseong murders. Mu Chi comments, “Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth”.

Later, Mu Chi asks Hong Ju why she was at the scene. She says she forgot to ask Lee Jae-Shik something during her interview.


Lee-Jae-Shik walks outside the prison. Hong Ju drives up to him. He says he is going to Suseong to visit his mother’s grave. Though Hong Ju wanted to interview him nearby, she agrees to drive him. She recalls that the 10th victim of the Suseong case was found there. Lee says she has taken the wrong route. Hong Ju says she will take a detour. She tells him to eat some food which is there. He picks up an apple and bites into it. She asks if he is remembering it. He looks up at her and she calls him a jerk. She says she knows he is the killer.

Later, in the field, Lee-Jae-Shik ties up an unconscious Hong Ju. He wonders how she found out. He says he was about to live an innocent life and she provoked him. She tells him that guys like him can never live an innocent life. He gags her. Just then a figure attacks him.

At present, Mu Chi tells Hong Ju off for going alone. She tells him that her hands were tied and she was gagged so she couldn’t see Lee Jae-shik’s attacker.

Ba-reum is at home. He recalls what happens earlier.


Ba-reum is in the evidence room in the morning. Hong Ju calls him up saying that Lee Jae-shik’s release is delayed due to internal issues. She asks for Dong Koo’s number so that she can finish her interview. Ba-reum texts the number to her. He feels that Hong Ju may be in danger. Later, he watches Hong Ju pick up Lee Jae-Shik in her car. He follows them in his car.

At present, the news reports that Lee Jae-Shik’s confession was true and Kim’s name has been cleared. They say the people are calling Lee Jae-Shik’s killer “Mr Judgement” or “Dark Hero”. The government states that the vigilante killer should be caught as he is killing due to vendetta or personal reasons.

Ba-reum is disturbed as he turns off the news. He wonders why he feels depressed now while he felt exhilarated the previous time.

He remembers Bong Yi crying as she hugged him the previous day and Mu Chi calling the killer a psychopath.

Bong Yi is at her home. She feels that Ba-reum killed Kang because he had to save her.

She recalls asking Hong Ju if she liked Mu Chi. Hong Ju says she had asked Mu Chi out on a date but Mu Chi had declined instantly. She says the timing wasn’t right because he had made up his mind to kill Han. She added that he didn’t want to mess up Hong Ju’s life.

Bong Yi realises that Ba-reum is doing the same.

Meanwhile, Shin brings his fiance Kim Da Seul/ Kim’s daughter to the neighbourhood she grew up in. He takes her down to a basement. It is decorated with a Christmas theme. He tells her that Da Seul had asked for a hideout as a Christmas present. He says her father had grass stains on him that night because he was preparing this. Da Seul cries as she feels guilty.

At their wedding, Mu Chi is the host and Kim walks his daughter down the aisle. Hong Ju is all smiles. Da Seul apologises to her father before he gives her away.

Dong Koo sits beside Ba-reum and says that Kim was let out for a day to attend the wedding. He says he wrote on the floor that the real killer confessed. After reading it Kim had stopped resisting and Dong Koo has helped him off the noose.

Later, Ba-reum walks into his house to find his aunt cleaning it. She says her husband got placed in the US and they will be moving. She says she feels bad that they are leaving Ba-reum behind. Ba-reum says he understands and asks if she will allow her son to raise the kitten. She says she will do that.

Later, Ba-reum recounts the day he killed the kitten. Just then, he receives Bong Bong Yi’s call but doesn’t take it.

Bong Yi realises that he doesn’t want to ruin his life. She decides that if he pushes her away, she will pull him. 

The next day, Bong Yi waits outside the police station holding her umbrella in the rain. Mu Chi watches her as he goes in. He heads into the evidence room to find Ba-reum taking Bong Yi’s call. Ba-reum says he is out of town because of work and he can’t meet her for lunch. Bong Yi is persistent and he snubs her. 

Bong Yi says she doesn’t care whether he is the guy she thinks he is or not. She says she likes him either way. She adds that she wanted to say this in person but she ended up saying this over the phone. She hangs up.

Mu Chi asks if they fought. Ba-reum says he doesn’t want to make her life miserable than it already is. Mu Chi says they are a good match and Ba-reum shouldn’t think that way.

Mu Chi says he has thought a lot about how his life would’ve changed if he had said yes back then. He wonders if he would have had a family and kids. Ba-reum asks if Mu Chi regrets it. He says he can’t go back now and he has no option other than to keep going. Mu Chi walks away after telling Ba-reum not to do something he will regret.

Ba-reum thinks that Mu Chi is right and his life may change. He may be able to go back to being Jung Ba-reum if he stays with Bong Yi.

Ba-reum calls up Bong Yi and asks if they can meet for dinner tomorrow. Bong Yi asks if he isn’t busy. He says he isn’t busy anymore. She smiles after hanging up and walking away.

Ba-reum’s voiceover says, “I can beat this. Bong Yi, please give me strength. Please protect me.”

The next day Bong Yi is happy as she dresses up in nice clothes. She puts on the chain which Ba-reum had given her before he lost his memory.

At work, Hong Ju gives Bong Yi her business card which has her designation as a writer. Bong Yi is elated.

Just then, her colleague gets a call from the boy – Konam who claims that his friend’s grandmother didn’t kill the neighbourhood cats. He says he is in the lobby. The staff hangs up on Konam.

Later, Bong Yi meets Konam in the lobby. 

Elsewhere, Daniel Lee reads the newspaper which wonders if Kang Duk Soo and Lee Jae Shik were killed by the same killer. 

Flashback (Many years ago)

Daniel Lee gives a folder (test result) to someone in a black car.

At present, Daniel thinks, “My one bad mistake” and wonders if he is right in using him like this. He then thinks it is best to end it like this.

Bong Yi and Konam chat in the cafeteria. She asks him how he solved the cat killings. Konam says he has evidence. Just then, Ba-reum walks up to them. 

Konam is awkward seeing Ba-reum and he says he will talk to Bong Yi later. Ba-reum tells Konam that he left his bag. Konam comes and takes the bag and walks away. Ba-reum looks at him oddly.

Bong Yi tells Ba-reum why Konam was here. She adds that Konam wants to help his friend from being an outcast.

Just then, Daniel Lee calls up Ba-reum and asks to meet.

Ba-reum apologises to Bong Yi and says they should catch up later and that he has to go somewhere. Bong Yi agrees.

Later at home, Bong Yi enjoys a bowl of ramyeon as she watches TV. She receives a text from Konam asking to meet tomorrow. He tells her to come alone. Bong Yi replies that she will be there at this school in the afternoon.

She receives a call from Ba-reum. He tells her to eat well and sleep. He offers to meet tomorrow at someplace nice.

Daniel Lee walks into the room after Ba-reum hangs up. he puts a paper in Ba-reum’s hand. He says this is Ba-reum’s next target and a top-class predator.

Ba-reum asks Daniel whom he is working for. he says Daniel is dead on paper needs fund to function. He asks if Daniel’s employer wants Ba-reum to kill this target.

Daniel says Ba-reum needn’t know. Ba-reum asks why Daniel chooses to be dead to the world and is hiding. Ba-reum asks if Daniel is being chased by someone. 

Daniel says he will find out in time. ba-reum says he will wait but he tears up the piece of paper Daniel gave him. He says he will choose whom he will get rid of.

 The following afternoon, Ba-reum waits outside Konam’s school. He watches a meat delivery truck come in. The driver seems cheerful. As the guard closes the gate Ba-reum sees a senile old woman sneaking into the school. The guard chases after her. 

All the children walk out of school. Konam comes out and he spots Ba-reum. He sneaks back in muttering that he asked Bong Yi to come alone.

He turns the corner and looks up in shock.

Bong Yi reaches the school. Bong Yi learns that Ko Nam is in the hallway and she goes searching for him. She calls him up and she hears him panting.

Ba-reum wonders where Ko nam is. He frowns as he sees Bong Yi running across the ground with a man who is carrying something wrapped in a blanket on his back.

The old woman comes up to Ba-reum and keeps saying, “Four cats”.

At the hospital, Konam’s mothers cries her heart out at the sight of her son.

In the Sherlock Hong Ju show, Hong Ju explains that the cabinet containing a cleaning chemical shook and the chemical poured on the student. She says the school hadn’t locked the cafeteria door. She says the school refused to take responsibility.

Mu Chi and Ba-reum watch the show. Mu Chi says he doesn’t think this is an accident.

They go to the school and Mu Chi says if the chemical poured from the cabinet the splatter would have been bigger. He says it is concentrated in a small place. He says someone poured it on Konam to kill him. Mu Chi says they should catch him and he walks out.

Ba-reum watches the guard chasing around the old woman again. he recalls the truck driver who had brought in some supplies to the school. Ba-reum sees that all the items on the shelves are aligned to the right.

Ba-reum calls up Bong Yi and learns that the photo of the cafeteria shown on the show was taken on the morning after the incident. Ba-reum asks the staff if anyone cleaned the place and he is told that the place was immediately shut down after the incident.

Ba-reum deduces that the killer had come here and moved things around after Hong Ju had taken the pictures. Ba-reum wonders why the culprit would touch the stuff on the shelves. Ba-reum looks under the shelves and finds a bunch of keys. He takes it and the old woman barges in. She grabs the keys from him.

He tells her to give it back as it is evidence but she walks away. He follows her. She says the keys are hers.

Ba-reum brings the old lady home. Just then, Ba-reum’s fellow officer back at the time he worked with DOng Koo comes by. Ba-reum says he remembers Kim and that he has blanks only concerning his childhood memories.

Kim says the old lady keeps taking an empty lunch box to her grand daughter’s school. he says kids eat at the cafeteria nowadays.

Meanwhile, Mu Chi is angry that the school has installed fake CCTV cameras.

Back in the neighbourhood, Kim tells Ba-reum that the old lady ran around the neighbourhood holding a dead cat in her arms. He says the people started saying the old lady killed the cat with pesticide. Ba-reum realises that this is the old woman whom Konam was talking about. Kim says he also thinks that the woman is innocent.

Kim says back when Ba-reum and he worked together in Gunang, there was someone who had killed a cat and took out its teeth postmortem.

Ba-reum remembers vomiting on the curb after seeing that.

Kim says the psycho must have relocated here. He says the cat which the granny carried around had no teeth.

Mu chi creates a scene at the police station since they didn’t note the splatter pattern at the cafeteria. He warns them to check the scene properly.

After he leaves, the cops discuss that the old woman said she saw him run away from the scene but they decide that the woman’s statement won’t hold up in court.

Ba-reum and Kim walk down the road. He sees some flyers of missing cats. They are pinned to the wall on the right side. Ba-reum learns that the posters were put up by a cat-caregiver. Kim says it is the butcher Kim Byung Tae who carried Konam outside.

Mu Chi walks into the butcher shop. Kim Byung Tae is the same person who drove the meat delivery truck on the day of the incident. Mu Chi questions him.

Kim Byung Tae says he was unloading meat from his truck when he heard a boy’s cried. He ran in to find Bong Yi inside. he says he wrapped the jacket around the boy and ran out along with Bong Yi.

Later, Ba-reum visits the butcher Kim Byung Tae. He says he wants to buy some meat for a barbecue. he watches the cuts closely and Kim Byung Tae is right-handed.

Later, Ba-reum visits the doctor. He is told that a person with hemispatial neglect is unaware of one side of the body. In advanced stages, the person may eat food only on one side of the plate or apply makeup or shave on only one side of the face.

Ba-reum visits Chi Kook at the hospital. He tells Chi Kook’s mother that he will wake up one day. The mother smiles. Ba-reum puts on some music from the Na Chi-kook’s favourite CD.

Meanwhile, the old woman comes the to butcher shop. Kim Byung Taeasks her why she told the police that she saw him run out of the cafeteria. She gives him the keys which she took from Ba-reum. He smiles as he takes it from her saying he was looking for it.

At the hospital, Chi Kook’s mother tells Ba-reum that DOng Koo came by yesterday and said Chi Kook had come in his dreams with his girlfriend. Both of them don’t notice Chi-kook’s finger move.

Later, Ba-reum slips into Kim Byung Tae’s home. He finds a lot of porcelain cat showpieces on the shelves. He also finds a pesticide can on the shelf. He says it is the cleaning product from the cafeteria.

He recalls Kim saying the cats were killed with pesticide.

Kim Byung Tae enters the house when Ba-reum is collecting a sample. Ba-reum hides.

After Kim Byung Tae leaves, Ba-reum searches the house and he finds the bunch of keys. He wonders if the butcher stole it from the old woman. He watches the keychain closely and realises it is made out of a cat’s tooth. He deduces that Konam would have figured this out. He wonders if Kim Byung Tae tried to kill Konam just to hide the fact that he killed cats.

Ba-reum finds that the keys open a music box on the shelf. He opens it and finds some photos. He finds a photo of Kim Byung Tae and another person wearing red shirts and burning something.

Ba-reum goes back and searches for cases where a child was burnt alive. He finds a case dating back to 1999.

He checks the case file and finds that the child Kim Min Ji’s case is still unsolved. He reads that the child’s friend is mentally disabled and she mentioned the names of two guys who worked at the gas station. Her statement lost credibility because she was mentally disabled. Min Ji has stated that her killer was wearing red before she died. han Soo Chul was removed as a suspect because there was no credible evidence.

Ba-reum goes to an orphanage where the victim’s friend lives. He is told that the girl’s hearing is impaired so she can’t speak properly. She says Angela’s intelligence is fine. She says they mentioned it as intellectually disabled because they found it difficult to communicate with her.

He is taken to a place where the girls are doing an activity. One of the girls sees Ba-reum and hides behind her caretaker. She keeps saying he is not her brother and he doesn’t keep promises.

Ba-reum is told one man came and spoke with the girl, promising to take her away. The nun says they didn’t know he would be him. She doesn’t elaborate when Bareum asks into it.

The nun asks Angela to tell Ba-reum what happened in 1999 using sign language. Angela says the police didn’t believe her. Ba-reum asks her to trust him and tell him once more. Angela starts to tell him.

Later, Ba-reum visits a car wash shop. He notices the owner (Kim Byung Tae’s friend)/suspect in Min Ji case telling off his employee. The owner runs towards Ba-reum and gives him some complimentary items.

Ba-reum gives the sample from the car wash owner and Kim Byung Tae’s house. he asks Daniel to run the test on both. Daniel says people who harm children are psychos. Ba-reum says they forfeited their right to be humans.

Meanwhile, Kim Byung Tae curses Bong Yi for finding Konam and saving him.

Bong Yi and Mu Chi are at the hospital. Mu Chi tells Bong Yi that Konam will wake up soon.

Daniel Lee tells Ba-reum that both of them are predators.

At night, Kim Byung Tae is closing his shop. He walks into the freezer and he is alarmed to see Ba-reum come out from nowhere and attack him. He holds Ba-reum near the electric saw but Ba-reum overpowers him.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Mu Chi that Konan’s respiratory tract is severely burnt and he wouldn’t have been able to scream. Mu Chi realises that Kim Byung Tae was lying when he heard Konan scream. He rushes out of the hospital.

At the shop, Kim Byung Tae is hanging upside down on the meat rack. Ba-reum has the chemical in his hand. He says Konam found out about the keychain and tried to tell the cops but no one listened. he had gone to the TV station as the last resort. 


Konam had run into Kim Byung Tae on his way out of school. He had hidden the keychain under the shelf when Bong Yi called him.

Later, when he was searching the place the old woman had caught him and as she pulled his shirt, she had noticed a tattoo of four cats on his back.

At present, Ba-reum says the police would have caught him if they were more alert. He says he wondered why Kim Byung Tae would kill a child for hiding the murder of some cats. He says in 1999 a dog was burnt to death near Han Soo Chul’s school. No one bothered because it was an animal. They had later burnt a young girl and taken a picture. Ba-reum says Kim panicked because Konam had seen these pictures.

Ba-reum pours a drop of the chemical on Kim Byun Tae who screams. Ba-reum says it was just for a drop. He asks how the child and his parents feel. He says psychopath cant feel other’s pain so he has to suffer the same. Kim Byung Tae screams in pain as Ba-reum pours the chemical on him.

Mu chi reaches the shop to find Kim’s lifeless form hanging in the freezer. The photograph of him and Han Soo Chull burning the child is next to him. 

He immediately calls back up and tells them to search for the killer. Mu Chi finds out Han Soo Chul’s identity after asking the detective in charge of the 1999 case. He heads over to Han Soo Chul’s address in time to find him being arrested.


Ba-reum types in Kim Byung Tae’s number on Han Soo Chul’s phone. He cuts the call before Han comes back.

Later, he sneaks into Kim Byung Tae’s shop and keys in Han Soo Chul’s number and calls him. He hangs up and sneaks out of the shop again.

Han Soo Chul calls back and Kim Byun Tae answers. Both of them wonder how he got a call from Han. They continue to talk.

At present, Han Soo Chul is at the police station. he maintains that he didn’t call Kim. He says he has an alibi for that day as he was with his employee. Mu Chi says the alibi is not valid because the employee is mentally challenged. He says a person’s mental disability is working against Han this time. 

Mu Chi tells ba-reum that Kang Duk Soo and Lee Jae-shik’s killer is the real killer. He says Han Soo Chul wouldn’t have left the evidence besides the body. He says it is the killer’s plan.


Ba-reum watches Han Soo Chul. Sung Yo Han eggs him on to kill Han Soo Chul. Ba-reum says there are other ways to make him pay. He walks away.

At present, Ba-reum’s voiceover says, “Sung Yo Han is slowly disappearing from my mind. I’m going back to being myself.”

Mu Chi wonders if he would have been happy if someone had killed Han Seo Joon back then in the same manner he killed his victims. He realises that it is Moo Won’s birthday the next day.

Later, Bong Yi meets Ba-reum by the river. He tells her that he is sick but he might be able to get better. He says he saw hope today. He asks if she can wait for him till he gets better.

Bong Yi smiles as she says she will wait. He says it may take a long time. She says she will wait till she grows old and has grey hair. She says he shouldn’t reject her because she is old.

He asks if they can move to the countryside once he gets better. She agrees to it and holds his hand. he leans in and kisses her.

Ba-reum goes to see off his aunt. Hun Sook says he named the kitten after Toto from Wizard of Oz. Ba-reum says he can check out information from Kitty Cafe if he has any doubts about raising cats.

They board the bus and Hun Sook asks who that man is. Ba-reum’s aunt says it is no one and distracts him.

After the bus leaves, Ba-reum sees the news broadcast which says Konam has survived and is out of danger.

Mu Chi goes to the Church (Mu Won’s crime scene) and places a slice of cake. He lights a candle and opens his locket with his family photo. He asks Mu Won if he is celebrating his birthday up there with his parents. He apologises to Mu Won and says he misses them.

Ba-reum is at home. He is on phone with Bong Yi. He says he will make a dinner reservation at a nice place tomorrow.

After he hangs up. Mu Chi turns up at his doorstep with drinks. Mu Chi says Ba-reum cared for Mu Won. Ba-reum says Mu Won cared a lot for Mu Chi.

Mu chi says he hated Mu won because he was the reason Mu Won got injured. He says Mu Won tried to distract Han Seo Joon when he was about to hurt him. he says he felt guilty seeing Mu Won. Ba-reum says Mu won probably knew that. 

Mu Chi shows him the locket. Ba-reum says Mu Won had a similar one. Mu Chi says the locket wasn’t found in Mu won’s belongings.

Ba-reum sees the locket and says they might have shared a lot of memories. Ba-reum says he felt left out as an only child.

Mu Chi says he will be Ba-reum’s elder brother. he promises to be a brother like Mu Won. Ba-reum smiles as he calls Mu chi “Elder Brother”. They drink to their brotherhood. At night Mu Chi stumbles in the kitchen when he looks for the bathroom.

The next day, Mu Chi checks the evidence box for Mu won’s pendant. He wonders if it is mixed up in another box. He finds granny’s knife (which Ba-reum had placed in the box) with blood on it in another evidence box.

Ba-reum cleans his house and finds Mu chi’s locket on the floor.

Meanwhile, Mu Chi checks the blood sample on the knife. He is told that the blood doesn’t match Sung Yo Han’s or Oh Bong Yi’s. Mu Chi tells them to run it through the database.

Ba-reum washes his face and notices a scar on his left arm. He wonders where he got it.

Meanwhile, Hong Ju sends Bong Yi to Detective Park and check out some evidence on the Kim Byung Tae case.

The results come back and Mu is told that the blood batches with Kang Duk Soo’s DNA.

Ba-reum smiles as he walks in. He freezes in shock when he sees Mu Chi’s pendant hanging from his neck. Ba-reum immediately hides the pendant he found in his house. Mu Chi watches as Ba-reum walks away.

Ba-reum is shaken as he holds the pendant in his hand. Just then Bong Yi runs in. He notices her wearing the chain he had given her. She tells him that he had given it to her before he lost his memory. Ba-reum grabs the chain from her neck and holds it. It is similar to the cat tooth pendant Konam found. Ba-reum asks if she was wearing it when she met Konam


Konam notices Bong Yi’s chain and she says her boyfriend made it for her. Just then Ba-reum walks in and Konam sees him wide-eyed.

At present, Ba-reum realises that the kid recognised him.

Ba-reum clutches his head as memories come flooding to him. He recalls being sick after seeing the remains of the toothless cat. He had asked Bong Yi to check if anyone had seen anything suspicious.

Bong Yi calls him as he runs away.

Ba-reum comes home and opens the cabinet in the kitchen beside which he had found the locket. He takes out the basket and turns it over. Bong Yi’s granny’s clip falls out. Ba-reum is zoned out as he picks up the brooch.

He recalls the wall filled with Ba-reum’s photos and a voiceover that says, “It’s all useless tomorrow. It’s goodbye forever now.”

Ba-reum is breathless as he runs over to his old house.

He walks over to the side slowly. Sung Yo Han appears and tells him not to go there. Ba-reum pushes him away and pushes all the mud away to reveal a hatch. Again Sung Yo Han tries to stop him. Ba-reum pushes him away and opens the hatch. Ba-reum climbs inside.

He walks into a huge basement. He opens a barrel in the corner and falls as he sees the contents. He stands in front of the wall which is covered with photographs of all the cross killing cases.

Ba-reum’s eyes tear up as he realises in horror. “It was me,” his voiceover says, “It wasn’t Sung Yo Han. It was me.”

Just then he receives a call from DOng Koo who says that Na Chi Kook has woken up.

Image Courtesy- TVN


This was another interesting episode.

In the beginning, it seemed like another side plot but once again it came back to the main plot in a great way.

Ba-reum faced an internal conflict. In the end, he chose that he can suppress the killer instincts by being by Bong Yi’s side. The scenes with Bong Yi and Ba-reum were a pleasant watch.

The final scene shows that Ba-reum was the original cross killer and Sung Yo Han’s brain was the one helping him remain normal. This reveal was a good watch and the scenes leading up to it were well made. 

The scar on Ba-reum’s hand is probably the one he got when Bong Yi fought off Mu Won’s killer.

Hun Sook was asking about the man whom he spotted on the bus when he was leaving. I wonder what that was about.

The girl at the orphanage was behaving oddly when she saw Ba-reum. The nun mentioned a man who had visited the other girl. It looks like there is more to that story as every character always has a back story.

Daniel Lee is an important part of the puzzle. Someone did attack Daniel Lee in the past, post which he went missing. He mentioned making a mistake and also gave Ba-reum a target. I wonder who that target was as he was thinking about ending something.

This episode raises some questions like Ba-reum’s whereabouts during the murders, his leg injury which made him limp. I wonder if he has a dual personality or he was acting innocent before the brain injury. The cross killings have always been a mystery and I am curious to see the case being shown again.

All along Ba-reum tried to control his murderous instincts when he believed that a killer’s brain was implanted in his brain. He has proved that he can control it if he sets his mind to it. I am curious to see how he reacts now that he figured out that the killer’s brain originally belongs to him. 

-By Soul Sword-

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