Mouse Episode 13 Recap

(DNA on the weapon)


At night, Sung Ji Eun (pregnant) returns from Daniel Lee’s office after learning that it is too late for her to have an abortion. She walks through the woods when a man in military uniform walks past her. He stops abruptly, comes up behind her and abducts her. 

Sung Ji-eun wakes up somewhere in the woods. The abductor is before her. He slices an apple into a crescent shape and eats it as he talks to her. She tells him to kill her and get it over with. He says he will if she wants him to. He stuffs a cloth in her mouth and she is startled.

Suddenly, another man appears out of nowhere and attacks the abductor. The abductor runs away. Sung Ji Eun asks her saviour as to why he saved her. She says he should have let her die. The rescuer tells Sung Ji Eun to give birth to the baby and disappears into the night.

The news reports of Suseong Serial killings where 10 people were killed in a span of 2 years. It says that the killer has been caught.

It says Kim, a smelter worker had confessed to the Suseong Serial Killings and he has been sentenced to life without parole.

Present Day

Ba-reum looks at the Whiteboard in front of him. It has details of the Suseong Serial Killings. He watches the newspaper clippings of Victim 1- Kim Da Bin, Victim 2, Victim 3- Han Seo In, Victim 4, Victim 5, Victim 6- SOng Hyeong Mi, Victim 7- Shim Sang Ah, Victim 8- Kim Hwa Yeong, Victim 9, Victim 10- “10th body found.” It says the murderer is Kim Bong Cheol and he worked at the smelter factory. It says 5 strands of hair were found at the crime scene. It had traces of cadmium from Seokpo Smelter and the owner’s blood was type O.


At the bridge, Mu Chi told Ba-reum that the knife used to cut Kang Duk Soo’s penis didn’t have Bong Yi’s DNA on it. 

After Ba-reum learnt that Yu Na had seen something, he decides not to let Bong Yi talk to her. he goes to Detective Kang and frames Bong Yi using her knife in the CCTV footage. He later goes to speak with Yu Na who recognises him as Kang Duk Soo’s killer. 

Later, Ba-reum had planted an idea in Shin’s mind by mentioning that there is a possibility that the killer had dumped the murder weapon in the water. He tells Shin to search further down the creek and he might get lucky. Afterwards, Shin finds the murder weapon. Ba-reum had watched him from afar.

Back at the bridge, Ba-reum tells Mu Chi that Gods are on their side as they found the weapon here. Mu Chi says it has an inmate’s DNA on it. He says that person is already in prison. He says the killer is telling them that they can’t catch him. Ba-reum asks if Mu Chi thinks that is what the killer is saying.

At Bong Yi’s home, Hong Ju asks her why the currency note is important to her. Bong Yi says it is nothing. Hong Ju tells Bong Yi to pursue her dreams now, as everything is over. Bong Yi says she didn’t have time to dream. Hong Ju offers her a job on her team. She says Bong Yi’s academic background doesn’t matter. Bong Yi asks if Hong Ju’s dream was to become a Producer. Hong Ju is pensive as she says it was someone else dream. Bong Yi says she doesn’t deserve a job but Hong Ju leaves her business card with Bong Yi in case she has a change of mind.

Later, Bong Yi comes to Yu Na’s house and finds it empty. She hopes that Yu Na hasn’t talked to the cops. Ba-reum comes there too. He tells her that Yu Na and her mother have moved. He shows her a video recording of Yu Na saying farewell to Bong Yi.


After Yu Na tells Ba-reum that she knows he is Kang Duk Soo’s killer, Ba-reum follows her with a brick in his hand, hidden from Yu Na’s view. Yu Na turns around and looks at him with a smile. She thanks him as she wouldn’t be here now if it weren’t for him. She says she will take this secret with her to the grave. She says she won’t even tell her mom or Bong Yi. Ba-reum looks confused but still clasps the brick tight in his hand. Yu Na holds out her little finger and says, “Promise”. Ba-reum transfers the brick to the other hand without her noticing and puts his little finger around hers. She smiles and hugs him thanking him again. Ba-reum stands frozen and then brings himself to hold her. She smiles and walks away. Ba-reum drops the brick.

Yu Na’s recording says she came to see Bong Yi at the police station but Bong Yi wasn’t allowed any visitors. She says she recorded the video on Ba-reum’s phone before leaving. She says she is going back to her old neighbourhood. She says her mom had promised to stop drinking. She says she is going to start school and now she has a dream. She says she will become like Bong Yi. She says Bong Yi is braver than Goatman or Lady Bug.

Ba-reum holds Bong Yi as she cries seeing the recording. She promises to become an adult that Yu Na will always look up to.

Hong Ju is going out of her office when she sees a newcomer being told off by her supervisor. Hong Ju recalls an incident from her past.


A young Hong Ju/Park Hyun Soo sits with the Head Hunter’s victim in the Head Hunter’s hideout. The victim says she is new at work and her desk is by the toilet. She says she doesn’t complain about the stench. She says it is her dream to become a Tv producer. Hong Ju cries saying both of them should get out alive. The woman nods and promises to get Hong Ju out of here alive. 

At present Hong Ju thinks that she always wanted to achieve the victim’s dream for her. Just then, Bong Yi calls her up and says she will take the job. She says she wants to find her dream.

Ba-reum is with Daniel Lee. He says he almost killed Yu Na. He says Yu Na survived because she promised to keep the secret. Lee says Ba-reum wouldn’t have killed Yu Na. He says he would’ve stopped Ba-reum if he thought Ba-reum would attack her. Daniel Lee says Ba-reum’s instincts are suppressing Sung Yo Han’s instincts. He adds that Ba-reum killed the cat and was about to attack his nephew because it was the first time his murderous instinct awoke and he lost his control. He says Ba-reum’s killer instincts have subsided after killing Kang Duk Soo. Ba-reum says it is bound to come back again.

Daniel asks Ba-reum why he did that to Kang Duk Soo when he didn’t want to frame Bong Yi.

Ba-reum says he wanted to kill Kang Duk Soo with Bong Yi’s granny’s knife (Ba-reum had taken granny’s knife from the evidence box). He says he saw the bloodied bible (that the killer made his victim read at the boxing ring) inside the evidence box. He says he saw the eye for an eye verse in that. He says he wanted to kill Kang Duk Soo in the same manner. He says his method of killing was Sung Yo Han’s influence. Ba-reum wonders what happened between Sung Yo Han and Song Soo Ho that wanted him to take revenge so badly. He has broken Song’s cartilage, burnt him alive and stabbed his heart with a knife.

At the precinct, the chief tells Mu Chi that Lee Jae Shik is trembling and is shocked because his DNA was found on the murder weapon. He told the Chief that he shared a prison cell with Kang Duk Soo the previous year.

The chief orders his team to search for inmates connected with Lee Jae Shik and Kang Duk Soo who were released recently.

Mu Chi goes to Hong Ju’s office to return her camera which she left at the scene while helping Bong Yi. The police didn’t find anything in it. As the office is empty, Mu Chi checks the footage. He sees the first reporter of the murder fall down the bridge with his cycle. Mu Chi notices something like a dashcam on the cycle. He places a video call to Ba-reum and shows him the footage. Ba-reum confirms that it is a newly launched GEOCAM. Mu Chi hangs up.


Ba-reum watches Hong Ju help Bong Yi up the bridge. He turns to go but he turns around again when he hears the bicycle rider fall (as Hong Ju’s car drives away.)

At present, Ba-reum realises that the GEOCAM might have caught him on it. 

Meanwhile, Hong Ju takes her video recorder and sees the GEOCAM on the screen which Mu Chi left open.

Mu Chi goes to the bicycle owner. The owner says he is a power blogger and the company had given it to him for trying it out. He says it uploads automatically.

An extremely tensed Ba-reum comes to the location just in time to see Mu Chi coming out. The cyclist apologises to Mu Chi because the GEOCAM is stolen. Mu Chi tells the boy off for showing off the GEOCAM in the resale site. he says it is easy to find his house and steal as he even posted the photo of his house’s wall. Mu Chi says the robber won’t report it because it is stolen.

He asks why Ba-reum is here. Ba-reum says he was curious.

Hong Ju watches them from afar. She has the GEOCAM in her hand. She checks the footage and her eyes widen as the footage shows Ba-reum in the field, placing him in the scene of the crime. 

Later, Hong Ju takes Bong Yi with her to investigate a case.

At the precinct, Ba-reum is relieved to see Mu Chi give up searching for the GEOCAM as the thief won’t come forward because he stole the cam.

Ba-reum sees that Mu Chi is going through Lee Jae Shik’s case (the inmate whose DNA was on the murder weapon.) Mu Chi says Lee Jae Shik caught a guy trying to rape his daughter and assaulted him. Mu chi says Lee is a model citizen but he got 5 years in prison because the guy died. Mu Chi says it is too harsh and blames the law. Ba-reum sits down agreeing with him. Mu chi says Lee studied fashion and worked at a factory that dyed blue jeans.

Mu Chi says Lee shared a prison cell with Kang Duk Soo. Ba-reum says Kang was released a year ago. He wonders why the killer planted Lee’s DNA there. Both of them leave to interview Lee.

Le Jae Shik shares the prison cell with Kim (Suseong Serial Killer). They speak about retrial being possible only if new evidence emerges. Kim’s daughter is getting married soon. Lee gets up as he has a visitor.

Outside, Hong Ju and Bong Yi wait to meet Lee Jae Shik when Bong Yi’s eyes fall upon Kim. Kim watches her with sadness. Bong Yi asks Dong Koo who is nearby as to who he is. 

Dong Koo is surprised to hear that Bong is now a writer in Hong Ju’s team. He says it doesn’t go with her.

He then says Kim is the Suseong Serial Murder killer. Bong Yi is shocked as she says he doesn’t look like a killer. As Bong Yi follows Hong Ju, she trips and falls. Kim rushes forward but Dong Koo stops him.

The officer in charge tells Mu Chi and Ba-reum that Lee Jae Shik is a model inmate who caused no harm. He says that he will soon be released. Mu chi sees Lee’s photo on the noticeboard. he sees a patch of fabric that he remembers seeing at the crime scene too. He takes the photo. Soon, he is told that Lee Jae-Sik already has a visitor.

Mu Chi barges in on Hong Ju’s interview. He tells Ba-reum to escort Bong Yi out. Mu Chi tells Hong Ju off for bringing Bong Yi to a place filled with prisoners.

Mu Chi shows him the photograph and Lee Jae Shik confirms that he sewed the patch on to his shirt. He says Kang wanted a patch like that for himself and stole his clothing from him on the day of release. He says Kang wanted to wear it on a special day.

Mu Chi’s blood boils hearing this and regrets not killing Kang Duk Soo.

Bong Yi and Hong Ju return from prison. Hong Ju says Mu Chi is fond of Bong Yi so he doesn’t want her around criminals. Bong Yi asks if Hong Ju had feelings for Mu Chi.

Mu chi and Ba-reum return too. Ba-reum says Kang had set aside Lee Jae-Shik’s clothing to wear on a special day and hence the DNA was preserved.

Mu Chi says it doesn’t help in finding the killer. He says they just wasted a lot of time.

Later that evening, Bong Yi, Ba-reum and Dong Koo meet up for drinks. Bong Yi brings up Kim. Dong Koo says Kim told him that Bong Yi reminded him of his daughter. He tells Bong Yi that the police forced a confession out of Kim. He says at the trial, Kim said the police forced the confession but it wasn’t taken into consideration. He says they cant appeal for retrial if new evidence isn’t there. He suggests Bong Yi take up this case on her show. Bong Yi learns from Dong Koo that Kim’s relationship with his daughter is estranged. Bong Yi says the daughter must have felt betrayed.

Later, Bong Yi works late into the night on the Suseong Murder case.

The next day, at the Sherlock Hong Ju meeting, Bong Yi reads a request from a boy saying that his friend’s grandmother is being wrongly accused of killing the neighbourhood cats. The rest of them seem uninterested. Then Bong Yi brings up Kim’s subject. She says they can prove to his daughter that her father is innocent. The other members discourage her but Hong Ju tells her to work on it. Bong Yi is excited and walks away. Hong Ju tells her colleague that Bong Yi reminds her of herself in the early days.

Bong Yi is unable to find more information on the internet.

Later, Bong Yi is elated as Ba-reum brings her into the evidence room. He says most of Korea’s criminal history is stored here. He tells her she shouldn’t be here as outsiders aren’t allowed and that she should go.

The next day, Ba-reum is startled to find Bong Yi still in the evidence room taking notes on the Suseong serial murder. He grabs her and she says she found something weird about the case. She says the police felt that the crimes were committed by professional.

 She says the first crime wasn’t sloppy. 

Ba-reum keeps looking around to see if someone walks in. Bong Yi says she checked the other cases of attempted murder during that time. She says there was one attempted murder reported 2 years before the Suseong Murders. She says the assailant kidnapped a pregnant lady and ate a crescent-shaped apple slice while talking to her.

Bong Yi says all the victims of the Suseong murder case had apple slices inside them. Ba-reum says she is right and he says the attacker wasn’t caught. They guess that the attacker in both the Guryeong attempted murder and the Suseong Serial murders are the same. Bong Yi says Kim was wrongly framed. 

Ba-reum asks if she will help Kim set things straight. She says she will as he was imprisoned for 20 years despite being innocent.

Later, Ba-reum sets up the whiteboard of Suseong Murders at his home. Bong Yi and Dong Koo are working on the case. Ba-reum says he will be fired if the captain finds out that he took the case materials outside.

Bong Yi talks about the 10th victim. She says 5 strands of hair were found at the crime scene which wasn’t the victim’s. It had traces of cadmium and blood was type O. She says the cops assumed that one of the workers who worked at the nearby smelter was the culprit. She says Kim fitted the description and he lived with a 10km radius of every crime. She says he also was working late on the day of the murder. Dong Koo says there might be many people who fit that profile. Bong Yi says Kim testified that he was tortured and forced to confess but it wasn’t taken into account. Ba-reum says they need new evidence.

Bong Yi says the victim of the Guryeong attempted murder might be able to help them. After a lot of persuasions, Ba-reum agrees to find the victim’s address. 

Bong Yi visits Sung Ji Eun a.k.a Sung Jin Ah. She says she is from the broadcasting station. Sung Ji Eun asks her to wait and goes in. Bong Yi plays with the labrador outside. She remembers the puppy on the bridge but she gathers herself. She notices Sung Ji Eun remove a photo from the wall.

Later, Bong Yi asks Sung Ji Eun about the attempted murder back in 1995. She says she is researching the Suseong Serial Murders. Sung Ji Eun narrates the incident and Bong Yi records it. Sung Ji Eun mentions that when the Suseong murders took place, she told the police that her experience was similar to these murders. She says the police never came back. She says she couldn’t find the person who saved her that night as he wasn’t from their neighbourhood.

Back at the broadcasting station, Hong Ju is impressed and she says they will go with this. The team appreciates Bong Yi’s efforts.

Later, Bong Yi thanks Ba-reum for locating the victim and Ba-reum smiles. Bong Yi says it is weird that Sung Ji-Eun had asked the killer to kill her when she was 9 months pregnant. She says usually a mother’s instinct is to save her child.

Just then, Hong Ju calls her up and says that she didn’t get permission as the case is close and it will create issues with the legal system.

Ba-reum drives home a very upset Bong Yi. She suspects foul-play as someone doesn’t want the case to be reopened. Ba-reum watches her and asks if she is really that angry. He asks if doing the show will change anything. She says at least his daughter will believe him. 

Later, Bong Yi dozes off and Ba-reum watches Shin next to his father who is campaigning for the presidential elections. Ba-reum looks at Bong Yi.

Later, Ba-reum runs into reporter Son at the precinct. Son recognises Ba-reum from Sung Yo Han’s case. Ba-reum says he came across something while looking through case files.

Later, Detective Lee rushes into the precinct asking them to watch the news. 

Reporter Son reports that the Shin family’s to be daughter-in-law is Suseong serial killer Kim’s daughter. 

SHin tells Mu Chi and Ba-reum that he knew Da Seul from college and learnt that she was Kim’s daughter after he officially proposed to her. Shin says he told his parents too.

Shin’s father is on TV where he says he is aware that his daughter in law is Kim’s daughter. He says the girl didn’t do anything wrong. He tells the public not to stone her even if they can’t support her.

Meanwhile, Hong Ju says the station agreed to take on Kim’s case as Kim’s daughter is now known as Shin’s daughter-in-law.

Bong Yi calls up and informs Ba-reum about this development. She says she is sorry about Shin but his misfortune brought her fortune. Ba-reum congratulates her. Ba-reum looks into the restaurant where an unsuspecting Shin sits with Mu Chi. Ba-reum walks away.

Ba-reum is with Daniel Lee. He says the owner of the blue toothbrush is his next target as he doesn’t know when Sung Yo Han’s instincts will wake up again.

At the precinct, Mu Chi looks at Kang Duk Soo’s mother’s suicide case photos. He notices that Kang Duk Soo’s mother was wearing a pant with a similar patch as on Lee Jae Shik’s.

Mu chi visits Lee Jae Shik again. Lee says Kang Duk Soo stole the very same pants from him. He says he didn’t stitch the patch on the jacket sleeve. Mu Chi realises that the killer has indeed planted Lee Jae Shik’s DNA on the jacket.

Hong Ju’s show airs. She touches upon the attempted murder case in 1995 which went unnoticed because of the attention the Head Hunter case received. She plays the recording of Sung Ji Eun’s account which Bong Yi obtained. The account mentions the killer removing her stockings and stuffing them in her mouth. Hong Ju says stockings and crescent shaped apple slices are Suseong serial killer’s signature. Hong Ju says Kim has hearing and speech impairment but the victim said her attacker could speak and hear. Also, she says the attacker was in his twenties while Kim was in his 50’s. Hong Ju also challenges NFS’s findings 26 years ago which matched the hairs at the crime scene to Kim. 

Ba-reum watches the show intently.

Sung Ji Eun watches the show wondering who her saviour was.

Mu Chi watches the shows as Hong Ju says there are other factories in the vicinity of the 4th and 7th victim. She says one among them is a factory which dyed blue jeans and cadmium can be found in that. Mu Chi puts the pieces together and mutters the words, “in his forties”. He goes over and checks Lee Jae Shik’s case. It is mentioned that Lee Jae Shik worked at a factory that dyed blue jeans.

Meanwhile, the cyclist goes through the GEOCAM footage on his laptop. he is shocked to see something in it. He decides to call the broadcast station rather than go to the cops.

After the show is over, Hong Ju receives a call from an unknown number.

Bong Yi goes to meet Mu chi. She says all the credit goes to Hong Ju. She says she is earning now and gifts a suit to Mu Chi to wear at Shin’s wedding. She says she learnt that Mu Chi was hosting the wedding. He tries on the suit and asks if he looks cooler than Ba-reum. She smiles saying Ba-reum is way cooler. Mu Chi says she is head over heels for Ba-reum. He says it is reassuring to see such a caring person looking after Bong Yi. He says her granny would have sent him to her. He tells her to live happily.

Later at the broadcast station, Hong Ju receives a call from a person claiming to have some evidence on the Kang Duk soo case which will crack the case. She calls him to come to the station at 7 pm. Hong Ju tells Bong Yi to meet up with the informant as she has to be at another interview.

At the prison, Dong Koo writes out a note saying that Kim’s daughter is hereafter seeing the show. Kim reads it. Dong Koo tells him not to be nervous. 

Later, Kim’s hand trembles as he sits before his daughter. He cries silently as she walks away.

The police department briefs the press. They say there was nothing wrong with their investigation. he says there is no evidence to prove that the Guryeong attempted murder is connected with the Suseong murders. He tells off the Sherlock Hong Ju team for confusing the public with baseless accusations. They say they will re-investigate the case if there is new evidence.

Meanwhile, Mu chi visits the factory where Lee Jae Shik worked. Another worker tells him that they were all interviewed during the investigation and Lee Jae Shik was also a suspect. He says none of their blood types matched.

Mu Chi reads Lee Jae Shik’s case again. He finds that Lee Jae Shik had hit the attacker with a brick when the attacker tried to rape his step-daughter. Mu Chi notes that the girl was his step-daughter.

He calls up Shin and asks him to locate Lee Jae Shik’s daughter.

Dong Koo speaks with Lee Jae Shik who is getting released. He promises to meet Dong Koo outside for drinks.

Elsewhere, a man(the informant) lies bleeding on the road. A figure gets down from a vehicle (license plate 2701) and removes the laptop from the informant’s bag and goes away.

Kim stands on a bucket and he puts a noose around his neck.


Kim’s daughter tells him that she woke up one night and saw that Kim wasn’t home. She says when Kim returned home, he was wet from the rain and his pants were covered in mud and grass stains. She says the next day, she saw on the news that there was a 10th victim who was found near their house. Kim cries as his daughter says she wasn’t able to tell anyone.

Mu Chi meets Lee Jae Shik’s step-daughter. She asks him if Lee Jae Shik won’t be able to get out if she tells the truth. She asks if she needn’t live on the run and Mu Chi confirms it. The step-daughter tells Mu Chi that it was Lee Jae Shik who tried to rape her and not the victim. She says the man whom she was having a fling with had come to her rescue. She says Lee Jae Shik killed the man with a brick. She adds that she was scared that he will kill her and her mother if she spoke the truth. She asks if Mu Chi thinks that Lee Jae Shik is the real culprit of Suseong Murders.

Later, Mu Chi curses when he learns from Dong Koo that Lee Jae Shik was released. He calls up Shin and asks him to locate the Susong crime locations that haven’t been redeveloped yet. Shin says the location where the 8th and 10th victims are still not redeveloped.

Meanwhile, Bong Yi calls up the informant to check why he still isn’t there. She is told that he met with an accident. Bong Yi feels that this person might have something to prove that Mu Chi was the one who killed Kang Duk Soo. She immediately runs out.

Mu Chi understands that the killer had planted Lee’s DNA on Kang Duk Soo’s murder weapon to communicate that Lee Jae Shik is his next target.


Ba-reum gives a bunch of toothbrushes from the precinct along with Kang Duk Soo’s sample to check if Daniel was right. Another sample on the blue toothbrush also had the psychopath gene. Ba-reum had taken it from Mu Chi’s desk.

He had gone back to the precinct to find Mu Chi looking for the toothbrush. Mu Chi said that it belonged to an inmate and he has to put it back in the evidence box. Ba-reum returns the toothbrush to Mu Chi saying he found it under another desk. Later, Ba-reum had found who the owner of the DNA is by going through the case file. He found Lee Jae Shik’s crime and thought that this crime didn’t fit into a predators profile. He found out that Lee Jae Shik has moved from Suseong to his current address in 2000 which falls after the Suseong Serial Killings. He sees that Kim is the person who confessed to the killings. He recalls Dong Koo telling him that Kim was framed.

Ba-reum asks Dong Koo for Kim’s hair under the pretext of reopening old cases. Dong Koo leaves the hair sample with Ba-reum. he asks for the tie which he left in Ba-reum’s house on the day the scuffle broke out in the prison. Ba-reum says there was blood on it so he left it at the dry cleaners. Ba-reum has the tie hidden in his chest. 

Daniel Lee tests it and says it is of a normal person. Ba-reum puts a knife on the table and asks Daniel Lee to plant the DNA on it.

At present, Ba-reum strangles Lee Jae Shik in a field where the 8th and 10th victim were found. He says it was hard to wait till Lee was released from prison. Lee begs him to spare him.

Meanwhile, Bong Yi rushes into the hospital. She sees the badly injured informant unconscious on the bed. She searches his bag and finds a flash drive in it.   

She checks the flash drive and is shocked to see Ba-reum on the screen standing at the crime scene near the bridge. She realises that the killer is Ba-reum and not Mu Chi.

Mu Chi runs up to the location and frantically starts searching.

Ba-reum is strangling Lee Jae Shik. He looks up hearing something.

Mu Chi reaches the spot and his eyes go wide seeing the scene in front of him.

Image Courtesy-TVN


This episode was packed with content. There were some new characters introduced too. In the beginning, it seemed like it was a subplot but it came together well in the end. It showed all the main characters in the drama interacting with each other on the same subject which was good.

Sung Ji Eun was saved by a mysterious man. He puts a lot of questions in one’s mind as he pointedly told her to have the child before disappearing. He even turned up there at the right time. I wonder if he was employed by someone to follow her.

Ba-reum’s actions in this episode show that he is very much in control of his actions. He handled his murderous instinct by choosing his next target (Lee Jae Shik) well beforehand. It was revealed that he didn’t kill Yu Na. His behaviour depended upon the people around him and what they said. 

Though Ba-reum commits these crimes, he knows there are high chances that he will be caught. As he is a cop, it looks like he is aware that a murderer always leaves traces. His crimes are meticulous as well as sloppy at times.

There were some subtle hints about other things too. Someone has been killing the cats in the neighbourhood. 

The bible verse eye for an eye goes to show that there was a trigger that started the Moojin serial killings (cross killings). The boxing ring murder was committed as a form of revenge which hasn’t been addressed in the series yet. I wonder if it has something to do with Ba-reum. 

Kim’s daughter turned out to be Shin’s fiance. She has a stark resemblance to Bong Yi. Both Kim and Shin mentioned it. I wonder what was the significance behind that. She also falls in Shin’s age group or older. It is possible that she may be one of the children from the old timeline.

Suseong serial killings played an important role in the plot. Instead of using the narrative to show Ba-reum targetting the predators, it was nice to see it unfold from Mu Chi’s and the other character’s point of view. The fact that Ba-reum had planted the DNA on the murder weapon as a part of his original plan and not to help Bong Yi was good suspense.

The scene where Ba-reum tipped reporter Son about Kim’s daughter was a good watch. He showed no compassion towards Shin and he did what had to be done to escalate the situation. 

It was interesting to see Ba-reum asking Mu Chi  and Bong Yi’s  thoughts on certain situations (Mu Chi thought the killer was telling him that cops can’t catch him and Bong Yi was bent upon proving Kim innocent). It looks like he was studying their thought process and judging them. Apart from knowing that he had something on his mind, one couldn’t read what he gathered from these questions. 

Lee Jae Shik was free until he was sentenced to 5 years in prison recently. I wonder if the original Suseong investigation was sloppy or the police went to great lengths to keep Lee Jae Shik from being convicted. If the latter is the case I am curious to see the reason behind it.

The episode was well written as the mystery behind the Suseong killings and Lee Dae Shik’s DNA on the murder weapon unravelled swiftly in an interesting manner. The way the episode started from different points and then came together in the end made it a great watch.

-By Soul Sword-

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  1. Hi. I really like this series so thank you for writing about it. I want to know your opinion about the blood that didn’t match with the real killer (episode 13). It was type O and the factory worker said it didn’t match with him and the real killer back then. Thank you for reading this ☺️🙏🏼.

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    1. Hi Azza… I am guessing that someone was helping the real killer Lee Jae-shik get away. It looks like there was foulplay in the investigation back then and they might have forged the blood test results to get the result they wanted so Lee Jae Shik seemed innocent. The fact that the court refused to accept Kim’s statement where he claimed that his confession was coerced also makes me believe that someone powerful might be involved in framing him. Hope this is what you where asking about 🙂 – Soul Sword


      1. Ah thank you for your answer. The story is complicated and there are so many elements and characters. Sometimes I felt lost 😂. Thank you again and have a nice day ❤️.

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