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Pachinko- Series Review

Genre- Historical fiction Pachinko follows the life of Kim Sunja, a Korean girl who was forced to leave her motherland and live in Japan as a migrant. It focuses on her journey as she endures life's hardships and keeps her family afloat. It showcases the fierce grit and determination of a woman. The series unfolds… Continue reading Pachinko- Series Review

Again My Life, Drama Recap Index

Again My Life Recap Index

Genre- Legal, Mystery, Fantasy, Time travel  Cast- Lee Joon-Gi, Lee Kyoung-Young, Kim Jae-Kyung Kim Ji-Eun Again My Life Episode 1 Recap Again My Life Episode 2 Recap Again My Life Episode 3 Recap Again My Life Episode 4 Recap Again My Life Episode 5 Recap Again My Life Episode 6 Recap Again My Life Episode… Continue reading Again My Life Recap Index

Happiness, Series We Loved Watching

Happiness- Series Review

Happiness Recap Index Genre- Thriller, Drama, Fantasy, Cast- Han Hyo-Joo, Park Hyung-Sik, Jo Woo-Jin ‘Happiness’ is an apocalyptic thriller that follows a group of residents in an Apartment Complex during the lockdown imposed for bringing a manmade virus outbreak under control. The drama starts with a brief introduction of Yoon Sae Bom and Yi Hoon… Continue reading Happiness- Series Review

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Happiness- Recap Index

Genre- Thriller, Drama, Fantasy, Cast- Han Hyo-Joo, Park Hyung-Sik, Jo Woo-Jin Happiness Recap Index Happiness Episode 1 Recap Happiness Episode 2 Recap Happiness Episode 3 Recap Happiness Episode 4 Recap Happiness Episode 5 Recap Happiness Episode 6 Recap Happiness Episode 7 Recap Happiness Episode 8 Recap Happiness Episode 9 Recap Happiness Episode 10 Recap Happiness… Continue reading Happiness- Recap Index

Korean Drama Recaps, Series We Loved Watching, The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge Series Review

The Devil Judge Recap Index Series Review The Devil Judge takes place in an imaginary dystopian Korea where the country is recovering from an epidemic. The economy is poor and riots are a common sight. The Social Responsibility Foundation holds all the power in the society with the rich, corrupt and the powerful governing it.… Continue reading The Devil Judge Series Review