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Lawless Lawyer Recap – Episode 7

Lawless Lawyer Recap - Episode 7 The scene opens with Oh Ju being elected mayor and making promises to people in his speech on television while everyone at the Lawless law firm looks on with serious expressions on their faces. Jae Yi comments that it doesn’t make a big difference as Lee Young Soo( previous… Continue reading Lawless Lawyer Recap – Episode 7

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Lawless Lawyer – Recap – Episode 6

Lawless Lawyer - Recap - Episode 6 We see a recap of Jae Yi asking for an explanation regarding her mother and Sang Pil telling her that Judge Cha was the root cause of all the happenings. He tells her that all the photos projected on the wall were taken by Jae Yi’s mother. We… Continue reading Lawless Lawyer – Recap – Episode 6