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A Day In The Life Of A CCTV Camera

By Brave Flower

Today is my first birthday. It has been one year since this house owner proudly installed me on the first-floor balcony in his house. He placed his full trust in me and from that day onwards I have been clearly recording whatever happens on the road as far as I can see.

It is just past midnight and the traffic is coming to a standstill. At 12:30 AM the black BMW enters the opposite bungalow as usual. The Watchman locks the gate behind him and sits in his booth in a relaxed manner after finishing his last duty for the day.

At 1:30 AM the bedroom light goes off in the flat next to the bungalow.Around 2 AM the stray dogs Blackie, Brownie, Snowy, and Smart Spotty play on the road. They run from one end of the road to the other, freely barking at their imaginary friends as they have the deserted neighbourhood to themselves. After some time they come back and settle under the car, auto or any vehicle that is parked on the road. Whoever lives in that white bungalow in the corner,is a late sleeper and always goes to sleep at 3 AM when the police patrolling Jeep goes for its routine rounds.

As I am put up in a prime location, which is the street corner, I can see most of the interesting happenings during the day. My morning begins early, waiting for the milkman to come. At 4:15 AM the milkmaids assemble one by one, greeting each other in an excited manner discussing the previous day’s gossip. Once the milk van comes, they rush to it and collect the packets before delivering them to the respective households.

About 5 AM it is daybreak as the sun’s rays illuminate the sky. I see a father and son coming for their daily morning walk. Slowly the neighbourhood comes to life as the joggers come out of their houses for their morning jog.Some of them bring their pets along too.

The flower vendor enters our building and when she leaves it is already 6:30 AM. She regularly delivers flowers to most of the houses in the street.

At 7:30 AM school vans start arriving to collect the children in their school uniforms who wait with their parents on the sidewalk.

At 8:30 AM the office goers, zoom out of their houses with their vehicles. My owner also leaves and he will be back between 5.30 to 6 PM.

School vans come and go till 9 AM following which I witness all the vehicles and people passing by till evening until everybody returns home as usual. This is the most interesting part of my day as each day is different and lots of noteworthy things happen.

At 10 AM workers come to demolish a bungalow and to build a luxury flat in its place. The labourers start their corresponding work given to them. I also see the vegetable vendors and the fruit carts attracting the housewives, who after a lot of bargaining, buy from them . Then the postman and delivery people carry out the deliveries before breaking for lunch.

Around 2 PM the couple whom I frequently see passing by for the past one year, come into my view. I noticed that since last month the girl is trying to avoid him but the boy is forcing her to walk with him and also argues a lot with her. They stand beneath me and argue a lot and there was nobody watching them but me. My watchful Eyes saw the boy takeout A long knife from his pocket and Stab the girl several times before running away. Hearing the screams of the girl the Watchman from the bungalow opposite and the demolition workers come running.The girl is bleeding a lot and so they take her to the hospital in an auto. Nobody knew who had assaulted her but I had seen it. The police arrive at the scene but couldn’t find any eyewitness.

Then they spot me and come towards my house and after having a talk with my owner they ask me if I saw anything. I show them all I had seen through my memory. They catch the killer within two days. They visit my owner again and thanked him for installing me and requested everyone in the neighbourhood to install CCTV surveillance camera just like me.



A month has passed since the incident and everybody praises me even today. I feel like a hero whenever the people who used to pass by me ignorantly now look up at me with a smile as go their way. Some of the children even wave to me. I also have a lot of friends (other CCTV cameras) on my road who watch my back (covering the blind spots) as I do for them. People say that our neighbourhood has become safer since our advent.

– Brave Flower





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