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The E- Reader Magic

By Winter Wings

 Kindle – “ like INFINITE books in hand”

I am a person who’s crazy about books. Books are the best companion where ever you go, they never leave you alone. Turning pages itself is a great feel. The smell of a book is something I find incredibly comforting and each unique front cover is very special to me. Reading an entire book is like a journey where you will have loads of memories, imaginations and your own fantasies.

Reading became an obsession and when I had to travel abroad, I found this E-reader on Amazon. I tried purchasing the cheapest one to try how exactly it works. I had mixed feelings about the decision though. Believe me it’s worth buying. It’s the best device with many features a reader would possibly want.

The first kindle device launched had keypads for navigations. For few generations it followed the same pattern. Later in Fourth generation kindle Touch was released. It was the first kindle with the TOUCH Feature. As the device made its place in the market, several new versions were released with new features both in terms of appearance and performance. (1).jpg

It is the perfect reason to stay home all day (best suited for summer). Having an E- reader makes buying books absolutely easy. It can hold as many books as possible and you can just keep growing a library in the palm of your hands.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

The Pros:

Design: The e-reader is designed for the reader’s comfort. It slides in your hand with ease. The one I own is 4.7 ounces and it is the lightest kindle so far. Travelling with a kindle is so much fun. You don’t have to carry piles of your favourite books during your journey.

Display: Day or night, sunny or dark, you can still hold on to the kindle and just keep reading. Its indeed one of the best part in the device. The display light adjusts to the surroundings and changes its display accordingly.

Cover: The kindle I hold comes with a cover which is chargeable as well, this adds battery life to the device. So, when you are running out of battery you can just dock the cover and continue.

Convenience: Kindle store is so vast, millions of books are available and all you need is a Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity, search for the books you want, download them and start reading whenever you want.

Inbuilt Dictionary:  It is an exceptional add on. Whenever you are unsure of a meaning you just need to long tap. With that, you can find the meaning of the word, about the sentence formation, translation and what not.

Variety: Weekly magazine, daily newspaper’s, blogs and a lot more. One kindle holds a lot of different stuff so the reader doesn’t have to find another source.

Sharing: Lend, borrow and share books with kindle. If your friend has your favorite book on kindle you can ask them to loan the book and you can return it back ones it’s done. It’s that easy job.

Kid Friendly: You have a separate feature for kids (kindle free time), you can activate this and have your kids explore, only kids’ books are made available inside the KFT profile. (Inbuilt with parental controls which is super awesome!!)

The Cons:

⦁ Most versions of the kindle are super expensive. As the features keep adding the price of the device keeps increasing. Either you can afford it or you can’t.

⦁ Reading beside the pool is not possible. Once you drop its dropped forever, there’s no recovery or any measure to retrieve the device back. Recently kindle Oasis was launched with waterproof feature (expensive.)

But kindle still is second to real books. Someone before noted that books are a sensory experience – I agree with that. I enjoy looking at them, at the space they fill in my home, at the different colors and range; I enjoy the feel and the sound of the pages; I enjoy the varying weights. A couple of e-books that I love, I’ve bought the real versions too; an electronic copy just wasn’t enough for me.

The whole experience of going to a bookstore or a library is super peaceful. It is quiet and each person is in their own little world, but your worlds are secretly connected if they are browsing a book you know. How many conversations have started by someone asking what you are reading? None of that is possible for e-readers, or at least not as romantic. I get the convenience for traveling or what have you, but nothing can ever replace a book.

Both, the real books and the e-readers have been used by most of the population. According to Kindle review about 80-90% of the devices are actively used.

Amazon has put major effort in creating a perfect e-reader which will definitely give the readers a real experience of reading books. But still people prefer physical books for their own comforts.

Reading gives us a place to go, when we have to stay where we are. Between the pages of the book is a lovely place to be.

Just Keep Reading!!!


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