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Emotional Intelligence

By K

Are you emotionally healthy? The question brings to mind a peep into self – mind too needs to be healthy? So, what is Emotional Intelligence? Commonly known as EQ or Emotional Quotient is “the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically”. EQ is the prime ability which ensures success. Research reveals 68% of your success depends on your Emotional Quotient compared to IQ (Intelligence Quotient).

IQ is our Intelligence, our brain’s capacity to gather and store information and knowledge, SQ (Social Quotient) is our capacity to interact on a social platform with friends, colleagues, family and acquaintances. EQ or Emotional Quotient is ability to recognize and distinguish our own emotions and those of others, manage and adjust emotions according to the circumstances to strive, achieve, reach our goals and success.

So, are we emotionally intelligent and healthy? Do we see red, feel the blues, go green with envy, cheer and jeer loudest, at the slightest provocation? Do we cower in fear, wallow in dark moods, stay depressed slide down in dumps when you don’t achieve what you intended for?

Our emotional make up marks us for success or failure. Deal with your anger. If, you are the kind who jumps up in anger at any perceived insult, retaliating intensely, harshly you will find yourself out and alone.

At the slightest failure don’t slide down into self pity and wallow in dark moods. You and I are bestowed with privileges only if, we get up and restart, keeping behind the dark thoughts.

Envy gets you nowhere. It’s better to switch to the greener inner pastures rather than going green with envy comparing and whining and setting about an agenda to pull down those above you.

Fear is one powerful tool that can and has destroyed most geniuses. Do not let it take root. Most of it thrives in a mouldy mind, taking strong roots and making inroads into your psyche dragging you into a black hole of despair.

As I end I would like to make one point clear. This article is not about turning into a zombie. It’s about controlling the emotions before it overwhelms you to a state of zombie.

Await my next write up on Emotions and You.

Till Then,


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