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Come and Hug Me – Recap Episode 5 – 6

Come And Hug Me Recap Episode – 5 Hyun Moo’s trial is being held at the court for giving a serious injury to the kid he was fighting with at school. The judge informs that he already has a criminal record and was under probation. He asks Hyun Moo if he has anything to say… Continue reading Come and Hug Me – Recap Episode 5 – 6

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Lawless Lawyer – Recap – Episode 6

Lawless Lawyer - Recap - Episode 6 We see a recap of Jae Yi asking for an explanation regarding her mother and Sang Pil telling her that Judge Cha was the root cause of all the happenings. He tells her that all the photos projected on the wall were taken by Jae Yi’s mother. We… Continue reading Lawless Lawyer – Recap – Episode 6

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By K- Mind wanders like a gypsy.  It flits faster than even a gypsy in fact. Its wanderlust is amazing as it delves into every nook and corner exploring, musing, imagining, linking incidents, knowledge, experience, exposure emerging with ideas unheard, practical, impossible until tried and some impractical yet, funny ideas. It travels into realms where… Continue reading Musings

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Lawless Lawyer- Recap – Episode 5

Lawless Lawyer -Recap - Episode 5 We start with the recap of the previous episode where Sang Pil and Judge Cha have a serious exchange and she comes face to face with a disturbed Jae Jae Yi. Judge Cha walks away without saying a word to her. As Yeon Hee heads out to interrogate the… Continue reading Lawless Lawyer- Recap – Episode 5

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Book Review-The Immortals Of Melhua By Amish Tripathi

by Soul Sword The Immortals of Melhua by Amish is a fascinating take on ancient India in 1900 B.C and is the first book of the 3 part series -The Shiva Trilogy. Amish Tripathi was born in Mumbai and worked for 14 years in the financial services industry, before beginning his writing career. This novel… Continue reading Book Review-The Immortals Of Melhua By Amish Tripathi