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Moments of joy…

Moments of joy

-By KK-




Long walks,


That fragrance of wet earth after first rain,

Pitter-patter raindrops on the roof of my house,

Watching ants scurrying around to store for a rainy day,

Quiet moments under the stars, gazing up at the galaxies wondering if, there is some being out there also gazing down at our star – planet earth,

Curling and snuggling under the rugs with a sigh of joy as a day ends,


Beautiful conversations,

An unexpected gift from a caring friend

Gazing at the crashing waves small, large, gentle waves

Bobbing of a moored boat on a beach

Dog wagging its tail joyfully after smelling me over.

Wonder of the world when viewed through a microscope


When my child gazed at me with pure love; complete trust in her eyes,

That smile that lit up my baby’s whole face as she gazed at me adoringly,

Giving and caring,

Knowing that I am not cold and immune


Talking to elderly,

Conversing with a child

Laughing carelessly with friends,

When I touch a person‘s life,

Strength of endurance…


-By KK-




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