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…And all my experiences are virtual

-By KK-

In the real world, virtuality crept in. The experience took on a digital form. The dot com world put a full stop to ‘being out there, done it’.

 Today, outdoor games, playing, looking for that unusual stone, corral, watching a squirrel scurry up a tree, imitating a bird’s take off, watching it build a nest, are all a screen experience; experienced virtually from the luxury of your couch.

 Proxy wars are fought. Car race initiated, candy crush, word game, card game, building castles, building farms, dolls and bakes, interiors and exteriors, just mind games.

 As the fingers fly over the buttons, as intellectual stimulants roar into play, mind numbs itself into virtuality locking out the reality. The grey cells exhaust itself into a frenzy of irritability, anxiety, tipping the balance of calm mind into an unsatisfying goading of reaching higher points on a game machine turning life into a series of make-believe.

 Imagination was a virtual world a few decades ago. Wild, free imagination that took you through the tunnels of thought world. A rich virtuality.

The nurture of nature is on the decline. The mind forges ahead in a world of black hole.

 Physical involvement is obsolete as we somersault into a world of make-believe. The delicate balance of a mind that needs to wander into abyss of mind is a lost thought forever.

Let’s invite life… As it is… Without virtuality. A reality to be laughed through, cried through, held through.



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