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A Waltz!

-By KK-

As conversations go by, one of the topics that invariably form a part is marriage.

Marriage should not turn us into pet canine to be petted, patted, played with, asked to sit, stand, fetch and left once to satisfy the role of master.

As couples struggle to maintain and co-exist within the walls of this institute, there emerges an undisputed authoritarian; in most cases, the male with changing equation as modern era rises in women power.

I have quietly watched a soul shrinking as the joy of individualism is shredded in bits and pieces. The identity – ‘I’ crushed under the burden of Wife. Her opinions, likes, dislikes, wants are all dismissed. To survive, she slowly emerged as a servitude.

She wrapped herself in a cocoon of dignified sacrificial lamb to overcome the numbing pain of nobodiness.

She bustled around the ‘valueless’ chores. For, there’s not a salary for her ‘work’. The dependency of a family has no financial scale to measure. The central force that binds a family has no tangible monetary gain; the only recognised medium of richness.

There is a tide of change sweeping across as women are gaining an upper hand with economic independence that they now enjoy. In fact, the tables have turned too, to a certain extent as men find themselves in the receiving end.

However, each marriage has its cross to bear.

Women have marched into the world of matrimony as ‘man’. Couples are at loggerheads as they strive to achieve supremacy over each other.

Modern women of India in the modern dress still shackled in the times of their saree clad mothers and grandmothers do have some more struggle to achieve a balance. The ones who are homemakers by choice need to overcome the snuffed, resigned acceptance for a roof, food and livelihood. Women… ensure your economic independence is not the cause to destroy the bond of marriage.

Men… accept the modern woman. Tune in with her evolved identity. Both need to strike a balance of coexistence. Competing with men for supremacy, suppressing a woman leads to hurtful breakups.

Marriage is a pact. A beautiful waltz of two souls played out to the music of life’s roller coaster ride. Hold each other’s hands. Hold each other’s souls.

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