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Doctor John- Episode 17-18 Recap

Doctor John- Episode 17-18 Recap

The lift door slides open after Si Young tells Yo Han that she likes him.


Yi Moon waits for the elevator along with the crowd of reporters. He is surprised to see Yo Han when the doors open. Everyone starts clicking Yo Han’s photograph and reporter Ahn (working with Eun Jung) clicks a picture of Si Young and Yo han together.

Yo Han tells Si Young not to get off (the elevator) and presses the button to the 4th floor before he walks out of the elevator.

Si Young stands inside the elevator watching him face the reporters as the doors close and the elevator goes up.

Upon being questioned about the patient, Yo Han says he can’t reveal any personal information about the patient. Yi Moon urges him to talk about Melioidosis but Yo Han tells the reporters to contact the doctors in the ‘Division of Infectious Diseases’.


Yo Han is about to walk away when the reporter from before asks Yo Han how he feels being reinstated after the euthanasia incident. He asks if anyone who has refused to be treated by Yo Han. Yo Han says no one has refused because he doesn’t go around saying that he euthanized a patient. The reporter asks if the patients don’t have the right to know this information and directs the question to Yi Moon.

Yi Moon is stumped, but Lawyer Han intervenes saying that today’s briefing is just about Meliodiosis and they won’t answer questions about the case. Han escorts Yo Han away.

Once away from the reporters, Yo Han asks Han if he has to run away like this. Lawyer Han says it’s better not to talk about it now. He tells Yo Han that Son visited Chief Min today. Han says that Son can easily create a scenario where Si Young, who is learning from Yo Han, is trying to make her father die with dignity. Yo Han wears a grim expression as he hears this.

(Doctor John- Episode 17- Terminal and Incurable)

Si Young walks down the parking lot. Lawyer Han pulls up next to her and tells her that Yo Han had asked him to drive her home, as it is late.


As they drive home, Han comments that Yo han is obstinate. He says that Yo Han is competent and confident but he worries about the people around him. He says he is scared Yo Han will make a mistake that will end up ruining his life. Lawyer Han says he hopes she understands.

Si Young agrees that Yo Han is obstinate especially when he is focused on something. She says that once he makes a decision, he makes sure he gets it done. She starts saying what Yo han says when someone tries to stop him. Lawyer Han completes the sentence saying Yo Han tells them not to overreact. Han tells Si Young that Yo Han has told him that many times. Si Young calls Yo Han old-fashioned and says there has to be a limit for his stubbornness.

Lawyer Han comments that she seems to know a lot about Yo Han. He says he has known Yo Han for 3 years but Yo Han doesn’t talk about his personal life or allows him to help him. He says it is very hard to predict what is on Yo Han’s mind. Si Young thanks him as he drops her home and goes in.

As he drives away, Han calls up Yo Han and says that the mission is accomplished. He asks if Yo Han got home. He asks Yo Han to get some rest, as he will keep an eye on the articles. He warns Yo Han that everyone should be careful from now on.

Yo han hangs up the call. He watches from the lawn as Si-young climbs the staircase inside her house. Si Young is oblivious to the fact that Yo han is standing outside.


Si Young walks into her room and checks to see that there are no calls from Yo Han. She lies down on the couch without changing her clothes.

At his home, Yo Han changes his clothes and heads into his room to do his daily tests. He stops what he is doing when he remembers Si Young saying that she likes him. He puts the syringe back in the tray and walks out without doing any tests. He walks over to his bedroom and goes to bed without attaching any of the monitors to his body.

Both Si Young and Yo Han lie awake all night.


Meanwhile, Nurse Eun Jeong receives an image from reporter Ahn Seung Hyun that shows Yo Han and Si Young in the elevator. Seung Hyun tells her that it was a coincidence that they were spotted together. She asks him to release an article tomorrow. She also says that she will keep an eye on Cha Yo han and Si Young.


Former Minister Lee Won Gil looks at the photographs in his hand. (It is revealed that these are the photographs that were taken candidly of Si Young and Yo han since episode 1) Lawyer Han explains that what Yo Han and Si Young have is more than a professor and student relationship. Lee says they can’t show flaws to those who are against what they are trying to do. Lee says that they can’t allow an unnecessary scandal to tarnish their ultimate goal. Lee says it is about time since he heard that ‘he’ is fully ready now. Han asks if everything is ready and Lee smiles as he nods.

At the pain management Centre, a brand new signboard is installed. New equipment is being wheeled into the department.


A banner reads “Business Agreement Signing Ceremony”

The team cheers as they find out that they are going to be managed by Zinmu Rijund (pharmaceutical company). They discuss that Zinmu Rijund is number one in domestic sales and patented medical devices. They also add that the organisation is known for supporting doctors in clinical research. Nurse Hong says that Dr Cha had really brought a huge change to the hospital. They take a selfie with the banner in the background.

Just then, Yi Moon, Min and Kwon Suk walk in. They pose for photos as the team wonders where Yo Han is. They are startled when Joo Kyung interrupts them by saying that Yo han rejected the offer to be present here. She says Yo han is anti-social.

Back in Yi Moon’s office, Chief Min speaks up for Yo Han when Kwon Suk says that the media is sugar-coating the truth. Yi Moon observes that Yo han will be presenting at the colloquium tomorrow. Min says she was the one who told Yo han to do it as it will be helpful to other doctors. Yi Moon says he will let the PR team know.

After she leaves, Kwon suk asks Yi Moon if he saw the article.

Si Young greets Yoo Joon (who looks sleep-deprived) at the elevator. Yoo Joon asks if she didn’t sleep well. She says she should ask him the same. He explains that his kitten was crying all night long.

He then says, “Hello Doctor Cha”. Si Young tells him not to joke around with her, as she is not in the mood for that. He asks her what she is talking about. She yells at him asking why he is always teasing her. Before he can reply, she yells that Yo han has nothing to do with her. She doesn’t notice Yo Han standing behind her.


Yoo Joon throws his hand up in defeat as he looks at Yo Han. Si Young gets into the elevator and turns around to see Yo Han. Yo Han walks in and asks Yoo Joon if he isn’t coming. Yoo Joon says he has to get coffee and walks away.

Yoo Joon clears out the space and walks away as the door closes. He bumps into Mi Rae on the way. He blurts out that they buy coffee. Mi Rae is surprised.

Yo han and Si Young ride the elevator silently. Yo Han breaks the silence by asking if she got home safely. She asks him why he isn’t saying anything about yesterday. He says that it is because this is his answer to yesterday’s incident.


Yo Han walks out of the elevator as the door opens. He looks at her and thanks her for what she said. He says that he is grateful to hear that. Tears well up in her eyes as the doors close and Yo Han walks away. After walking a few steps, Yo Han stops and looks at Si Young still standing in the elevator.

His vision suddenly turns hazy and he holds the railing to not lose balance. He notices his fingers trembling slightly. He holds the railing again.

Meanwhile, Yoo Joon buys coffee and walks over to their table. Mi Rae has bought food, toys and a brush for the kitten. He says there is something more important than this. He says they got off to a rough start but now they like each other. He asks her what the next step is. Mi Rae goes silent as she puts down the coffee. He snaps her out of it by saying that the next step is to name the kitten. They both smile as he shows her the kitten’s photo.


Si Young is in her father’s room giving him a sponge bath. She asks him to call her name at least once. She says she misses his voice. She takes his hand and places it upon her cheek. She caresses his hand over her head, as he would do.

(Episode 17- Yoo Ri Hye’s Disease)

Just then, Mi Rae walks in with a tray. She doesn’t respond to Si Young and applies shaving cream over her father’s stubble. Si Young comments that it was because of Mi Rae that her father always had a clean shave. Mi Rae starts shaving and Si Young hands a fresh towel to her. Mi Rae hesitates but she takes it. Mi Rae wipes down her father’s face while Si Young continues the sponge bath.


Yo Han walks into Chief Min’s room. Jung Chan Seok from Zinmu Rijund introduces himself and tells Yo Han that the Pain Management Centre will get a makeover. Yo han thanks him and says that they need a lot of equipment. Jung says he will see Yo Han at the colloquium tomorrow and takes leave.


After Jung leaves, Chief Min passes Ahn Seung Hyun’s article to Yo han. It reads that the doctor who euthanized a patient is back after three years.

In Yi Moon’s office, Kwon Suk reiterates that Yo Han won’t be helpful as a public figure no matter how successful he is. Yi Moon asks who the reporter is.

In her office, Min tells Yo Han that soon there will be a discussion on whether or not to remove the Chairman off the ventilator. She says it will be controversial. She says she doesn’t want him to wittingly or unwittingly influence the decision. She tells him to keep that in mind whenever he speaks or acts. She tells him to be very cautious. Yo Han says that he understands what she means. She tells him to go on and see the new equipment.

Meanwhile, the doctors are excited about the new equipment and the eagerly check them out. Yoo Joon orders drinks for everyone and they cheer.


Yo Han walks in and looks at the equipment with pride. Everyone congratulates him but he brushes it off saying it is nothing. He walks over to the equipment and says it is the new model. He then notices a room with the sign “Doctor’s Room”. Walking over to the sign, he runs his hand over it and says it is nice. Everyone has a proud smile on their face. Si Young smiles as he calls for a group cheer. He calls them in for a meeting.


Yoo Joon presents a case of a 37-year-old female with pain on the left side of her face. Won Hee asks if the patient is Yoo Ri Hye. He says she is a popular actress who stopped acting after her marriage. Mi Rae says she came back after the divorce and started working again. He then adds that she got a rare kind of cancer so she stopped acting again. They wonder what she is being treated for.

Yo Han who has been watching the presentation, says, “Olfactory Neuroblastoma”. Yoo Joon acknowledges and says it has spread all over. They realise that it can’t be treated. Yo han is deep in thought and Si Young seems concerned. Heo Joon asks what type of disease it is.

Elsewhere, Eun Jeong calls up Son who is at the courtroom. She tells him that the time he was expecting has come sooner than expected.

Meanwhile, a patient (Yoo Ri Hye) in a wheelchair is brought into the hospital. Everyone stares at her as she passes by. Some even try to click her photo.


In the meeting room, Mi Rae and the others find it difficult to see Yoo Ri Hye’s photo from the patient records. The right side of her face (from the nose to her eye) is disfigured.

Eun Jeong tells Son that she learnt from a worker that Yoo Ri Hye was admitted to Hanse Medical Centre today and Yo Han is her doctor. (We see a montage of Yoo Ri Hye coughing blood at the death talk discussion that Son had attended)


In the meeting room, some wonder where the eye has gone. Woo Hee asks if that what is inside her nose is the tumour. From the MRI, they observe that the eye is being pushed forward.

Yo Han says that Olfactory Neuroblastoma is where there is a tumour inside the nasal cavity that grows larger. Yoo Joon says Yoo Ri Hye’s face became disfigured as the tumour grew. He says she lost her sense of smell, sight and taste. He says it has been two years since she was disfigured. Heo Joon asks that if pain relief is all that they can offer since chemo and radiation won’t work on her.

Yo han says her pain must be immense and she must desperately need pain relief.  He says they have to block the semilunar ganglion [crescent-shaped sensory ganglion of the trigeminal nerve (a trigeminal nerve is responsible for sensations in the face and motor functions like biting or chewing)].

He says they will do the procedure with the Radiofrequency Thermocoagulation (thermal pain treatment procedure) which came in today. Nurse Hong says that the patient is here.

As they set up the machine for the procedure, Yoo Joon says he says he has observed the procedure once but finding the right ganglion takes a long time.


The team sets up the patient and Yo han walks in. He introduces himself and tells Yoo Ri Hye that this is a sensitive procedure and she will feel discomfort. He says it could be painful. The equipment is set according to his orders and he begins the procedure.

As he takes the needle, Yo Han explains he will go through the foramen ovale (hole in the sphenoid bone [(unpaired bone in the front middle part of the skull)] to reach the trigeminal nerve. He keeps checking the scan as he inserts the needle. He then asks for the RF sensory check.

As they attach the electrodes to the RF machine, Heo Joon and Won Hee wonder if it will work at one go. They wonder if anyone can do it in their first try.


Yo han says they will start at 50 hertz 0.3 ampere. As the current passes, Yo Han asks if Yoo Ri Hye feels the electricity where her face hurts. Yoo Ri Hye confirms it. Everyone’s eyes widen in surprise as Yo han says the ganglion is confirmed.

As the procedure begins, Yo Han steps back and nods at Si-young. Si Young tells Yoo Ri Hye to raise her right arm if she doesn’t feel pain. Yoo Ri Hye lifts her arm and the team is awestruck. Yo Han instructs to begin the coagulation (clotting) from 75 degrees for 60 seconds.

After the procedure, Yo Han tells Yoo Ri Hye that they will observe her for a few days. He asks her to tell him whenever she feels any pain. He commends his team on their work and heads out. The team murmur that he is amazing.

As he walks over to his adjoining office, Nurse Hong comes up to him. Yo Han gets a dizzy spell again and he sinks to the floor. He immediately says that he is all right and he just got dizzy. She tells him off for not eating and sleeping well. She says he has become weak and asks if she should suggest a nice restaurant. Yo han gets up and tells her that he won’t be seeing any patients today as he has to prepare for the colloquium. Yo han seems concerned as she walks out.

As Si Young brings Yoo Ro Hye to her room, Yoo Ri Hye’s sister stops them. She asks if Yoo Ri Hye wants to see her son and asks how long she is going to put off seeing her own son. Yo Ri Hye is persistent and asks to go to the room. Once inside the room, she refuses to see visitors. Si Young looks at a picture of Yoo Ri Hye’s son on the table.

As she heads out, the sister asks if she can go in. SI young learns that Yoo Ri Hye’s ex-husband was taking care of their son all along and never allowed Yoo to see their son. She says Yoo Ri Hye’s only way of happiness was communicating to her son through texting. She says Ri Hye sent him pictures of herself daily so that he remembers her face. She says she never skipped a day.

The sister says that Ri Hye couldn’t tell him about the cancer when diagnosed two years ago. (Yoo Ri Hye stops responding to texts from her son) she says Ri Hye couldn’t tell her son that she would be dying soon or show her changing face.

Inside her room, Yoo Ri Hye cries hard holding the picture of her son. She receives a message from her son saying he misses her and asks why she doesn’t reply anymore.

Si Young learns that the sister had recently told the son about the illness and had persuaded the ex-husband to allow the son to see his mother. The sister says Ri Hye is refusing to see him because of her disfigured face. She says Yoo Ri Hye doesn’t want to be remembered as a monster.

In his room, Yo han is preparing for the colloquium as he eats a snack.

Si-young learns from the nurse that Yoo Ri Hye just fell asleep and didn’t require an analgesic (pain relievers). She asks the nurse to administer PRN (as needed) if necessary. She says she will be at the colloquium tomorrow if they need her.

Yo han gets off work and walks down the corridor. He hears a ringing sound in his ear and he gets dizzy again. He starts to walk again but this time the ringing gets louder and he starts seeing double. He sinks to the floor this time.

As he helps himself up, he sees a hazy figure in front of him commenting that Yo han is working late. Yo Han’s vision clears up and he sees that it is reporter Ahn.

(Episode 18)


Yo han remembers Ahn from earlier as Ahn introduces himself. Yo han asks how Ahn got inside the restricted area. Ahn says he has a question for him. Yo han says he gives only official and planned interviews. He says exit is that way and walks away unsteadily.

Yo Han walks to the stairwell and stumbles on the landing. The ringing gets louder as he looks around the stairwell but finds it empty. He starts getting dizzy again as he struggles to maintain his balance while climbing down the staircase. He again falls on the landing below. This time he clutches his head as the ringing gets very loud. He is alarmed as he hears Ahn enter the stairwell on the landing above him.


Si Young is in the elevator on her way down.

Yo Han watches Ahn climb down the stairs towards him slowly. He panics as he clutches his bag and goes down the staircase. His loses his footing and falls on the stairs. He sees the door near the landing and the elevator coming down. He staggers to the landing and opens the door to the floor. He staggers into the corridor and falls on the floor.

Si Young gets out of the elevator and walks into the corridor. She is shocked seeing him and rushes towards him. She pulls his head on her lap as he gasps for breath. He says that the reporter is coming.


Ahn walks into the corridor to find it empty.

Si Young is in the elevator with Yo Han and presses the button to go up.

Ahn watches the elevator go up.

Si-young tries to shake Yo Han awake but Yo han is unconscious. She sees that the Emergency Medical centre is on the 1st floor. She is extremely worried.

Yoo Joon drives Yo han and Si Young to the Regional Emergency Centre. Yoo Joon carries Yo Han into the Centre. Yoo Joon says that Yo Han is running a high fever and is unconscious. They ask them to run tests. Si Young asks for a brain CT too as he might have bumped his head when he fell.


As the tests are on, Yoo Joon asks if Yo Han has been sick since he had taken a sick leave recently. He also asks why they came to a different hospital. Si Young says she didn’t want people in their hospital to start talking. They are asked to wait for the results.

Si Young runs into the CT room.

Later on, Si-young pulls the blanket over Yo han and she fusses over him as he sleeps. Yoo Joon is amused as he says he has to make a phone call. She thanks him as he tells her he should inform his mother that he will be late. He tells her that he is also worried about Yo Han and he leaves.

Si Young lightly touches Yo Han’s cheek. Yo Han opens his eyes and sits up with a start. She tells him that he is in the emergency room. She says he collapsed by the first-floor emergency exit and asks if he remembers. Yo han asks about the reporter and she says they hid in time so he didn’t see them.

Just then, the doctor comes in with the results. Yo han pulls the results from him and checks the results. He finds that a CT is also there among the results. He looks up at Si Young and asks if she ordered one. She nods and he smiles slightly. He gives the results back to the doctor stating that everything seems normal. The doctor is taken aback but he asks Yo han to leave once he finishes the IV.


Just then, Yoo Joon walks in and explains that Si Young had called him when Yo Han had collapsed. Yo Han says that they can leave.

As they drive back, Yo han tells Yoo Joon that he is fine and he can give the presentation as planned. They drop Yo Han home and Yoo Joon offers to pick him up tomorrow. Yo Yan refuses and says he will see them tomorrow at the colloquium. He gives Si-young a look before walking away. Yoo Joon wonders if Yo Han is really all right.

(Suspicious Zinmu Rijund)          

Yo han sits outside his room remembering the dizzy spells earlier. Si Young walks to his door and rings the bell. He opens the door and she says she has something to tell him. He calls her in.


Later on, he asks her if she wants tea. She asks him what is wrong with his body. He says he hears ringing and gets dizzy. She asks him to cancel the presentation and go see his doctor tomorrow.

He says he will take care of it. She asks if he will go and he says he will take care of it. She asks what will happen if he collapses again. She says it will be a problem if someone else finds him in that state again. She says it will be horrible if no one finds him.


Si Young says she couldn’t answer when the doctor in the ER asked her where Yo han was hurting. Yo Han says he wouldn’t have been able to answer even if he was conscious. He mentions that it is his illness.

She says she knows and asks him to let her help him. She says he even has to hide the fact that he monitors his body endlessly. She asks him to allow her to help him. Yo han says she is helping him enough.

Yo han gives a wry smile and says she is too serious. He says it is not that big of a deal as he is fine. Si Young says he isn’t fine and he needs her help. Yo han says that his illness and what is happening inside his body isn’t a curse. She tears up as he says everyone gets sick in their lifetime. He says he isn’t an exception.

Si Young says she isn’t saying he is different but is saying that he won’t be able to detect symptoms. Yo Han says he is used to his illness and knows his body well. He says he will see her tomorrow.

As he walks away, she asks if he is uncomfortable because of her feelings towards him. She says she can handle her own feelings and asks him not to refuse her help because of this.

Yo han says she is helping him enough. He says keeping someone else’s secret means you are willing to put up with many things. He says she is already doing that and that is enough. He asks her to leave as he needs to rest.

Si Young walks out of his house looking drained. Yo Han sits on the patio as she walks down the street. She stops for a moment and looks up before walking away.


Elsewhere, a nurse from Hanse Medical Centre tells Eun Jeong about Yoo Ri Hye’s pain-relieving procedure. She says they offered her to sign the Advance Medical Directive (a legal document that you sign in advance to inform the doctor treating you in the event you become terminally ill and unconscious that you do not want any extraordinary life-sustaining treatment to be used to prolong your life.)

Eun Jeong immediately asks if Yoo Ri Hye has signed it and the woman says she hasn’t. She also says Yoo has refused hospice (specialised emotional and spiritual care for chronic and terminally ill patients). The woman says that Yoo has an 8-year-old son.

Later on, Eun Jeong meets with Prosecutor Son. She brings him up to speed on Yoo Ri Hye’s case. Son connects this with the woman he saw at “Death talks”. She also tells him about Zinmu Rijund Pharmaceutical Company supporting Hanse Medical’s Pain Management Centre.

Son looks at the pictures and zooms in on Zinmu Rijund’s logo. He shows that the “Death talks” pamphlet also has the same logo on it. Eun Jeong wonders what might be the connection. Son says it may be a place to get volunteers for their clinical trial. He adds that since they have put the logo on display there must be more to it. They also see the news about Yo Han’s colloquium which is sponsored by Zinmu Rijund too.


The next day, there is a great turnout for the Anaesthesiology and Pain Management Centre Symposium. Yo Han’s team turns up and are amazed at the number of people attending. Yoo Joon tells Si Young that Yo Han didn’t pick up his call. Si Young is worried as he asks her if Yo han would be okay.

Yo Han is in the restroom at the venue as he gets ready for the presentation. He walks out.

In the auditorium, the screen reads “CIPA- UP TO DATE- latest views of treating CIPA patients- Prof Cha Yo han (HSMC)”. The audience is silent as Yo Han walks in. Si Young is concerned as she looks at him. He walks over to the podium and greets the audience.


Yo han says doctors share a similarity with detectives of a serious crime squad. He says the culprits are illnesses that attack patients and doctors are detectives who need to find them. He says they meet a criminal one day who doesn’t say a word. He says something they haven’t identified starts to attack from inside. He says the disease he will talk about today is the genetic transmission of hereditary sensory and automatic neuropathy type 4, CIPA. He says the criminal is silent in this type of illness. He says it numbs the senses and ability to feel pain.

He looks uncomfortable as he pauses for a moment and then continues to list the symptoms and injuries that are caused by the illness (patients bite of their tongue once they grow teeth etc). He says patients are unable to secrete sweat to maintain the temperature so more than 50 % die of a fever before the age of 3. He says the lifespan of the patient is very short.

Meanwhile, Son reaches the Convention Centre where the colloquium is going on.

Inside, Yo Han presents a case of a CIPA patient who started to feel pain. He says it sounds interesting but is difficult to understand. He says he will take questions before explaining. As the mike is passed to the audience, a loud ringing sound comes from the microphone. Everyone brings their hand up to their ears.

Si Young watches Yo han, who takes some time to understand that the ringing is from the microphone (and not his ears).

A man from the audience asks how Yo Han grasped the mysterious problem at first.

Yo Han answers that the first step was the phantom limb pain. (We see a flashback where Si Young tells Yo Han about the phantom limb pain.) He looks at Si Young who seems concerned. He says the patient felt pain where there was none. Yo Han says his team flipped that hypothesis. He says it wasn’t that the patient didn’t feel any pain but there was no pain.

A woman asks him to explain further but her voice is drowned by the ringing sound in Yo Han’s ear. Yo Han struggles to concentrate as he asks her to repeat the question. As she repeats the question (about central sensitization), Yo Han’s vision turns hazy and the woman’s voice drowns out again. Yo Han closes his eyes and says he got the hint while talking to his second-year resident.

He pauses again when the ringing gets louder. As he turns away, Heo Joon, Won-hee and the audience wonder what is wrong. Yo Han apologises and says he will answer again. He looks in front to see that the audience is just a blurry image.

Si Young sits with a worried look as he grasps the podium hard. One of the executives hand him a bottle of water and Yo Han takes it. Yo han clutches it hard but the bottle drops out of his hand and falls. Si Young gets up from her seat.


Son stands outside the hall looking at the signboard of the symposium.

Yo Han’s team look worried as they see him stand frozen on the stage. Yo Han looks flustered as he struggles to get a grip on himself.

Image Courtesy- SBS


This episode had a lot of information concerning the plot.

It was revealed that the candid photographs of Si Young (since the start of episode 1) and Yo Han was taken by someone from Minister Lee Won Gil and Lawyer Han’s side. The pair look like they are plotting something sinister (probably pro-euthanasia). I wonder if they are connected with Zinmu Rijund (clinical trial). If so, they are the ones that Son and Eun Jeung should go after. That would be interesting to see.

It seemed like Son and Eun Jeong expected Yo han to euthanize Yoo Ri Hye but he actually relieved her from her pain (till now). The RF procedure, on the whole, was informative. It was good to see a pain-relieving procedure that helps with such an extremely painful condition.

Si Young has grown as a character and handles the situations better now. Yo Han’s answer to Si Young’s confession was unique but it fits his situation and character. Yo han not doing his daily tests that night and watching her as she got home speaks volumes about what is going on inside him emotionally. The scene in Yo Han’s house where Si Young offers to help was emotive.

The last scene was a nerve-racking watch and was well made.

Ji-Sung’s performance in the staircase scene and the last scene with the presentation was exceptional, as it seemed very realistic.

The beginning lines of Yo Han’s presentation were well written. These were also the same lines given as the gist of the series (that caught my attention) before it aired.  So far, the series has definitely surpassed my expectations with its plot twists and dialogues. The series has just crossed half of its runtime, but it is moving a lot faster than expected as Cha Yo Han’s symptoms are showing up more frequently.

(Another amazing OST added to my playlist- Pain or Death by Samuel Seo)

I am curious to see more of the conspiracy that is brewing on the side with Zinmu Rijund in the picture.

-By Soul Sword-

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  1. I have just read some of your reviews and I am thrilled to have come across a dr. john fan. the plot about his lawyer friend and the minister is thought provoking. each episode of this series is great.
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