Adults, English, Write Ups

Sone Ka Anda/Musings (Birthing of Ideas)

-By Kalpana-

I am up penning my thoughts, i sit back with puzzle. 

At the refusal of the words to spring forth like geysers soaking the dry cells wet. These words hide in the recess of darkest corner refusing to see daylight. 

I coax it, to tumble out. I, bring in its companions from different writers that I read everyday..and appeal.. look at your buddies. They are out there as someone’s ideas, thoughts, reminiscences but, to no avail. They sulk and sulk. Refusing the bait of golden sunlight. Refusing to bask in the accolades of applause. Refusing to be absorbed by the grey cells abundant in the universe willing to devour them with thirsty eyes. 

C’mon! I cajoled. Something. They turned their backs on me. 

They stubbornly stay stuck in the caves like bats hanging upside down, wrapping their wings around them like an unshakeable cloak. Waiting like a child to born. To tumble out into the world. As if, they are deciding on the choice of their karma to choose before being published as alive and kicking. Before being a part of readers’ world. 

-By Kalpana-

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