The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge- Episode 1 Recap

Kang Yo Han's (Ji Sung) Corvette speeds through dystopian Seoul at night. At the Social Responsibility Foundation, President Heo Joong-Se (Baek Hyun-Jin) gives a passionate speech about the Gwanghamun riot that started because of the clash between the haves and the have-nots. The entire nation watches the broadcast. He addresses the unemployment issue in the… Continue reading The Devil Judge- Episode 1 Recap

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The Devil Judge – Recap Index

Genre- Legal, Crime, Mystery Cast- Ji-Sung, Kim Min-Jung, Park Jin-young, Park Gyu-young The Devil Judge Recap Index The Devil Judge Episode 1 Recap The Devil Judge Episode 2 Recap The Devil Judge Episode 3 Recap The Devil Judge Episode 4 Recap The Devil Judge Episode 5 Recap The Devil Judge Episode 6 Recap The Devil… Continue reading The Devil Judge – Recap Index

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Sea and Shore

-By Kalpana- The roaring waves crashed on the beachBut, the shore always receded out of the reach It rose again with Hercules mightGathering speed with roaring furyGoaded in by the gusts of windsFoaming mad with untold wrath The wail of the waves ever deafeningGentle, strong, musical, languidIt carried on timeless and tirelessFor we might come… Continue reading Sea and Shore

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Soul vs Heart…

-By Kalpana- She sat with an inner silence speaking volumes with her. Thegentle sea seemed to play an orchestra with her silence as itcrashed against the rocks to recede slowly before swelling upgently rolling spirally to kiss the rocks gently.Carter Road at this time of the hour saw people slowly headinghome. She breathed in the… Continue reading Soul vs Heart…