Mouse Episode 16 Recap

Jae Hoon sleeps in his room. A bell (bicycle?) keeps ringing in the background. His body is covered in bruises. He wakes up to see his mother sitting in front of him. She puts the pillow over his face and suffocates him. He thrashes in resistance and then goes still. At present, Mu Chi watches… Continue reading Mouse Episode 16 Recap


Mouse – The Predator Part 2 – (Episode 15.2) Recap

Jae Hoon makes a diary entry October 17, Sunny Day His voiceover says, "I sliced open a rabbit. I was curious if it was fat or pregnant." October 18, Cloudy day "I am not sure if I should be beaten for cutting open the rabbit. So I poured ammonia in the aquarium." His younger brother… Continue reading Mouse – The Predator Part 2 – (Episode 15.2) Recap


Mouse- The Predator Part 1 (Episode 15.1) Recap

(This episode contains hidden narratives in the plotl (from previous episodes) which the viewers may have missed.) (The Predator Part I) Ba-reum walks into a basement where a child is tied to the chair wearing a Goatman mask. Ba-reum films Han Kook on his camera. Ba-reum is in his black outfit and cap. He watches… Continue reading Mouse- The Predator Part 1 (Episode 15.1) Recap


Mouse Episode 15 Recap

(Episode 15- It Was All Me) Mu Won falls as blood pools around him. He looks up at his killer and says, "May the Lord save your soul." Young Jae Hoon lifts his hand to form a cross and asks, "How do I look?"Jae Hoon turns into Ba-reum, "I asked not to be turned into… Continue reading Mouse Episode 15 Recap


Mouse Episode 13 Recap

(DNA on the weapon) Flashback At night, Sung Ji Eun (pregnant) returns from Daniel Lee's office after learning that it is too late for her to have an abortion. She walks through the woods when a man in military uniform walks past her. He stops abruptly, comes up behind her and abducts her.  Sung Ji-eun… Continue reading Mouse Episode 13 Recap