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Doctor John Episode 21-22 Recap

Doctor John Episode 21-22 Recap

Cha Yo Han is with Dr Shim who tells him that he should quit being a doctor if he wants to live longer.

Meanwhile, at Hanse medical Centre, Yoo Ri Hye jumps from the rooftop.

Yoo Ri Hye is then intubated and rushed into the ICU. The team stands around her bed as Won Hee asks if they did the right thing. He asks if it is right for her to live like this. Mi Rae says that they are not Yoo Ri Hye’s friends to consider or decide that. She reminds him that they are doctors.


Heo Joon tells Yoo Joon that intubating her would become a problem if Ri Hye has signed a directive (legal document in which a person specifies what actions should be taken for their health if they are no longer able to make decisions for themselves because of illness or incapacity)already. Si Young asks if he is saying that they shouldn’t have done anything.

Yoo Joon who was rooted to his spot till now says that they should report to Yo Han. He glances at Won Hee (who is teary-eyed) before walking out. Won Hee stays behind as everyone leaves.

Yo Han is in the cab as he receives a call about Yoo Ri Hye’s fall. He instructs her to be taken to the ICU. He says he will be there soon.

In the ICU, someone switches off the ventilator that is keeping Yoo Ri Hye alive.


(Episode 21 – Consolation)

Prosecutor Son is at his office and he takes his pills. He receives a message from Eun Jeung stating that Yoo Ri Hye had a son. She says no mother will die when a child is there. She says something else must have motivated her to jump from the rooftop.

Meanwhile, Heo Joon runs over to the meeting room. He informs the team that someone turned off Ri Hye’s ventilator. Yoo Joon loses his temper as he asks who did it. Heo Joon says that right when the nurse discovered that the ventilator was turned off, she found someone standing next to it.

We see a montage of Cha Yo Han standing next to Ri Hye’s bed. The nurse clasps her mouth in shock before she runs out.

Si Young immediately runs out of the meeting room.

Yi Moon is furious as Kwon Suk fills him in on this. Kwon Suk also says that someone has called the police.

Kwon Suk is in Min’s office blaming Yo Han. Joo Kyung is also present. Min tells Kwon Suk to not jump to conclusions before investigating properly. Yi Moon walks in and says this is attempted murder. Kwon Suk says that they should be thankful that she was still breathing or it would have turned into a murder case. Yi Moon points out that the doctors in charge are Cha Yo Han and Si Young. He tells Min to ask everyone to co-operate. He warns that he will be watching the results closely.

After Yi Moon and Kwon Suk leave, Min is tensed. Joo Kyung asks if they should call Si Young and Mi Rae to ask if they know anything. Min bursts out saying that, them knowing something will make things more complicated. Min asks Yo Han to be sent to the legal team before the police come.

The police detective and his team walk into the hospital.


Si Young runs through the hallways. The security guards stop her from entering the ICU. Joo Kyung comes there and says Yo Han is with the legal team. She asks Si Young if they know anything about this. Si Young learns from her that Ri Hye has been shifted to the general ward. Si Young runs away.


Meanwhile, the police inspect Ri Hye’s ICU room. Chief Min walks in introducing herself. The man introduces himself as Lieutenant Kim Jung Rok from Gangnam Police Station.

Later in her office, Min tells Kim that Ri Hye is in the ward and is breathing on her own. Kim then questions the ICU nurse. She says that the ICU visiting hours are from 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm. She says the incident happened right after the visiting hours. Kim says that it was still the time when other people were allowed in the hospital. He asks her to explain in detail.


The nurse says that they allow visitors only after asking them whom they are visiting and how they are related to the patient. She says they don’t keep a record of the visitors. She adds that there was a code blue after the visitors had come in and things became hectic. She says Ri Hye was in room 2, which was right in front of the nurse’s station but it was hard to see anything inside.


Kim asks her how she didn’t notice that the ventilator was turned off. He asks if there wasn’t an alarm for that. Min says that alarm goes off if there is a problem with the vitals. She says that since the patient can breathe on her own, the machine wouldn’t have detected symptoms. She says the machine won’t set off an alarm in that case.

Kim asks the nurse how she found out that the ventilator was off. She says she went to replace the antibiotics after the visiting hours were over. She adds that it was then when she saw Cha Yo Han standing next to the ventilator that was off.

Kim asks about the CCTVS and Min says it is against rules to install CCTVs inside hospital rooms. Kim gets up and asks the police to check the other CCTVs for the doctors and the visitors.


Yo Han sits in Lawyer Han’s office and isn’t saying anything. Han asks if Yo Han won’t even tell him. Han says Yo Han wouldn’t have done it without the guardian’s consent. He asks why Yo Han can’t say that he didn’t do it. Yo Han receives a call on his phone. He asks Han if he can leave.

Han asks if Yo han is going to stay silent. He says there must be a reason Yo Han can’t speak. He asks Yo han to stay silent until the truth is out. Yo Han says he will answer all questions honestly as he did 3 years back. Yo Han walks out despite Lawyer Han calling out to him.

As he walks towards the elevator, Si Young runs up to him calling out his name. She turns around to see that the police are already a few feet behind her.


Yo Han calls her and she looks at him. He whispers something in her ear and says, “I promise”. He clasps her arm reassuringly.

Lieutenant Kim sees this and says, “We meet again, Dr Cha Yo Han”.

Yo Han is taken to another room for questioning. Kim tells him that all medical cases are given to him after he dealt with Yo Han’s case. He says he is almost halfway to becoming a doctor. He says his colleagues come to him if they are sick. Yo Han sits down and notices that Kim isn’t sitting down. He asks if Kim is expecting someone else.

In Min’s office, she asks who is in charge of the investigation. Lawyer Han tells her that it is getting more complicated than he thought.

Son walks up to the questioning room and Kim says Son will be heading the investigation. Yo Han watches as Son whispers something in Kim’s ears and asks him to take care of it. The police leave after acknowledging.

Son walks up to the table and reminds that he had warned Yo Han before to not do anything.


Cha Yo Han says, “If a doctor does nothing, two things happen to a patient. They suffer dreadful pain or they suffer and then die.”

Son comments knowingly that Yo Han did something today. Yo Han remains silent. Son starts his recorder and begins the investigation. He states Yo Han’s rights before starting. He asks Yo Han if he has something to say. Yo Han says, “No”. Son mentions Yo Han’s absence for 4 hours before the incident. Yo Han looks away and says he was on sick leave.

Son asks if Yo Han is sick to which Yo han says he doesn’t want to answer. Son comments that it’s a pity Yo han is sick. Yo han says it is a pity that he isn’t sick enough for Son to worry about.

Yo Han confirms his absence before the incident. Son says this reminds him of the same day 3 years ago when he had first sat across Cha Yo Han. He adds that the only difference is that his team will be questioned as witnesses. Yo Han remains silent.

Meanwhile, Si Young thinks back to what Yo Han had whispered in her ear earlier. He had said, “Kang Si Young. If anything happens to me, you will be the first to hear. Because you are the one I’ll contact first. I promise.” Si Young thinks, “Don’t worry Doctor Cha. I trust you.”


Mi Rae asks what they will say if the police ask their opinion on the possibility of Yo Han turning off the ventilator. Heo Joon asks if they have to tell the police about Ri Hye’s wish. Heo Joon says Ri Hye lost the will to live because her son refused to see her. He says it happened because of the wish. Won Hee is quiet as Mi Rae says that is irrelevant because none of them turned off the ventilator.

Kim visits Ri Hye in the ward. The nurse says that they have to wait for her to regain consciousness. She says she doesn’t know exactly when that might be.

(Episode 21- Son Seok Ki suspects Yo Han)

Kim notices the picture of Ri Hye’s son by the bedside. He also sees the teddy bear with the tag, “Hanse Wish Club.” he walks into the meeting room and greets Yo Han’s team.

Meanwhile, Son tells Yo han that Yo Han was seen next to Ri Hye at 5:05 pm which was right after the suspected time of the incident. Yo Han confirms it saying he went there to see the patient as he was concerned that she had jumped off the rooftop. Son asks who had informed him.

Yoo Joon is questioned in another room. He says he informed Yo Han at 4:45 pm that Ri Hye had jumped off the rooftop. His call history confirms it.

Yo Han confirms when Son says Yo Han reached the hospital at 4:50 pm. He says he didn’t go straight to the ICU. He says he saw the site where Yoo Ri Hye had fallen and then gone up to the roof. Son asks why Yo Han went to the roof when he had earlier claimed to have come to see the patient out of concern.


Yoo Joon says even if Yo Han wasn’t at the scene, people would suspect him as he had euthanized a patient earlier. He asks if Yo Han had turned off the ventilator and then denied it despite knowing that. He asks if Kim thinks Yo Han is an idiot. Yoo Joon says he doesn’t think Yo Han turned off the ventilator. Kim slides the ‘Hanse Wish Club’ tag on the table and asks if Yoo Joon suspects anyone.


Son asks Yo han why he went to the terrace. (Montage of Yo Han on the terrace) Yo Han says he looked up at the sky and then looked at the ground. Son asks what was there. Yo Han says the patient was there right before she jumped. Son asks if Yo Han empathised with the patient. He says Yo Han must’ve wanted to do what she wanted.

Kim questions Mi Rae about the Wish Club. Mi Rae says Ri Hye wanted to meet her son. He says since it wasn’t possible to see her son, she decided to jump. He asks if the next wish was to help her die.

Son asks Yo Han if he went to the ICU after empathising with the patient (as to how much pain she would have been in for her to jump). Yo Han says he went to the room after going to the rooftop. Son then mentions Yo Han reached Ri Hye’s room at 5:05 pm. Son says that is the exact time when the ventilator was turned off and someone tried to murder her.

Yo Han’s vision gets hazy and Son’s voice sounds distant and drowned. Yo han holds the desk so that he doesn’t lose balance.

Meanwhile, it is Heo Joon’s turn next. He says he was impressed when he saw Yo Han intubating a patient. He then says that Yo Han isn’t the one who turned off the ventilator.

Son asks if the ventilator was off by the time Yo han came. Yo Han confirms it. Son’s form looks blurry to Yo Han. Son asks if it was a coincidence that Yo Han was there at the exact time when the crime was committed. Yo Han confirms it. Son says he has one more question. Yo Han says that will be the last question he will take for the day as he is tired. Yo Han reminds Son that this isn’t a formal investigation. Son asks if he wants it to be. Yo Han asks him to bring a warrant. Son agrees that it will be the last question. He adds that it is not because Yo Han is tried but it is because Son is curious.

When it is Si Young’s turn, she says her father is bedridden in the hospital. She says if someone turns off the ventilator without her family’s approval it is murder. She says Yoo Ri Hye didn’t have the guardian’s consent despite having ample time to get one. She says there is no reason to believe that Yo Han had turned off the ventilator behind her guardian’s back.


Son produces Ri Hye’s photo. He says she was in extreme pain and didn’t have much time left. He says the ventilator was connected despite her refusal to prolong life. He asks Yo Han what he would’ve done if the ventilator were on when he had entered the room.

When it is Won Hee’s turn, Won Hee says that everything happened because of him. Just then, Kim receives a call.

Son receives a call too. He asks if they checked it. Son tells Yo Han that they can check for themselves what Yo Han is hesitant to reveal.

Kim tells Won Hee that they will continue after checking the CCTV footage.

Won Hee walks out and Heo Joon asks if he is okay. Won Hee apologises saying it all happened because of him. Just then, Ri Hye’s guardian (sister) comes by asking to meet them.


She tells them that Ri Hye is easily frightened. Seeing that Ri Hye jumped off the building, she says she isn’t sure if she should hold on to her when Ri Hye is so desperate to let go. She cries saying she knows Ri Hye had signed a DNR already (Do Not Resuscitate). With great difficulty, she says she wants to let Ri Hye go if her condition worsens. Yoo Joon says they understand and they will make sure she doesn’t suffer anymore. Si Young asks if the son will not be coming. The sister cries saying she had no idea that it would be this difficult for Ri Hye to grab her son’s hand only once before she leaves.

Son and Kim watch the CCTV footage. They see Ri Hye being taken into the ICU. Then they see Yo Han run into the ICU at 5:00 pm. Son asks why Yo Han was running into the ICU if he wanted to turn off the ventilator. He says it is as if he is on his way to rescue a critically ill patient. Son asks for the previous footages. He says he wants to know since when and how Yo Han is running.


After leaving the questioning room, Yo Han searches for someone in the waiting room.

Meanwhile, Yoo Joon tells the sister that she should sign an agreement if she doesn’t want them to do CPR or intubate Ri Hye the next time she falls ill. Just then, Nurse Hong comes in and informs them that Ri Hye is going into an arrest. The sister pleads with Si Young as the others run out. Si Young nods at her.

Yo Han receives a message from Si Young saying that Ri Hye is experiencing code blue. Yo Han runs over to Ri Hye’s room. Yo Han starts CPR as the doctor says that Ri Hye has already signed a DNR.

Just then, his team rushes in and Yoo Joon tells Yo Han to stop. He says the patient has signed a DNR and the guardian has given consent too. Yo Han doesn’t stop.


Si Young looks at the consent agreement that the sister has signed. The sister asks to see Ri Hye’s last moments. Just then, she receives a call from Ri Hye’s husband. She is angry when he tells her that he had lied and she learns that the son Min Seong is at the hospital.

In Ri Hye’s room, the nurse brings in the crash cart as Yo han continues CPR. He orders to increase epinephrine every 3 minutes. The team watches Yo Han in silence as he asks for the Ambu bag. No one moves but Mi Rae rushes forward. She gets the Ambu bag and places it over Ri Hye.


Si Young runs down the hall as she recalls the sister saying that the son never said he wouldn’t come to see Ri Hye. The husband had lied because he thought Min Seong would be shocked to see her. The sister says she had called the husband in a fit of rage after Ri Hye had jumped off the roof. She says Min Seong overheard everything including the part where his mother was dying in the ICU. She adds that Min Seong didn’t come home from school so the father thinks he has gone to the hospital.

Si Young is out of breath as she looks for Min Seong all over the hospital. She checks in the waiting room but doesn’t notice Min Seong sitting on the floor outside the waiting room. She shows Min Seong’s photo asks the nurses if they have seen the boy but they say they haven’t. She walks outside the waiting room and spots him sitting by the door.


She runs up to him and asks if he is Min Seong. The boy nods. She asks if he is here to see his mother. He nods and she smiles slightly. She holds out her hand saying they will have to hurry and he takes it. She helps him up and they start running.

(Episode 22)

Yo Han yells at Yoo Joon to intubate her. Yoo Joon rushes forward but asks him to let her go. Yo Han pushes Yoo Joon’s hand away and says that he can’t let her go like this. He says there is something that both he and Ri Hye should do.

Si Young and Min Seong run through the hallways but are stopped by Kim and the guards. The guard says that it is the same boy who was spotted with Yo Han in the CCTV. Si-young confirms that the boy is Ri Hye’s son. Kim says he must check something.

Inside the room, Yo Han is desperate as he continues the chest compressions. He says in his mind, “Not yet…”

In a flashback, we see Yo Han walking on the rooftop and looking at the sky. He walks to the railing but doesn’t notice Min Seong sitting against the wall behind him.


Yo Han turns around and spots the boy. He squats in front of the boy and asks him what he was doing here. The boy says he is here to say goodbye to his mother who went to the afterlife a short while ago.


He asks Yo Han what afterlife is like. Yo Han smiles and says he doesn’t know yet. The boy asks if he knows what death is. Yo Han says not really. Min Seong asks, “When do you think someone dies? When a bullet pierces their heart? No. When they have an incurable illness? No. When they eat toadstool soup? No.”

Yo Han asks, “Then when does someone die?”

Min Seong replies, “When they are forgotten by their loved ones. That’s what they said in the film ‘COCO’. So I won’t ever forget her. My mom. The prettiest person in the world. Isn’t she pretty? ”. He shows Yoo Ri Hye’s photo to Yo Han asking if she is pretty.

Yo Han asks if he is Ri Hye’s son. Min Seong says yes and asks if Yo Han knows his mom. Yo Han says he does. He asks what he means by his mother went to the afterlife.

Min Seong says afterlife is where your loved ones go. He says his grandparents are there and so is his mother. Yo Han starts to speak but the boy says his mother crossed over a while back.

In another flashback, we see Min Seong walk into Ri Hye’s room (MICU) unnoticed. The nurses don’t notice him among the crowd of visitors. He sees another patient coding and overhears the doctor telling the guardians that medicines won’t help the patient. The patient’s son (a man) signs the consent form saying he doesn’t want to see his mother die while being attached to machines. Min Seong watches as the patient’s son says he wants his mother to die in peace. The patient’s daughter cries hugging her mother.


Min Seong watches the doctor remove the elderly woman off life support. The doctor switches off the ventilator.

Min Seong’s voiceover narrates that his mom was very sick.

Min Seong walks into Ri Hye’s room and holds her hand. Tears trickle down his eyes as he looks at her. His voiceover narrates that his mother’s face looked bad… very bad.


Ri Hye’s chin quivers as Min Seong repeatedly cries out to her. His voiceover narrates that his aunt told his dad that his mother was in too much pain. He says she said she was in too much pain and suffered so much that she jumped off the roof.

Yoo Ri Hye clutches Min Seong’s hand that is on her palm. Min Seong voiceover says that is why he…

We see a montage of Min Seong’ shadow turning off the ventilator.

After hearing this, Yo Han carries Min Seong and rushes to the elevator. The elevator is busy so he runs down the staircase carrying Min Seong. Yo Han’s voiceover says, “Min Seong, do you want to see your mom? I’m sure she wants to see you too. She’d love to give you a hug one last time before she leaves. Let’s go see mom.”


He places a crying Min Seong on the chair near MICU’s waiting room. He tells Min Seon to wait here and he will come to get him. Min Seong cries hard as Yo Han rushes into the ICU.

Yo Han is out of breath as he reaches the room and stands next to Yoo Ri Hye. The nurse walks in just then and asks him who he was. She then rushes out immediately.

At present, Si-young, Kim and the officers hear out Min Seong who is crying as he tells them what happened. Si Young realises what has happened and runs out.


In Ri Hye’s room, Yo Han pleads in his mind for Ri Hye to open her eyes as he continues the CPR. Si Young rushes in as he yells for the defibrillator and intubation. Si Young rushes and brings it in. She takes over from Mi Rae. She intubates Ri Hye. Yo Han asks for the vitals and she says it is V-Fib. He uses the defibrillator once but Ri Hye is still in V-Fib. Yo Han defibrillates Ri Hye again. He is exhausted as he asks for the rhythm. They say that the rhythm is back. Yo Han and Si Young exchange an understanding look.


Yo Han steps back. Min Seong walks into the room crying. Yo Han walks up to him and smiles as he asks if he wants to see his mother. He tells Min Seong to go see his mother. Min Seong walks over to Ri Hye and lays his head over her chest. He starts crying hard while calling out to her.

(Episode 22- The Role of a Doctor)

Yo Han stands at the back of the room as he sees this. Son walks in just then and looks at Yo Han who returns his look.

Later, at the questioning room, Son says Yo Han didn’t rush to turn off the ventilator but went to turn it back on. He asks why Yo Han didn’t say that from the beginning. Yo han says he didn’t want the first thing that Ri Hye knew when she woke up was that her son was being investigated for turning off her ventilator.

Meanwhile, Yoo Ri Hye wakes up and finds Min Seong next to her. He hugs her as he cries.

Son asks if Yo Han thought the son shouldn’t feel guilty for his mom’s death for the rest of his life. He asks if that is the reason Yo Han stalled for time till the patient woke up. Yo han confirms it. He says that Son would never allow even a child to get away after doing this. Yo Han says he is ready to be punished for obstruction of justice. He says he is clearly at fault here.


Son switches off the recorder. He says he read a book yesterday, which said, “The ultimate goal of medicine is to make people happy. And simply reducing pain or prolonging life through medicine doesn’t guarantee people’s happiness”. He asks if Yo Han agrees. He asks Yo Han what is the role of doctors.

Yo Han says, “The continuous development of medicine lets a person stay alive without being alive. The line between life and death becomes blurrier and blurrier. More than ever, we need people who make a righteous decision on life. We need people who determine what is more beneficial to patients. I believe that is a doctor’s duty.”

Son repeats, “Righteous decision on life? Is euthanasia a part of it?”. Cha Yo Han says, “Of Course”. Son asks if death is a righteous option. Yo Han says in this day and age, death could be a righteous option. Son quotes Yo Han saying there is a thin line between life and death. Son says if someone is given that right, the right will become an authority. He says the authority will become corrupt and abused. Son is teary-eyed as he says with people’s lives on the line, a life sacrificed will never return.

Yo Han says that death isn’t always the righteous option. He says all that he is doing is striving to determine what is best for the patient until the end when the decision between life and death must be made.

Son says the law determines whether or not your decision is righteous. Yo Han is stern as he says “no law can satisfy everyone just like how no medical treatment can satisfy all patients”. Yo Han says when it comes to medicine and law they need to determine what is the most valuable thing during that time. Yo han walks out of the room.

Kim walks in with Si Young’s statement and gives it to Son. He says she mentioned her father. Son is curious and thanks him for the statement. He then takes a notebook and draws the title of the painting he had seen back at the gallery that looked like a code. He asks Kim to look into its meaning.


At his office, Yi Moon has a headache. He tells Min that Yo Han should have spoken sooner. She says they should convene a disciplinary committee. She says a hospital has its own order and rules. She says Dr Cha’s actions weren’t suitable as the patient’s doctor or the trainee’s professor. She says he stirred up trouble. He asks if she is planning on making him leave the hospital for the time being by convening the disciplinary committee. She confirms it and says that is the best solution.


Back in the meeting room, the team wonders if the boy will be punished. Mi Rae says he is only eight and he could be extenuated as well. Heo Joon says that it happened only because he was 8-years old. He says he wouldn’t have done it if he knew he would be punished.

Ri Hye’s sister comes by just then. She thanks them for not giving up on Ri Hye. Heo Joon says it was Yo Han who didn’t give up on her. She says she will thank him later. She says Yoo Ri Hye is conscious and asked to be moved to a hospice once she recovers. She smiles as she says Ri Hye would like to spend her last days at the hospice.

Yoo Ri Hye watches her son sleep holding the Hanse Wish Club teddy bear. She runs her hand over his cheek.

Mi Rae is in her father’s room. She holds his hand and starts crying.

It is late evening as Yo Han walks to the rooftop and his voiceover says, “You said I didn’t feel any pain. You were curious about my feelings towards my patients. You wondered if it was curiosity or pity. Today I found my answer.”

Yo Han looks up and visualises Yoo Ri Hye standing there. His voiceover continues, “It is neither pity nor curiosity. It is empathy.”


Yoo Ri Hye turns around and looks at him from the railing. Her face is normal without the tumour. She smiles at him and nods in gratitude. Yo Han smiles back.


Yo Han’s voiceover continues, “Everyone is afraid of death, whether they can feel pain or not. During those fearful last moments, I’d like to be next to them.”

Yoo Ri Hye is no longer there on the railing. Yo Han is alone on the rooftop. He hears Si Young call him. He turns around to see her behind him. She asks him to tell her how he is doing. She says she knows it wasn’t just because of Ri Hye.

He walks towards her but she stops him. She asks him to nod if there is nothing serious and if he is okay. Yo Han stands still. Si Young asks him to nod if he is not okay but if he will get better soon. Yo Han doesn’t nod this time too. Si Young is teary-eyed as says if that if he is not okay and won’t get better either.

Yo Han asks what he should do then. She asks him to comfort her. Yo Han says he is the one who should be comforted. Si Young says that she is the one who would be losing him.


Yo Han steps forward and slowly places his arms around her. Tears trickle down her face as she stands still. She leans in as he holds her closer. She cries silently as he holds her in his arms.


Image Courtesy- SBS


This episode was heavy on dialogues and emotions.

That was some amazing screenplay and scriptwriting. Min Seong (Yoo Ri Hye’s) turning off the ventilator was a good suspense and I didn’t see that coming. It was the high point of the episode.

The situation overall resolved a lot smoother than I expected. It was great that this issue was sorted in just one episode. I am curious to see the outcome of the disciplinary committee enquiry.

It was interesting to see that Mi Rae’s outlook ideologies have changed now. It looks like she has started to think selflessly and broadened her line of thought.

Prosecutor Son and Lieutenant Kim were reasonable in their questioning which was a first since all Son used to do was go blindly after Yo Han. Son acted like an unbiased prosecutor when he checked the CCTV and seemed open to the possibility that Yo Han might not have turned off the ventilator. This made the entire episode a good watch.

The scene with Yoo Ri Hye’s son and Yo Han on the rooftop was emotive. Min Seong showed maturity as he spoke about afterlife letting a person go. The last scene where Si Young asks about Yo Han’s illness was deep-seated and though it was a short scene, it spoke volumes concerning emotions.

The scene with Son and Yo Han who both hold contrasting views on the death/euthanasia arguing on the subject was a great watch. The scene was well made as the subject is a sensitive and controversial one and yet the scene efficiently covered both principles.

This was one of those episodes where Cha Yo Han’s thoughts are revealed. Since the start of the series, the question of whether Yo Han’s actions are driven out of curiosity or pity has been there. It looks like Yo Han himself was searching for the answer and found that he is by his patients’ side not out of curiosity or pity but out of empathy.

I wonder how Son is planning on using Si Young’s testimony against Yo Han. The next episode seems promising and I am curious to watch it.

-By Soul Sword-

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