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Doctor John Episode 23-24 Recap

Doctor John Episode 23-24 Recap

At Gyeongseo University Hospital, Yo Han gets his ear treated.


In another room, Prosecutor Son is receiving treatment (chemotherapy) as well. The doctor comes to him as he is being discharged and says the side effects are worst after the first time of taking the treatment. He asks Son to come to the ER if the swelling, nausea, fatigue or stomach pain gets worse.

Yo Han comes out of the hearing test room. Si Young asks him if he is done and he smiles saying he is. He asks if she waited long and she says waiting is what a guardian does. As they start walking, Yo Han notices that she is wearing his crossbody bag on her shoulder. He asks if it is heavy and she says it is. He asks her to give it to him but she says she can handle it.

Later in the elevator, Yo Han smiles as she stands in front of him, putting her hands out to shield him from other people. He whispers that it is too crowded. The doors open and they walk out.


Son walks in the hospital’s lobby slowly and doesn’t notice Yo Han and Si Young walk past him.

(Episode 23- Schrodinger’s Cat)

As Son walks up to his car, he receives a call from Kim. He immediately says he will come to work.

Si Young and Yo Han walk on the sidewalk and don’t notice Son get into the car. Si Young swaps places with Yo Han and asks him to always walk on the inside. Yo han laughs and says he wants to take her somewhere. He asks her not to get her hopes up. He explains that it is just a place with someone she will be happy to see.

In a barista, Park Jung Bo brews coffee (Episode 1- inmate 5353 diagnosed with Fabry disease). He doesn’t notice Yo Han and Si Young walk in. They smile as they watch him brew coffee. After serving the customer coffee, he notices the two. He gets excited and is happy as he runs over to Yo Han. He hugs Yo Han and asks how they have been doing.


Jung Bo serves hand-drip coffee for Yo Han and Iced Mocha for Si Young. Yo Han blows on his coffee and comments that Jung Bo has made the coffee at 75 degrees exactly. Jung Boo is surprised and asks how he knew this. Yo Han says that water at 75 degrees doesn’t give off steam by itself. Yo Han blows on the surface and says the steam comes only if you blow on it. Si Young watches this in wonder. Yo Han comments that he should come here often.

Jung Bo complains that he has been calling Yo Han for a long time. Yo Han apologises and they all start laughing. Jung Bo says he knows how busy Yo Han has been as he watches the news. Si Young asks how his health is. He says he is regularly visiting the hospital along with his brother. He thanks them as he is getting better. Yo Han says he is glad. Si Young says she is very happy to hear that. and comments that he looks great.

Jung Bo smiles brightly and says they both look great too. Si Young is awkward as Jung Bo comments that Yo Han and Si Young look great together but Yo Han is smiling. Yo Han promises to come again and they walk out of the cafe.

As they step out, Yo Han feels dizzy. He immediately sinks to the floor. Si Young comes and sits next to him asking if he is dizzy. He nods and asks her to give him a minute. He closes his eyes and says he is better as he opens them.


Si Young holds out her hand and asks him to take it. She holds his hand and helps him up saying he may get dizzy again. She asks to go as they have a lot to do. They start walking hand in hand.

They go to the store and get groceries. Yo Han watches her as she shops for food that boosts the immune system and antioxidants. She then picks up Doctor capsule for GI health (Digestive Wellness). She tells him that steroid treatment weakens the immune system. She tells him to have them regularly. She asks him to answer and he says, “Yes”. Si Young smiles and walks away. Yo Han follows her with a smile.

Elsewhere, Kim tells Son that one of the Death Talks members was reported missing. Son sees that the missing person is the woman who had introduced him to Death Talks. Kim says her husband received a video message this morning. He plays the video.


The woman (in a bed attached to monitors) says in the video that she was told she has only months left to live. She says she was afraid of the pain she had to endure before dying than the actual death. She says she is at peace now that she can put an end to the fear. She thanks her husband for nursing her for 10 years. She asks him to be at peace now as well. She says this wasn’t forced upon her by anyone. She says it is her choice. She then says she is ready. Someone sits next to her (to euthanize her). Son is grim as he sees this.

Eun Jeong is at the hospital (a program called Famous Doctors is on TV which says Cha Yo Han will be featured in the upcoming episode) when she receives a call from Reporter Ahn. He asks to meet tomorrow saying he has something on Cha Yo Han.


Son watches the video as the person euthanizes the woman. The drug used is “Cherubim”. (The code on the drug seems similar to the title of the painting.) Son watches the woman’s last moments. The video says, “The brain waves started at Beta (conscious state) and displayed Theta (barely conscious state)”

Son sees the monitor flatline as the video says “It flatlined and Ms Park Hyun Sook passed away peacefully.” The screen goes blank and a text comes on, “Cherubim promises you a painless end”.


At his residence, former Minister Lee won Gil asks Lawyer Han if Cha Yo Han will join them. Lawyer Han says that he had gone to pick up Yo Han when he was released from prison.


In the flashback, we see Han driving and Yo Han sitting next to him. Lawyer Han says he would like to recommend a hospital for Yo Han to work in. Yo Han says that he should be grateful if someone is willing to take him. Han asks him what he will do if he comes across another patient like Seong Kyu. Yo Han looks on as Han asks how he would feel if he was protected by law and could let people like Seong Kyu die without the fear of going to jail. Yo Han says it means that doctors will have the right to commit consensual murder. He says that it is a frightening thought.


At present, Lee Won Gil says Yo Han is sceptical. Han says he doesn’t know how Yo Han would feel about Cherubim, as he hasn’t told him about that yet. Lee says he is confident that Cherubim will help Yo Han treat his patients.

At his office, Kim explains the video was sent from a burner phone. Son clasps his head. Then he takes the pamphlets of death talks, Dalbit foundation and Zinmu Rijund from the board. Kim says that Zinmu Rijund’s stock price went up by 20 percent. Son says the reason for it is the anticipation of a new drug.

Son says the drug can be released in the market if euthanasia is legalised. He says Zinmu Rijund can also obtain exclusive sales right in that case. He asks about Lee Won Gil. Kim brings out the code that Son had drawn. He says that in Hebrew it translates as “Cherubim”.

Son says there is a connection but no conclusive evidence. He requests Kim to keep digging. Kim asks about the identity of the person who euthanized the woman in the video. Son firmly says they don’t know anything yet. He replays the video and tells Kim to have the National Forensic Service to analyse it.

Son then looks at the whiteboard that has photos of Lee Won Gil, Zinmu Rijund, Chief Min, Chairman Yi Soo and Cha Yo Han.

Meanwhile at Yo Han’s home, Si Young takes out the groceries. He asks her if she is trying to fatten him up. She says it is good and continues placing the groceries. Yo Han places his hand over his ear as it starts ringing. Si Young stops what she is doing and asks if something is wrong. He says her voice sounded muffled and says he is fine now. She asks him to lie down and walks him to the bedroom.

In his bedroom, Si Young checks his temperature.

(Episode 23- A member of Death Talks is missing)  


Si Young then checks his pulse next. They lock eyes for a while and Si Young looks away. She asks him why his pulse is high and asks if he is dizzy. He says he feels fine. Si Young gets up but he stops her. He says it is strange. Yo Han puts his hand on his chest and says his heart is racing. He says he never imagined having anyone else in here other than him.

Yo Han says he had a dream once that this place was found out. Si Young is teary-eyed as she asks who found it out. Yo Han says, “My patients”. He says they ask, “You are sick too? You don’t feel pain? Then why do you act like you know? You don’t even know what pain feels like. Are you sure you even made the right diagnosis?”

Si Young tells him that he may not feel pain, but because he is a patient himself, he can understand how frustrated, sad and lonely patients must feel better than anyone can. She says that is what patients want. She says instead of someone asking where it hurts, the patients prefer someone asking how much it hurts. Yo Han smiles and she returns his smile.

Just then, the doorbell rings and Si Young asks if he was expecting someone. Yo Han says he wasn’t. Both of them get serious and they run to the door.

Yoo Joon, Won Hee and Heo Joon are at the door.

Yo Han walks Si Young into the room with the equipment. She places her shoe outside the room. She says she will hide here quietly and leave. She asks him to answer the door. Yo Han walks away closing the bedroom door. She closes the door and turns around to see the various types of equipment in there.

Yo Han answers the door and Heo Joon asks if he is okay. They say they brought drinks and they walk into the house. Yoo Joon and Won Hee discuss the disciplinary committee while Heo Joon takes some selfies. Yo Han watches Heo Joon as Yoo Joon speaks against Yo Han being disciplined.

Yo Han says that he is just off for a week. He says he needs rest too. Yo Han watches Heo Joon who starts clicking photos of Yo Han’s house. Yoo Joon says he doesn’t understand why the hospital treats Yo Han in such a way. He asks how will they be able to treat patients without Yo Han.

Yo Han says Yoo Joon can manage them. Yo Han says he will give Yoo Joon the treatment protocol and asks him to use it to manage everything. He tells Yoo Joon to use this chance to do more surgical procedures. Heo Joon checks Yo Han’s refrigerator and asks if he can have some food. Yo Han asks Heo Joon to help himself. He then sees the bedroom and ushers everyone outside.

Inside the room, Si Young visualises Yo Han doing his daily tests.


Yo Han and Yoo Joon talk outside while Heo Joon is still taking photos. Yo Han quotes Yoo Joon who said he will get to correct Yo Han’s misdiagnoses one day. He asks if Yoo Joon remembers saying that. Yoo Joon asks if he was that rude and laughs saying he didn’t know anything back then. Yo Han smiles and tells Yoo Joon he is doing great.

Heo Joon then shows Yo Han the app for doctors. He says their hospital now ranks Number 1 after Yo Han came. They do the group cheer. Yo Han asks them to leave but Heo Joon asks if they can sleepover.

Yo Han rushes into the bedroom. He sees that Si Young’s shoes aren’t there. He opens the door to the adjacent room and sees that it is empty. He finds a post-it note on the shelf that reads, “I felt sad thinking about how lonely it must’ve been to be here all by yourself. And I got scared seeing that you must do this every single day in order to stay alive.”Yo Han’s eyes tear up as he finds another note that reads, “But I still want to thank you for staying alive and for staying by my side.” Tears trickle down Yo Han’s face as he sits with the notes in his hands.


Si Young walks down the street as she receives a message from Yo Han that reads, “Thank you.”

Later at night in her room, Si Young takes a break from work. She walks over to the window and takes a photo of the moon over the skyline. She sends the photo to her father saying, “There is a full moon tonight. I know how much you used to like it.”

Mi Rae walks into her father’s room and picks up his phone. She sees the messages from Si Young on his phone. Mi Rae is emotional as she sees so many messages from Si Young updating her father on her daily life.

Si Young receives a reply from her father’s phone. It is a photo of (Mi Rae holding) her father’s hand, along with a message that reads, “Dad says he loves you”. Si Young cries as she reads the message. She sends a reply, “Tell Dad that I love him too”.


At the hospital, Mi Rae runs her hand over her father’s face and says both Si Young and she love him a lot. She then breaks down into tears.

(Episode 24)

Later on, Min watches Mi Rae leave the room. She checks her husband’s phone and shows Si Young’s messages to Joo Kyung. Min says she should let them know after the ethics commission makes the decision. Joo Kyung says it will be more painful for the girls if the ethics commission decides against taking him off the ventilator.

In Yi Moon’s office, Kwon Suk says other than two outsiders, 6 out of 12 in house members are Yi Moon’s allies in the ethics commission. He adds that Kim Chang Sik (Yi Moon’s junior) is heading the commission.

Yi Moon sends Kwon Suk out as Chief Min walks in. Yi Moon shows her the list and she asks them to meet as soon as possible. She says it should be closed to the public.

Meanwhile, Mi Rae holds the kitten as Yoo Joon looks on. He asks what is wrong with her eyes. She says it is just the cat allergy. He takes the kitten and puts it away. He then asks if she saw her dad. Yoo Joon says he never saw his dad. He says seeing his dad made him feel depressed and sad. He says he didn’t visit him often. He says she visits her dad daily. She asks how he knows that and he says he is always watching her.


Mi Rae asks why he sees her and he says it is because she is pretty. She smiles and nudges his arm. Yoo Joon frowns at first but then smiles saying he didn’t mean her face. He says she does nice things that don’t show. He says she has a pretty heart. He places his hand over hers saying the moon is pretty and holds her hand. Mi Rae is surprised but doesn’t say anything. Both of them sit watching the moon.

At his home, Yo Han logs into Cleveland Clinic’s Website (Chicago). He applies for a position in the Neurology Department. He starts typing in the application.

Yo Han visits Dr Shim the next day at Gyeongseo University Hospital. Shim asks how he feels but Yo Han says he doesn’t know yet. Shim says the first treatment should work in order for the treatment to be successful. He suggests seeing how things are after a couple of rounds. Yo Han asks if he can leave but Shim asks why he is in a hurry. Yo han says he returns to work today.

Yo Han walks out of the hospital. An ambulance goes past him. Yo Han gets serious when he sees Prosecutor Son being wheeled out of the ambulance. Son is taken into the ER due to worsening of the side effects. He clutches his chest and writhes in pain as the doctors tend to him.


Yo Han walks into the ER and takes a glance at Son’s medical chart. He learns that Son is a cancer patient and he has a CT follow up in two months. The doctor asks who Yo Han is. Yo han tells the doctor to prescribe nitroglycerin (for chest pain). The doctor asks if Yo Han is stating that a young man has Myocardial Infarction (heart attack). Yo Han says Son was treated with 5-Fu (Cancer drug). He says heart attack due to the contraction of coronary arteries is a side effect. The doctor places nitroglycerin under Son’s tongue and asks him to allow it to melt slowly. As he stabilises, Son opens his eyes and sees the hazy figure of Yo Han walking away.

Later on, Son tries to ask the doctor about Yo Han but he doesn’t. He remembers his earlier conversation with Yo Han about the role of doctors. Yo Han had said we need people who determine what is most beneficial for patients. He said euthanasia was also a part of righteous death. He said death isn’t always the righteous option. He says he is always striving to determine what is best for the patient until the very end when the decision between life and death must be made.

Son looks at the ring on his index finger that says “Memento Mori” (in Latin meaning, “to remember death”).

As he walks out of the hospital, Son receives a call from Kim saying that the video analysis is done. Son says he will be there.

Meanwhile, Yo Han buys 13 Iced Americanos and 1 iced mocha from the cafe in Hanse Medical Centre.


Elsewhere, Nurse Eun Jeong meets Reporter Ahn who says he met with one of his sources who was released from Chungil Penitentiary yesterday. He says the inmate knows Yo Han well. He says the inmate said Yo Han was weird (montage of Yo Han stitching up his wound while smiling). Ahn says if word gets out about this, no hospital will hire Yo Han. She asks him what it is.

Yo Han walks into the Pain Management Centre and Nurse Hong rushes up to him saying there is an emergency. Yoo Joon rushes to a bed and removes the blanket but Yo Han sees that the bed is empty. They both take Yo han to another bed and draw back the curtains revealing the entire team behind it. They cheer and welcome him back with a cake.


Yo Han asks if it isn’t too much for someone who has been disciplined. Nurse Hong says he deserves to be welcomed back. He passes the coffee to everyone. The nurse says that Si Young drew Yo Han’s caricature on the cake topper. Yo Han gives the Iced Mocha to Si Young. She thanks him. He takes the caricature on the cake topper from the cake.

Later, he walks into his office and he has a dizzy spell again. He sits by his table for a few moments before getting back up. He then looks at his doctor’s gown. He takes it and puts it on.

The ambulance carrying an unconscious Gi Seok (Yo Han’s CIPA patient) drives down the road with its sirens blaring. His mother is in tears as she picks up her phone.


Yo Han and the others rush down the corridors. The paramedic says Gi Seok lost his consciousness in the gym but he is breathing. He says the pulse is 125 and temperature 40.5 degrees Celsius.


Gi Seok’s mother spots Yo Han and holds on to him crying hysterically. He asks Yoo Joon to take her to the side. The doctor tries to wake Gi Seok. Yo Han tells the doctor that Gi Seok won’t respond to pain and asks for a stethoscope.

Si Young notices a bruise on Gi Seok’s side. She wonders if it happened before the fall or due to it. Yo Han doesn’t respond. He examines Gi Seok but Gi Seok starts getting seizures. Yo Han asks for the medicine while holding Gi Seok. He calls out GI Seok’s name trying to wake him.

Later at the meeting room, Yoo Joon says the brain CT shows no abnormalities. He says the fever persists despite medication. He asks if the seizure could be a terrible fit due to the fever. Si Young says CRP (C-Reactive Protein) is high (indicates inflammation) and ANC (absolute neutrophil count) is 615 (low WBC indicating an increased risk of bacterial infection). Mi Rae asks if it is pneumonia. Yo Han taps his finger rapidly as he asks them to put Gi Seok on antibiotics ( Piperacillin/tazobactam).


Son is at the forensic lab and the analyst points to the doctor’s reflection on the wall (in the video). He says they can’t make it clearer. He says the person wears a white gown, short hair and no glasses. Son receives a call from Eun Jeong who urges him to watch the Cha Yo Han’s episode on “Our Famous Doctors”. She says there is something she has to tell him.

At the hospital, Yoo Joon says that despite the antibiotics Gi Seok is unconscious and still has a fever. Yo Han is silent as Yoo Joon says though Gi Seok is breathing on his own, his pneumonia is advancing. He says they are taking the precautions and the saturation is below 90 percent. Yo Han thinks for a while and says they might have to put Gi Seok on a ventilator. He asks for Gi Seok’s mother.

Yo Han comes to Gi Seok’s mother and asks if Gi Seok showed any symptoms after leaving the hospital. She says no. he asks if Gi Seok hurt himself either here or on a trip. She says he didn’t go travelling.


Meanwhile, Si Young and Mi Rae are in the room. Si Young picks up Gi Seok’s phone. Both of them join Yo Han and Yoo Joon. Si Young asks if they can go through the phone as they may find something important like photos or notes.

The mother unlocks the phone and hands it to them.

(Episode 24- Gi Seok comes to Pain Management Centre again)

Others look on as Si Young scrolls through the gallery. They see pictures of Gi Seok in the gym. His mother says he started training as the vacation started.

Later in the meeting room, Si Young says that Gi Seok measured his weight and body mass daily. Mi Rae says he is thin and his muscle mass and body fat are below average. They wonder if he wanted to gain muscle as he wasn’t on a diet.

(We see a montage of Gi Seok looking at a heavily muscled man at the gym. He sees the man drink a special drink.)

Won Hee asks if he could have taken steroids. He says one of the side effects from steroids is suppression of the immune system but the team says those are not the same steroids. Yoo Joon explains that anabolic steroids that increase muscle mass don’t suppress the immune system. Won Hee apologises saying he was confused.

Yo Han wonders if Gi Seok also was confused and took the wrong steroids.

We see a montage of Gi Seok injecting himself with steroids. Yo Han asks Mi Rae to tell the mother that they would like to take a look at Gi Seok’s belongings and gym locker.


Son watches Cha Yo Han on Our Famous Doctors on TV. Yo Han talks about CIPA. Eun Jeong calls Son up and says her source knows somebody at the penitentiary. She says Yo Han sutured himself without anaesthesia.

Meanwhile, Yo Han sits at his desk deep in thought. He joins Mi Rae and the others as they get Gi Seok’s belongings and check it. They find the steroid and pass it to Yo Han. He asks them to run a Galactomannan test (used to detect Invasive Aspergillosis (fungi), which is a rapidly progressive, often fatal infection that occurs in severely immunosuppressed patients). Yo han says if the steroids are suppressing the immune system it could be aspergillosis. He asks for Dr Kim from Infectious Diseases for a consult.

Son sits down and watches the rest of the program which says CIPA patients don’t sweat. He recalls Eun Jeong saying that the inmates worked in the hot sun one say. Everyone was sweating but Yo Han wasn’t.

At night, Yo Han paces in the meeting room. He loses his footing and falls. He places his hand on his forehead as he breathes heavily. He receives a call from Si Young who says that Gi Seok has gone into respiratory failure. Yo Han is shocked and breathes heavily as he tries to say something, but he gets up and runs.


Yo Joon and Si Young place the Ambu bag over Gi Seok. They administer succinylcholine (muscle relaxant). Yoo Joon then intubates him.

Son sees Gi Seok’s mother on TV saying that she often asked doctors to prescribe antibiotics for Gi Seok to avoid infections. He calls up Eun Jeong and she confirms that Yo Han always took antibiotics from a drug dealer. She says antibiotics are taken due to an injury.  She adds that the drug dealer said that antibiotics have to be taken with other medications but Yo Han never took any other medications (painkillers). Son sees Gi Seok’s mother saying that Gi Seok never took painkillers. Eun Jeong says Yo Han is a CIPA patient.

Eun Jeong says Yo Han put on a show and asks how a person with CIPA  can treat patients. She says she will report him herself.

Yo Han runs down the corridor and into the ICU. He orders Gi Seok to be put on the ventilator.

In a flashback, at the ER, Yo Han tries to shake Gi Seok awake. Gi Seok’ voiceover says, “Doctor, Doctor I can’t move. I hear you but I can’t speak.”


At present Yo Han is teary-eyed as he sees a tear trickle down Gi Seok’s eyes that are closed. Yo Han reaches down slowly and wipes away the tear on Gi Seok’s face.

(We see a montage from earlier where Yo Han gives him a note saying he is Gi Seok’s Doctor in charge. He says they both are similar)

At present, Gi Seok’s voiceover pleads, “Save me. I want to live, Doctor. Save me.”


Yo Han places his hand over Gi Seok’s cheek as Gi Seok’s voiceover continues, “Save me, doctor. I want to live. Doctor I want to live.”

Yo Han is grief-stricken as he hears Gi Seok’s thoughts in his mind.


Image Courtesy- SBS


The first half of the episode was pleasant to watch.

The scene with Si Young and Mi Rae exchanging messages on their father’s phone was well made. The scene at Yo Han’s house where Si Young explains why he can understand patients better and the Post-it notes were well-written.

This episode saw two characters return from earlier episodes (Jung bo and Gi Seok). Each of them evoked contrasting emotions. The barista scene was refreshing to watch as it felt like meeting an old acquaintance after a long time.

On the other hand, the scene with Gi Seok was serious and filled with a sense of foreboding. It showed the complications that could arise if a CIPA patient takes steroids. Though Gi Seok took the steroids unintentionally, Yo Han has decided to take steroids intentionally for his treatment.

The last scene was heart-wrenching. The fact that Yo Han knows/feels (emotionally) what Gi Seok is going through was well portrayed as he hears what Gi Seok would tell him if he could talk.

Yo Han told Gi Seok earlier that both of them are similar. Yo Han hearing Gi Seok’s inner thoughts pleading to be saved and wanting to live probably mirrors Yo Han’s desire to live. Up until now, Yo Han seemed to take his illness in his stride. He always wanted to live longer for his patients’ sake but it looks like this is the first time he felt that he wanted to live longer for his own sake. It is also the first time in his life that he isn’t alone.

It was good to see Si Young as Yo Han’s guardian. Both Yo Han and Son are battling serious illnesses but Yo Han has Si Young by his side. It looks like Yo Han is planning to move out of the country. I wonder how much Si Young’s care had a part to play in his decision.

It was revealed that Cherubim is the drug for euthanizing a patient. The video footage of the woman being euthanized was basically an advertisement for the drug. It looks like Lee Won Gil wants to recruit Yo Han at any cost.

Son has softened up towards Yo Han as he has seen Yo Han go out of his way twice to save his patient (Yoo Ri Hye and Son). He seems to have understood the difference between Yo Han (who saved Yoo Ri Hye who wanted to be euthanized) and Lee Won Gil who is actively working to legalise euthanasia (for commercialising a drug probably).

Eun Jeong is becoming crazier by the minute. I hope Son sees through her at least in the next episode. I hope she gets a fitting ending.

It hasn’t been revealed yet if Yo Han’s treatment is working, but his symptoms are more frequent. The ethics commission is all set to meet. Eun Jeong plans on reporting Yo Han. Lee Won Gil wants to recruit Yo Han who has already planned to move elsewhere. There are a lot of things going on at once and it looks like things are going to get more complicated in the next week’s episode.

– By Soul Sword-

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