Mouse Episode 18 Recap

(Episode 18- Please Give me Some Time)

Sung Yo Han reads Ba-reum’s diary. He finds a detailed account of Ba-reum’s thoughts and sketches of the murders in it. He reads an entry that says he lost the top of the class to someone else (Sung Yo Han). It says Jae Hoon wanted to be like him (Sung Yo Han). He sees that the first page has the words Jung Jae Hoon stuck out and Jung Ba Reum written below it. Sung Yo Han looks up at the wall in his basement which has photos of Ba-reum on it.

Sung Yo Han lies in a pool of blood beside Ba-reum. Before losing consciousness he says, “We are lab rats”.

Back at the school, Ba-reum recalls Sung Yo Han’s last words.

Meanwhile, Bong Yi wonders who the real killer is if Sung Yo han was innocent.

Daniel Lee is on the phone with someone. He says Ba-reum has gone to retrieve Jennifer’s photo but is worried if they get to it first. Daniel picks up the photograph with Ba-reum’s mother holding her baby as an infant. He drops the frame. He bends down to retrieve it but his eyes widen and his hands tremble as he sees the photo up close.

He pushes the photo and glass pieces under the cabinet as Bareum walks in. Ba-reum asks if that photo shouldn’t be seen by certain people. Ba-reum says he got an anonymous text one day when he became a cop.


At the precinct, Ba-reum searches the ex-con database for Song Soo Ho. Just then he receives an anonymous text with Song Soo Ho’s name and the boxing club’s address. Ba-reum goes there and kills him.

At present, Ba-reum says he was triggered when he saw Song Soo Ho. He says that after the surgery, his killing instinct was dormant but it was triggered by an incident. He says he could smell the mint scent at the crime scene and it woke his psychopath gene. He says Woo Hyung Chul (lawyer) was not a copycat murderer, and someone planted the brooch and Mu Won’s pendant in the body (suicide case) after the murder. He says he ended up killing Woo Hyung Chull.

Ba-reum asks why SOng Soo Ho’s location was texted to him. Ba-reum says he was triggered by giving him a prey. Daniel Lee is tense Ba-reum asks what they gained from this. He says Sung Yo Han mentioned they were lab rats. He says they knew he had a psychopath gene.

Daniel Lee says he has no idea. Ba-reum is angry as he asks how Daniel has Ba-reum’s diary and Sung Yo Han’s burner phone. Ba-reum chokes Daniel as he maintains that he doesn’t know anything. 

Finally, Daniel accepts that he knew Ba-reum had the psychopath gene. He says he was agitated and came to Korea when he heard of the serial murders. He says he guessed that the killer was either one of the two boys. Daniel says he assumed Ba-reum had killed his family and he went to check out the other boy Sung Yo Han.

He says he saw Sung Yo Han watching Mu Chi give Hong Ju his coat in the hospital. He says he saw jealousy in SUng Yo Han’s eyes which is not a character of a predator. He says he knew Sung Yo Han was innocent.

Daniel says he reached out to Sung Yo Han as he decided to stop Ba-reum from killing.


Daniel Lee waits inside the Ferris wheel at the empty amusement park. Suddenly, a figure switches the Ferris wheel on and attacks Daniel. He stabs Daniel multiple times before Sung Yo Han comes to Daniel’s rescue. The killer nearly strangles Sung Yo Han when Daniel stabs the attacker, killing him.

Daniel collapses on the ground and tells Sung Yo Han not to take him to the hospital. He says he will be killed if he goes to the hospital. he tells Yo Han to dispose of the man’s body. Yo Han notices the OZ tattoo on the attacker. Sung Yo Han treats Daniel in the basement and later takes him to an abandoned hospital.

At present, Ba-reum accuses Daniel of using him.


Daniel accuses the person in charge of letting Ba-reum go out of control. He says he is against this as they had earlier agreed to go public when he showed his murder instincts.

At present Ba-reum tries to get out the head’s name. Daniel doesn’t budge. Just then, the doorbell rings.

Ba-reum comes out to find Hong Ju waiting there. She requests him to an interview as the only survivor of the Moojin Serial killings.

Daniel is gagged and tied. He tries to break free using the glass pieces.

Ba-reum tells her that he will tell her everything soon but not now. He comes back in to find Daniel Lee gone. 

Hong Ju drives away. Daniel Lee is in the back seat and she tells him that she will find him a place to stay. Daniel says he needs the photo now and they will figure out he is still alive if they find the photo. She says she will drop by. He then says there is something she needs to know.

Meanwhile, Mu Chi removes the flash drive with the footage. He recalls Yu Na refusing to speak when he mentioned the word “Police”.

Bong Yi comes to the police station. She sees Mu Chi march into the police station.

Mu Chi finds Ba-reum and tackles him. He punches Ba-reum hard and accuses him of being a psychopath. Bong Yi runs in to intervene. Mu Chi pushes her away. He accuses Ba-reum of killing everyone.

He grabs Ba-reum and walks away with him. Bong Yi jumps on Mu Chi and grabs his hair asking why he is doing this. The team runs out in an attempt to separate them. Lee swoops in and takes out the flash drive from Mu Chi’s jacket without anyone noticing.

Bong Yi is pulled away and Mu Chi questions Ba-reum. He accuses Ba-reum of murdering Kang Duk Soo (Bong Yi and Yu Na’s attacker), Lee Jae Shik (Suseong Serial Killer), and Kim Byung Tae (butcher).

Mu Chi is shocked when Ba-reum does not deny it. Mu Chi says he has proof and searches his pocket but finds the flash drive gone. He asks where detective Lee is.

Mu Chi finds Lee in the restroom. He hears the toilet flush. Lee is condescending as he asks what he wants. Mu Chi drags Lee away.

Meanwhile, Ba-reum is given first aid. He thinks he should by time as he has to find Chi Kook’s killer. He wonders what evidence Mu Chi has. He decides to deny it now. He takes a tablet.

Mu Chi barges in with Lee and grabs Ba-reum too. Ba-reum drops his pillbox. He asks if Ba-reum kills and Lee cleans up after him. Mu Chi says Lee flushes the dashcam footage from the faked suicide (6264 car). Lee asks innocently if it was a murder. Mu chi goes berserk.

Mu Chi notes that Ba-reum doesn’t seem to know anything. Ba-reum wonders if Lee is a member of the organisation. The Chief intervenes and tells them to take it to the interrogation room.

Inside the interrogation room, Ba-reum waits in one room as Mu Chi paces in another with Kang. Lee is in another room and he makes a call out of the CCTV’s view.

Meanwhile, Bong Yi is locked up. She asks Shin to let her out. Shin tells her to wait. Bong Yi wonders how Mu Chi found out about Ba-reum.

Mu Chi tells Kang about the footage and Lee destroying it. He tells the OZ tattoo.

Ba-reum denies all charges against him. He says he was spending the night with his cousin and his cat had given birth. 

Lee pleads innocent saying he was in the restroom. He says the tattoo had his ex-girlfriend’s initials. Kang asks for the tattoo parlour’s name.

Shin asks for the tattoo photo at the tattoo parlour. He is shown the photo which says OJ. After Shin leaves, the person goes behind the shop. He opens the door where another member of OZ holds the owner captive.

Later, Kang, CHief and Park discuss the 3 accounts. They feel Mu Chi jumped the gun. Park leaves after he gets a call. CHief and Kang say his wife must have gone missing again.

Meanwhile, Mu Chi says the tattoo parlour owner would have been bribed. Chief says they wouldn’t have time as Shin went immediately. He tells Mu Chi to go home as the internet is filled with him attacking Ba-reum. He tells Mu Chi off for hitting Ba-reum in front of civilians and reporters. He says Mu Chi is now a national traitor and will be suspended.

Mu Chi storms out saying he will find the memory card.

Meanwhile, Ba-reum wonders how much was recorded in the footage. He realises that Lee is a member of OZ. The chief tells Ba-reum to go home. He says Lee was also sent home.

Ba-reum finds out Lee’s address from the database.

Bong Yi is released and she asks where Ba-reum is.

Meanwhile, Hong Ju and Daniel are at his hideout. He says he will go in and retrieve the photo. He tells her to finish it if this ends.

After Daniel steps out of the car, Hong Ju starts crying as she has learnt from him that Yo Han was innocent.

Daniel searches for the photo. The members of OZ are waiting for him. He is shocked as he turns around.

Detective Park rushes to the Departmental Store. He watches the CCTV and finds out that his wife has left the store. He runs out.

Hong Ju tries calling Daniel’s number as he isn’t back yet. Daniel has left his phone in the car. She goes to check and finds him being escorted out by the OZ.

She hopes he hangs in there as it will be D-Day soon.

Mu Chi fails to find the memory chip in the dump. The chief tells him to go wash up as he stinks. Mu Chi learns that Ba-reum went home. Mu Chi is furious when he is told Lee mailed a vacation request.

Ba-reum breaks into Lee’s house at night. He finds a photograph of Chi Kook’s killer with Detective Lee. He then runs out of the back door and finds Mu Chi trying to scale the walls.

Mu Chi holds out a hammer. He asks if Ba-reum was supposed to meet Lee here. He says he will kill Ba-reum and go to jail if he doesn’t answer. He says there was no one on the CCTV recording in the evidence room because Ba-reum was the killer. he asks if Ba-reum killed Bong Yi’s granny too. Ba-reum is silent. Mu Chi presses on.

Ba-reum says Mu Chi is right. He says he killed Kang Duk Soo because Bong Yi was in danger. He says Bong Yi knew it but she was fine with it. But he broke up because he felt guilty. Mu Chi watches in shock.

He says he didn’t commit the other two murders. Mu Chi asks why Ba-reum went to the prison when Lee Jae Shik was released. Ba-reum assumes he was caught on the CCTV at the prison. He says Hong Ju had called him up asking for DOng Koo’s number. He says he found out about the interview and went there because he knew Lee Jae Shik was dangerous.

Mu Chi asks why he went to Kim Byung Tae’s house. Ba-reum again assumes he would’ve been caught on CCTV. He says the granny told him that she saw Kim pouring something on the child’s head. he says he left because he found nothing.

He says he will pay for the crime after catching Chi Kook’s killer. He asks Mu Chi to give him time till then. Mu Chi asks why OZ blocked him when he was trying to save Bong Yi. 

Ba-reum says he has no idea and he is trying to figure it out. Mu Chi wonders if Ba-reum is lying. He remembers Ba-reum being clueless when Mu Chi was confronting Lee. Mu Chi agrees to look the other way till Na Chi Kook’s killer is caught.

Once Mu Chi leaves, Ba-reum vows to get punished after catching the killer.

Mu Chi decides to check Ba-reum’s theory.

Lee watches Mu Chi and Ba-reum walking away.

Hong Ju tells Mu Chi that she told Ba-reum about Lee Jae Shik. She confirms Ba-reums’s story. she says she didn’t tell Mu Chi because Mu Chi would kill Lee Jae Shik. She then says Bong Yi came by with a present for her baby. Mu Chi says Bong Yi probably feels bad for badmouthing the baby.

Detective Park’s wife stands on the street watching Hong Ju on TV. She bumps into Detective Shin’s father who is out campaigning. She says she is Hong Ju’s mother. He tells his staff to take her to her daughter’s address.

The staff takes Park’s wife to Hong Ju’s place. Sung Ji-eun is out with Hong Ju’s baby on the stroller. She tells the staff that Hong Ju mentioned being an orphan. She calls up Hong Ju to check but there is no response.

No one notices Park’s wife taking the baby from the stroller and walking away.

Sung Ji-eun notices a person clicking a photo. She grabs the phone from him and deletes it. She turns around to see Park’s wife and the baby gone.

Mu Chi goes to Bong Yi’s house. He asks her why they broke up. She says Ba-reum grew tired of her. Mu chi realises she is covering for him. She asks why he punched Ba-reum. he says it was a misunderstanding. He tells her not to be sad as it will make her grandmother sorrowful. 

As he is about to leave, she says she found out that Sung Yo Han was the boy who saved her after the incident. She asks if Sung Yo han was innocent and her granny’s killer is alive. Mu Chi is taken aback. He tells her that psychopaths can act. She says Sung Yo Han’s emotions were genuine. Mu chi maintains that Sung Yo Han is the killer and he walks away.

Ba-reum is in the precinct searching for something. He hides when the chief walks in. After he leaves, Ba-reum notices the Moojin serial killing’s evidence box at Shin’s desk. He opens it and finds a donation receipt for the orphanage which he visited for questioning the eyewitness earlier. He recalls seeing one girl at the orphanage.

He recalls Mu Chi saying Song Soo Ho cried all night after returning from Guryeong.

Meanwhile, the cops call up Detective Park. They say they found his wife and tell him they will bring her home. SUng Ji Eun waits outside the police station, hesitant to go in.

The cops leave Park’s wife with Park. After they leave, he asks her where she picked up the baby from. She says it is their baby. He learns from the cops where they picked up his wife from.

Park drives to Hong Ju’s place and asks his wife where she took the baby from. He is flustered as she refuses to tell him. She moves away from him and moves from the curb. She walks into the road and is hit by an oncoming vehicle. She holds the baby close to her and takes the full impact of the accident. Park rushes to her.

Sung Ji Eun reaches the accident scene and is shocked to see the baby’s cap on the road.

Meanwhile, Mu Chi takes the Mujin Killings evidence box from Shin’s desk. He goes through the things to make sure Sung Yo Han was the killer. He finds the burnt piece of paper which he had taken from the place where Sung Yo Han had burnt his things.

He finds a newspaper clipping that says there is an inmate in Mujin prison with AIDS and all inmates have to give blood samples.

At the hospital, Park is told that the baby is fine and his wife has suffered serious injuries. He is told they will know if she will survive the night.

Mu Chi goes to his illegal contact and asks him to find the symbol on the burnt paper.

Park gives the baby to his wife’s caretaker and sends her home while he tracks the baby’s family.

Just then, Sung Ji Eun runs into the hospital asking about the baby in the accident. Park and she recognise each other. Park realises it is Sung Yo Han’s baby. He tells her that he will return her baby only if her husband Han SeoHe says he will kill the baby otherwise. Joon tells him where he buried Park’s daughter. Sung Ji Eun begs him but he doesn’t listen.

Just then, Hong Ju calls up and asks why Sung Ju Eun called her. Sung Ji Eun says everything is fine and hangs up.

Just then, a car arrives. Hong Ju and her staff run to the Prosecutor who gets out of the car. She accuses him of denying granting an arrest warrant for Lawyer Woo Hyun Chul. He walks away without responding.

Meanwhile, Mu Chi is told that the symbol matches the logo of the Human Genetic Testing Laboratory.

Ba-reum comes to the orphanage. He is told that Song Soo Ho donated money to the orphanage for 10 years. She says he also made a separate donation for Michaela and used to watch her from afar occasionally. She says his eyes were filled with pain and remorse.


Song Soo Ho pulls Jae Hoon’s mother away and pushes her against the wooden cabinet. Jae-Hoon’s stepfather sees this and he rushes down. He takes a knife and fights Song Soo Ho. They fall down the staircase and the knife gets lodged in the stepfather’s chest. 

He puts the unconscious Jae Hoon in the car and reports to his superior. He says he saved Jae Hoon and listens to the person on the other end. He then burns down the entire house.

At present Ba-reum visualises Song Soo Ho watching his sister Jae Hee. He says he didn’t realise that there was a child inside (Jae Min). He says he killed Jae Hoon’s family because Jae Hoon’s mother tried to kill him. If she has succeeded, the world he dreamed of would never come true. He says he dreams of a world without victims like his sister.

Mu Chi goes to the HUman Genetic testing lab.

Ba-reum speaks to Jae-Hee. He says he is her brother Jae-Hoon. He asks her what happened that day. She recites the entire conversation, “Jae Min. Jae Min. No No. Don’t go Don’t go. Don’t look, Jae Hee. Don’t make a sound.”


Jae Min brings Jae Hee into the closet and tells her to hide. They both watch Jae-Hoon come upstairs with a knife. Just then, Song Soo Ho grabs Jae Hoon and pulls him away. He then carries Jae Hoon out of the house. Jae Min slowly brings Jae Hee to a window and helps her out. Jae Hee gets out and walks away smiling. She stops as she sees a car coming towards her.

At present, Ba-reum feels bad for Jae Min. Jae Hee comforts him slowly. She then says, “I’m scared. I’m lonely. I want to cry. I want to be comforted but there is no one here. No one is by my side. I’m scared, Jae Hee.”

Ba-reum asks who said this to her.

Mu Chi walks out of the Genetic Lab with an envelope in his hand. He wonders what is going on.

The nun tells Ba-reum that Sung Yo Han came twice to see Michaela after Son Soo Ho died. She says he looked exhausted the second time and wanted to talk to her alone. She says he didn’t know that she remembers every word of the conversation. She gives him some snacks and tells him to speak with her freely.

Ba-reum sits beside her. Jae Hee starts narrating the conversation.


Sung Yo Han sits with Jae Hee and says, “Jae Hee I’m scared. I’m lonely. I want to cry. I want to be comforted but there is no one here. No one is by my side. I’m scared, Jae Hee.”

Ba-reum asks if Sung Yo Han cried. He asks what else he said. Jae Hee says, “Jae Hoon. Jae Hoon.” He wonders if Sung Yo han spoke about him. She continues, “Everyone fears and avoids him (Montage of Sung Yo Han watching Jae Hoon as a child). In that brief moment, I saw that boy’s eyes from 15 years ago (Sung Yo Han watching Ba-reum when he admitted Na Chi Kook).

As Sung Yo Han operates on Na Chi Kook, he deduces that Chi Kook didn’t expect the attack. If a stranger had attacked him, the defence wound would have been on his hand. Chi Kook’s defence wounds were on his fingers because the attacker was a close person. Sung Yo han had wondered.

Later Yo han had received a call from Daniel Lee, asking him to meet as he knew who the killer is. He wanted to find out if it really was that boy.

Mu Chi drives back. He wonders if Sung Yo Han had genuinely cried when he hugged Hong Ju.


Sung Ji Eun watches the sunny day. A young Sung Yo Han comes out and asks her why she is sad when she looks at the sunlight. He says he also feels sad when he looks at the sun. Sung Ji Eun hugs him and says she is not sad because she has him beside her.

At present, Sung Ji Eun comes to visit Han in prison. He refuses to see her. She asks the guard to say that it is because of Sung Yo Han.

At the orphanage, Jae Hee narrates, “I couldn’t believe what Dr Daniel Lee told me so I asked Kim Joon Sung who worked there to look into finance team 3.”


Yo Han asks Kim to look into Finance Team 3. Kim hacks into the system and is shocked at the findings. He calls up Yo Han and says he will meet in person (the voice message on Yo Han’s phone).

Kim brings a file to Sung Yo Han on the OZ organisation.

Yo Han checks the file and finds his name listed as Subject A (January 1995). He notes that subject B is Park Jae Hoon (January 1995). He also finds photos of Moojin killings crime scenes in Jae Hoon’s file.

Sung Yo Han puts it up on the basement’s wall. Kim says this is sickening. Sung Yo Han says Daniel was telling the truth. The injured Daniel Lee is sleeping beside them. Sung Yo Han says the killer is a psychopath without a moral compass.

Kim says they should report it. Sung Yo Han says he can’t trust the cops. Kim says they can go to the media. Yo Han says they are up against a black operation and they may get killed if they aren’t careful. He says they should wait till Dr Daniel Lee awakens. Kim is worried if they will find out that he hacked into the systems. Yo Han tells Kim to leave the country for a while. He says he will operate with Daniel Lee.

Just then, they hear the bell ring. It is Bong Y’s granny. Kim takes his coat and walks out.

Later, Sung Yo Han follows granny to keep her safe as she will be in danger if she goes to the police. He locates where she got out and he goes to stop her from telling Ba-reum.

He finds Ba-reum standing over her and burning the photo. Ba-reum chases after him and catches up to him. Yo Han leaves behind Kim’s coat as he runs away.

Sung Yo Han’s voiceover narrates, “If only I had not worn Kim Joon Sung’s jacket that night. He had been my only friend. Others pointed their finger at me for being the head hunter’s son but Kim always took my side. I’ll kill Ba-reum myself.”

Sung Yo Han follows Ba-reum and takes photos.

At present, Ba-reum realises this is why he had Ba-reum’s photos on his wall.

Mu chi goes to Sung Yo Han’s house. He wonders why Yo han had Ba-reum’s photos on his wall.


Mu Chi waits outside Yo Han’s house and notices Hong Ju go inside. He calls her saying he got a warrant for the suspect’s arrest. After she leaves, he waits for Sung Yo Han to make his move. Sung Yo Han helps Dr Daniel up and removes all the crime scene photos. He drives out of his home.

Shin’s fiance creates a minor accident and asks the police to check the car. They find nothing in the trunk. 

At present Mu Chi wonders what was the blood in Sung yo Han’s car.


Sung Yo han drives to an abandoned hospital. He helps Daniel Lee out from the secret compartment in his trunk. He moves Daniel to the abandoned hospital and helps him onto a bed. He then goes out and burns the document from the Human genetic testing lab.

At present, Mu Chi looks at the envelope he got from the Genetic Testing Lab.

Sung Yo Han speaks to Jae Hee, “Jae Hee. We are the only ones left in this world now.”

Ba-reum frowns after he hears this.

Bong Yi is at home. She recalls slashing the killer on his left hand. 

Ba-reum returns home with a bad headache. He picks up his mother’s photo (holding him as an infant) and cries hard.

Bong Yi goes to the precinct and asks Shin to check Sung Yo Han’s report for a scar on his left hand. He says it is not there. He also mentions that her statement doesn’t include the cut on the killer’s hand. Bong Yi is taken aback. She asks why Sung Yo Han was a suspect when she clearly mentioned that she slit his hand. She recalls telling Ba-reum and he said he would add it to the statement. Shin asks whom she mentioned this to. She tells him she might have made a mistake. She wonders if ba-reum forgot about it and she walks out.

Mu Chi goes to the correctional facility to investigate Chi Kook’s crime scene. he wonders how the killer manages to move an unconscious man all the way to the auditorium to put him in the box. 

Bong Yi goes to Ba-reum’s house. 

Han agrees to see Sung Ji Eun. She walks into see him. 

Bong Yi finds Ba-reum fast asleep on the couch holding a photo in his hand. She slowly pulls back his sleeve and is horrified to find the scar on his hand exactly where she had slashed the killer. She clamps a hand on her mouth and falls back in terror.

Mu chi wonders if the magic box was in the shower room and the killer put the body inside here. Herealises that he was thinking about the timeline from what Ba Reum had told him. He sees that Ba-reum could have been lying about it all along. he wonders why Ba-reum lied.

Bong Yi gets up slowly and turns around to leave. She stops as Ba-reum reaches out and clasps her wrist.

Mu Chi stops in his tracks as he wonders if Jung Ba-reum was the one who attacked Na Chi Kook.

Image Courtesy-TVN


It looks like the OZ organisation used Sung Yo Han and Ba-reum as test subjects to prove Dr Daniel Lee’s theory. They triggered Ba-reum’s psychopath gene to use him as a case study to push ahead with the bill.

Song Soo Hoo did not kill anyone intentionally. He just wanted to create a world without psychopaths so no one else had to die like his sister.

Dr Daniel Lee and Sung Yo Han’s plotline was a mystery till now but it came together well in the end. It was just Daniel and Sung Yo Han who were trying to stop Ba-reum from killing. They didnt go to the police as OZ was a black operation.

The mystery body which Sung Yo Han disposed of in the water body was a member of the OZ organisation. The contents of the envelope from the genetic lab hasnt been revealed yet but it has got Mu Chi puzzled. Daniel Lee, Sung Yo Han and Kim came clean in this episode.

Daniel has filled Hong Ju in about Sung Yo Han being innocent. I am curious to see how much information he has revealed to her and what her plans are.

Hong Ju sent the tape to the government under the assumption that Yo Han was a murderer. She is bound to feel guilty for suspecting him. It looks like Ba-reum is alive now because she sent the tape to the government.

All the flashback scenes in this episode were a good watch as they neatly tied up the loose ends.

It was interesting to see Ba-reum giving an explanation to Mu Chi about him being present at the crime scenes. He spoke the truth except for the part where he killed the victims. He almost had Mu Chi convinced. Mu Chi’s investigations were a good watch in this episode. His interrogation was not sloppy but the situation was so complicated and he ended up cutting Ba-reum some slack.

Sung Yo Han poured his heart out to Jae Hee without knowing that she can reproduce full conversations easily. His word choice was interesting as it leads one to believe that he may be Jae Hee’s brother.

With just two more episodes to go, this drama has managed to keep the suspense intact.

-By Soul Sword-

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