Mouse Episode 19 Recap

(Episode 19- Kim Joon Sung’s laptop)


Sung Ji Eun wakes up in the hospital after giving birth. She is worried if the baby will turn out like Han Seo Joon. She tries to throw the baby out of the window.

Just then, a nurse rushes in and stops her. Sung Ji eun recognises her as the woman she met in Dr Daniel’s office. The woman is still pregnant. She says she is worried if the baby will turn out to be a monster. Earlier in the day, she has seen a boy (Woo Hyun Chul) kill his mother by pushing her out of the window.

At present, Sung Ji Eun meets Han. She says Park has Han’s grandchild. She says he will kill the baby if Han doesn’t say where Park’s daughter is buried. Han says he doesn’t care if Park kills the child. Sung Ji Eun begs him to tell the location. She says the child is Han’s blood. Han says he has no ties with him.


Han walks away despite Choi Young Shin begging him to operate on Ba-reum.

Later in prison, Han feels his hands are going rigid. He watches a mouse run out of the fence. Later a guard brings him to the outdoor shower room. Han follows a mouse which runs into the grate. Han looks into the grate and finds Ba-reum’s MP3 player. He puts on the earphones and is surprised to hear the same song which he used to play for the foetus. Han tells the guard that he changed his mind.

At night, Han is secretly brought into the hospital. The doctor leaves him for a bit. Han overpowers the guard and knocks him out cold. He takes a scalpel and walks out wearing a doctor’s coat.

As he is near SUng Yo Han’s room, he hears SUng Ji Eun apologising to Yo Han for bringing him up Han’s son. She says if she hadn’t done such a thing, Yo Han would have lived a happy life with his family. She says she should have killed Jung Ba-reum with her own hands. She says she shouldn’t have felt guilt for that monster.

Han is furious that Sung Ji-Eun tried to deceive him. He decides to save Jung Ba-reum as he is Han’s offspring.

AT the operation theatre, Han asks the surgeon for an active brain. The surgeon says there is no active brain available. Han asks for Sung Yo Han’s brain. The surgeon is shocked as he says Yo Han is on the road to recovery. Han says the public doesn’t want to see him alive and says he will walk out if he isn’t given Yo Han’s brain. When it is pointed out that Sung Yo Han is his son, Han says Sung Yo Han can do this as an act of redemption.

Soon, Han performs brain transplant surgery on Ba-reum.

At present, Sung Ji Eun is horrified when she hears that Han harvested Sung Yo Han’s brain when he was alive. She starts yelling hysterically asking him to bring back her son. Han says he brought back Jung Ba-reum, their son. Sung Ji-eun is stumped. He says this is what she gets for crossing him. The guards come in and drag a hysteric Sung Ji-Eun out of the room. Han laughs after she leaves.

Mu Chi goes to the correctional facility and questions the prison doctor. He learns that the blood samples of prisoners were still in the room when SUng Yo Han had visited him. He is told that Han’s blood sample was contaminated so they were unable to check it. The doctor said this happens when there is too little blood or if there is a foreign substance present.

Later at the Genetic Lab Mu Chi checks the DNA results which states that Sung Yo Han is not Han’s son. There is another report which has a result which states that the two samples are of mother and son. Mu Chi is confused as he wonders whose sample this was.

Ba-reum cries hard as he holds a photo of his mother holding her baby.

Earlier, Jae Hee had repeated Sung Yo Han’s words, “Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Jae Hee, we are the only ones left in this world now. You are the only family I have left Jae Hee. Jae Hee, we are the only ones left in this world. I have something to do. Once I am done with that, I will come back to you. The two of us can finally be happy together.”

Ba-reum is shocked as he walks out of the orphanage. He recalls Han telling him not to let Yo Han take over. He realises that he is Han’s son, not Yo Han. Ba-reum remembers Jae Hoon’s mother telling him to live an upright life before she died. Ba-reum cries hard holding the photo.

Later, Bong Yi sees the scar on Ba-reum’s hand and she falls in shock. Ba-reum holds her hand when she is about to leave. He sees that she is trembling. He hugs her as he realises she must have seen the scar.

She pushes him away and asks why he is hugging her after dumping her. She says she came to tell him that Mu Chi knows Ba-reum killed Kang Duk Soo. Ba-reum says he told Mu Chi about it. Bong Yi says she had come here for nothing and rushes out. Ba-reum weeps in sorrow after she leaves.

Bong Yi cries after she leaves Ba-reum’s house. Bong Yi takes a stone in her hand. She drops it as she tells herself that Ba-reum is not the only one with a scar on his hand.

Sung Ji Eun staggers down the road.


The nurse and Sung Ji Eun talk in the hospital. The nurse says she saw the boy push his mother out of the window but she couldn’t call the police. Sung Ji Eun says she should kill their babies before they become monsters. She tells the nurse to keep an eye on the baby and kill it if it shows signs. The nurse cries as she tells Sung Ji EUn to take good care of her baby.

At present, Sung Ji Eun cries.

It is morning as Hong Ju returns from work. The security guard asks if she found her baby. She rushes to the police station and watches the footage of Park’s wife with the baby. She runs over to the hospital and is relieved to find out that the baby is fine. She is told the guardian is hurt badly.

Hong Ju walks into Park’s wife’s room. She holds her hand and calls her mother. She apologises to her mother. Her mother opens her eyes. Hong Ju cries as she apologises for leaving her brother Hyun Suk alone. She says she was scared and didn’t know how to face her parents.

Hong Ju comes out of her mother’s room. Just then, Sung Ji Eun calls her up and tells her that he took the baby.

Hong Ju runs out but stops in the lobby as she sees her father Detective Park get out of the cab with her baby. Park hands over the baby to Hong Ju after learning that she is the baby’s mother.

Park says his wife is very sick and he apologises for what has happened. He says he will take the punishment on her behalf. She cries as she watches Park walk away.

Mu Chi goes to the outdoor shower room. He knows that Sung Yo Han came to collect Han’s blood sample and not to kill Na Chi Kook. After deliberating for a few minutes he wonders if Ba-reum is the killer.

Ba-reum goes to the Ministry of Science and ICT. He recalls that Kim had hacked into finance team 3. The office says there are only 2 financial teams.

Mu Chi meets Shin at a cafe because he is under suspension. Shin brings up the incident and says he feels Ba-reum might not be the killer. Mu Chi decides against telling him.

SHin hands him a photo of boot print (evidence from Mujin murder case). Mu Chi compares it to Ba-reum’s boot print. It is a match.

Meanwhile, the chief receives Detective Lee’s letter of resignation. The Chief tells Kang and Shin that this is suspicious and they should look into Ba-reum.

Hong Ju and Sung Ji-eun converse at a secluded place in a park. Sung Ji-eun cries as she says she wanted to see Yo Han’s baby.

Hong Ju says Yo Han tried to commit suicide just because he was Han’s son.


Dr Daniel Lee tells Hong Ju that Han’s son is Ba-reum and not Yo Han. He says he saw a photo of Ba-reum as an infant wearing the onesie (embroidered with the word blessing) which Daniel’s mother had handmade for Han’s baby. He says the mothers might have swapped the children.

At present, Hong Ju accuses Sung Ji Eun of quietly watching SUng Yo Han live in pain. She says she is not like Sung Ji Eun. She says she won’t let her child wrongfully live as a murderer’s son. She says she will make it right personally.

Hong Ju visits Han in prison. Han tells her that it is nice to see her again after she left him abruptly last time. He asks if she got her baby back from her father. She says her father is not a monster like Han.

Han says Hong Ju is more like Han than her father.


The victim Song Soo Jung frees Park Hyun Ju/Hong Ju’s bond and helps her out of the place where they are held, hostage. Hyun Ju runs out but gets caught again.

She wakes up back in the same place but Song Soo Jung is gone. She recalls being told that the blade is hidden in the same room so they can use it if they are caught again. She cuts herself free and runs away. She runs into town and sees the news of Han’s arrest.

At present, Han says he assumed that she starved to death in there, but she got free. He says she could have killed him back then. He says Mu Chi wouldn’t have had the trauma and her child would have grown up with a father.

Hong Ju says she will kill Han in the most cruellest way possible. He smiles as he asks how she plans to do that. She walks away after asking him to look forward to it as it will exceed his expectations.

Ba-reum returns home and replays Kim’s voice message on Yo Han’s burner phone. He recalls taking Kim’s laptop from Kim’s house.

Ba-reum opens the laptop and finds some Ebooks in it. Ba-reum searches the web for Kitty Cafe.

Mu Chi watches the whiteboard and he tries to shake away the thought that Ba-reum could be a serial killer.

Bong Yi is at her home. She finds it difficult to believe that Ba-reum is the killer. She thinks she should find evidence to prove Ba-reum’s innocence.

She recalls Mu Chi telling her that Sung Yo Han killed her granny over a photo that granny had stumbled upon. He said granny had held on to the dead victim’s photo even in death.

Later, Bong Yi goes to the precinct. Shin shows her the photo which granny held on to. Bong Yi takes a look at the picture and recognises the button which granny had sewed onto Ba-reum’s shirt. She realises Ba-reum had killed her because granny found out that he is the killer. Bong Yi returns the photo back to Shin saying she found nothing important. She then asks him about granny’s brooch.

Bong Yi comes to Ba-reum’s house with a knife. She finds the house empty.

Ba-reum drives his car into the ferry. OZ follows him. Ba-reum gets out and walks into the ferry. OZ follows him. A few minutes later, the ferry leaves and OZ frantically searches for Ba-reum. Ba-reum is on the shore watching the ferry start its journey with OZ on it.

Ba-reum switches of the phone and takes a flight to Jeju Island. He walks up to an oyster shop and finds his aunt’s child HunSook playing outside. He had located them using the Kitty Cafe website.

Both of them walk into the shop. His aunt is shocked to see him. Han Sook plays outside as Ba-reum walks up to his aunt. She reaches for the knife but he pushes it away. She trembles in fear as he asks her who she is. Just then Hun Sook steps in saying he can’t find his playmate.

Later, Ba-reum speaks with his aunt. She says she was a former fencer who the organisation recruited. She says she was appointed to a private operation within OZ.

She says she was given Ba-reum’s case after Song Soo Ho quit the job when he accidentally killed Ba-reum’s family. She had to take Jae Hoon/Ba-reum under her wing. She says she was to keep an eye on every movement Jae-hoon makes and report it to the higher-ups. She had changed his social security number too.


The aunt watches Jae-hoon kill a puppy and stab it. After he sleeps she goes to a secret room and reports his activities.

At present, she says she was scared so she made Ba-reum move out as quick as possible. She says she got married and had Hoon Suk. She says she never thought Ba-reum would run into Hoon Sook. She says she went to see her mother who was sick when Ba-reum took Hoon Suk home.

She says she was shocked when she learnt that Ba-reum had taken Hoon Suk home. She had tried to come and save her child but the members of OZ had held her back as it will ruin their experiment.

She says she quit her job the next day and they told her to tell Ba-reum that she is going to the US.

Ba-reum says he feels like he was a part of, “The Truman Show”. He asks if they purposely hit him with a car so he doesn’t contact Sung Yo Han. His aunt says they did not want Sung Yo Han to tell Ba-reum everything. She says they would have killed Yo Han even if Mu Chi hadn’t shot Yo Han. She says she heard them speak that they got to the location late and Mu Chi had already shot Yo Han.

He asks how could a person takes things this far. She says the person has a very strong belief and she also agreed with it once.

Meanwhile, Mu Chi notes that the first murder was close to Ba-reum’s previous residence. He realises that Bareum’s personality had changed after surgery and he forgot that he was a killer. He wonders if he was wrong in killing Sung Yo Han. He tells himself that Sung Yo Han tried to kill Ba-reum. He then recalls Sung Yo Han saying, “Hwamiji” before passing out.

AT the precinct, Shin tells the chief that Ba-reum was home with his cousin on the day of Kang Duk Soo’s murder. The chief tells him to check all CCTVs around Ba-reum’s house on the days of the murders.

Shin goes to Ba-reum’s house in an attempt to get the CCTV footage of one of the cams. Though it is illegal to obtain footage from one of the private cameras, he breaks into Ba-reum’s house to obtain it. He finds Kim’s laptop in Ba-reum’s house. He notices that Kim’s laptop was not there at the crime scene. He takes it with him and goes back to the precinct.

The Chief and Detective Kang are out in the countryside to investigate Kang Suk Soo’s murder’s first witness’s death. Shin tries calling them but they are out of reach.

He goes through a laptop and finds Wizard of OZ among the e-books. He is unable to open the file. He contacts the forensic lab to run a check on the laptop but they say they are busy and will do it later. Shin calls up Mu Chi.

Mu Chi is at Ba-reum’s old house which is in rubbles. He does not pick up Shin’s call. He asks the workers if they found anything odd while demolishing the house. They say that the previous owner asked the same after going to the basement. Mu Chi gets Ba-reum’s identity confirmed using a photo on his phone.

Mu chi finds something amidst the rubble.

Meanwhile, Ba-reum’s aunt gives him the file OZ maintained on Jung Ba-reum and Sung Yo Han. She says she kept it as insurance for Hoon Suk’s safety.

Ba-reum reads through the notes that Song Soo Hoo maintained. He reads of Song Soo Ho showing his face to Sung Ji Eun when he saved the foetus. Song Soo Ho had switched with the person watching Kim Hee Jung. It mentions that Jae Hoon had shown signs of a predator while Sung Yo Han was determined not to become a psychopath. They stopped monitoring Sung Yo Han.

They used camera, wiretaps and cloned phones. It is written in the report that Ba-reum’s instincts and suppressed and he needs a trigger. The trigger was Song Soo Ho who murdered Ba-reum’s family.


Sung Yo Han calls the cops from the payphone and informs them that a person was stabbed and it might be Daniel Lee. He watches from afar and sees a group of Men from OZ come to the location.

Later, Sung Yo Han tries calling the reporters to inform the same. Again the men from OZ arrive at the location.

At present Ba-reum realises that is why Sung Yo Han came to him alone. Ba-reum checks the file his aunt gave him.

Shin is still at the precinct late at night. The forensic staff tell him that they will run the check on the laptop tomorrow. Shin wonders if people are looking down on him because of his father losing the election. 

Just then, Detective Lee rushes in and stops in his tracks after seeing Shin. He explains that he is here to get his things.

Shin says he has to leave and walks out with the laptop. Lee notices the laptop in his hand. Shin is overjoyed when he receives a call from his wife and finds out that they are having a girl baby. Lee rushes towards Shin and tries to get him to go to a drink. Shin is persistent and refuses to go with him.

After Shin goes away, Lee calls up someone and tells them that Shin has taken the laptop.

Shin buys shoes for the baby and walks drives back.

Mu Chi drops what he found amidst the rubble at the forensic centre and walks out. He wonders why Shin had called him. He calls up Shin.

Shin walks into the parking lot when a man runs into him. He tries to grab the laptop from Shin. Shin tries to fight him but the man stabs him multiple time. the man runs away with the laptop leaving Shin in a pool of blood.

Shin’s death is reported on the news. 

Mu Chi rushes to the crime scene. The Chief and Kang hold him back. 

The news says that the trophies from Kang Duk Soo, Lee Jae Shik and Kim Byung Tae were found near Shin’s body.

Bong Yi watches the news and she is furious at Ba-reum.

Kang tells Mu Chi that neither he nor the chief received his calls as they were in the countryside. Mu Chi suspects Ba-reum when he hears that the victim’s things were found beside Shin. Kang says Shin wanted to report a laptop to forensics but the laptop is missing.

Jus then, Bong Yi receives a call from Ba-reum. He asks her why she had called him that many times. She asks him where he is. He says he is coming home. She hangs up.

Mu Chi checks the CCTV and finds Lee trying to stop Shin from leaving. Mu Chi tells them that Shin died because of the laptop. The chief tells he had asked Shin to check the CCTV around Ba-reum’s house. Mu Chi says that this is Ba-reum’s doing. 

Kang stops him and says Ba-reum was in Jeju island during the incident and he confirmed it on camera. The doctor comes to dress Mu Chi’s wound (he banged his hand on the pillar in fury).

The doctor gives him Ba-reum’s pillbox. He assumes it is Mu Chi’s and he says these medicines are why Mu Chi’s emotions are not in control.

Bong Yi comes into Ba-reum’s house with a knife. She finds the house empty. Suddenly, someone grabs her from behind and she loses consciousness.

At the precinct, Mu Chi recognises the pillbox as Ba-reum’s. The doctor says the bottle is labelled as a painkiller but tablets inside block serotonin production. He says serotonin is a hormone that suppresses our violent nature. He says low serotonin brings out the violent nature.

Mu chi goes to Ba-reum’s doctor. The doctor says he prescribed pain killers and he isn’t responsible if the patient fills other medicines in the box. Mu Chi walks away. He walks back in and finds the doctor on the phone. Mu Chi asks if the low serotonin medicine can be obtained without a prescription. The doctor immediately walks out after saying that one of his patients is in a critical condition.

After the doctor leaves, Mu Chi hits redial on the phone. The call goes unanswered. He notes down the number.

The doctor receives a call and he says he didn’t make the call. He is flustered as he rushes to the pharmacy. He asks the staff if Mu Chi had asked any questions about the prescription. 


Mu Chi had asked the pharmacy staff if this prescription was filled here as the contents don’t match the label. He is told that this prescription was brought in by the doctor himself and the pharmacy didn’t fill it.

Later, Kang says that the number is from a burner phone and is pinging off 3 locations. Mu Chi visits all three locations. 

Mu Chi goes to the third location and finds a building on a large campus. Mu Chi stands outside and makes a call. He looks up to see Choi Young Shin’s car come out of the premises. He catches a glimpse of her as the car passes by.

Choi Young Shin comes home and finds Ba-reum waiting for her. She asks him what he is doing here. Ba-reum says Daniel Lee had given him a paper with the next target and had mentioned that this person was the top class predator.

Ba-reum says it had this address on it.

Image courtesy- TVN


It was revealed that Ba-reum is Han’s son. The way Han found out that Ba-reum was his son was quite a stretch but it got the plot ahead. 

The scene where Sung Ji Eun visits Han was well-made as it showed the monstrous side of Han again when he made a dreadful revelation. Sung Yo Han was killed to save Ba-reum. It was pathetic how Yo Han ended up as one of the head hunter’s victims. This time Han had the full support of OZ to do it. Han once again proves that he is a true psychopath by ruthlessly asking for Sung Yo Han’s brain when he was alive. It is shocking to see the doctor and the others involved agreeing to Han’s request which proves that they are no less than him. Han seems to have finally got his revenge on his wife by killing Sung Yo Han.

It looks like Sung Ji Eun and Kim Hee Jung decided to swap the babies and raise them so that they could kill the other person’s child easily (if it shows psychopathic signs) without emotion getting in their way.

Sung Yo Han ended up having the most pathetic life out of all the characters. It was unfair of Sung Ji Eun to raise Sung Yo Han as Han’s son. Yo Han ended up being suicidal and probably had a lot of unnecessary trauma because of her decision. At a point, even the OZ had stopped following Yo Han because he was harmless but Sung Ji Eun made no attempts to tell Yo Han the truth.

Hong Ju mentioned that she could not face her parents because she abandoned her brother when they were abducted. She chose to let them suffer in silence even after becoming an adult though she knew Park and his wife were searching everywhere for her all these years. I am curious to see her plans to bring down the headhunter. 

Sung Yo Han’s innocence has to be proved and the fact that he is not Han’s son also has to be brought to light. I wonder what happened to Dr Daniel Lee. 

This episode was well made as it was full of emotional turmoil with the characters unearthing truths that have been hidden for a long time. 

Bong Yi, Mu Chi and the police team have doubts about Ba-reum at the beginning of the episode as they could not believe that Ba-reum was capable of being a serial killer. Towards the end, Mu Chi and Bong Yi slowly turned against Ba-reum when they discovered evidence. 

It was revealed that Ba-reum’s medications caused him to be more violent than usual. They seem to be triggering him and Mu Chi has stumbled upon this conspiracy. Mu Chi and the team are enraged at Shin’s tragic death and it looks like they will give it all to get to the bottom of it.

Ba-reum made discoveries of his own and the scenes leading up to it was a good watch. Song Soo Ho was originally watching over Sung Ji Eun and later switched to Ba-reum’s mother because Sung Ji Eun saw his face. Ba-reum’s aunt was Song Soo Ho’s replacement after he quit. Ba-reum got to know about the details of the experiment from his aunt so he is right now up to date on what is going on around him. It looks like the aunt had more information for Ba-reum as to the reason why OZ was formed and why the person in charge of it decided to carry on such an inhuman operation. I hope the person responsible for it gets a fitting ending.

I look forward to seeing how everything comes together when the drama wraps up next week.

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