Mouse Episode 19 Recap

(Episode 19- Kim Joon Sung's laptop) Flashback Sung Ji Eun wakes up in the hospital after giving birth. She is worried if the baby will turn out like Han Seo Joon. She tries to throw the baby out of the window. Just then, a nurse rushes in and stops her. Sung Ji eun recognises her… Continue reading Mouse Episode 19 Recap


Mouse Episode 18 Recap

(Episode 18- Please Give me Some Time) Sung Yo Han reads Ba-reum's diary. He finds a detailed account of Ba-reum's thoughts and sketches of the murders in it. He reads an entry that says he lost the top of the class to someone else (Sung Yo Han). It says Jae Hoon wanted to be like… Continue reading Mouse Episode 18 Recap


Mouse Episode 17 Recap

(The Guryeong Family Massacre) Song Soo Hoo is cleaning the boxing club's floor when Ba-reum walks in wearing the black outfit. Ba-reum asks him why Song killed Ba-reum's family. Ba-reum says he became a cop to track him down and he has been searching for him always. Ba-reum challenges him to a match. He beats… Continue reading Mouse Episode 17 Recap


Mouse Episode 16 Recap

Jae Hoon sleeps in his room. A bell (bicycle?) keeps ringing in the background. His body is covered in bruises. He wakes up to see his mother sitting in front of him. She puts the pillow over his face and suffocates him. He thrashes in resistance and then goes still. At present, Mu Chi watches… Continue reading Mouse Episode 16 Recap

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Vincenzo- Series Review

Genre- Action, Comedy, Law, Crime Vincenzo follows the story of consigliere Vincenzo Cassano, who returns to Korea after cutting ties with his adoptive Mafia family. Vincenzo returns to Korea with the same bitterness that he left it. He has an ulterior motive behind coming here- Lots of gold stashed in a secret room underneath a… Continue reading Vincenzo- Series Review