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Happiness – Episode 3 Recap

Yi Hyun, Han ang Kim reach the facility. Han obtains a gun from the soldier. Yi Hyun asks for the flash grenade. They rush into the Dormitory block. As they get in, a siren sounds and all the soldiers rush outside. Yi Hyun follows them. Meanwhile, Sae Bom spots Seung Young sitting on the floor… Continue reading Happiness – Episode 3 Recap

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Happiness – Episode 2 Recap

Han visits what looks like a murder scene at the homeless shelter. The soldiers are zipping up the body bags as Han walks into the building. A sermon is running on the TV and the place is stained with blood. Ji-soo walks in and says that one of the members had pneumonia and he took the… Continue reading Happiness – Episode 2 Recap

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Jai Bhim- Movie Review

Genre- Legal, crime, Drama Language- Tamil, Hindi, Telugu Jai Bhim is based on the true happenings of a court case that took place in 1993 in Tamil Nadu. The case was handled by Justice K.Chandru who was a lawyer then at the Madras High Court, Tamil Nadu.  Summary The movie follows a minority tribal community called Irulars who reside in… Continue reading Jai Bhim- Movie Review

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Happiness – Episode 1 Recap

Genre- Thriller. Fantasy. Drama Happiness - episode 1 Recap Police cars arrive at Seyang High School. The school's pride and ace baseball player Jung Hi Hyun (Park Hyung-Sik) is perched on the roof. He can't continue to play baseball due to a bad knee. Yi Hyun refuses to cooperate with the police officer. Meanwhile, in the classroom, Yoon… Continue reading Happiness – Episode 1 Recap

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Happiness- Recap Index

Genre- Thriller, Drama, Fantasy, Cast- Han Hyo-Joo, Park Hyung-Sik, Jo Woo-Jin Happiness Recap Index Happiness Episode 1 Recap Happiness Episode 2 Recap Happiness Episode 3 Recap Happiness Episode 4 Recap Happiness Episode 5 Recap Happiness Episode 6 Recap Happiness Episode 7 Recap Happiness Episode 8 Recap Happiness Episode 9 Recap Happiness Episode 10 Recap Happiness… Continue reading Happiness- Recap Index