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Flower of Evil Episode 14 Recap


Jung Mi Sook is tied up against a tree and her mouth is taped. Do Min Seok shows Hee Sung Jung Mi Sook’s missing person pamphlet. Hee Sung bites his nails as Do Min Seok says this wouldn’t have happened if someone hadn’t witnessed Jung Mi Sook’s abduction. Hee Sung admits he is at fault. Do Min Seok tells Hee Sung to clean up his mess.

He tells Hee Sung to deal with Jung Mi Sook at the edge of the cliff and then turn himself in. Hee Sung looks at him in shock and Jung Min Sook struggles in her bonds. Do Min Seok tells him to tell the police that she fell off the cliff while running for her life. He adds that a good lawyer will get Hee Sung a bargain. Hee Sung looks at him in disbelief and Do Min Seok says it wasn’t a suggestion.

Hee Sung suggests that they should ask Do Hyun Su to do it as he does everything his father asks. Do Min Seok Takes out and his penknife and jabs it in Hee Sun’s abdomen. Hee Sung looks up in alarm but the blade is not out. Do min Seok reminds him that he could have killed him just now. He tells Hee Sung not to mention Hyun Su and just do as he asks. Hee Sung nods. Do Min Seok tells Hee Sung to finish the job and walks away.

After Do Min Seok leaves, Hee Sung has an insane look on his face.


Hee Sung watches Choi questioning his mother. Choi asks if she suspects anyone. Mi-Ja says it is Do Hyun Su. Choi is taken aback. Mi-Ja shakes as she continues to talk. She says they took him in because he had no stable family. She says her husband and she needed someone to care for. She says Do Hyun Su lived as their son Baek Hee Sung for 15 years.

At the workshop, Hyun Su holds the knife against Ji-won’s neck and says he won’t trust anybody from now on. He tells her to raise her hands slowly. She tells him not to do this as it will get him nowhere.

Tears run down his eyes as Do Hyun Su asks if she thinks she can talk him out of this. He walks her to the CCTV monitor and makes her pull out the cables. Both of them look at the camera before she pulls out the last cable. Ji-won pulls out the last cable.

Hyun Su drops the knife and takes deep breaths. Ji-won is puzzled as he runs over to the closet and grabs a coat. He walks up to her and asks her to give him one day and says he will be back. 

Ji-won gives him an outrageous look as she reminds him he just held a knife at her throat. Hyun Su says this was the best way to explain she isn’t his accomplice. Ji-won asks how he dared to hold a knife at her throat.

Hyun Su takes the knife and clutches it hard before pulling it away. He opens his hand and shows that there is not a drop of blood. He says it hasn’t been sharpened.

Ji-won says she didn’t know that. She says all that matters to her is that he threatened her life. Hyun Su says that they have known each other for just 14 years, so of course she would be clueless about his intentions. He says he thought she would at least be able to put two and two together.

Ji-won looks at him in disbelief as she asks if he is angry at her. Hyun Su raises his voice saying he doesn’t have a right to be angry at her when he is a clumsy fool who leaves his fingerprints behind for his wife’s co-workers to find.

She tells him this isn’t the time to be emotional. He steps forward asking if he is behaving emotionally. He says he couldn’t be more rational right now.

Hyun Su then apologises to her. He says Jung Mi Sook is alive and Yeom is having her. He says the police will soon be here and they don’t have time. He says he can’t explain it in detail. He says he will catch the accomplice himself and come back to her.

Ji-won holds his hand and cuffs her hands along with his. She says she is not letting him go. Just then, they hear the police sirens.

Choi and the team rush into the workshop and check the CCTV footage. Choi notices the closet door closed in the footage. He sees that the door is ajar now. He searches the closet but finds nothing. The team heads outside. They disperse, leaving behind two officers to guard the entrance.

Hyun Su watches from the secret door behind the closet. Ji-won says it isn’t too late now. She suggests they go outside. He says

Jung Mi Sook will die if he gets arrested. He asks her to uncuff him. She says she needs an explanation first.

Hyun Su says he needs just one day. She asks what he can do in a day. He says he will put everything back where it belongs. He says he needs her to trust him.

She gives him a long look before saying she will go with him. He asks about the handcuffs and she says she is willing to hear him out but that is all she is willing to compromise.

They come out of the secret room and she says they will need cash. They sneak up tot he rooftop and head out of the house. She then stops and asks him what is the secret door.

She asks what else she doesn’t know. Hyun Su asks if she cant uncuff him. She says she knows he will run away leaving her behind. He asks if it is that hard to trust him. She says it is because she knows him well. He tells her to take her Police ID off. When she removes it, a cyclist rides too close to her and Hyun Su pulls her out of the way. She drops the ID card and the cycle runs over the card, breaking it.

Back at the station, Yoon and Lee are told reprimanded for not knowing that Do Hyun Su was right in front of them. Yoon explains that Do Hyun Su lived as someone else. They are asked if Ji-won had no clue about Do Hyun Su’s identity. Yoon vouches for her. Lee is told their team will be disciplined.

Later, Yoon asks if Ji-won really didn’t know that it was her husband who tipped them off about Yeom. Lee remembers Choi creating a scene before the raid. He had mentioned she knew everything and yet manipulated them.

Lee says he is sure she didn’t know about it.

Yoon addresses the 5 teams and gives them instructions. He says the first priority must be to keep Ji-won safe.

Meanwhile, Ji-won and Hyun Su take a cab. The cab driver notices their hands together and says they will get heat rashes. Hyun Su says his girlfriend doesn’t like to let go of him. Ji-won says she gets anxious when he is out of her sight.

At Do Min Seok’s basement, Jung Mi Sook screams as Yeom throws her into the cage and locks her in. He asks her what she told the guy who called. She says she just gave him her name and said nothing more. He asks if she told him where they were. Jung Mi Sook says she dint as she doesn’t know where they are.

Suddenly, she remembers that the basement is familiar. the rope on the floor jogs her memory. She remembers Do Min Seok and Hee Sung peering through the cage looking at her. Do Min Seok held a hound dog leash.

Jung Mi Sook tells Yeom that she remembers being here. She says they had locked her up. She begs to be released and asks him to let her out. She realises he doesn’t intend to help and she starts screaming when he walks away.

At his home, Hee Sung tells his mother that the statute of limitations has expired for both car accident and manslaughter. He says he will miraculously wake up when all this is over.

Mi-Ja asks if he is sure everything will go the way he wants. Hee Sung says he is sure. He says Hyun Su is wanted for murder and is guilty of identity theft. He says Hyun Su is guilty already. She asks if it is really over and he smiles as he tells her to do well when she gives her statement to the police. She watches him as he smiles saying she has to sound sincere as they practised. 

Just then, Hee Sung receives a call from Yeom saying that he has Jung Mi Sook with him. Hee Sung’s eyes widen in shock.

He then gathers himself and says he forgot about Jung Mi Sook. Yeom asks him to bring 500000 dollars in cash at midnight and they can make the payment. Hee Sung says he will be generous and gather what he can.

Kang (Chief of police) walks into a restaurant for a meeting. he is surprised to see Man Woo present there.

Ji-won and Hyun Su walk down a corridor of a motel. She says there are monitors everywhere. Hyun Su says she is making it obvious they are being chased. She says it looks like he has practised numerous times. Hyun Su stops and uses his keycard to open the room.

Kim brings Hae Soo to his house. She hesitates before coming in. He asks her to come in. he says now is not the time to complain that his house is uncomfortable. He says a serial killer may be lurking around her place. 

He shows her into a room and says he will change the sheets. She says she will sleep on the couch. He says he knows she is uncomfortable with him around. He says he wants her to lock her door when she sleeps.

Hae Soo says she always hurts him and uses him when she needs him. She says she shouldn’t do that to him. She says her life is a burden on others.

Just then, Kim receives a call from Kang, who seems furious. She asks if he really didn’t know about Do Hyun Su.

Meanwhile, reporters crowd around Do Hyun Su and Ji-won’s house. Forensics team are all over the place. A reporter reports that murderer Do Hyun Su has been living as Baek Hee Sung. He says Hyun Su approached Ji-won and married her. He states that Hyun Su is holding her hostage now.

Detective Lee visits Ji-won’s mother and gives her the update. Ji-won’s mother is shocked hearing this and she holds Eun-ha close to her.

At the hotel room, Ji-won sits beside Hyun Su and she asks what his plan is. He says a fugitive will never tell a cop his plan. She looks up at him. He says he knows that nothing he says is worth anything to someone who suspects him.

Hyun Su starts to say he is sorry but he corrects himself. He says he isn’t sorry at all because he doesn’t know why these things happen to him.

Ji-won asks why he keeps getting angry on her. She asks if he knows how she felt when she saw his fingerprint on the tape. 

Hyun Su says his fingerprints are not on the database. Ji-won says she suspected him so she checked. She asks if it is wrong. She says anyone in her position would have done the same. Hyun Su says, “You are not anyone to me.” 

Hyun Su’s eyes well up as he says he didn’t care when others hated him for no reason but he couldn’t be more devastated now because it is her.

Ji-won asks how she can trust him blindly when she doesn’t have all the facts. She asks him how he expects her to know what he thinks and feels. She says he gives her too much credit. She says she thought about taking him to the Police Station because it is the safest place. She asks why he is angry with her. She says she won’t know if he doesn’t tell her. Ji-won starts crying.

Hyun Su looks at her and says, “Ji-won… I didn’t kill Park Soon Young. I didn’t kill Park Soon Young.” Ji-won pulls him into a hug and cries.

Man Woo talks to Chief Kang over a meal. He says he didn’t know about Park So Young. He says he wouldn’t have given Hyun Su his son’s identity if he knew who Hyun Su was. Kang is told that Man Woo shouldn’t be accused or suspected. Man Woo interrupts his saying he is more concerned about Detective Cha.

Kim walks into his office and is greeted by stares from his colleagues. Kang yells at him for hiding a murder suspect and using him as a source. Kim says there must be more to this. She says Hyun Su took his wife as a hostage to save himself. He says Hyun Su received a call and he went to Makmun Dong to check out the place. Kang says Park Soo Young’s hair was found in the trunk of his car.

Ji-won has removed Hyun Su’s handcuffs. Hyun Su stands by the door as he explains that he got a call. He says the caller is the accomplice and has framed him. He tells her about the dashcam in the car by the payphone. he says there is a record of the phone call he made to the owner.

Ji-won says the killer is meticulous and asks if he would have made such a mistake. He says the man would have had his face covered. She asks him how he is sure the woman from the phonecall is Jung Mi Sook. 

Hyun Su pulls out a chair and sits across her. He says the woman didn’t seem like she was lying. Hyun Su says he wasn’t sure he could convince the police. He says he didn’t trust the police to prove his innocence as investigating him will be their first priority.

Hyun Su says Yeom will try to sell Jung Mi Sook to the accomplice. Ji-won asks how running away would solve this. He says it is a message he is sending to Yeom by evading the Police. He says it shows he isn’t working with the police. He says he plans to join sides with Yeom.

Meanwhile, Yeom is purchasing pliers and other tools. He watches the news in the shop which reports that Hyun Su is wanted by the police. Yeom gets into the car and he receives a call from Hyun Su. Hyun Su says Yeom set him a trap. Yeom smiles saying Hyun Su worked with the police.

Ji-won sits beside Hyun Su and listens to the conversation. Hyun Su asks how Yeom set him up. Yeom says he wasn’t the one who did it. Hyun Su asks to meet the person who did it. 

Yeom says he goes by two rules, never stand surety and never be the middleman.

Hyun Su asks if they can join forces and Yeom asks why he would do that. Hyun Su asks how Jung Mi Sook is doing. He says his merchandise is none of Hyun Su’s business.

Hyun Su says Jung Min Sook is still with Yeom. Yeom asks how he is so sure. Hyun Su says Yeom wouldn’t be alive if he had handed Jung Mi Sook over to the accomplice. He says the accomplice won’t leave him alive as he knows Yeom will keep demanding money.

Yeom says no one can easily get a one-up on him. Hyun Su says he did, but the accomplice outsmarted him. He offers to catch the accomplice while Yeom takes the money and Jung Mi Sook gets to live. Yeom says the accomplice is a dangerous person to have as an enemy and asks if he can give him something else.

Ji-won slides a note to Hyun Su, “Do not negotiate”.

Hyun Su says, “No negotiations”, and hangs up. Yeom laughs in disbelief.

Ji-won says the phonecall was going nowhere as Hyun Su had nothing else to offer. She says he got across what he got to say. Hyun Su asks if Yeom will take his offer. Ji-won says Yeom was interested in talking with him. She says he has taken Hyun Su’s side.

Yeom comes back and finds Jung Mi Sook lying in the cage with her back towards him. He puts the food down and sits down with his back against the cage. 

He tries to decide between Hyun Su and Hee Sung. He flips a coin and it lands on his hand.

Jung Mi Sook asks if he can kill her here instead of sending her to the blonde.


Do Min Seok asks Hee Sung to finish the job by the cliff and walks away. Jung Mi Sook tries to break free of the ties.

Hee Sung goes over and takes a rock from the ground. He brings it down over Do Min Seok’s head.

Jung Mi Sook tears the ropes and unties herself. Hee Sung repeatedly bangs the rock over Do Min Seok’s head. He doesn’t notice Jung Mi Sook running away.

At present, Jung Mi Sook says the blonde killed his friend when he wasn’t looking. Yeom wonders if Do Min Seok didn’t die by suicide.

Ji-won replays the conversation Hyun Su had with Yeom. Hyun Su calls the housekeeping and asks for more towels. Ji-won says she has recorded everything and though it is circumstantial evidence, it will help prove his innocence. 

Ji-won says Yeom will trust Hyun Su if she agrees to be his hostage for a longer time. Hyun Su holds out his arms and Ji-won walks into them. He hugs her and with a sad smile he says, “I love you.”

Ji-won asks why he sounds so sad. He says it is time for her to go back where he belongs. Ji-won is puzzled as she looks at him. He says he likes her idea and that she should be her hostage.

Hyun Su handcuffs her to the desk. He says he has to leave her here. Ji-won says he lied to her again. He says she can’t get involved with a scumbag like Yeom. Ji-won says she doesn’t care.

Hyun Su says he knows she will do her best to reveal the truth as a cop. He removes the watch and puts it on the table. He tells her to not even think of following him.

As he starts walking, Ji-won asks, “If you leave, I won’t see you again. I’ll never see you again. So please don’t go. Don’t leave me here by myself.” Hyun Su comes towards her and kisses her. Ji-won is teary-eyes when he puls away. He says, “I’ll be back. We will get to see each other again. Don’t say goodbye to me with such a sad face. Just wish me luck.”

Ji-won looks at him and says, “Don’t get hurt.” Hyun Su smiles slightly as he nods. He steps back and Ji-won reluctantly lets him go. He walks out of the room without giving her a second glance.

Hyun Su walks out into the corridor. He smiles at the housekeeping staff who is bringing the towels for their room. He walks away as the staff enters the room.

From a distance, he watches the police and ambulance reach the hotel.

Later, Hyun Su calls up Yeom, who agrees to side with him. Hyun Su asks where they can meet.

Meanwhile, Kim runs behind Hae Soo who is walking to the elevator with her bags. Kim says she can’t leave like that. She says Kim told her to keep a distance from Hyun Su. Kim says wall the evidence says Hyun Su killed Park Soo Young. He says he doesn’t want her to get into trouble for protecting him.

Hae Soo says Hyun Su received a call from the accomplice who is framing him. Kim says there is no evidence that it was the accomplice who made the call. He says even if they believe him, there is no way to convince the public. Hae Soo asks him why he always turns into a coward when she needs him the most. Kim stops talking as she gets into the elevator.

Kim runs back to his apartment and grabs his phone and car keys. He is about to get into the elevator when he is stopped by two detectives. They say they have proof that he helped Do Hyun Su hide his identity. They say he has to come with them.

Meanwhile, Ji-won stands outside the motel and explains to the police officer that she is fine and nothing happened. The officer says she is a victim and she says she isn’t.

Just then, Lee drives up to her. She tells him that Park Soo Young’s killer and Do Min Seok’s accomplice are the same.

At the station, Chief Kang and Yoon wait anxiously. Lee escorts Ji-won in. Ji-won apologises for causing them trouble. She shows them the recording.

They realise that Jung Mi Sook is still alive. Lee says they should keep Ji-won’s return a secret. Chief Kang asks why so and they say the recording may get out if the news leaks. Ji-won says the accomplice shouldn’t know about this. Chief Kang says Ji-won herself is a suspect and they shouldn’t act on her word alone. Yoon says not trusting her is a greater risk. They assure him that they will uncover the accomplice’s identity. Chief Kang gives them permission to take only team 3 and move quietly.

At his home, Man Woo gives Hee Sung the money and asks why he is paying Yeom. Hee Sung says it is for Yeom to leave Korea. Mi-ja says Yeom wont stop asking for money. 

Just then, Chief Kang calls him up and informs that Ji-won is back and that it is classified information. He tells Man Woo to be careful and hangs up.

Man Woo says they found Ji-won in a hotel room and she was unharmed. Hee Sung frowns when Man woo says Ji-won claims that Hyun Su didn’t kill Park Soo Young. Hee sung asks what evidence Ji-won is basing that on. Mi-ja is worried as she asks if Ji-won found something.

Hae Soo returns home to find a hooded figure standing outside her house trying to get in. She asks him who he is and the figure tries to run away. She catches hold of him but he pushes her away, ripping a part of the shirt. Hae Soo chases after him.

The figure runs out of the building but Ho Jun trips him and Choi cuffs him. They say it is a good idea to have a stakeout at Hae Soo’s place. Just then, Hae Soo runs up and tells them that it is the accomplice. Choi removes the hood and they see that it is the reporter who keeps tailing Hae Soo.

At the station, Choi leaves the reporter in the interrogation room saying he will take the victim’s statement first.

Meanwhile, Lee returns Ji-won’s phone which was found in the workshop. Ji-won asks if he is disappointed in her. She says she has no excuse for deceiving the team. Lee says he had no time to be disappointed as he was worried about her.

Just then Ho Joon and Choi come inside, asking if she is okay and where Hyun Su is. Ji-won is about to respond but her eyes fall on Hae Soo. She goes over to her and drapes her coat around Hae Soo asking what happened.

Later, Ho Jun interrogates the reporter. The reporter says he was there to catch Do Hyun Su. Ho Joon says that is violating Hae Soo’s privacy and stalking her.

Ji-won asks Ho Jun to asks where the reporter was at 2:30 am the previous night. Choi asks how is that important. The reporter says he was with his colleagues.

Ji-won explains that her husband received a call last night at 2:30 am and that is why he went to Makmun-dong. Just then, the door opens and Eun-ha walks in. She starts crying when Ji-won walks up to her. Ji-won asks where her mother is and Lee says her mother was hospitalised. Eun-ha cries asking for her father.

Later, Ji-won talks with her mother over the phone. She asks if she is alright. She tells her mother that she is fine.

Eun-ha sits across Hae Soo. She asks who Hae Soo is. Hae Soo hesitates as she doesn’t know what to reply.

Ji-won says she needs someone to take care of Eun Ha and there is no one else she can trust. She says she needs some time. Hae Soo says she has a lot of time and she will take care of Eun ha. She promises that she won’t let Ji-won down.

Ji-won tells Eun Ha that Hae Soo will be teaching Eun ha to paint and draw. She asks Eun ha to be a good girl and get along with her. Eun ha smiles as she says she loves to draw.

Ji-won says she can’t give more details but tells Hae Soo not to worry as she will get himEun-ha asks for her father. Ji-won says he said he will be back soon and says she is sure she will keep his promise. Hae Su tries to give Ji-won’s jacket back. Ji-won asks her to keep it. She says they will invite Hae Soo over once everything is over and asks Hae Soo to return it at that time.

Do Hyun Su is travelling by bus. He hears his father’s voice asking, “Why not disappear”. He turns around to see his father sitting in one of the seats. He says acting like Cha Ji-won won’t make him a detective. Do Min Seok says, “It is not until we face the choice that we finally get to see who we really are.”

Eun ha falls asleep in the cab on Hae Soo. Hae Soo finds Ji-won’s ID card in Ji-won’s coat. Just then, her phone rings. It is Kim.

Kim is at Hae Soo’s house. He says he came to her house after being questioned by the Police and found her suitcase rolling around. He says she was not around. 

Hae Soo says she is with Eun Ha. She says she will gather some things for Eun Ha and come over to Kim’s place.

Kim says he doesn’t understand what is going on but he will come and pick them up. She says it is alright. She then tells him that the peeping tom was caught. She also apologises for saying hurtful things to him. Kim says it is alright.

Hae Soo touches the pendant on her neck and asks how the necklace is exactly the way it was. She says it is still dazzling. He asks since when she has been wearing the necklace. She says she will come over in a bit and he smiles. Kim grabs her suitcase and sprints down the stairs.

Hae Soo and Eun ha get out of the cab. They do not notice a black figure watching them from the other side of the road. The Doorlock lies on the floor beside the figure.

Eun Ha wonders what happened to the door lock. Hae Soo thinks the police got in by force. She goes in and switches on the light. The house is a mess. The family photo is overturned. She takes Eun Ha up to her room and packs Eun ha’s things. 

Just then, Hae Soo hears the sound of furniture move. Eun Ha asks if it is her father. Hae Soo tells her to stay here and goes to the living room to check.

Hae Soo is puzzled when she sees that all the lights are off. She stands rooted to the spot as she sees the black figure sitting on the couch in the living room. The figure says, “Detective Cha Ji Won?”. She hears Eun Ha’s voice asking if it is her dad. Hae Soo hastily closes Eun Ha’s room. She tells Eun Ha to lock the door and not open it for anyone but Ji-won. Eun Ha locks the door.

Hae Soo wears Ji-won’s ID card. The figure gets up and walks towards her. Hae Soo recognises the eyes (of the black figure) from her father’s funeral. Hee Sung removes his mask and hat. He pulls his hair into a ponytail. Hee Sung says he didn’t want to do this. He says she is a variable he can’t control, so he has to eliminate her.

Hee Sung takes her ID card and looks at it. The ID card is cracked because of the cyclist earlier. 

Hae Soo tells him not to hurt her daughter. Hee Sung says he won’t if she answers his question. He asks why she is saying that Hyun Su is innocent. He says he wants to know what mistake he made while getting rid of Park Soo Young. He says she must have a reason.

Hae Soo’s eyes are downcast as she says, “Because it is impossible for Hyun Su to kill people. She says he isn’t capable of loathing others.

With an evil smile, Hee Sung draws out his knife.

Meanwhile, Ji-won is at Makmun-dong and she gets the memory card from the dashcam (from the owner of the car) beside the payphone.

Yeom drives Hyun Su to DO Min Seok’s home. Hyun Su seems light-headed. Yeom says he needs the money first.

At Ji-won’s house, Hae Soo falls down, bleeding from her abdomen. Hee Sung cuts off the ID card smeared in blood with his knife and takes it away. Hae Soo watches as he walks out of the house with it.

Hae Soo recalls playing in the river back in her schooldays with Kim and Hyun Su.

Tears streak down Hae Soo’s face and she loses consciousness.

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It was revealed that Do Min Seok did not commit suicide. Hee Sung killed him and yet it was ruled a suicide. What followed was apparently a sloppy investigation. It does make one wonder what happened to Hyun Su’s mother and also if Hee Sung’s father had a hand in the investigation the first time around.

All along it looked like Ji-won was past the phase where she needed facts to trust Hyun Su but it looks like that wasn’t the case. Her behaviour was weird at the metal craft shop in the first scene. She acted like she had only just found out that her husband is Do Hyun Su. Moreover, the secret door inside the closet seemed to be of more importance than information on the case (possibility of Hyun Su being framed and Jung Mi sook being alive etc). It also seemed like she didn’t want to consider the fact that he might be innocent, which is again off character for her.

The scene at the workshop and the motel started off as a relationship between a cop and fugitive and not that of a couple.

However, the entire scene at the motel was a great watch and was the best scene of the episode. It was a deep scene with well-written dialogues. Hyun Su’s feelings were depicted extremely well in them. Ji-won too seemed to be back to her loving and trusting self towards the end of the scene, which was good to see.

It is thrilling how Hee Sung and Hyun Su easily guess each other’s moves and set a trap for each other.

Hee Sung’s mother seems to be having second thoughts about Hee Sung’s plan. She stabbed him the first time around when she discovered he was a killer. She seems shaken after witnessing her son murdering his caretaker in front of her this time. I wonder if she is just jittery or thinking when to strike again.

Kim chose to immediately believe that Hyun Su is the killer. It looks like he hasn’t changed one bit. 

Hyun Su’s father’s words while Hyun Su was travelling were intriguing. He seems to be urging Hyun Su to disappear rather than try to prove his innocence. It looks like he is fighting a battle within himself.

Hae Soo remained the only character in the whole series who trusted Hyun Su blindly.

Hyun Su has already informed Ji-won that a caller is threatening his family. It was surprising that no one was watching Hyun Su and Ji-won’s home and that no police officer was sent to guard Eun Ha, who is an easy target. 

Hee Sung had seen Hae Soo back at his home too. I wonder why he chose to go just by the broken ID card and not her face.

Nevertheless, this was another episode with good content. With just two episodes to go, I am curious to see how it all comes together in the end.

-By Soul Sword-

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