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Flower Of Evil Episode 15 Recap



Kim Moo Jin is filming in the night. Hae Soo and Hyun Su walk out of the house in front of him. Hae Soo says she heard something. Kim asks if Hae Soo is afraid of ghosts. Hyun Su says Kim can go down there. Kim says he will interview the ghost.

Kim playfully walks up to the basement while filming and opens the door. He walks down the stairs commenting that it is creepy and notices a huge cage. He rattles it for fun. He sees a hound leash. He then turns around and notices a sack and something moving in it. He walks up to the sack.

Just then, he hears Do Min Seok’s voice asking what he is doing here. Kim is startled as he turns around to find Do Min Seok at the stairs.

Do Min Seok says Kim is quite brave as his kids are scared to come past the basement’s door. He asks if Kim recorded anything and grabs the camera from Kim. He asks why Kim is trembling and goes on to ask if the elk startled him. Kim asks if it is an elk. Do Min Seok asks what else can it be.


Hae Soo asks how the necklace is still dazzling after all these years. Kima asks her since when she has been wearing it. She says she will come to his house soon. Kim carries her suitcase and sprints down the stairs.

At Hyun Su’s house, Hae Soo falls down, bleeding from her abdomen. Hee Sung cuts off the ID card smeared in blood with his knife and takes it away. Hae Soo watches as he walks out of the house with it. Tears streak down Hae Soo’s face and she loses consciousness.

At Do Min Seok’s house, Yeom and Hyun Su are in the car. Hyun Su asks for the accomplice’s identity. Yeom says he won’t tell him that till he is far away from here as Hyun Su may decide to side with the accomplice.

Yeom threatens to kill both Hyun Su and Jung Mi Sook if Hyun Su tries to get in between Yeom and his money.

Kim drives to Hyun Su’s house to pick up Hae Soo. He calls her up but she doesn’t pick up. Kim goes up the stairs. He finds blood smeared on the walls and is startled.

Kim rushes into the house to find Hae Soo on the floor in a pool of blood. He is flustered and immediately calls the ambulance.

At the police station, Checks the CCTV footage along with Lee. Choi says Park Soo Young came to work at 10:00 am in the morning and left Hee Sung’s house at 7:30 pm. Choi says the rest of her movements can be traced through her credit card transactions. He says 7:50 pm she paid the taxi fare and ordered dinner at 8:00 pm. He says the deliveryman testified that she took the food in person at 8:30 pm.

Choi says her time of death is odd. He says the autopsy says the time of death says she died 5 to 6 hours after her last meal. He says she must have died at least after 12:30 am.

He says the autopsy report states her finger joints were fixed in place. This indicates she was dead for at least 10 hours which puts the time of death before 9:00 pmHe says this doesn’t add up.

Lee says Rigor Mortis (Rigor mortis is a postmortem change resulting in the stiffening of the body muscles due to chemical changes in their myofibrils. Rigor mortis helps in estimating the time since death as well to ascertain if the body had been moved after death.) and decomposition varies depending on the surroundings. Lee says NFS couldn’t determine the exact time of death because of that. Lee says Park Soo Young was alive till 8:30 pm. He says they should track her movements after that.

Choi seems unconvinced. He says he will talk to the delivery person. Just then, Ji won walks in with the dashcam footage. They check and find out the black figure wearing a hat making a call from the payphone booth around 2:30 am. Lee says it is odd that the person chose a place without CCTV cameras but he didn’t consider the dashcams. He says this is conclusive evidence that this person called Hyun Su out. Ji-won says she found that strange too.

Just then, Ji-won receives a call. Lee tells her not to pick up as it may be a reporter. Ji-won doesn’t take the call. Ho Joon gets a call on the landline and he looks at Ji-won in shock.

Ji-won rushes home and asks the emergency response team as to where Eun Ha is. They say Eun ha said she will open the door to her room only for her mother and they didn’t want to force open the door.

Ji-won goes over to the door and tells Eun ha to open the door in a low voice. She doesn’t get a response and she repeats herself. Eun ha opens the door.

Ji-won cries as she hugs Eun Ha. Eun ha cries as she says a thief broke into the house. She says Hae Soo told her to lock the door and open it only if Ji-won comes. Ji-won holds Eun ha saying she did well. She asks where Hae Soo is.

Kim waits outside the Operation Theatre. He recalls Do Hyun Su asking Kim to promise that he will not leave Hae Soo alone.

Hee Sung comes to his mother Mi Ja’s pharmacy. He keys in the security code and goes in to takes the rat killer bottle. He calls up Yeom and asks where to meet him.

Jung Mi Sook is asleep in the cage. She hears someone calling her. She opens her eyes to see Hyun Su standing there with a box cutter. She gets up with a start and huddles in the corner of the cage. She asks him who he is.

He says he is Do Hyun Su. He says the accomplice of the Yeonju murder case is after her because she is the only survivor and witness of the case. He says he plans to catch the accomplice.

He takes the box cutter and she gets scared. She tells him not to come close to her. Hyun Su cuts off the wire which is holding the cage closed. He puts the cutter on the floor and she stops screaming. He puts a lock on it and locks it. He says this lock has only one key. He puts the key inside the cage and slides it towards her. He says she is the only person who can open the cage now. He promises that she is safe now.

Jung Mi Sook asks if he is going to help her and he confirms it. She says she won’t believe him as the other guy also said he will help her. She asks why he wants to help her and he says he is in a similar situation as her. She asks how and Hyun Su says she too doesn’t understand why this had to happen to her. Jung Mi Sook starts crying as he says he too doesn’t understand why this is happening to him. She slowly reaches out for the key and he nods. She takes the key and retracts to the corner.

At the hospital, Eun ha sleeps beside her grandmother. Ji-won’s mother tells Ji-won to stay here and not leave. She says it is all because of Hee Sung (Hyun Su). She says he deceived Ji-won and this is happening because of him. She says she resents him.

Ji-won tells her mother that she (Ji-won) hasn’t changed. She says he has to be happy in order for her to be happy. She asks her mother to pity him and embrace him when he is back just like how she would embrace Ji-won.

Meanwhile, Ho Joon, Yoon and Lee check the CCTV footage outside Ji-won’s house. The see the black figure on the street. They exclaim that he is the same person who made the call and that he was waiting for Ji-won. 

Lee says Ji-won could be in danger if the killer finds out she is still alive. They decide to leak false information.

Ji-won joins Kim in the hospital. He says it is his fault. Kim says he promised Hyun Su he wouldn’t leave Hae Soo alone. Ji-won says there are no defense wounds on Hae Soo. She says Hae Soo couldn’t defend herself or run away because she was protecting Eun Ha. She promises to catch him.

The surgeons come out and say that the weapon damaged Hae Soo’s organs and she went into shock after losing a lot of blood. They say they can’t guarantee anything now. They say she should regain consciousness first.

After the doctors leave, Kim tells Ji-won that Hae Soo asked Director Baek for a list of overseas volunteers at the Ilshin Hospital from 1999 to 2002. He says she said one of the members is the accomplice. He says he will go get the list and meet her later.

After Kim leaves, Ji-won receives a call from Ho Joon informing about the false news about her death that they are going to leak to the media.

Hee Sung drives to the rendezvous. He sees Ji-won’s death on the news and smiles.

Yeom waits outside for Hee Sung. Hee Sung shows him the case and  Yeom leads him into the basement. Hee Sung stops and takes in the scent of the place as if he had missed it.

Hee Sung walks up to the cage and he crouches beside it. He says, “Long time no see Mis Jung Mi Sook.” He asks if she remembers him. He says she didn’t remember him when they found her 15 years back. He comments that it looks like she does remember him now.

Hee Sung gets up and passes the suitcase to Yeom. Yeom checks the money. He runs his hand over it. He takes the bundles and sniffs them taking in the scent. Hee Sung watches him closely.

Earlier, Hee Sung had sprinkled rat poison all over the currency.

Hee Sung comments that Yeom is still the same. Yeom takes the money and gives Hee Sung the key. He says they should never meet again and Hee Sung says he shares the same feeling.

Yeom takes a few steps but stops when his nose bleeds. He wipes it and walks out of the basement.

Hee Sung sits beside the cage and tells Jung Mi sook that she can never get away from him no matter how hard she tries. He says that is her fate. Jung Mi Sook trembles as she looks over his shoulder.

Hyun Su is hidden in the shadows, tightening the hound leash around his hands.

Ji-won sees the footage of the figure going into her house. She wonders how he wants to kill her but he doesn’t know her face. She says the person had her husband’s fingerprints and also planted the hair in the car but doesn’t know what she looks like. Lee says there might be more than one killer.

Meanwhile, Choi is talking to the delivery person. The man says he did the delivery. Choi says the victim had a hearing impairment. He asks if the woman used hand gestures. The delivery man says she didn’t. Choi shows the black figure’s photo to him and asks if he has seen him. The man says he hasn’t. Suddenly the delivery man says the woman doesn’t have a hearing impairment. Choi says the doorbell lights a light inside when pressed. The delivery man says he didn’t ring the bell. He says he knocked on the door and the person opened the door.

Choi calls up Ho Joon and asks for Park Soo Young’s stomach contents in the autopsy report. Ho Joon says it is kimchi, pork and a little bit of tofu. The restaurant owner says their stew doesn’t have tofu.

Choi tells Ho Joon that Park Soo Young died after lunch and not dinner. He says the stomach contents is that of her lunch.

The team is shocked hearing this. Jiwon replays the footage and Lee asks who the woman in the footage is. Ji-won says it is someone who will go to any length to protect the real killer. She says it is the killer’s mother. She recalls Kim saying one of the volunteers is the accomplice. Her voice echoes, “Baek Hee Sung.”

Ji-won says the killer was careless around dashcams because 15 years back, dashcams weren’t common. She states that Hee Sung is alive.

Meanwhile, Hee Sung struggles with the lock. He realises it is the wrong key and he goes into a frenzy. He rattles the cage, calling Jung Mi Sook closer. Jung Mi Sook whispers as she holds on to the bars in the corner. Then she holds the box cutter pointing at him. Hee Sung is puzzled as he asks what games are they playing.

He then asks why she is looking over his shoulder. He hears someone approaching and Hyun Su comes up behind him

Hee Sung turns around swiftly with his knife. Hyun Su dodges him.

Hyun Su disarms him and wraps the leash around Hee Sung’s neck. He drags him across the floor and holds him in a chokehold. Hee Sung asks him to stop and accepts defeat saying he lost. Hyun Su continues to punch him on the face repeatedly. Hee Sung screams that Hyun Su is killing him. He asks if Hyun su doesn’t want to know who he is before he beats him to death.

Hyun Su’s hand stops in mid-air but his hold is still firm. Hee Sung smoothes his hair saying he knew Hyun Su was dying to meet him. He laughs saying Hyun Su looks startled.

Kim is at Hee Sung’s house. Mi-ja and Man woo learn that it is Hae Soo who got stabbed. Kim says the attacker was the accomplice. He asks for the volunteers’ list. Mi-ja asks what good the list will do when Hae Soo is unconscious. Kim says they will check the alibis of the people. Man Woo says he has the list ready and says he will give it to him. He goes inside to bring it.

Just then, he gets a call from Ji-won. She tells him to answer with a yes or no. She asks if he is at Baek residence and Kim says yes. She asks if someone is with him and he says yes. She asks him to exit the premises as Baek Hee Sung is a probable suspect of Hae Soo’s attack and the accomplice of the serial murder. She says they suspect Man Woo and Mi Ja are the accomplices. She says they will be soon there with a warrant so she asks him to leave quietly.

Mi-ja asks if something is wrong. Kim asks Mi Ja where her son Baek Hee Sung is.

Ji-won tells Lee that Kim is losing it and he may be in danger. She says they should head over without a warrant.

Kim barges through all the rooms in the house searching for Baek Hee Sung, calling out his name. Mi-Ja runs behind him telling him to stop and that there has been a misunderstanding. 

Man Woo tears up Hee Sung’s form in the list.

Kim gets to the walk-in closet and Mi-Ji stands against the secret door. Kim pushes Mi-ja away and opens the door. He walks inside to find the bed empty and Hee Sung gone.

Man woo walks out of his office and Kim asks them where Hee Sung is. Kim walks away. Man woo loads his syringe with a vial and runs after Kim.

Man Woo comes up in front of Kim and points the syringe at him. Kim asks if he doesn’t know that this is meaningless. Man Woo says all he has to do is to kill Kim and turn himself in. Kim asks what difference it will make. Man Woo yells, “My son might finally change!” Mi Ja weeps as she watches this. 

Man Woo says if he sacrifices himself, his son would finally change. He says Hee Sung was not like this always. He says he became like this after he met Do Min Seok. Man Woo says he wants to give his son one final chance.

Kim says when he was young, he stumbled across a big sack in Do Min Sek’s basement.


Do Min Seok asks Kim if he was startled by the elk. Kim asks if it is really an elk. He immediately says Do Min Seok is right and it is an elk.

At present, Kim says he keeps telling himself that the thing inside the sack was an elk. He says it would have been too frightening for him if he didn’t say that. Kim says no matter how hard he tries to convince himself, it doesn’t change the fact that it was a human being inside the sack and not an elk.

Kim says he is sure Man Woo also knew what Hee Sung could do from the way beginning. He says Man Woo doesn’t want to change his son’s future. He says Man Woo saw his son’s true colors and chose to ignore it. Man Woo weeps as Kim talks. Kim tells Man Woo not to bother hoping Hee Sung getting better. 

Kim walks away. Man Woo tries to inject himself but Kim stops him just in time. Kim throws the syringe away and says Man Woo should be alive when they reveal the truth.

Man woo sinks to the floor and Kim leaves. Mi-ja sits in front of Man Woo. She says it is strange that they both chose this path when they knew it will end this way.

In the basement, Hee Sung wakes up tied to a chair. He asks how it feels to have been fooled by him. Hyun Su says he understands how Hee Sung made him fall for his trap. Hee sung tells him not to be too happy that he caught him. He says Hyun Su will always be hidden in his shadow.

Hyun Su looks at Jung Mi Sook. She clutches the bars shaking her head. Then she asks Hee Sung why he did that to her.

Hee Sung says he doesn’t regret what he did. He says he will get sentenced for life anyway.

Hyun Su walks towards him and asks for the cell phone Hee Sung used to call Yeom. Hee Sung says he will die under the spotlight. He wonders if he should write a book in jail. He says he will write about how he grew up and what he and Do Min Seok did to have fun. he says he will write about what they talked and how they sublimated murder into a work of art. He says people will be dying to know.

Hyun Su bends and says Hee Sung cant provoke him.

Hee Sung says the phone is in his pocket. He tells Hyun Su to ask the police to arrest him fast and bring an ambulance along. He smiles saying he will need it.


Hee Sung and Do Min Seok are chatting while fishing. Do Min Seok says Hyun Su is different. He says he tried hard but Hyun Su is a failure. Hee sung looks offended. Do Min Seok says Hee Sung is the greatest work he has accomplished.

At present, Hyun Su searches Hee Sung’s pocket and finds Ji-won’s blood smeared ID card. Hyun Su is taken aback seeing it.

Hee Sung asks it back saying it is his souvenir. Hyun Su asks why he has the ID card with him. Hee Sung laughs. Hyun Su shakes as he tells Hee Sung not to lie to him.

Hee Sung says Hyun Su’s house is nice. He says he liked the model boat behind the TV. Hyun Su grabs him. He looks at Hee Sung menacingly and tells him not to lie.

Hee sung is serious as he says Do Min Seok turned him into a murderer and he is going to do the same to Hyun Su now. He says that is only fair.

Jung Mi Sook tells Hyun Su to call the Police and stick to the plan. 

Hyun Su says he doesn’t believe Hee Sung.

Hee Sung says, “Eun ha. Promise me this. Don’t open the door to anyone but your mom. Can you do that for me?”. He says it was touching that he almost cried. he says he didn’t harm the kid. He says he doesn’t do that kind of stuff.

Hyun Su is in despair as he calls Ji-won’s number. 

Ji-won is in the car with her team. She sees the incoming call on her phone but doesn’t pick up the call.

Hyun Su calls up the emergency and asks to be connected to Gangsu Police Station, Detective Cha Ji Won. He is told to hang up and the detective will call him back.

He gets a callback. The officer asks if he wants to report something about the detective who was attacked. Hyun Su asks if the victim was Cha Ji Won and the officer confirms it. He asks how she is and the officer says she died. Hyun Su sobs as he asks about the child and he says the child is fine.

Hyun Su hangs up and sinks to the floor bawling. Jung Mi Sook weeps as she sees him. Hee Sung watches him. He says he is bound to win no matter what. Hee Sung says he wins even if he is handed over to the police or if Hyun Su kills him. He says Hyun Su cant win in this game.

Hee Sung smiles as Hyun Su picks up the knife. Hyun Su tells Jung Mi Sook to call the police and tell them that Hyun Su killed a person. Jung Mi Sook tells him not to do it to a lowlife person like Hee Sung. Hee Sung gives a victorious smile.

Hyun Su tells her to tell them that Hyun Su cut off Hee Sung’s hands and feet while he was still alive. And that he sliced up Hee Sung’s face so hard that he couldn’t be identified. Hyun Soo tells her to say Hee Sung crawled on the floor even after that, so Hyun Su killed him over and over.

Hee Sung is terrified as Hyun Su walks towards him. Hee Sung leans back and kicks Hyun Su. Hyun Su loses his balance and falls on the cage. Jung Mi Sook holds Hyun Su tight and tells Hee Sung to run away. Hee Sung fumbles around and manages to get free and he runs away. 

Hyun Su removes Jung Mi Sook’s hand and follows him. Jung Mi Sook tells him not to kill Hee Sung.

Hee Sung runs out and trips over Yeom’s dead body. Hee Sung runs into the woods and Hyun Su follows him slowly.

Ji-won is with her team at Hee Sung’s house. She demands to know where Hee Sung is. Mi-ja says they don’t know. Ji-won loses and asks them how they don’t know. Choi asks her to calm down. She says she won’t. She says the murderer must be with her husband right now. 

Mi-ja says Hee Sung went to meet Yeom. She says Hee Sung is not well and he won’t be able to hurt Hyun Su. Lee takes Hee Sung’s License plate number from Mi Ja.

Ho Joon rushes in saying that someone called to confirm Ji-won’s death. Lee shows the number. Mi-Ja says she doesn’t know the number but Hee Sung used an old phone to contact Yeom.

Ji-won grabs it to check the number. Ho Joon says the man asked about the child too. He says Hee Sung won’t ask that. Ji-won checks her phone and finds that it is the same number from which she received a call earlier. She realises it must be him and she calls the number.

Jung Mi Sook is in the cage when the phone rings. She looks at the phone ringing on the floor. She takes the key and opens the lock on the cage. She goes and picks up the call. 

Ji-won says she is Detective Cha Ji-won. She asks if she is talking to Jung Mi-Sook. The team looks up in surprise. 

Jung Mi-Sook says, “Please save Do Hyun Su. I’m begging you.”

Kim waits outside the Intensive Care Unit. He asks the nurse how Hae Soo is doing. The nurse says she can’t give him information unless he is her legal guardian. He says Hae Soo has been alone all her life. The nurse says she has to abide by the rules.

In the woods, Hee Sung hides behind a tree. He howls in pain when Hyun Su stabs him in the shoulder.

Hee Sung falls on the ground and screams in pain. His eyes widen in shock when Hyun Su holds his knife against Hee Sung’s Achilles tendon. Hyun Su brings the knife near Hee Sung’s hamstring (behind his thigh) and cuts him. He tells Hee Sung to run. 

Hee Sung yells, “Just kill me if you’re going to, you psychopath!”

Hyun Su says tells Hee Sung to run. Hee Sung gets up and limps through the woods. Hyun Su follows him.

He loses Hee sung in the woods. Do Min Seok comes up beside Hyun Su and leads the way through the woods. Hyun Su follows him into the woods.

The Police reach the location and learn that Hyun Su followed Hee Sung into the woods. The officer says Jung Mi Sook wants to talk to Ji-won. The rest of the team goes into the woods.

Ji-won goes over to Jung Mi Sook. Jung Mi Sook says Hee Sung told Hyun Su that he killed Ji-won. She gives Ji-won her ID card and says she felt really bad for Hyun Su. Jung Mi sook says Ji-won can’t hold him accountable even if he kills Hee Sung. She says Hyun Su isn’t to blame. She says she is a witness to that. Ji-won says nothing can justify killing. She says murder is murder. She thanks Jung Mi Sook for staying alive and runs away.

Hee Sung runs to the edge of the cliff. Hyun su follows him. Hee Sung stops and turns around. He punches Hyun Su and Hyun Su grabs him. Hyun Su pushes him to the edge of the cliff. Hee Sung loses his footing and falls on the ground. Hyun Su straddles him.

Hee Sung tells Hyun Su to kill him as the endless pain will he Hyun Su’s to bear anyway. Hyun Su brings the blade near Hee Sung’s neck. Hyun Su raises the knife high.

Hyun Su is about to bring the knife down when he hears Ji-won’s voice. Hyun Su is puzzled as he looks around. He sees Ji-won standing with the police. Ji-won tells him to drop the knife and come here so that the police can take it from here.

Hyun Su’s voice cracks as he asks, “Is that really you Cha Ji won?”. Hyun Su looks beside her and sees Do Min Seok standing a few feet away from her.

Choi says Do Hyun Su seems out of it and Lee tells her to step back. Ji-won tells Hyun Su to drop the knife and come here.

Hyun Su says he was told she died. Ji-won says it was all part of a plan and she is right here. Hyun Su sobs as he holds the knife.

Ji-won walks towards Hyun Su. Choi tries to stop her but Lee holds him back. Lee tells Ho Joon that Ji-won is their priority. He tells him to shoot if he must. Ho Joon acknowledges.

Ji-won walks forward and says it is all over and all he has to do is to come to her. Hyun Su shakes his head as he sobs, “I see dead people”. Ji-won cries along with him. Hyun Su says it is hard to believe she is real. Ji-won cries, “Then come over here and hold me. Come here. Come and hold me.”

Hee Sung laughs and Hyun Su looks at him. Hyun Su gets up and walks towards Ji-won. Ji-won holds out her arms and calls him.

Lee tells the officers to hold their positions.

Hyun Su looks at the knife and at Ji-won. Ji-won nods and he drops the knife. He walks towards Ji-won.

Lee instructs the officers to leave Do Hyun Su and arrest Baek Hee Sung.

Just then, Hee Sung grabs the officers gun and shoots at them.

Hyun Su sheilds Ji-won and falls.

At the hospital, Hae Soo wakes up.

Hee Sung drops dead as Ho Joon shoots him in response.

Ji-won sees blood all over the side of Hyun Su’s face. She cries as she tries to move him. Hyun Su closes his eyes and loses consciousness.

The scene shifts to Ji-won and Hyun Su clad in white and lying in a white bed. Everything surrounding her is white. The sea is seen outside the window.

Hyun Su lies on Ji-won’s arm. He opens his eyes and asks Ji-won how long he has been here. He says it feels like they are by the sea. He asks why he can’t hear the sound of the sea. She tells him not to ask questions and that is how he can forget things. She says he struggled so hard and tried his best. She thanks him and says it is time for him to rest. He says she had to go through a lot because of him. Ji-won says that is how much she loves him and says it is okay.

Ji-won says they had some happy moments and heartbreaking moments. She says every moment spent with him will remain a beautiful memory to her. She tells him not to worry about her anymore. Hyun Su says this place is very quiet. Ji-won says they are the only ones here. Hyun Su says then it must be paradise. He yawns and says he is sleepy. Ji-won says, “Good Night”. She holds him closer and taps him as he goes to sleep.

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This episode had quality content.

The content of Kim’s camcorder was revealed in this episode. Kim Moo Jin had unintentionally recorded one of the victims in a sack inside Do Min Seok’s basement. He chose not to tell anyone about it too. That is a heavy burden to carry all these years.

The scene where Do Hyun Su gains Jung Mi Sook’s trust was well made. 

Hee Sung’s plan to do away with Yeom was indeed an ingenious one. It looks like he closely observed Yeom’s habits/mannerisms and that paid off. It was intriguing how Hee Sung took in the smell of the basement just like how Yeom did the same with the currency. 

Do Hyun Su and Hee Sung finally met in this episode and their encounter did not disappoint. It was ironic and almost hilarious to see Hee Sung calling Hyun Su a psychopath.

The police investigation of Park Soo Young’s case was a good watch. It was interesting to see how Choi concluded that Park Soon Young died in the afternoon despite having a vague time of death from the autopsy report.

The scene with Kim confronting Man Woo was an interesting watch. The series always made one curious as to what run’s inside Hee Sung’s parents’ minds when they cover up for him. This scene threw light over their thought process.

Do Min Seok mentioned that he failed with Hyun Su but succeeded making a masterpiece out of Hee Sung. It looks like there is a lot more to the flashback which is shown since Hyun Su has blacked out most of his childhood memories.

The conversation between Ji-won and Jung Mi-Sook was interesting. The two women held totally different outlooks towards committing murder over their spouse’s death/murder.

The scene at the cliff was one of the best from the series. It was pathetic to see that everyone was seeing Hyun Su as an insane person who is capable of attacking Ji-won but in reality, the reason for his erratic behaviour was because he learnt that she died. He was struggling to figure out if she is really alive or not. Lee Joon-gi has done a great job of bringing Hyun Su’s emotions on screen.

Though he made an appearance in the later half of the series, Hee Sung is one of the best antagonists out there. Every scene with him was thrilling and Kim Ji-Hoon has done full justice to the role.

This episode had a great pace and a whole different level of emotion weaved into it. So far the series has not left any loose ends and everything was brought together neatly. I am looking forward to seeing how the series concludes.

-By Soul Sword-

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