Flower Of Evil

Flower of Evil Episode 16 Recap (Series Finale)



Hyun Su and Ji-won are at their wedding photoshoot. The photographer says Hyun Su is good at posing like a model. Hyun Su asks for a break as Ji-won is exhausted.

Ji-won sits down and asks if this is really his first time. He says it is all about stamina. She smiles slightly and he asks if something is bothering her. She asks if his parents are adamant about not coming.

Hyun Su says they won’t be coming. She says this is his only wedding. He says they can have another wedding. He says the wedding is just a mere formality and asks her not to be bothered by it. Ji-won says he will be upset if his family is not there.

Hyun Su says she is the only one he has. Seeing her expression, he says it is true.


Ji-won sits across Hyun Su. She asks him how he is since the last time they met was 2 weeks back at Mr Song’s office. She says time flies as it is four months already.


Ho Joon shoots Hee Sung just seconds after Hee Sung shoots Hyun Su. The shot kills Hee Sung instantly. Choi rushes to Hyun Su and feels his pulse as Lee walks over to Ho Joon and lowers his gun. He says Hyun Su is alive. Ji-won is in shock as she says Hyun Su is breathing. Choi rushes to call the ambulance.

Later Ji-won is in the ambulance as she informs Choi that the bullet grazed through Hyun Su. Choi says he will join her at the hospital once he clears up the scene.

Lee escorts Ho Joon away who is shaken up as it is his first time shooting a person.

At the hospital, Ji-won is told Hyun Su has a fracture in his skull because the bullet grazed it. She is told he will wake up in a day.

Later, Ji-won sits beside Hyun Su who is still unconscious. She puts his wedding ring back on his finger. Just then Choi joins her. He says the reporters are already crowding around outside. She tells him that Hyun Su will be fine if there is no clotting in his blood. She asks how Ho Joon is doing and he says Lee will take care of it.

Choi tells her to be prepared as there will be a lot to handle once Hyun Su wakes up. Ji-won smiles as she says it is okay. She says they will get through everything together.

Ji-won’s voiceover says, “At that moment I didn’t know that I’d never get to see him again.”


Ji-won asks Hyun Su why he doesn’t say anything. Hyun Su clasps his hands and she asks if she is making him uncomfortable. He looks at her without expression.

She says they can get to know each other again. He says she called him Hee Sung again and corrects her saying that he is Do Hyun Su. He says he was told he woke up after being hospitalised for a month. He says it doesn’t feel like that to him.

In a montage, it is shown that Hyun Su has lost all the memories of the life he lived as Hee Sung. He has forgotten all about Ji-won and Eun-ha.

Hyun Su says when he woke up, he thought he is hospitalised due to a car accident. He says he thought it was 2005.


Hyun Su wakes up and sneaks out of his hospital room. Ji-won is in the corridor just finishing a call with her mother. She turns around and stands rooted to the spot as she sees Hyun Su standing a few feet away from her. She takes a few steps towards him.

Hyun Su walks towards Ji-won and to her shock, walks past her. She calls out to him. Hyun Su sees her ID card hanging around her neck. He panics because she is a detective and he runs away. Ji-won rushes behind him.

Hyun Su runs into the lobby and is immediately swarmed by the reporters. He shields his face from the camera flashes and questions.

Do Hyun Su’s voiceover says that after he woke up, not only did he erase his memories from the past 15 years of his life but he had also become famous.

At the Press Conference, the reporters are told that Mi Ja and Man Woo allowed Hyun Su to use their son’s identity and Ji-won had no part in it. They are told that Ji-won made Hyun Su cooperate with the police once she found out.

Choi, Ho Joon and Lee watch as a team digs a spot in Hee Sung’s garden. They find the box with the Yeonju victims’ thumbnails.

Hyun Su’s voiceover says some people thought he was a hero for helping catch the serial killer. He says some people pity him because he had to take the blame for what his sister did.

Kim visits Hae Soo in prison with the lawyer. She smiles at Kim.

At present, Hyun Su tells Ji-won that some people call him a psychopath for stealing someone’s identity and deceiving and using an innocent woman.

Hyun Su looks at Ji-won saying the person (Ji-won) who should never forgive him, doesn’t seem to hate him at all.

Ji-won explains that it is because Hyun Su doesn’t remember her.

Hyun Su says he accepts that things are overwhelming. He says he can’t tell her what she wants to hear.

Ji-won’s eyes well up as she says she doesn’t want anything. Her eyes fall on the wedding ring he wears on his fingers. She wonders why he still wears it. She says she came to cheer him on but it looks like she made him feel more burdened.

Hyun Su says he isn’t sure if he can do it. Ji-won tells him to do it as he practised. Ji-won looks at the wedding ring on his finger one last time before heading out of the witness waiting room.

Hae Soo’s trial by jury for the murder of the village foreman case begins. A reporter reports that Hae Soo will be claiming it was an act of self-defence. He says Do Hyun Su will be testifying on her behalf.

Ji-won and Kim watch the proceedings.

Hyun Su walks to the witness stand and gives his testimony as he was the first person on the scene.


Hyun Su walks into the barn to see the village foreman dead and Hae Soo standing beside him with the murder weapon. She tells him she came to ask him to stop the exorcisms on Hyun Su but the man attacked her.

At present, Hyun Su says he took the scissors from Hae Soo and wiped off her fingerprints with his shirt. 

The lawyer points out that this shows what Hae Soo did was an act of self-defence. He then asks Hyun Su why they didn’t take the help of law enforcement. Hyun Su says he didn’t think that there was someone who would help them because their father was a serial killer.

The lawyer asks if Hae Su was scared of the village foreman Kwon Seon Bok even before the incident.

Hyun Su says every time Kwon took Hyun Su away, Hae Soo couldn’t sleep all night. He says she threw up all the time.

The public and the jury seem moved.

Kim whispers to Ji-won that Hyun Su is doing better than expected as it looks like the jury is convinced. Ji-won hopes he can handle the prosecutor’s questions well.

At the police station, the team discusses the case. Lee says it will be difficult to prove as self-defence because she used a deadly weapon. He says the lawyer is basing the case on public sympathy to get a unanimous decision because there is no conclusive evidence. Choi comments that all the villagers are in it together as all their statements are the same. 

Just then, something hits him and Choi checks the witness statements.

At the trial, the prosecutor asks if he deceived everyone including his wife with a false identity. Hyun Su confirms it. She asks how he was able to lie perfectly. The prosecutor says he can’t feel emotions and asks if he is unable to feel guilt.

Hyun Su looks at Ji-won. Ji-won is grim as she waits for his answer. 

(We hear a voice-over of Hyun Su telling Ji-won that he loved her and of him telling Hae Su that he never loved Ji-won).

Hyun Su doesn’t answer the question. His lawyer objects to the question and the Prosecutor concludes her cross-questioning.

Kim tells Ji-won that the prosecutor stressed to the jurors that Hyun Su is skilled in lying. He says it will look like everything he says is a lie.

The judge says they will reconvene the next day.

Later, Kim asks Hyun Su why he didn’t say the lines he practised earlier. He says Hyun Su should have said he had no choice at that time and he deeply repents it.

Hyun Su watches Ji-won walk out of the courtroom. He says it is because of her. He says his mind went blank the moment his eyes met hers. They get into the car.

Ji-won is about to get into her car when she receives a call from Choi. She tells him that the trial isn’t going well for them.

In the car, Kim asks why Hyun Su cant be nicer towards Ji-won. Hyun Su says he doesn’t want to get her hopes up. he says he used her for 14 years for his benefit. He says she isn’t able to accept the fact that he is despicable.

Kim says Hyun Su’s feelings for Ji-won were genuine. Hyun Su asks how Kim knows that. Kim says it looked that way. Hyun Su says it was a facade. Hyun Su says he wouldn’t have married someone he loved while living a false life. Kim asks if Ji-won is on his mind or not. Hyun Su says Ji-won makes him uncomfortable. Kim says Ji-won is here and Hyun Su immediately looks for her. Kim states that Ji-won is on Hyun Su’s mind. Hyun Su says they should leave.

Kim says Ji-won is here. Hyun Su brushes him off saying it is stifling thinking about her. Just then, Ji-won knocks on the window saying they have someplace to go.

Ji-won and Hyun Su drive down as she fills him in on the details about the witness who could turn the tables. Earlier, Choi had called her up about the statement of the village foreman’s nephew Yang Jin Tae. Yang had stated that the village foreman had paid for the exorcisms with Do Min Seok’s money.

Ji-won says the amount taken from Do Min Seok’s account does not match the amount paid to the shaman. She says it is 3 to 4 times the amount. She says the exorcism was held to steal money. She asks, “Sweetie, do you know Yang Jin Tae, the nephew?” Hyun Su gives her a look and she apologises for calling him Sweetie.

Kim visits Hae Soo in prison. He tells her that Hyun Su and Ji-won have gone to convince Yang to testify. Hae Soo asks how things are between them. Kim says Ji-won is a saint for not throwing a fit because Hyun Su forgot about her. He says she is patient. Kim says Hyun Su’s personality has changed. He says he is still the jerk he is but Hyun Su is also like someone else. Hae Soo says she sometimes thinks that Hyun Su didn’t change at all but this is who he truly is. Kim says he sees Hyun Su as a horror story but she is applying humanism. He says blood is thicker than water and she smiles. She asks if it is uncomfortable to live with him. Kim says Hyun Su has made himself at home. He says he should be annoyed but he is glad.

Hae Soo tells Kim he needn’t come here all the time. Kim says it is his favourite pass time. She says she is embarrassed because she is in a prison uniform. Kim says she looks incredible in it. She smiles as she says she likes chatting with him. She says she hopes she, Kim, Hyun Su, Ji-won and Eun ha can gather up for a meal soon.

Meanwhile, Ji-won and Hyun Su reach Yang’s house. He doesn’t answer the door and doesn’t pick up Ji-won’s call. Hyun Su says Yang changed his mind. Ji-won says Yang was open-minded when she spoke to him earlier. Just then, she receives a message on her phone from Yang, saying he won’t testify. Hyun Su says they should go but Ji-won says they should wait and convince Yang to testify. 

Just then, it starts raining. Ji won watches the rain and Hyun Su watches her. He then walks up to her and asks if she likes the rain. She nods.

Hyun Su watches Ji-won put her hand out in the rain. He smiles as he watches her.

His smile fades as he remembers saying Ji-won only what she sees and he can see through her because of that. Hyun Su straightens up and turns away.

Eun ha is with her grandmother. She draws her mother, her grandmother and writes her name as Cha Eun-ha. Ji-won’s mother asks why she doesn’t draw her father and asks if she hates Hyun Su. Eun-ha says her mother cries every time she draws him, so she avoids drawing him. Eun ha says she hates her dad for going on a trip alone.

Outside Yang’s apartment, Ji-won watches the wedding ring on Hyun Su’s finger. He tells her to go as it has stopped raining. He says he will meet Yang by himself. She doesn’t respond and he says, “Detective?”.

Ji-won asks why he still wears the ring. He says he is practising his skills at a workshop and the ring helps keep the balance. He apologises to her saying it was insensitive of him and he removes the ring. He returns it to her saying he will wear something else. Ji-won takes the ring from him.

Just then, Yang comes down the corridor. He runs back once he spots them. Hyun Su catches up with him right before the elevator door closes and asks if Yang did something wrong. Yang seems tense as he apologises to Hyun Su. Hyun Su asks him to testify.

Later, Ji-won records yang’s testimony at a restaurant. Yang says his uncle wanted to take as much money as he could before Hyun Su and Hae Su got a legal guardian. Hyun Su asks what Yang did in the past which made him run away like that today.

Yang says his uncle said he will pay for Yang’s tuition if he helped out. He says he spread false rumours about Hyun Su. He says he cut a chicken up and left it open on the street at night. He says he told the villagers that Hyun Su did it and that Hyun Su was possessed by Do Min Seok’s ghost. She asks if he urged them to hold the rituals and he says yes.

Yang says he knows he is at fault. He says he will lose his life as an elementary school teacher if he testifies in court.

Ji-won notes everything on her phone. Hyun Su says Yang should testify in court only if he really wants to. Hyun Su asks Yang to think about what he really wants and then decide so that he won’t hate himself.

Hyun Su says he will forgive Yang from this moment. He tells Yang to not feel guilty about what he did. Ji-won frowns as she watches Hyun Su say this.

As they drive back, Ji-won says it would’ve been hard for Hyun Su to forgive Yang. Hyun Su says it was easy because he lied. He says if he could have it his way, he would have killed Yang right there. Hyun Su immediately straightens up saying he tried to use Yang’s guilt against him.

Just then, Yang calls up and tells Hyun Su that he will testify. Ji-won is shocked as she sees this side of him. He smiles as he asks her to keep a straight face as she is too easy to read. He says he is embarrassed.

She asks him what she is thinking. Hyun Su says, “This isn’t the guy I know. He’s not the guy I have been trying to get back. Isn’t that what you were thinking?”

Ji-won’s eyes tear up as she pulls over to the side. She asks if he is being mean on purpose. Hyun Su says he is a person who can lie to people without feeling guilty. He says she isn’t aware of that. He asks if she can tell whether he is lying or not.

Kim returns home and looks for Hyun Su. He then opens the refrigerator and calls Hyun Su a jerk.

Hyun Su tells Ji-won he didn’t remember anything after he woke up in the hospital. He says he felt like he woke up after sleeping for 15 years. He says his body remembered how he lived for the past 15 years. He says he was cooking and eating things he hadn’t seen or eaten before. He says when he did metalwork, he moved his hands delicately. He says he could instinctively read people’s emotions and knew how to use it to his advantage. Hyun Su says he knows very well as to what Ji-won wants to hear from him.

Ji-won says she doesn’t expect anything from him but he says she does. He says she wants him to say that he feels the same way towards her though he doesn’t remember anything about her. He says she wants him to lie to her like that.

Ji-won looks away on shock as she asks him when she said she wanted to hear those things. Ji-won asks him how he could forget her after how much they loved each other and how far they got. She asks how he could forget her like he cut her off with a pair of scissors.

Hyun Su is teary-eyed as he says he doubts if there is an ounce of sincerity within him. He says he can’t trust himself. He says not even once he has cared for anyone over an extended period of time. He asks how long his feelings for her will last.

Ji-won asks why he can’t trust himself. Hyun Su says, “Do you know what you are doing? You look at me, but you’re searching for him within me.” Ji-won looks away. He says, “If you see a similarity, you get your hopes up and if you see a difference, you get disappointed. But you know, I hate him. I don’t want to know anything about him.”

Hyun Su cries as he says,” I feel like we each have one foot chained to a post and are running round and round in circles. You run after me, only seeing me from behind and I flee from you because I don’t want you to see me from the front. In the end, neither of us takes a single step forward.” Ji-won bursts into tears.

At his home, Kim scrolls through his article titled, “The Other Side of A Serial Murderer.” It recounts the account of Kim seeing the sack in the basement and Do Min Seok saying it is an elf. The article ends by saying that if you miss the chance to be brave it turns into regret or silence. He reads the comments calling him a coward.

Just then, Hyun Su walks in. Kim opens the refrigerator and says he feels like puking if he looks at all the food. Hyun Su says he wants Kim to eat well. Kim asks why he buys stuff and fills the refrigerator when he won’t eat any. Hyun Su says he keeps buying it whenever he sees it. Kim says it is an illness. He then asks if Hyun Su had been crying. He asks if Yang refused to testify. Hyun Su says he will. Kim wonders what is wrong and asks if Ji-won finally hit him.

Hyun Su says he wishes she would hit him. He says he has to talk to her about their kid once the trial is over. He says seeing her again frustrates him. Hyun Su says he doesn’t want to make Eun ha see him. He asks what is the point of seeing a father who doesn’t remember her.

Hyun Su asks, “If I say I want to give what is left of my inheritance to the kid… If I say let’s end it at that, would she be hurt?”

Ji-won is at their home. She takes Hyun Su’s shirt and takes in his scent. She later listens to Yang’s statement where Hyun Su tells him to do what he really wants so he doesn’t end up hating himself.

As she pats Eun-ha to sleep, Eun-ha asks if Ji-won and her father are divorced. Eun-ha cries as she said the kids in school asked if her parents are divorced when she said her name is Cha Eun ha now. Ji-won says it is not like that and Eun-ha asks why he is not coming home.

Ji-won holds Eun-ha saying, “Mummy wants Daddy to be happy. What about you?” Eun-ha’s voice cracks as she says, “Me too.” Ji-won says, “Daddy has not once lived as himself. Mommy wants daddy to live freely at least once.

Ji-won visits Hae Soo in prison. Hae Soo thanks Ji-won for working hard on her case. Ji-won says she has no right to have Hae Soo thank her or apologise to her. She says Hae Soo has made such a great sacrifice for her.

Hae Soo says she wanted to protect Ji-won and Eun ha at all costs that night. She says she is finally able to like herself a little bit because of that. She comments that what happened to Hyun Su must have taken a toll on Ji-won. 

Ji-won says she is going to let him go and that is the right course of action for both of them. She says she was foolish enough not to realise it earlier.

Hae Soo says meeting Ji-won planted a belief in her life. She says all the suffering they had seemed to be leading toward a life of something greater. She says that is why she wants Ji-won to suffer a little less.

On the day of the verdict, the Judge states that the jury has reached a unanimous verdict that Hae Soo’s actions were that of self-defence. She says the sentencing will be done separately by the bench.

Later the news reports that the judges didn’t agree with the jury’s verdict. After basing upon the facts that Hae Soo was a minor at that time and the act took place at night, it was decided that it wasn’t a punishable act.

Hyun Su visits Mi-Ja in prison. She says it must be true that he doesn’t remember anything. She says if he did, he wouldn’t be here. Hyun Su says Mi-Ja would know the real him better than anyone. Mi-Ja asks if he had a chance to see him.


Hyun Su walks into what looks like a psychiatric ward. Baek Man Woo sits on a bed. Hyun Su calls, “Mr Baek Man Woo”. Man Woo turns around and exclaims, “Hee Sung!” 

Man Woo sees his son Hee Sung in Hyun Su’s place. Man Woo says he has been waiting to see him for so long and walks up to him.

Hee Sung asks, “Dad, you have been waiting for me?” Man Woo says he waits for Hee Sung daily. Hee Sung says he has been waiting for his father everyday. Man Woo smiles as he says Hee Sung has a pretty face. Hee Sung is sad as he smiles when his father asks if he has always been this handsome.

Man Woo takes out candies and stuffs it in Hee Sung’s hand without realising it is Hyun Su who is standing there. He says he had stashed the candies to give it to him.

Hyun Su stands rooted to the spot as he sees Man Woo doting on him.

At present, Hyun Su tells Mi-Ja not to worry about Man Woo as his mind is slowly taking him to the past, one day at a time. Mi-Ja smiles sadly as she asks what he wants to ask her. Hyun Su asks who Ji-won was to him.

Mi-Ja says he hated bringing Ji-won over to meet them. She says they initially thought it was to keep his secret intact. But later on, she found out that Hyun Su truly cared for Ji-won. She asks him to leave as she is exhausted. 

Kim walks into Hae Soo’s rooftop house which is empty now.


Hae Soo, Kim and Hyun Su are at a restaurant. She says she has never lived her life before and says she wishes to study abroad. Kim asks why she wants to go abroad. 

Hae Soo says she came across Gaudi’s work on TV when she was in school. She says her heart pounded when she saw that place. She says she wants to be in that place when her life starts over. Hyun Su says he is glad she is searching for something she wants in life.

Kim pitches in by saying he supports her too. He says he doesn’t know how much importance this Gaudi person has in her life but he will still support her. Hae Soo thanks him. Kim tells her not to get her hopes up as he will not wait for her. Hyun Su watches as Kim drinks up and leaves saying he has an interview scheduled. He says they should get together before she leaves.

Hae Soo is teary-eyed as gestures Hyun Su to check on Kim. Hyun Su goes out of the restaurant to find Kim crying by the window, looking at Hae Soo. Hyun Su brings his hand to comfort Kim but is awkward. As he is about to walk away Kim asks Hyun Su to comfort him because he is here anyway.

They sit on the curb and Kim asks if he should wait for Hae Soo. Hyun Soo tells him to do what he wants. Kim says he will forget about her and erase her from his memory. He asks if Hyun Su has any tips for losing memory. Hyun Su asks if Kim needs help in fracturing his skull.

At present, Kim stands on the rooftop of Hae Soo’s house as the phone rings. It is Hae Soo on the other end. He acts as if he forgot that she would call today. He realises that it is still morning there and asks if she ate.

Hyun Su walks down a lane as he recalls his conversation with Hae Soo.


Hae Soo is packing her things as she says, “Hyun Su, you and I somehow got lost during our journey in life. We’ll end up wandering a lot. And that is why we need to have a starting point so that we don’t get lost again.”

Hyun Su says Hae Soo won’t be here any longer and wonders who will help him find the answer. Hae Soo says Hyun Su is the only person who knows the answer.

At present, Hyun Su walks up to the spot where Ji-won and him to shelter from the rain during their first date. He stands under the same shelter. He remembers Ji-won saying that he is the only one who doesn’t know that he likes her. Hyun Su’s eyes tear up as he recalls Ji-won’s smiling face.

Just then, he receives a call from the real estate agent saying there is a place meeting all his requirements.

Hyun Su comes to the address which is none other than the same house Ji-won and he lived in. He looks at the craft shop sign, “Metal Craft Work Shop – The place where the morning star rests”

The agent shows him in and he asks if he can take a look at the place alone. She says she will wait outside.

Hyun Su walks through the workshop and he picks up some diaries on the table. He reads the entries on one of them.

It says, “She hates moths but likes butterflies. Why does she hate moths but like butterflies? They are the same species..” “Tinkerbell doll hanging from her bag” “Movie posters on her social media page” He flips through the pages, “She likes the rain, she gets excited when it rains and she smiles over nothing. Does she like how it feels when the rain falls over her. Or does she like how the rain buffers the noise around her.”

Just then he hears Ji-won’s voice saying he can’t read that. As he turns around she explains that she was just cleaning up and he can take whatever he wants. She says everything in the workshop is his including the notebook in his hand. 

Ji-won says everything in the notebook is about her so can’t give it to him.

Hyun Su picks up the business card which reads, “The place where the morningstar rests” and asks if he was the one who came up with the name for the workshop. Ji-won says he did. Hyun Su asks her if she knows what it means. Ji-won says she asked him but he never told her. She says it looks like no one will know.

Hyun Su says, “In Greek and Roman Mythology there is a God named Hephaestus. He was the God of metalworking. He was the ugliest god in Mount Olympus and everyone hated him because of his nasty personality. So he always spent time in his workshop. But he had a wife whom he loved dearly. Her name was Venus. The planet. And another name for that planet is “The Morning Star”.

Hyun Su turns around and says she was always on his mind in this very space where he spent most of his time.

Ji-won looks away and says she applied to get transferred to a task force in Busan. Hyun Su asks if she is leaving. Ji-won says she wants to go somewhere new to make a fresh start so that she won’t run into him even by chance.

Hyun Su walks up to her and says, “How… I finally took one step toward you. How could you run away?”

Ji-won says she gets her hopes up and then gets disappointed again and again. She is teary-eyed as she says she can’t do this anymore. Hyun Su asks if she can’t change his mind. Ji-won doesn’t respond.

She is uneasy as he walks towards her. Hyun Su says, “I will be good to you. I’ll like you for real.”

Ji-won recalls herself telling Hyun Su the very same words in the past.

Hyun Su says, “Let’s look for the person you are looking for together. No, I’ve become curious about him. I want to know who he is. “

Ji-won notices bandaids on his hands and asks what happened. He says he keeps hurting his hand if he doesn’t wear the ring. He smiles as he says he is not used to it yet.

Ji-won takes out his ring which she has hung it on her chain. Tears streak down Hyun Su’s face as she puts the ring on his finger.

Hyun Su says whenever he is around her, he gets nervous for no reason. He says he is afraid that he will make a mistake. Ji-won looks up at him and says, “Me too.”

Hyun Su approaches her slowly and she looks at him teary-eyed. He leans towards her and kisses her lightly on the lips. He kisses her again and she holds on to him as she kisses him back.

Ji-won’s voiceover says she has to go pick up Eun-ha. She asks if he will go with her. Hyun Su’s voiceover asks if Eun ha will like him. Ji-won laughs and Hyun Su asks why she is laughing. Ji-won’s voiceover asks why he is laughing. Hyun Su says, “It is because you laughed.”

Later, Hyun Su is nervous as he waits for Eun Ha. He turns around as he hears Eun-ha’s voice, “Daddy!” He sees her running towards him. He crouches and she runs into his arms.

Hyun Su remembers holding Eun Ha as an infant.

Eun-ha says she missed him a lot. She asks if he brought her a gift. Hyun Su says he forgot. Eun-ha says it is okay as he is her gift. She says she likes him more than anything in the world.

Ji-won looks on as Hyun Su voice cracks when he says, “Daddy… Daddy too.”

Hyun Su’s eyes well up as he lifts Eun Ha into his arms. Ji-won goes up to him and hugs him. Hyun Su tears up as he holds Ji-won and Eun-ha.

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Unlike the previous episodes, the finale didn’t have thrilling scenes but it was gripping and emotional. The content of the finale was unexpected in a good way.

In the last few episodes, it looked like the leads had developed trust issues towards each other. I was curious to see how this would be set right in just one episode. This episode more than made up for it in an impressive way by wiping the slate clean and making a fresh start.

Usually, I am not a fan of plots which bring in amnesia to add essence to the plot but that was not the case here. Hyun Su has a history of blocking out disturbing memories (from his childhood). Hyun Su losing his memory again gelled with the storyline quite well. This episode unfolded mostly from Do Hyun Su’s point of view.

So far, one has always associated Hyun So to the teenage boy and the one who lived as Hee Sung or as Detective Ji-won’s husband. But it was interesting to see the adult personality of Do Hyun Su (who didnt meet Ji-won) which came as a result of his memory loss.  

Do Hyun Su comes across as a person who doesn’t walk on eggshells around anyone, especially Ji-won. He doesn’t seem vulnerable and doesn’t feel the need to hide his identity. He is a smooth liar who is self-centred. But one could see he was what he was because of what had happened to him in the past. He is a stark contrast to the Hyun Su who lived as Baek Hee Sung. He even hated the life he lived as Hee Sung until he found out that he lived it out of love and not selfishness. After seeing Do Hyun Su in this episode one can understand how much he camouflaged his personality all along. 

The episode also touched upon Do Hyun Su’s memories (with Ji-won and Eun-ha)which keep resurfacing. This goes to show that though it may take time he will mostly regain his memories gradually. 

The scene in the car with Ji-won and Hyun Su brought out the complex emotions which Hyun Su feels regarding his relationship. He felt that his emotions are short-lived. There was a lot of self-loathing going on. He didn’t want to show Ji-won his true side. This scene was well-written and well made. 

Ji-won had a rough time in this episode. She was left with a person who only resembled her husband in looks and who didn’t want to be around her. Ji-won handled the situation well by giving space and choosing to let go but at the same time being supportive. It looks like she finally got her husband back in the form of a person who won’t hide things from her anymore.

The trial was impressive and a good watch. It was a swift one with crisp details and didn’t waste a moment.

It was good to see Hae Soo, Kim Moo Jin and Hyun Su have a normal discussion for once since becoming adults.

Man-woo’s scene at the care facility was touching though it was a one between antagonists.

Every character got an ending which best suited their nature.

The last scene at the workshop was a good watch as it showed how Do Hyun Su found out for himself that he is capable of caring and loving. 

It was nice how the finale focussed more on fresh beginnings rather than just good endings. This series is definitely a must-watch.

-By Soul Sword-

Series Review

Short summary

Baek Hee Sung is a metal craftsman who lives with his wife Cha Ji-won, a detective from violent crimes unit and daughter Baek Eun-ha. They live a loving and perfect life.

Reporter Kim Moo Jin writes articles about serial killers and murders. His recent article is about the gruesome Yeonju murders committed by serial killer Do Min Seok around 18 years back. Kim is curious to track down Do Min Seok’s son Do Hyun Su. He is sure that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as it is rumoured that Do Hyun Su assisted his father in the serial killings. Do Hyun Su had vanished from the village after killing the village foreman and is wanted for the murder. Kim one day stumbles across Baek Hee Sung and finds (recognises) that Baek Hee Sung is none other than Do Hyun Su, the son of the dreaded serial killer Do Min Seok.

Do Hyun Su doesn’t like the fact that Kim found him. He vows to do anything to keep his identity a secret from the world and most importantly- his wife Cha Ji Won. Luck isn’t on his side as it so happens Cha Ji-won ends up on a case which leads her to work on the very same case. What follows forms the rest of this thrilling series.

The series is fast paced and gets off to a quick start. It doesn’t waste a single moment of the runtime. This series is packed with thrills and twists.

The screenplay is really good and the manner in which the story unravels is interesting. The story shows two timelines in every episode, the past and the present. The flashbacks which start of every episode are thrilling and they make the series mysterious and thrilling.

The layered plot is skilfully executed. Every episode ends in a cliff-hanger, leaving the viewer with a lot of questions, which are immediately answered in the following episodes. This drama has many twists and plotlines that keep the viewer gripped from beginning to the end. What is nice about the plot is that it looks like there are lot of unanswered questions but everything is answered in the end.

The drama has a perfect casting as all the actors fit into their roles perfectly. The supporting cast bring the air of mystery into the drama. Every character is important and they add an interesting twist to the story.

This series is one of the best thrillers out there. Namely, the scenes with Do Min Seok and Hee Sung are thrilling to watch. The police team is efficient and it is interesting to see the way they solve cases.

Hyun Su’s character is an intruiguing one as it takes quite some time to form a judgement over his character. Initally one’s judgment keeps swaying and this made the series very interesting. The antagonist roles are very interesting as well. The character sketches of all characters are  beautifully written.

What starts off as a perfect loving relationship between Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji-won, quickly spirals out of control once Ji-won opens the Pandora box. The complicated relationship between the couple has been portrayed very well in this series. There are many emotional and noteworthy scenes between the leads in this series which is top notch.

The series starts off with very little details, so it keeps the viewer guessing. The pieces of the jigsaw are dropped like breadcrumbs throughtout the series and it all fits in neatly in the end.

The scenes where Kim Moo Jin and Do Hyun Su share screen space always a pleasant watch.

There are a lot of aspects that were outstanding in this drama:

  • Its pace
  • Character sketches
  • The acting
  • Thrills
  • Unexpected twists
  • Dialogues
  • The flashbacks at the start of every episode.
  •  The background music and OSTs.
  • Script and screenplay

Lee Joong Gi portrays the demanding role of Baek Hee Sung/ Do Hyun Su. Do Hyun Su is a mysterious character who lives a normal life under a false identity of Baek Hee sung. He is determined to go to any lengths to keep the life which he tried so hard to build. He is diagnosed of a mental illness at a young age and he makes sure that no one finds out that he doesn’t have emotions. Lee Joon Gi brings the character to life in a remarkable manner as Do Hyun Su’s character is a complex one.

Moon Chae Won portrays Cha Ji Won,a righteous detective from the violent crimes unit. Ji-won works in her dream job and is married to the love of her life Hee Sung. In the beginning, she comes across as a soft character but as the series progresses we see how much she evolves as a character. Throughout the series, she struggles to walk the line between a righteous cop and a loyal wife. Though she says she will side with her husband at any cost, she does comes across as a cop no matter what happens. Moon Chae Won portrays Ji-won being torn between Hee Sung and her job in a great manner.

Seo Hyun-Woo portrays Kim Moo Jin. A reporter who will do anything unethical to get the exclusive story he wants. The only light hearted part of the series revolves around Kim Moo Jin. One takes time to warm up to his character but later on he ends up as one of the favourites. He has his share of secrets too.

Jang Hee-Jin portrays Do Hae Soo, Do Hyun Su’s sister. A quiet personality who nurses a guilt carried on from many years. She faces the impact of being the daughter of a serial killer and lives a lonely life. Being the closest to a mother figure to Do Hyun Su, Hae Soo is a very important character to the plot and like her brother and Kim, she has a secret too, which is eating her from the inside.

Kim Ji-Hoon portrays Baek Hee Sung. Though the series has many antagonists, the choicest of them is Baek Hee Sung. He comes in the later part of the series and his role shows how important an antagonist is to a plot. His performance takes the series to an entire new level. Towards the end of the series one feels uneasy whenever is on screen. Every scene he is in is thrilling and gripping.

The supporting cast have done an amazing work and my favourite are Choi Jae Sup, Baek Eun-ha, Do Min Seok, Baek Man Woo and Gong Mi-ja. The actors who portray the teenage/adolescent versions of the characters have done an exceptional work as they resemble their adult counterparts in mannerisms and acting.

When I started watching the series I expected the crime thriller with a bit of melodrama. The crime part of the series delivered beyond expectations but the psychological aspect of the plot came as a surprise package. In fact, this is the part which makes Flower of Evil one the best dramas. The series shows what a misdiagnosis can do to a person. It also shows how society looks upon mental illness and the social stigma surrounding family background. It also shows how much the environment and family affects a person’s mental health. The series portrays complex emotions in a deeply emotive way. While watching the show it is the crime suspense that hooks one to the series, but after it is over it is the emotional aspects that remains with the viewer.

Flower of evil is easily among the best dramas list and is a must watch!

Ost picks

I Feel You


-By Soul Sword-

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