The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge- Episode 9 Recap

Ga-on tells Min that he chose to side with Yo Han and goes away with Yo Han.

Soo Hyun walks up to the rioters and fires a shot at the sky. One of the guys (the live streamer who is Yo Han’s fan) drops his weapon and dares her to shoot him. He makes sure that this is being filmed.

Elijah is worried as she watches from the car.

At the bridge, Ga-on tells Yo Han that he wants to fight the corrupt world. Just then, Yo Han gets a call from Elijah. She claims that she is in trouble and asks him to come quickly. He tells her to stay there and rushes to his car. Ga-on follows him. His car speeds away.

Meanwhile, Soo Hyun walks towards the injured people. The live streamer (Jukchang) tells the cameraperson to switch off the camera and record only the audio. He speaks in a loud voice. He says he was summoned by the President but he is being oppressed by a mere police officer. Soo-Hyun points the gun at him and tells him to back off. He steps forward and presses himself against the muzzle of the gun. She tackles him and floors him.

She looks up as she hears Elijah yelling. She sees that one of the men has opened the door and is trying to get Elijah out. 

Yo Han’s car screeches to a halt as they reach the location. Ga-on bolts out of the car. He hears Elijah’s screams and pulls the man off her. He checks if she is okay. Yo Han watches this. 

Yo Han steps forward slowly in a menacing manner towards the gang who are holding Soo Hyun back. The gang goes silent as they recognise Yo Han. They scatter away and Jukchang tells Yo Han that they have huge respect for him.

Yo Han grabs Jukchang’s neck while glaring at Soo Hyun. He pushes the man against the car and continues to choke him. He asks how Jukchang dared to touch his niece. The man struggles for breath as he says he didn’t know.

Soo Hyun yells at Yo Han to stop. She asks if he is trying to kill the man. Yo Han’s grip doesn’t loosen. She points the gun at Yo Han and tells him to let go. Ga-on tells Soo-Hyun to lower the gun and he tells Yo Han to back off too.

Yo Han lets Jukchang go and walks towards Yo Han. He asks if she is pointing the gun at him. Ga-on sighs in relief as she lowers her gun. She then declares that Jukchang is under arrest for special assault.

Yo Han walks away and Jukchang laughs. Soo Hyun calls for backup. Yo Han is calm as he opens So Hyun’s car’s door. Elijah is quiet as he lifts her out of the car. He puts her in his car.

They ride in silence on the way back to their house. Yo Han brings her into his house and leaves her in the corridor. Elijah calls after him and asks him to at least say something. 

Yo Han says Soo Hyun is out of her mind for putting Elijah in trouble. Elijah says she was the one who called Soo Hyun out as she was craving Tteobbki (street food). She adds that they ran into those hooligans on the way back and she isn’t responsible for that. She says she has no one to hang out with.

Later, Ga-on tells Yo Han that Soo Hyun is a good person and she cares for Elijah. Ga-on says Elijah isn’t a 6-year-old anymore and Yo Han shouldn’t be acting on the church fire incident’s trauma.

Yo Han retorts that Elijah was kidnapped twice. He says people either want their family’s money or hold a grudge against them. He says Elijah trusts whoever is nice to her.

Ga-on says Elijah wants love. He says no matter how much Yo Han hates the world, as a human he does need someone to rely on.

Meanwhile, Sun-A pops open a champagne bottle in Seo’s office and celebrates by herself. She marvels at her name as Chairwoman on the placard. She comments that this has been a long journey.

Sun-A calls up Jae-Hee and asks if she can join her. Jae-he says she is busy and asks if she should send some models over. Sun-A declines the offer and hangs up. Then Sun-A comments that models sound like fun.

The next day, Ga-on walks into Yo Han’s office and says the commissioner got everyone from Jukchang TV released. Yo Han comments that this means they are not just a bunch of psychos. Yo Han receives a call saying that the Chief justice wants to meet with the three of them.

Jin-Joo, Ga-on and Yo Han walks into the Chief justice’s office to hind Sun-A there. He says Sun-A wants to make promotional ads and posters featuring them. She says she wants the public to desire Yo Han just as how she does. Yo Han gives a tight smile. Ga-on and Yo Han object to this but Jin-Joo is all for it.

Ga-on asks Sun-A why she is supporting the live court when the Foundation had so many issues with them in the past. She is quiet. He asks if she has a slogan in mind.

Sun-A says, “Strong law and order, a safer Korea. The live court show is with you”. Ga-on says that is the President’s slogan. Sun-A asks if he is against the government’s policy. Yo Han cuts in and says it will be fun and says they should do it. He watches Sun-A intently.

Later, Yo Han stops her when she is driving away. He pulls her out of her car and he tells her that she will pay for interfering with his plans. He asks if that will be okay.

Sun-A says people love tragic stories like the church fire. She says she can make him popular among people using the trials. She tells him that the election is due in a couple of years. She suggests that he should run for the Presidential Elections. She says Yo Han and the Foundation can work together and make it happen. Yo Han says the plan sounds good, except for the part where they have to work together.

Sun-A asks him if he can for once be a little nice towards her and drives away. Yo Han watches her as she drives away.

At night, Ga-on says they are being used. Yo Han says they should play along for now. Ga-on asks if Yo Han knows SUn-A for a long time. Yo Han says she was the maid who jumped from the window. Ga-on asks if it is true that Ga-on played with her heart.

Yo Han says Ga-on is just like him (Issac). He says both of them judge based on what they see.


Issac tells off Yo Han for SUn-A jumping off the window. He says the girl may never walk again. He says he is worried about what their father will do if this keeps happening. He tells Yo Han to promise that he won’t hurt innocent people. Yo Han promises him. Yo Han places his mothers necklace around Yo Han’s hand. He says Yo Han should remember this promise every time he sees the bracelet.

At present, Yo Han looks at the bracelet on his wrist. He tears up as he remembers this. He smiles as he says Issac didn’t understand that there is no such thing as an innocent person until the moment he died.

The next day, Heo addresses the press. He is asked why no action has been taken on the Violence gang. Heo says it is not easy to get information out of the members but they are working on it. He is also asked about the increasing support for Jukchang who along with his gang is acting like vigilantes. Heo says that is fake news and throws a fit as the reporter smiles.

Minister Cha switches off the TV and curses Heo calling him an idiot. Her secretary says the Blue House is being reckless. She blames Seo for making Heo the President.


The members of the Foundation watch as Heo delivers an over-dramatic speech. Seo seems impressed as Heo goes out. Cha and Chairman Min are against Heo being the Presidential candidate. Seo and Park are for Heo as he is a celebrity (former actor) and the people will like him. Seo says if Cha becomes President, she will be strongly criticised if she doesn’t get the pandemic under control. Seo says Heo can be the shied who they can control.

At present, Cha says putting Heo in the front was Sun-A’s idea.

Meanwhile, Yo Han, Jin-Joo and Ga-on are being prepped for the photo shoot. Sun-A walks in all decked up. She goes over to Ga-on. She sees something on his cheek. She wets her finger with her tongue and brings it towards his face. Ga-on moves away. But she still wipes it away and walks on. Ga-on is awkward.

Sun-A goes to Yo Han and straightens his tie. He asks if she is enjoying herself and she says she is. He warns her not to too far. She says she won’t.

The photoshoot starts and Ga-on is awkward. After a few poses, Jin-joo asks if she can come in the middle and Yo Han swaps places with her. Just then, Yo Han excuses himself.

K is on the other end. He says he found out things about Sun-A’s past. Yo Han tells him to hide the sources and leak the information to Cha’s team. He also tells K to add the information that Sun-a worked in his house as a maid.

Soon, Cha’s secretary brings the information to Cha. She finds this interesting.

Ga-on is in Yo Han’s house. He watches footage from Jukchang TV where they beat people in the subway. Elijah finds him and asks why he is watching that. Ga-on says seven copycat assaults have taken place since yesterday. He shows her the video from yesterday where JUkchang dares Soo Hyun to shoot him. Elijah is annoyed to see Jukchang playing the victim card. She offers to help Ga-on to bring him down. He politely declines.

Just then, Ji comes in with some groceries. Elijah reminds her that Yo Han told her not to cook. Ji says she will cook for Ga-on as Ga-on hasn’t told her not to cook. Elijah refuses Ga-on’s request to join him. He says he is grateful to have Ji cook for him. Elijah is worried as she goes away.

Ji tells him that Elijah has become more cheerful now. She thanks him and says cooking for him is a way of showing him gratitude.

Ga-on commends on cooking a large spread. She gives a proud smile. Ga-on takes the first sip of the broth and his smile fades. He struggles to keep it down as he says the food tastes different. She says she even added wild honey. Ga-on moves to the other dishes which taste equally bad.

Ga-on asks Ji when Yo Han asked her not to cook. She says Yo Han ate less and less. One day he had banned her from cooking. Ji says Yo Han used to eat everything without any complaints. She says he suspects her. Ga-on smiles as he resorts to eating the rice.

Later, Ga-on visits Elijah. Elijah comments that he looks pale. He asks why she didn’t warn him. She says she couldn’t since Ji puts in a lot of effort. She adds that Ji adds a lot of healthy ingredients.

Ga-on realises that that is why both Yo Han and Elijah finished everything without complaining.

Yo Han is going somewhere and K is driving. K says he has leaked the information to Cha. Yo Han says she will start digging into the Foundation and they should get there before her. Just then, Elijah calls him up. She says Ga-on has cooked a meal for them and they can’t start without Yo Han. Yo Han hangs up. He asks K to cancel the appointment and drive back home. He smiles on his entire drive back.

Soon he joins them for supper. Elijah all smiles as she eats the food. He sees Ji tasting Ga-on’s food. He watches the table light up in smiles.

The next day, Yo Han tells Ga-on that it is time to get the person who conned Ga-on’s parents and the people who hid them.

Yo Han meets with his team. He is asked if he found evidence against Cha. Yo Han says he didn’t. He says Lawyer Ko has been very helpful and they need his help. Lawyer Ko tells them that many prosecutors want to join their firm so he knows a lot of things. Ko says Cha confides everything in her secretary as has been working for her since she started. He says they should get him to talk but it will be very difficult as he is loyal. K says he can get the man to talk. Ga-on interrupts them as he says that Yo Han has a lot of money and money is a good motive for people.

They abduct Cha’s secretary and hold him in an abandoned building. Ga-on asks about Doh Young Choon’s whereabouts whom the secretary keeps updating Cha on. The man says he has nothing to say. Ga-on and K try to bribe him with gold bricks. The secretary doesn’t budge. They keep adding bricks till it adds up to 2 million. 

Then, Yo Han walks in. He starts removing the bricks one by one. The secretary starts becoming greedy. Finally, he grabs the two bricks before Yo Han removes them and consents to talk. 

Later, Ga-on and Yo Han drive to Daanwan-Gu, Ansan. Ga-on says he didn’t think it would be this simple. Yo Han says it hurts to lose what you already have. Yo Han tells Ga-on that they are just here to check things. He says they will come back after figuring the plan.

Ga-on walks into a vineyard and finds Do Young Choon working peacefully all by himself.

At night, Yo Han and Ga-on watch Doh eat a hearty meal with his wife and daughter. By the night, Doh is wat his workshop carving some wooden dolls.

Ga-on tries to barge in but Yo Han stops him saying that Doh is the perfect bait to catch Cha. Ga-on says Yo Han has no idea how he feels. Yo Han says Cha has framed tonnes of innocent people just to get to where she is right now. He says that K’s father was framed for accepting bribes and being a sexual offender. He says K’s father committed suicide. Yo Han asks how Ga-on intends to face Soo Hyun with blood on his hands.

That night, Ga-on lies awake in his bed and recounts all the incidents from his past. 

The next day he visits Soo Hyun at work. They go for a walk. He asks her how she would feel if he did something bad. She says she would arrest him on the spot. She asks if something is wrong and he says it is nothing. She asks if he rode his bike drunk. 

At night, Ga-on sets off to Ansan. He enters the workshop and DOh Young Choon is startled. He asks Ga-on who he is. Ga-on asks if Doh is atoning for what he did. Doh realises that Ga-on is one of his victims. 

Doh immediately gets down on his knees and sobs as he apologises. Ga-on says he isn’t buying this. He asks where Doh hid the money to put on a show like this. Doh claims that all the money was seized and Cha took the remaining. He says he has no money to repay the victims and he is waiting for his day to die. He tells Ga-on to kill him.

Ga-on says Doh deserves to die and grabs Doh Young Choon. He pushes him against the table strangles him. As Doh chokes his wife and daughter come running. They try to pry Ga-on away. Ga-on doesn’t loosen his grip. The daughter tells Ga-on to kill her instead of her father. Ga-on looks at her in shock. He lets go and steps back. He asks who said Doh is atoned for and asks why he is not being allowed to take revenge. Ga-on says Doh is not human but a devil and he should have stayed that way.

Just then Yo han comes inside and pulls Ga-on away. He throws him outside the workshop. Next, he pushes Doh Young Choon outside the workshop and goes out. He latches the Workshop door shut leaving Doh’s wife and daughter inside.

Yo Han drags Doh and shows him the empty pit beside the workshop. Doh loses his mind as he asks where the money is. Yo Han shows him the money pile which now stands in plain sight.

Doh runs on all fours towards Yo Han but Yo Han kicks him. He tells Ga-on to hold Doh back and Ga-on complies. Yo Han pours gasoline over the money pile. Doh screams asking him not to touch the money. He pours gasoline over the workshop too. Yo Han says he is giving Doh Young Choon an opportunity. Ga-on tells him not to do it. Yo han lights the money pile on fire and then sets the workshop on fire too.

Ga-on goes to help the wife and daughter but Yo Han holds him back. He tells Ga-on to watch Doh Young Choon. Doh Young runs towards the money pile without a second glance towards the workshop.

Ga-on watches in disbelief as Doh ignores his wife and daughter’s call for help. Doh does everything in his power to douse the fire on the money pile.

Doh manages to retrieve some money and finds out that it’s just paper. Ga-on is disgusted as Doh laughs like a maniac. 

Just then, Doh’s smile fades as he sees his wife and daughter walking towards him.

(Earlier, K rescues the wife and daughter from the workshop)

Doh is at a loss for words.

Yo Han explains that Doh had lied to his family too. Doh tries to lie his way out but his wife slaps him. He curses at her as the wife and daughter walk away.

Yo Han gives Ga-on a knife and tells him to get his revenge now. Ga-on walks forward and Doh Young Choon begs for mercy. Ga-on throws the knife away and Doh breaks into a peal of insane laughter. He tells Yo Han that they should use Doh as a means to get to Cha. Both of them walk away and K drags Doh away.

Ga-on asks Yo Han where the real money is. Yo Han says it is right where he buried it. Ga-on realises that Yo Han pranked Doh. Yo Han says humans lose their minds when they lose what they already have.

The next day, Ga-on returns the money to the rest of Doh’s victims anonymously. They open the box to find a note which reads, “To the victims of Doh Young Choon’s scams.”

Ga-on watches in contentment as the people shed tears of joy as they see the money.

Image Courtesy- TVN


Yo Han’s idea of pitting Cha against Sun-A was brilliant. I am curious to see Sun-A’s reaction to Cha’s moves because she won’t take it well if Cha finds out about Sun-A’s past.

It was revealed that the reason Yo Han tells Ji not to cook is because she is a terrible cook. What seemed like a dark comment early on ended up with a light motive.

Judging by how fast the hooligans were released, it looks like someone powerful is behind Jukchang TV.

The last scene was well made. It would have been a huge task to make Ga-on see what matters most to Doh. It is interesting how Yo Han makes Ga-on see things from another perspective (setting the workshop on fire) instead of explaining it using words. Finally, Doh Young Choon got the biggest punishment he could get- losing all his money. It looks like Ga-on found solace in returning the money to the rest of the victims, which wouldn’t have been the case if he had chosen to kill Doh Young Choon.

-By Soul Sword-

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