The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge- Episode 10 Recap

Ga-on finds Yo Han stacking a pack of cards in his study. He asks if Yo Han is having fun. Yo Han says he has no one to play it with. Ga-on says he should play it with family and stops himself from saying further. Yo Han calls him nosy. He says he doesn’t like hanging out with people. Yo Han points at the 2nd tier of cards. He says they have come till the second tier. He says they need to get to the top layer. Ga-on asks who is on the top floor. Yo Han says he has no idea how tall the tower is. He says he wants to bring the building down at once.

Yo Han asks if Ga-on looked into Jukchang. Ga-on says Jukchang and his followers started assaulting people after President Heo started instigating people to take the streets.

He shows Episode 86 of Heo’s Vlog.  Heo claims that the citizens are unemployed losers because the privileged people employ low-cost labour. He calls them cheap foreigners. He says people with pure Korean blood will disappear from the country. He says people of mixed blood will dominate and there won’t be any genuine Koreans left. He urges them to protest using a bamboo spear.

The camera pans and shows Jukchang in the corner. Ga-on says Jukchang was the President of Heo’s fan club at first and then became a staff. He says he even took part in the Presidential campaign and edited videos for Heo.

Yo Han says Heo wants the youngsters to form a patriotic society. He asks if they should put him on trial. Ga-on agrees to this. He says they are turning into President’s soldiers. Yo Han brings down the tower with a tap.

The members of the FOundation meet up. Sun-A promises to keep Yo Han busy. They start discussing plans for new programs where they arrest the poor and jail the illegal immigrants. Heo says he can’t trust the police force so he has to trust his organisation. He says he is nearly ready.

At the 2nd Branch, Ministry of Justice, Juvenile Education Centre, a group of employees are busy spying on other members of the foundation.

Cha walks in and everyone greets her. She tells her secretary to put everyone on working on Jung Sun Ah. He tells her that the assaults are increasing on foreigners and women.  She asks if anyone died. He says none yet but it goes against the Safe Korea slogan. She is irate as she asks him why she should help Seo’s campaign. He reminds her that she is is the minister of Justice. She says they can wait till someone dies and then use it politically to bring Heo down. She says she will campaign that she dreams of a unified Korea which welcomes everyone.

Cha adds that he should find more about Sun-A and she finds Seo’s sudden death odd. She then asks if he is checking on Doh Young Choon and he says he is.

Ga-on watches Jin-Joo give an interview in the office. Later, Ga-on commends her on doing a good job. He says he is awkward around cameras. Jin-Joo says this is the media age and he should be comfortable around it.

Ga-on shows her footage where Jukchang and his gang are beating people up. Jin-Joo is horrified and agrees with Ga-on that Jukchang should be brought on trial.

Later, Ga-on tells Yo Han that Jin-Joo is on board. He wonders how they will arrest Jukchang when he is under the President’s protection.

Yo Han says Lawyer Ko is leaking information to Cha that Jukchang is under Heo. He says this will work in their favour. Yo Han says Soo Hyun can make the arrest. Ga-on says that is not possible. Yo Han says Soo Hyun is probably on the case.

At night, Ga-on watches Jukchang’s live stream. Elijah finds him. He tells her that Jukchang is hiding and directing the streams from elsewhere. Elijah offers to help and Ga-on agrees though he is sceptical over her skills.

Just then, he receives a call from Soo Hyun. She says they have taken her gun as a result of Jukchang post a video of her pointing a gun at him. She says the jerk has to be stopped. Ga-on checks on Elijah after hanging up.

Soon, Elijah tracks his location as Jukchang clicks on a link which she puts in the comments. Ga-on is proud of her.

Ga-on then calls Soo Hyun and informs her. She says she will catch him on her own as the department won’t help her.

Meanwhile, Cha reads the file on Sun-A. A line mentions that Sun-A is suspected of murdering Seo but there is no evidence. Just then, the secretary comes in and says that the foundation has cut off the subsidies for the Ministry. He says they won’t be able to run the unofficial (spy) organisations if this happens.

Cha pays a visit to Sun-A. She asks her about the subsidy cut. Sun-A explains that selfish people get fewer donations. Cha says Sun-A is funding Heo. Sun-A says the working level people decided that.

Cha says that she smells blood around Sun-A. She says Sun-A was in a hurry to have Seo cremated instead of giving him a respectful funeral. Sun-A’s eyes widen and her smile fades. Cha points out that Seo’s suicide note was written on the computer, not on paper. Sun-A tells Cha to come back when she has concrete evidence. She says she is busy working for her country. She calls Jae Hee to show Cha out. Before Cha leaves, Sun-A tells her that Cha’s official car’s fuel is very high and they should change it to a smaller one. She adds that people will be moved that the eldest of the ministers is making a difference. Cha calls her crazy and walks away.

Later, the secretary says that they will need more time to find information on Sun-A. Cha says she wants to meet with Yo Han because Sun-A worked as a maid in his house.

Later, Ga-on joins Soo Hyun at the location. They find the place is shuttered down by a power shutter. She says they will have to go through the other entrance. She is impressed when she learns that Elijah had traced the IP address to this location. Ga-on sends Elijah a video of the entrance.

Elijah calls up the security agency. She pretends to be a student and claims she got locked inside the building as she was lost in her studies. The staff immediately open the entrance using a remote switch. Elijah thanks them and hangs up.

Ga-on finds Soo Hyun and they go inside. They find the building deserted.  They enter one of the closed doors and it looks like the place Jukchang was streaming from. They look around and find him in an adjacent room talking on the phone. He tries to make a run for it but Ga-on grabs him. They drag him out.

As they drag him down the corridor, a gang of armed men enter the building. Seeing that they are overpowered, Ga-on and Soo Hyun drag Jukchang and run in the opposite direction. The gang catches up to them and they stop. Jukchang runs to the gang and stands with them.

Just then, a hooded figure walks up from one of the rooms behind them and comes towards Ga-on and Soo Hyun. Soo Hyun realises it is Yo Han. 

Yo Han asks the gang if the playing field is level now.

Ga-on tells Soo Hyun to concentrate on catching Jukchang while they take care of the gang. Yo Han and Ga-on beat up the gang. Soo Hyun watches Jukchang run away. She goes out through the back entrance and tackles him at the parking lot. She then makes the arrest.

The next day, Yo Han walks into the Ministry of Justice’s 2nd branch. He grabs a headphone from one of the men who is spying on Chairman Min. The men are flustered in Yo Han’s presence.

Cha comes and asks Yo Han to come inside. Yo Han says they should talk in the employee’s presence. She asks him how he found this place. She then asks about Sun-A. Yo Han doesn’t answer saying it’s someone’s private life. Cha asks if it is true that Sun-A killed her parents. She realises Yo Han is not going to speak unless she strikes a deal with him. She asks him what he wants.

Yo Han tells Cha that he wants Jukchang to be indicted by the prosecution. She says Heo is supporting him. He says he is the one who has to handle the aftermath. After giving it a thought, Cha agrees to it.

Yo Han thanks her. He gives her secretary a document and walks out.

Cha opens the document to find Sun-A’s statement on an unnatural death case along with an autopsy report.

Back at the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice wonders if the case is menial for a live court show. Yo Han states that Jukchang caused violence and unrest. He says this case will go with the Blue House’s slogan to strengthen law and order. The Chief Justice agrees after thinking for some time.

Ga-on is elated when he hears that the Chief Justice has agreed to have the case. He asks Yo Han for permission to set up this case. He says he knows how people like Jukchang function. Yo Han smiles as Ga-on walks away.

Soon, Heo gives a dramatic Press Conference. He says he is totally against putting Jukchang- a patriot on trial. He says no Judge is above people. He says he will be watching the trial closely.

The Chief Justice is confused as he watches this.

Meanwhile, Jukchang speaks to his lawyer who is none other than lawyer Ko. Jukchang claims that he is a patriot. Ko asks if he shouldn’t submit mitigating evidence like an unhappy upbringing. Jukchang gives it a thought and asks Ko to write up everything in detail.

Jukchang suggests they should leak to the media that Yo Han and Ga-on threatened him with a wooden pole. Ko asks him to give a list of witnesses who can vouch for this. Jukchang smiles as he says he was alone. He says he doesn’t want to go to prison. Ko tells him that he will get him out on probation.

Soo Hyun visits Ga-on at his home. She says he is putting a lot of effort into taking care of the plants, Elijah and Yo Han. Soo Hyun wonders if gaon is up to something.

Soo Hyun admits to being jealous of Ga-on hanging out with a rich guy all the time. Ga-on says he is richer than Yo Han because he had loving memories with his parents. He says he has a pretty home and he looks at her before saying the next sentence. She looks at him expectantlyHe finishes off by saying he has a fan club. Soo Hyun says she has to leave and walks away.

Back in his home, Ga-on says, “And I have you, Soo Hyun.”

The next day, Yo Han walks into his office to find Sun-A in his seat.  He walks forward saying she can’t barge in when she wants. She asks if he is deliberately making her barge in. He asks her why she is here.

Sun-A asks why he chose another high profile case for the live trial. Yo Han says Jukchang is a normal person. Sun-A says he works for Heo. Yo Han says Jukchang attacked her niece. Sun-A tells him to give him a scolding and let him off.

Yo Han asks what will happen if he doesn’t. She says that will put both of them in a difficult position. He says he will think about it.

Sun-A smiles as she says he is a good boy nowadays. He tells her not to barge in like this. She tells him to invite her some time as she walks away.

Suddenly she stops walking and asks if his house is still as beautiful. Yo Han asks if she misses the place where she worked as a maid. Sun-A’s smile fades and she glares at him. She walks towards him and pulls him towards her.

She warns him not to say that again. She says she stayed at his home as a guest for some time. She tells him not to insult her. He smiles as he says he will keep that in mind. She storms out of the office.

Meanwhile, JukChang is brought to court amidst a crowd of supporters chanting slogans in his favour.

The news says that the trial will be held behind closed doors for safety reasons.

The live trial begins.

Juk Chang asks to be addressed as Kim Ju Won. Yo Han says the court needs to use his registered name, Kim Choong Sik. He reads out the charges against Juk Chang (violence against minorities and women).

Juk Chang interrupts and says he wants to read out his Declaration of National Salvation. He says his deeds cannot be tried in a worldly court. 

Yo Han says the court is not a place for incitement.

Jukchang says the Japanese judges who tried the independent activists would have said the same thing. Yo Han smiles and tells him to go ahead.

Jukchang starts his speech about how he will become the devil for the country. He touches upon the unemployment due to the pandemic. Yo han Ga-on and Jin-joo watch as he starts to sound like President Heo. He says that they must kick all the foreigners and mongrels out of the country. He says the people hold the power.

Meanwhile, the other live streamers cheer on. They urge their followers to vote.

The PD is worried as the not guilty vote stands at 78%. They realise that the supporters are working as a group.

Yo Han smiles as Jukchang says he will stop for now.

Jin-Joo asks if Jukchang knows the occupation of the foreigners whom Jukchang and the gang beat up.

He asks if he should know that. She says they lost two colleagues during a gas leak while repairing the sewerage. She says the work had been put off because no one wanted to work on it. She asks whose job they are being accused of stealing.

Jukchang says there are innocent victims during the war and she shouldn’t disparage the people’s legitimate anger.

Jin-Joo shows footage of the gang attacking a foreigner. Jukchang says that is what happens when a foreigner takes one of their women. 

Jin-Joo scowls as she says women are also citizens and they don’t belong to men. She immediately apologises for using inappropriate language and says legitimate anger is difficult to control.

Jukchang says it sounded like she swore. He asks her to come closer to him. He then says he has to come to her. He starts walking towards her.

The guards rush towards him but Yo Han gestures for them to stand down. Jin-Joo tells Jukchang to focus while Ga-on tells him to calm down.

Ga-on says he feels sorry for Jukchang as he feels Jukchang may have led an unhappy life. Jukchang says they have met before. Ga-on gets permission from Yo Han to go down and talk to the defendant.

Ga-on says Jukchang acts tough on the outside but is a hurt child on the inside. He says he saw the files which Jukchang’s lawyer sent them asking for Jukchang’s extenuation.

Ga-on brings on Jukchang’s grandmother’s footage on the screen. She says Jukchang isn’t capable of instigating violence. She says he is just immature. Another man says Jukchang stole the money which his grandmother was saving for her funeral.

Lawyer Ko puts up footage of Jukchang’s homeroom teacher. The teacher also says Jukchang is incapable of leading political protests. He says Jukchang only copied bullies.

This has a drastic effect on the other live streamers. They comment that he is a waste of time and money. One of them says he was Jukchang’s classmate. He says Jukchang got caught for planting hidden cameras in girl’s bathrooms and got expelled.

At his office, Heo realises that Jukchang is being portrayed as a loser instead of a devil.

Ga-on then asks if Jukchang used the funds for the revolution to buy illegal arms. Jukchang pleads the fifth. Ga-on says he will be handed the death penalty if he is proved to be guilty of buying weapons. 

Ko intervenes and goes on to show that Jukchang used up all his donations/funds for his revolution by donating to another female Youtuber. The woman also testifies regarding this.

Voting status Not guilty- 10% guilty -90%

Jukchang who was flustered till now instantly denies this but Ko tells him to keep quiet as he wants to make sure he gets off with a reprieve.

Lawyer Ko gives the closing arguments. He says Jukchang is not a revolutionary nor did he buy illegal weapons. He says he isn’t worthy to be on a trial either. He asks the judges to give Jukchang a chance to redeem himself though his crimes are huge.

Yo Han sentences Jukchang to 3 years of imprisonment with 5 years stay on the execution (a court may grant a stay of execution in any case in which the court feels the stay is necessary to secure or protect the rights of the judgment debtor.) Jukchang breathes a sigh of relief.

Yo Han adds that Jukchang has to wear a location tracking electronic anklet throughout the probation period. 

The other streamers dare Jukchang to come out as they are creating a gang to go after him.

Yo Han asks the citizens to be his probation officer and requests them to keep a close watch on him. Yo Han watches as Jukchang is reduced to tears.

Heo throws a fit as all the effort he put into bringing Jukchang up. Sun-a watches Yo Han on TV and wonders if he fooled her.

Meanwhile, an injured and bleeding Jukchang runs down the road. A group of youth run behind him with wooden poles. They are streaming it live. Jukchang shivers as he hides from them.

Heo addresses the Press and speaks against Jukchang. He says this shouldn’t happen again. He says this is like spitting on the faces of the patriots. He wonders if Jukchang is a true Korean.

Off-camera, Heo’s wife asks if he is going to allow this to happen to Jukchang. Heo tells her not to mention his name again and says she has no idea how much it hurts him to do this.

Soon, the gang corners Jukchang in the same subway and attacks him while broadcasting it live.

Yo Han and Ga-on watch the live broadcast from Yo Han’s study. Ga-on asks it to be turned off and Yo Han asks if he finds it uncomfortable. Ga-on says he feels like he created another monster.

Yo Han says monsters arent made but the monster within is just woken whenever there is a good excuse.

Sun-A is practising her nighttime yoga routine. Cha walks in. Sun-A seems disturbed as she asks if she is here for a search and seizure. Cha says Sun-A isn’t such an important person for Cha to be present for a search.

Cha says she is here to remind Sun-A of her place. She says Sun-A’s place is to stand behind someone with her hands folded and not utter a word. She says the end is not pretty for someone who forgets their place.

Sun-A says Cha is the one forgetting her place as she has forgotten what happened to her son. She asks if Cha thinks she can become President even after that.

Cha asks if Sun-A thinks she can delete her past. She says Sun-A’s mother died when she was 12, father died when he was 20 and now Mr Seo. Sun A smiles as she says Cha has a good imagination.

Cha looks at her and states that Sun-A used to be a servant. Sun-A is shocked to hear this. Cha calls her a lowlife and walks away.

Sun-A calls up Jae-Hee and says Yo Han told Cha about her. She screams as she orders her to look into it.

Sun-A is unsettled as she recalls Yo Han saying she will have to pay for interfering in his plans.

She pushes the glassware from the table in rage. She walks around in fury and finally declares, “I will kill you Kang Yo Han and tear you to shreds.”

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This was a gripping episode.

President Heo was taken for granted all along, but his strategy turned out to be the most dangerous one. It was shown how easy it is to influence the youth to instigate violence. Heo almost succeeded in making an army of his own.

Jukchang’s case showed how easy it is to create and maintain an image on social media. In the beginning, Jukchang came across as a bloodthirsty fanatic who justified all his actions with heartless responses. As the trial progressed, it was revealed that he didn’t even know what he is fighting for. He was reduced to a man who just wanted to be a bully. Ga-on handled this case by just removing Jukchang’s online mask and exposing him for who he truly is. In reality, Jukchang was just a puppet who copied what Heo said.

The trial was a good watch. Ga-on took the centre stage this time and his strategy was different from Yo Han’s. He first got Jin-Joo on his side. It was good to see Ga-on wholeheartedly working on Yo-Han’s team. Ga-on used statements from real witnesses and there was no coercion or money involved in exposing Jukchang. The lawyer and the prosecutor did no talking. Jukchang took it upon himself. 

The live trial has had extremely powerful defendants before this case. Though not even one of the previous defendants has walked away with light sentencing, Jukchang was so sure that he would get away with an over-dramatic speech and the people’s votes. Considering what his acquaintances had to say about Jukchang, it was interesting to see the amount of courage a few hours of live streaming and Heo’s backing had given him.

President Heo immediately jumped ship and sang a different tune once things started going south. This was the first time Heo made a political move and he was quashed instantly.

Yo Han leaking the information about Sun-A being a maid to Cha was a great one as it had a domino effect. It earned him a meeting with Cha. He put it to good use by bringing Jukchang to trial and finally he got back at Sun-A who is always in his way.The entire plan went smoothly and Cha was oblivious to the fact that Yo Han is using her for an ulterior scheme.

Yo Han and Sun-A’s conversations in the recent episodes are a good watch. Yo Han seems to be humouring Sun-A a bit since she had asked him to be a little nice to her. It is interesting to see the two hostile characters acting as if they are civil towards each other. This is often short-lived as they are back to their usual selves in the end where they are at each other’s throats.

Sun-A seemed genuinely surprised when Cha called her a maid. I wonder what made her think that Yo Han would keep a secret for her by not disclosing that she was a maid at his house. For the first time, Sun-A lost her cool and showed her true colours. It looks like Yo Han finally got under her skin.

-By Soul Sword-

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