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Again My Life- Episode 2 Recap

Hee Woo is devastated as he sees the car crash against the pavement. He wonders if, in his arrogance, he failed to save his parents again. He walks towards the car wondering if he is going to be an orphan again. He is relieved to find his parents fine. His father’s forehead is bleeding and Hee Woo says they should get it treated. His parents keep asking if he is okay. Hee Woo tears up as he realises his parents’ affection for him.

Once the paramedics arrive, Hee Woo goes to check who the car driver is. He overhears the cops saying that the driver was drunk and is dead now.

Jo’s aide Kim Jin Woo arrives at the scene and speaks to the officers. Hee Woo is shocked as he sees that the driver was none other than Jo Tae Seob’s son Jo Hyun Seok.


(Previous life)

In his office, Assemblyman Jo Hyun Seok speaks to prosecutor Kim Hee Woo. He points out that Hee Woo is an orphan and managed to get into law school after 3 attempts. He adds that Hee Woo is handsome and also had a career in Mixed Martial Arts. He proposes that Hee Woo join them and his father Jo Tae Seob will help Hee Woo start his political career.

(Present life)

Hee Woo realises that Hyun Seok was aware of Hee Woo’s background because it was Jo’s power that fabricated his parents’ hit and run case.

The officers ask Hee Woo to give a witness statement but his father says he will do it. He tells Hee Woo to go home with his mother.

Hee Woo understands that he has changed fate by saving his parents but Jo has lost his son. He believes that Jo will become a bigger monster now.

Elsewhere, Jo Tae Seob thanks Prosecutor Kim for saving his son’s honour. Kim offers his condolences but Jo says what happened cannot be undone and time heals all wounds. Jo says Kim will hear good news soon as repayment for his help. He says he will mourn his son’s death only until today. Jo says he will pull himself together and continue working for the people.

Han Mi and her gang come to the departmental store. One of the boys goes inside and throws the money on the counter where Hee Woo works. Hee Woo remembers the boy as his classmate, the bully who used to beat him up for being poor.

Today the boy asks Hee Woo if he plans to go to college. Han Mi walks in and asks the boy to stop it. She tells Hee Woo that she hopes he makes it into college. They go out.

Later, Hee Woo learns from the Director of the academy that he has topped the mock exam. He is told that he will be moving to Hankuk Academy’s University Class.

Later at the department store, his classmate Kim Gyu Ri (Hong Bi-Ra) is cross as she asks if he is the one who took her place. She tells him this won’t happen again. As she is leaving, Hee Woo tells her to eat well.

After she leaves, one of the bullies comes in and asks for cigarettes for one dollar. Hee Woo throws back the money and says you don’t get cigarettes for one dollar. Hee Woo dodges as the bully tries to hit him. Soon the rest of the gang joins him. They challenge Hee Woo to a fight. 

They go to a playground and they try to attack him but he fends them off effortlessly. 

The following day, Hee Woo tells his parents that he plans to go to college. They can’t believe their ears when he says this. They are unable to believe that their son has scored top marks in the academy. They wonder if he is really their son. Hee Woo smiles as he sees his parents’ expression.

His mother asks when he will sleep when he adds that he will keep his part-time job.

Just then, the news reports that Jo Tae Seob will be contesting for the Party Chair. Hee Woo’s voiceover says that all the events have started to unfold in the way he knows and he is getting closer to the fatal incident. 

3 months later

Hee Woo comes to Hankuk University class at the academy. Gyu Ri goes out of the classroom as he enters.

He takes his seat and the electricity flickers. He recalls an incident and runs outside wondering if it was the same day. He is right as he finds Gyu Ri passed out beside a parked car in the rain.

Gyu Ri wakes up at the hospital. She thanks him. He empties a bottle of pills on the bed. He tells her to sleep if she is tired and not take these pills.

She says she took them to study. He asks what happens after she gets into college. She says she will think about it when that happens. She says she can’t let her parents down.

He asks if her goal is to satisfy her parents. She says she is grateful to them. 

Hee Woo tells her that to her parents she is like their own child and not adopted. She asks how he knows that. He says she is trying to show them gratitude by studying harder. He tells her not to do this at the cost of her health. She agrees.

(Previous life)

Hee Woo comes to the academy and overhears two girls saying that Gyu Ri had fainted in an alley near the pharmacy and had missed the CSAT exams. The girl says that she overdosed on the pills that keep you awake.

Later, Kim Gyu Ri comes and clears out her locker with a sad face. Hee Woo’s voiceover says that Gyu Ri got into law school the following year but he hadn’t heard of her in the legal field after that.

At presentHee Woo wonders how Gyu Ri’s future will change, now that he has changed it.

Later, Hee Woo overhears the bullies discussing spiking Han Mi’s drink. Im Jong ll says Han Mi is playing hard to get. They run into Hee Woo before heading out. Hee Woo is quiet.

At night, Hee Woo goes to the club. He finds Hee Woo passed out and Im Jong ll taking a photo of her. Im throws a glass at Hee Woo but Hee WOo moves away. the glass shatters on the wall and the shards cut his cheek. Hee Woo jams the door shut and says he is going to teach them a lesson. Hee Woo beats up all of them and takes Han Mi away.

Han Mi wakes up on a park bench. She turns her head and realises she has been leaning on Hee Woo. He passes her the phone with her photos and walks away.

Han Mi and Hee Woo go to file a complaint with Chief of Police Im Jung Woo. The Chief calls Hee Woo and Han Mi criminals. He says they investigated and found a pill wrapper in the trash. To Han Mi’s surprise, Im Jong ll’s friend owns up to the crime.

The Chief says that his son Im Jong ll’s drink was also spiked. Jong ll nods with a cheeky smile. He goes ahead and asks Hee Woo why he hit Jong ll. Hee Woo says he went there to save Han Mi. Hee Woo says he acted in self-defence. Han Mi says she can’t believe a police Chief is threatening kids and fabricating a case.

Just then, Deputy Chief Prosecutor Kim Seok Hoon  (Chief Prosecutor in his previous life)walks in. He slaps Im Jong ll hard across his face. He shows Jong ll a phone and asks what he has been doing.

Later, Hee Woo is puzzled as he wonders what happened inside. He recalls Chief Prosecutor Kim having a son. Han Mi asks to eat together. He politely declines but she is persistent. Hee Woo says he is nauseous when he smells cigarettes.

Deputy Chief Prosecutor Kim visits Jo. He thanks Jo for making him the first Deputy Chief Prosecutor in his class. Jo is pleased when Kim says he will do everything possible to not get in Jo’s way. Jo says he will pave the path to Kim’s career.

Meanwhile, at the departmental store, Gyu Ri gives her notes to Hee Woo in repayment for helping her that day. She says her notes will help him with his studies.

Many days pass by. Hee Woo works hard. Han Mi watches Gyu Ri help him prepare.

The day comes and they take the CSAT. Hee Woo’s parents watch the news and wonder if their loan will get approved.

The students submit the mock test scores to the academy. Hee Woo’s teacher asks Hee Woo about his CSAT performance. He says he will let her know once he gets a definite score. Hee Woo says he wants to get another part-time job to pay his college tuition. The teacher says that her brother’s law firm is looking for a clerical assistant.

Hee Woo heads to KMS Law Firm where Kang Min Seok is the head lawyer. Hee Woo recalls that Kang had a strong winning rate in his previous life but he had no idea that he was Hee woo’s teacher’s brother. Kang briefs Hee Woo about his work and offers a warm welcome to the job.

At a meeting, Kang discusses going up against Chunha Group as they are planning to raze down a mountain to build a resort. The others are against this as it is too risky and even the people won’t be on their side. Kang doesn’t budge. He says they have to go ahead.

Hee Woo recalls that the case had gone on for 5 years. Hee Woo finds out a list of endangered species that the mountain Cheongpong is home to. He gives the list to Kang. Kang builds the case on this. Hee Woo remembers that Kang had become famous with this case as he went up against Chunha Group and won the case. Hee Woo is delighted when Kang rewards him with a generous paycheck. 

Later, Hee Woo and his parents wait to see the results of the college admission. They celebrate as Hee Woo gets into Hankuk University.

Hee Woo heads to college. He recalls everything is still the same here, including Professor Min. The professor cites an example of a student who pays a deposit to the landlord to rent a house. The house gets auctioned off at a lower price than the deposit. He asks what should the student do.

Lee Min Soo enters the class late and sits down. Hee Woo volunteers to answer and quotes an act through which he can get a minimum deposit back. He says he need not pay the rent during the favour and they will also have to take care of the moving fee. Lee Min Soo(Jung Sang-Hoon) seems impressed with Hee Woo.

After class, Class President Park Seung Wan befriends Hee Woo. He says the President of the Department Choi Kang Jin wanted them all to come for a meet and greet for the freshmen. Just then, Lee Min Soo joins them and introduces himself as a freshman. Park says that top scorer Jung ll Hyun will also be there. Lee Min Soo drags Hee Woo away for coffee.

On the way, they run into Hee A. An old woman suffering from dementia chases her. Hee Woo stops the lady from hitting her. Her husband returns home and thanks Hee A for always bringing them food.

They learn that Hee A is a voluntary food delivery person for the disadvantaged. Min Soo keeps hitting on Hee A but Hee A thanks Hee Woo. She says she is late for something and leaves them.

At the meet and greet, Hee Woo notices Choi Kang Jin. He recalls Choi Kang Jin who was a prosecutor who later became an assemblyman in Hee Woo’s past life. Park Seung Wan Introduces Hee Woo to Choi. Choi tells Hee Woo that it is always good to widen the social circle.

Just then Min Soo joins them. Choi says that Min Soo joined the medical programme when he started law school. Hee Woo wonders if Min Soo turned up as his past changed as he doesn’t remember him from his previous life.

Just then, Jung ll Hyun is asked to address the gathering. He starts his speech.

Hee Woo recalls Jang ll Hyun strongly opposing Hee Woo investigating Jo Tae Seob.

Hee Woo walks out of the meet and greet. Min Soo finds him and asks if the set-up is not Hee Woo’s kind. Min Soo asks Hee for a meal.

Over drinks, Min Soo asks if Hee Woo wants to be successful. Hee Woo says he does. Min Soo says he has the world in his hand and is wondering whether to take it or not. He says he knew that Hee Woo is in the same league as him. Hee Woo chokes on his snack as Min Soo asks if Hee Woo will marry him. Min Soo laughs at Hee Woo’s instant denial.

Hee Woo says Lee Min Soo got into medical, arts and music programs. He says it must be tough. Min Soo says studying is the easiest thing. He says it is the people who are tough to handle. Hee Woo wonders what effect Min Soo will have on his future.

They turn around hearing a voice. Hee A is in waitress uniform yelling at a customer for taking photos of a part-timer’s legs. Hee Woo calls the police. He intervenes just in time when the man is about to hit Hee A. The police come in and take the man away.

Hee Woo notices a man in dark clothes and a cap look away just as Hee Woo turns his way.

Later, Hee A joins them for drinks. They learn that Hee A is a Computer programmes freshman at the same university. Both Hee A and Hee Woo have skipped one year before joining college. Hee A ignores Min Soo and keeps talking to Min Soo. She says the drinks are on her tonight. Hee Woo says she looks familiar.

Later, Hee Woo is tipsy as he walks up the staircase of the walkway. suddenly, he stops as he feels like he is being followed. He turns around and is shocked to see the assassin standing before him watching him.

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There were many characters that were introduced in this episode. It seems like they all will have a part to play in Hee Woo’s plan.

Hee Woo had grown up resenting his parents as they didn’t have time for him in their busy schedule. The second time around he has a chance to know that they did care for him and he could see feel their genuine happiness and pride when he succeeded in his studies

Hee Woo has made quite some changes in his second life and I am curious to see their consequences.

Some incidents continue to happen despite the changes. It looks like Prosecutor Kim received support from Jo in both lives by doing a favour for Jo. 

This time around, Hee Woo has a lot of second-hand information and they come in handy when he has to make a change. The viewer also gets to see how Jo’s system is slowly building through his ‘favour for favour’ networking.

It is intriguing to see Hee Woo being consciously proactive though it is a task for his personality. His character has grown immensely since the previous episode.

Lee Min Soo comes across as an interesting and imposing character. It seems like he is an important consequence of a change Hee Woo has made. Lee Min Soo seems very relaxed for a person who has been juggling a lot of programs at once. His keen interest in Hee Woo makes one wonder if there is more to what he lets on. 

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