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Again My Life Episode 3 Recap

Hee Woo turns around and sees the assassin standing there watching him. He charges at the assassin and is overpowered by him. The assassin throws him over the bridge.

Hee Woo wakes up from the nightmare panting.

The following day, Hee Woo goes to the training centre and meets Sung Jae, his Mixed Martial Arts instructor from his previous life. He asks for a sparring session. Hee Woo is in good shape but Sung Jae still wins. He tells Hee Woo to train without any charges. Hee Woo is satisfied with himself.

Hee A is waiting for him at the college with some home-cooked food. She tells him that if it tastes weird it means that there is something wrong with his taste buds.

Hee Woo goes to class and takes a bite of the sandwich. He decides that his taste buds are weird.

Just then, Gyu Ri comes to class and sits in the row before him. They exchange a greeting. Park Seung Wan asks if Gyu Ri is in class. Hee Woo says she isn’t. 

Later that evening, Gyu Ri tells Hee Woo that her father is unwell because he went bankrupt and she will be discontinuing college. She says her scholarship won’t take care of the hospital bills. She says she will also be moving soon. She says she is earning well as a CSAT tutor. 

Just then, she receives a call that her father has taken a fall and she hurries away.

Hee Woo realises that he hadn’t seen Gyu Ri around in his previous life because she quit school for this reason.

The next day, Hee Woo goes to the Seoul Central District Court auction. He obtains a bid sheet and spots Gyu Ri’s apartment’s address on it. He decides to watch the auction and gauge the competition.

At the auction, an elderly man named Woo Yong Soo wins the bids for most of the properties. Hee Woo notices that Woo has bought the properties at half the market value. Hee Woo plans to deal in real estate and use the profit to deal with Jo in the future and also help Gyu Ri buy the house. 

Later, Sung Jae makes Hee Woo train hard. Hee Woo works hard to improve his grades, physical strength and money.

In class the next day, Professor Min posts a question about patent infringement where Y uses X’s patented technology A without permission. When asked, Hee Woo says X could use the civil code and Patent Act to sue for compensation. He says X could also file a case under Patent Act, “Right to seek Injunction against Infringement.” and “recovery of the reputation of patentee”. he goes on to add two more ways where he can get compensated and Professor Min is impressed. 

As the class gets over, Hee Woo gives Min Soo a slip and runs away.

Hee Woo makes it to the court just in time for the auctions. He finds that Woo Yong Soo has again bought many properties.

Hee Woo visits all the properties Woo has purchased. He finds out that all the walk-up apartment purchases are basement units. He wonders why Yoo made purchases in this area as there is nothing special here.

Hee Woo goes to Woo Yong Soo and introduces himself as a law school student studying auctions. He says he wants to earn money. He asks why Woo purchased those basement properties that don’t have much appreciation value. At first, Woo doesn’t entertain him but Hee Woo is persistent. Woo tells him to look at the map and leaves.

Hee Woo checks the map and figures out that the area is up for redevelopment. The next day he reports his finding to Woo. he says that once the property is redeveloped Woo can sell it for high profits.

Hee Woo requests Woo Yong Soo to teach him. Woo says real estate is greed. He says it is easy to lose oneself in greed. Hee Woo recalls the woman in red saying that he has to become a bigger monster than Jo.

Hee Woo says you can’t be successful without greed and he says one can learn to tame the greed. Woo agrees to teach him if Hee Woo passes a test.

Woo Yong Soo gives Hee Woo an eviction notice for one of Woo’s properties. He gives Hee Woo half an hour to serve the eviction notice and come out. He says the tenant should vacate within a month. Woo waits outside as Hee Woo goes in. 

Hee Woo speaks to the tenant. The lady tells him she has no idea what to do as this is so sudden.

Hee Woo comes out just in time and says the job is done. 

Woo takes Hee Woo out for drinks and asks how he managed the feat. Hee Woo says the tenant’s husband had gone bankrupt taking out loans in her name for a business. The tenant had hurt sustained an injury while working and now she can’t work either. she mentioned she was filing for bankruptcy but couldn’t afford lawyer fees. Hee Woo had volunteered to help her file for bankruptcy if she agreed to move out.

Woo says he didn’t do much but it is the results that matter. He adds that sometimes tenants swing a knife at you when you try to evict them. He says you have to be ruthless at times. Hee Woo objects as he says he will find a way while obeying the law and upholding justice.

As they are about to leave for the night, Hee Woo asks if there is any way to guess the winning bid on a property. He says someone’s future depends on it. 

Gyu Ri is in the hospital looking after her father. Hee Woo watches her from outside the door.

The next day, Hee Woo approaches Lawyer Kang and says he wants to buy an apartment but can’t do it in his name. He says she is the reason he got into Law School but he says she isn’t aware that he is buying the apartment. Kang agrees to help.

Hee Woo goes to the auction the next day. He is nervous as the auction is crowded and wonders if he should increase his bid. He remembers Woo’s advice that beginners always assume that everyone wants the same property they are interested in. He puts in the bid with the original amount.

Hee Woo waits nervously and celebrates when he wins the bid for the apartment. 

Hee Woo meets Woo Yong Soo and thanks him. Woo says today they have to serve an eviction notice who can’t give a single penny because they didn’t have a move-in notice.

Woo Yong Soo and Hee Woo visit the tenant and she says they don’t have money. He says he can’t wait forever. She says she will be on the streets if he evicts her. He says he has approached the court for compulsory eviction.  He says he will pay for the electricity and water that they have been using till now.

Later, Hee Woo says he feels bad. Woo Yong Soo tells Hee Woo that the woman’s husband is in prison. She and her child have no money. She works odd jobs at the market. He says he owns the property now and she is infringing on his rights. He says he hasn’t received the deposit nor the rent from her and yet he offered to pay for her bills. He says he isn’t the bad person here. Woo advises Hee Woo to look only at the money if he is here for the money.

He says goodwill doesn’t help in real estate as people will take advantage of it. He says one will end up becoming a beast as other people’s tears are just a nuisance.

Hee Woo walks down the street wondering how he can make things better. he sees an advertisement for a property.

Hee Woo goes back to the tenant. He says he will help her move. He asks her to inform Woo that she will move in two days but she should ask him for 500 more. He says he found an advertisement by the subway station. He says the house has some issues but he promises to fix them up for her.

Later, Woo is relieved that the tenant is moving out. But he warns Hee Woo that if he keeps this up, Hee Woo may end up bankrupt. Woo says people will remember these gestures and Hee Woo smiles.

Woo asks Hee Woo how much money he wants. Hee Woo points at Chunha Electronics, Chunha Motors and Chunha Constructions. Hee Woo’s voiceover says he needs to takeover Chunha to stop Jo Tae Seob.

Meanwhile, Jo speaks to Park Dae Ho (CEO of DH Money). He says there is going to be a boom with the redevelopment. Jo tells Park that he is lucky that one man owns all of the properties. Jo tells Park to do the needful and just leave Woo Yong Soo with a home he can reside in.

The next day in class Gyu Ri comes to Hee Woo. Hee Woo recalls Lawyer Kang telling him that Gyu Ri is very intelligent and asked him a lot of questions on behalf of her mom. Kang says he had worked out the auction and the medical bills properly. 

Gyu Ri thanks Hee Woo and says she will pay him back with interest. He tells her to study hard and he offers to help her.

Just then, Park Seung Wan comes and sits next to Hee Woo. He says he has been waiting to meet the top scorer in the country. 

Gyu Ri holds out her hand but Min Soo intervenes. Park is annoyed. Gyu Ri addresses him as sir despite Min Soo saying he is a freshman.

Later, Hee Woo tutors Han Mi. He says if she improves at this rate she can apply to Seoul University. She says she wants to go to Hankuk Unversity like him.

Back home, Hee Woo’s parents announce that they want to open a Jjimdak restaurant. His father tells him to bring his friends and he is happy for them.

Kim Han Mi walks down the road. A man waits with a car. He says he was asked to escort her. 

Deputy Prosecutor Kim Seok Hoon gives Han Mi an envelope with money. He says Han Mi’s mother said she wanted it for Han Mi’s education. He says that Han Mi is smart like him and she can get into any college.

He says he hopes she isn’t hanging around with thugs. He tells her not to get him involved in something like that in the future. Han Mi takes the envelope.

As she walks out, she runs into Kim Seok Heon’s legitimate son Kim Young ll. He insults her and accuses her of begging his father for money. He calls her a parasite. She grabs hold of him and pins him down. She says she is a lowborn and she won’t hesitate to skin him. 

Kim Seok Hoon comes out and slaps her for calling herself a lowborn. He tells her to apologise. She apologises and walks away.

Han Mi is drunk by the time Hee Woo finds her after receiving her phone call. He asks why she drank so much alone before joining her. She orders another round of drinks and chicken feet. She tells him that the drinks are on her and shows him the money. He asks her how she came across the money. 

She says it wasn’t through extortion but wonders if the Deputy Chief Prosecutor thinks she begged for it. Kim Han Mi explains that she is Deputy Chief Prosecutor Kim Seok Hoon’s illegitimate daughter. Hee Woo realises that he was right.

Later, Gyu Ri and Hee Woo are studying. She asks about aggravated rape. Hee Woo explains that it is not about whether a person can kill or not. It is aggravated rape if it is a threat to another person.

Lee Min Soo jumps from behind and holds a pen at Gyu Ri’s neck. She is startled. Hee Woo explains that if a person feels threatened even if it is a pen will be considered aggravated rape.

Min Soo wonders if he should join the theatre department with his unique face n talent. Hee Woo politely asks him to disappear.

Just then, Park Seung Wan comes and fetches Hee Woo as Choi Kang Jin wants to meet him. Once they reach the student Council, Park Seung Wan is surprised as Choi says he wants to speak with Hee Woo in private. Choi says he noticed that Hee Woo is a favourite among the professors. He tells Hee Woo to join the Student Council. He says the seniors have paved a path for them in the law field. Hee Woo says he isn’t sure if he can do a good job. Choi says he likes that Hee Woo is cautious.

Choi takes Hee Woo to meet Prosecutor Jung ll Hyun in privateJung says they want to include him in the Secret Law Club. He says smart juniors pose a threat to the people at the top. So they single out the smart juniors and help them walk the path that is already paved. Choi says the seniors help the juniors build their resumes and save the position for them. When the juniors are ready they will give it to them. Jung says it is a win-win situation for both parties.

Jung is proud as he says the Secret club has produced Ministers of Justice, Prosecutor General, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and so onHee Woo says he will do his best and accepts the offer.

Jung speaks about DH money, (the agency Jo uses to manage his money). Hee Woo recalls that Park Dae Ho is the CEO of that company. Jung mentions Woo Yong Soo as the master of auctions and says he owns all the properties in the targeted area. He says they are going to get rid of him. Hee Woo decides to stop them.

At night, Woo is at a place overlooking the city. He is drinking alone and he apologises to his wife. He says he will be joining her soon. He receives a call from Hee Woo and meets him at a restaurant.

Hee Woo tells Woo Yong Soo to sell off all his properties. He says DH Money is backed by politicians and they are after Woo’s land and properties. Hee Woo says if the banks increase the loan interest to the maximum, Woo would default on interest payments. That way they can auction the properties off. Hee Woo warns Woo that they will make him go bankrupt. He says DH Money has enough funds from Japan to acquire Bando Bank (the bank Woo has a loan account in). Woo agrees to sell. Hee Woo tells him to transfer all the deeds at once as DH Money will be watching Woo’s assets. He says they may lock him up if they find out he is selling and make sure he can’t pay back the loan. Woo says Hee Woo saved his friend’s life and now he saved Woo’s too.

As Hee Woo walks back, he recalls Jo making a fortune through real estate redevelopment in his previous life. He believes that Jo had harmed a lot of real magnets in the process. He remembers seeing the news of Woo Yong Soo’s suicide when faced with bankruptcy. Hee Woo wows to protect Woo Yong Soo.

The next day, Woo puts up all the properties for sale with the instruction that all the sale deeds be transferred on the same day. He says he wants the funds deposited in another bank. The realtor says Woo will regret this move. Woo goes away.

Soon, the news relays that DH money has taken over Bando Bank.

Later, CEO Park Dae Ho is furious when he learns that Woo has sold off all his assets.

Park visits Jo and apologises profusely. Jo says it is okay as everyone makes mistakes. He says the only thing that changed is that they have a lot of property owners to deal with instead of one. After Park leaves, Jin-Woo asks if Jo really forgave him. Jo says he needs to see the big picture. he says if he makes one billion dollars by investing 100 million, it is still a big profit.

He addresses Director Han. A female voice answers from the next room. Jo says he went through the file from Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Jo says an intelligent advisor would take an initiative before asking questions like Director Han. Jo says you can’t be a leader without being good with money. He says money is power. Jo wonders if Woo selling the properties was just pure luck.

Woo is drinking with Hee Woo atop a mountain. He says it is his birthday today. he says all the houses will turn into apartments. Woo says Hee Woo has good insight into the future. Woo tells him to use his abilities for something good.

Woo Yong Soo gives Hee Woo his bankbook from the other bank that has all the property sale proceeds. He asks Hee Woo to manage it now as Hee Woo was the one who protected the money. He says it is a sign from the universe as their paths crossed. He says he is just reinvesting. Hee Woo is overwhelmed. Woo tells him to use the money, make more and see if he can takeover ChunhaWoo says money can do its job when the right man has it

Woo says Auctions are like doing comprehensive arts. You need to foresee the future by analysing the regions, calculating the profits and using the law to avoid aversion. He says you get to feel the thrill when you win the bidding and play the minds of the tenants. He says you must be able to see the big picture and move according to plan. Woo tells him to buy stable buildings with low risk than aim for high-risk properties.

Hee Woo says he will develop insight to find stable properties with future value

Woo says his wife passed away when he was crazy about real estate and was travelling. He says she was always complaining of stomach pain. He bought her digestive pills but it was cancer. He says she could have lived longer. Woo says Hee Woo reminds him of himself when he was young. He tells Hee Woo not to allow it to consume him. He says he will lose himself if he does that. Hee Woo pours him a drink and wishes him a very Happy birthday.

The next day they learn that Jo Tae Seob is coming to their college to give a speech. Gyu Ri says he is an alumnus and asks if they should go. Lee Min Soo says he won’t go even if gets paid. Hee A says she won’t go either as she doesn’t like Jo Tae Seob. Hee Woo decides to go.

Hee Woo and Gyu Ri go into the auditorium while Hee A and Min Soo head for drinks.

Inside the auditorium, Gyu Ri says Jo is the only assemblyman who isn’t criticized. She claps loudly as Jo enters with his aides. Jo takes the dais to give his speech.

Hee Woo notices a woman in Jo’s entourage. He recognises her as the woman in red. He recalls her telling him that if he got close to Jo he may meet her. She looks at him from the stage.

Image Courtesy- SBS


Hee Woo seems to be building a strong foundation in his second life. His networking abilities are impressive. It looks like he is building a system of his own.

Woo Yong Soo is a great mentor. He warned Hee Woo that he may get consumed and lose himself in the process while reaching his goal. Woo knows how to make money and Hee Woo knows how Jo’s system works. Together, they make a formidable duo.

One can easily find similarities between Woo Yong Soo and Jo Tae Seob. Woo Yong Soo and Jo are both aware of the power of money but Woo Yong Soo is not a monster like Jo. Intriguingly, Woo finds Hee Woo similar to his younger self.

Han Mi being Prosecutor Kim Seok Hoon’s illegitimate daughter was a good reveal. This shows why Prosecutor Seok Hoon Stood up for Han Mi back when the Police Chief Im Jung Woo’s son spiked her drink. 

It looks like Hee Woo may have stumbled across Jo’s system when he got invited into the student council. Hee Woo seems to always be at the right place at the right time in his second life. He has already saved many lives.

Interestingly, all of this information was out there in the last life too but he didn’t know that he had to look for them. 

Though Hee Woo hadn’t personally spoken with Woo Yong Son in person in his previous life, he had seen his death on the news. Except for Lee Min Soo, Hee Woo seems to know all the people he comes across in his second life and their future. 

Jo Tae Seob is smart and shrewd. He already doubts Woo selling his properties being a coincidence. It won’t be long before he figures out he is being sabotaged.

This episode was interesting as there seem to be more people on Hee Woo’s side this time around. He says he wants to take over the Chunha group which is sure to be a mammoth task. Now that Hee Woo has also come across the woman in red, it is bound to get more interesting. 

-By Soul Sword-

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