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Again My Life- Episode 4 Recap

Hee Woo identifies the woman on stage as the woman in red (Cha Joo-Young), the grim reaper. 

Jo starts interacting with the students earning applause from the audience except for Hee Woo. Hee Woo watches Jo make promises to the students. Jo tells them to set goals based on their dream and the future will belong to them. 

After the talk, Jo is busy signing autographs. Hee Woo walks up to the woman. Hee Woo tells her, “Thank you. I will be sure to keep my promise.” The woman says, “Please do”. 

Hee Woo walks away learning that the grim reaper (woman in red)was a member of Jo’s entourage. Jo walks out surrounded by his fans. Hee Woo watches Jo address the grim reaper as Han Ji Hyun.

Next, Jo visits the children’s home. Jo notices a girl standing away from other children. He notices she is new and speaks to her as the journalists click photographs. He tells the girl that the country will take care of her.

At night, Hee Woo wonders if Han Ji Hyun died before him. He wonders who she is

Meanwhile, Han Ji Hyun is in her office. She recalls Hee Woo saying he will keep his promise.

Meanwhile, Min Soo and Hee A are drinking. Hee A says Jo is not Hee Woo’s cup of tea. Min Soo says a smart person sees both sides of the coin. Hee A calls Jo a hypocrite and she can see through him. She goes on and tells him that he looks old. He says it is the mental age that matters. She says she will drop the honorifics and he agrees. 

Hee Woo joins them. He asks why Min Soo is keen on making friends with his juniors. Just then, Hee Woo notices a man with dark clothes and a cap sitting at a table by the corner.

Hee Woo helps a heavily drunk Lee Min Soo into a cab. Min Soo says he has the world in his hand. He wonders if he should eat it up. The cab drives away.

Hee A walks down the street and the man in the cap follows her. Hee Woo grabs hold of him and asks if he is a stalker. They have a scuffle. Hee Woo notices that the man fights back easily and is a professional.

Hee A calls out to the man as Park and Hee Woo realises that she knows the man. Hee Woo suddenly recognises Hee A from his previous life.

First Life

Prosecutor Hee Woo watches the television that reports news of Kim Gun Young, Chairman of Chunha Group passed away leaving behind his eldest son Kim Yong Jun (Managing Director of Chunha Electronics), younger son Kim Sung-Jun (M.D Chunha Motors) and his only daughter Kim Hee A.


Hee Woo comes home and wonders why Hee A and he had crossed paths. Jo used the Chunha group to stash his funds. Hee Woo noticed that Hee A didn’t like Jo either. He feels she will take his side.

Hee A’s bodyguard Park Jin Hyuk clicks pictures of Hee Woo when he jogs in the morning. He submits Hee Woo’s background check to Chunha group Chairman Kim Gun Young (Hee A’s father.)

Chairman Kim finds it odd that Hee Woo’s grades rose suddenly and he got into Hankuk University where only 1% of top scorers get in. Park Jin Hyuksays that Hee Woo is a trained fighter. Kim tells him to find out more about Hee Woo.

Just then, Hee A comes in as Park leaves. When Kim Gun Young asks, she says Hee Woo is just a friend. He smiles as he notices she is smitten by Hee Woo. She says she is rethinking her decision to study abroad.

Just then, Jo Tae Seob walks in. Hee A is ready to leave but Jo speaks to her. She listens with a cold smile before leaving.

Back at the university, Hee A tells Hee Woo that Jo Tae Seob is fake. He asks if she doesn’t like Jo. She says liars and hypocrites get caught in the end.

Just then, Gyu Ri comes and gives Hee Woo some books to carry till she finishes one of her classes. After she leaves, Hee A asks if Gyu Ri and he went to the same academy. He says yes. Hee A gives her books to him too before leaving.

Just then, Lee Min Soo comes with his medical department friend Moon Sung-Hwan. He says they were best friends in the department. Hee Woo finds the name familiar.

Meanwhile, Jo tells Kim Gun Young to acquire Mirae Motors. He says he doesn’t want Mirae to be sold to a foreign company. Kim says Mirae Motors has a debt of 1 billion and the bank loan is temporary. He adds that with robots taking over manpower, a company like Mirae with no foreign factories doesn’t appeal to him. Jo says he can’t take a no. Kim says Jo must know when to give up. Jo says Kim has to acquire Mirae Motors.

Back at the University, Min Soo explains that both Moon and he are geniuses. Min Soo says he dropped out to pursue his dreams while Moon dropped out to change the worldHe says Moon Sung-Hwan developed an app called Haha talk.

Hee Woo recalls seeing a newspaper clipping (in the previous life) of Moon as a failed entrepreneur leaving Korea to study abroad. He had lost the case for intellectual property case against Jeil Telecoms. 

Lee Min Soo says the name is childish but Hee Woo tells Moon that he has full faith that the app will do well. Moon says he has applied for a program sponsored by the “Chunha Telecommunications Youth Entrepreneurship program” as he has run out of finance. Hee Woo learns that the CEO is Kim Chan ll and that Moon had received a direct call from the CEO’s office.

At Chunha Telecommunications, CEO Kim Chan ll asks his secretary to put together a legal team without the company’s knowledge. He says they will apply for a patent and copyright immediately as soon as they get Moon’S source code. He makes a call to Han Ji Hyun.

Hee Woo looks up Chan ll. He knows that Chan ll will lure Moon into Jeil telecommunications. Chan ll will become famous once Haha talk becomes famous. Kim Chan ll is Jo Tae Seob’s spy. 

Hee Woo recalls the raid he conducted on Chan ll. He was nicknamed hyena as he sold telecommunications to foreign businesses.

Hee Woo vows to be faster this time as that time he wasn’t aware of Haha talk. Just then, Choi Kang Jin texts him that Prosecutor Jang asked to see him.

Hee Woo meets with them. Jang says Kang Jin has passed the bar exam and Hee Woo says he will do his best. Jang says he feels like he is losing ground and he needs a big case. Hee Woo decides to use the opportunity.

Hee Woo goes over to the restaurant (Hee A’s workplace) and gives Hee A Moon’s project. She asks him if this is the only reason he came and he says yes. She is disappointed but flips through the project. She finds it promising and says the developer is a genius. Hee Woo tells her that Moon had submitted the project at Chunha Telecoms and had received a call from the CEO. Hee A finds that odd and says she will take the project. Hee Woo is happy.

Han Ji Hyun is present when Jo speaks to CEO Kim Chan ll. Kim tells Jo to take over this project as it will be helpful for his political career. He says he will take this project and head over to Jeil telecoms. Jo tells him to be careful and not cause a scandal.

Hee Woo visits his parents’ restaurant. He is happy to see them doing well.

Hee A speaks to her father at the dining table after her brothers leave. She tells him about Moon’s project. She explains that he has developed a platform that will dominate the future market. She says it involves data collection and analysing customer preferences. She also how Moon applied to Chunha telecommunications and received a call from CEO Kim Chan ll to meet upHer father finds this suspicious.

Meanwhile, Kim Chan ll meets with Moon. He says that Moon’s chances of winning are very slim. Kim Chan ll says he can acquire funding for the project from Jeil Telecoms. He says Chunha is outdated but Jeil is different. He tells him to look at the big picture. Moon is taken aback hearing this but he says Kim is right. Kim says in exchange for the funding, Moon will have to share the development process with Jeil.

After Kim leaves, Min Soo and Hee Woo walk in. Min Soo asks where the is the thing he asked for. Moon takes out a pen that has the full recording of the conversation between Kim and himself. Min Soo passes it to Hee Woo. Moon says it was Min Soo’s idea to record.

Hee Woo briefs Moon about Patents, Trademarks, copyrights and design rights. Min Soo says they have to get the patent registration done. If this is not done Min Soo says Chunha or Jeil will steal Moon’s work. Hee Woo asks Moon to work on the development process while Min Soo and he work on the patent.

Kim Chan ll is with his secret legal team. They update him on acquiring other projects. He is furious that they haven’t been able to get Moon’s source code.

Min Soo tells Hee Woo that this law firm specialises in lawsuits against the Chunha group. Hee woo says they are the best with patents.

Lawyer Hwang Sun Ham meets with them. He smiles when he hears that the CEO of Chunha group reached out to Moon.

Meanwhile, Kim Chan ll receives a call from Lawyer Hwang Sun Ham. Kim thanks him and hangs up. He calls his secretary and asks about the agency that ties up loose ends.

The next day, Hee Woo tells Min Soo that he went to the law firm to stir up Kim Chan ll. He says Kim will make mistakes if he rushes. Min Soo says Hee Woo is a strategist and he should probably join the military service. Hee Woo is appalled as he realises that he has to do his mandatory military service all over again. 

Chairman Kim Gun Young meets Jo and tells him that Hee A mentioned a project called Haha Talk. Jo gets serious. Kim Gun Young says that he had made Chan ll the CEO because Jo recommended him. He says Chan ll has changed a lot as he has approached the developer by himself. Jo says he may have misjudged the man’s potential.

Hee Woo hands over the evidence to prosecutor Jang and says this could be the big case he is looking for. He explains that the company tried to steal a student’s project. Jang jumps at the opportunity. He says they can start with this and continue to expose the other conglomerates. Hee Woo goes on to tell Jang that Kim Chan ll and Jo Tae Seob have a connection. Hee Woo says Chan ll keep mentioning that he is close with Jo Tae Seob. Jang straightens up saying that higher-ups will notice him if he pulls this off. Jang hugs him in gratitude and leaves. 

Jang reports the case to Deputy Chief Prosecutor Kim Seok Hoon. Kim says there shouldn’t be much chatter. After Jang leaves, Kim Seok Hoon informs Jo that a prosecutor has launched an investigation on Kim Chan ll for manipulating a contest. He says that Chan ll mentioned that he had connections with Jo.

Jo hands over the phone to Han Jin Hyun. He suspects that Kim Gun Young would’ve got a wind of Chan ll’s plans. He says now a prosecutor also knows. Jo wonders who is getting in his way.

Han Ji Hyun says she will take care of it. Jo tells Jin Woo to take care of it.

Hee Woo is in his home. He decides to make sure that Haha Talk gets a good investor so that Jo Tae Seob cannot gain from it. He looks at the bank book that Woo Yong Soo had given him.

At dawn, Hee Woo meets Woo Yong Soo. He says he wants to invest it in a venture company. Woo says the money is for Hee Woo to do as he pleases. Hee Woo smiles as Woo walks away without responding.

Later, Moon Sung-Hwan tells Hee Woo that Chunha Chairman Kim Gun Young himself had called him up. He says the Chairman apologised for what had happened and offered to invest in the project. He says they will be setting up an internet-related company. Hee Woo realises he has gotten rid of Chan ll too but wonders if he has changed his future.

Moon says he will repay Hee Woo as soon as he makes it big. Hee Woo asks how Moon trusted him. Moon says he had 3 reasons. He says the first reason was that Hee Woo predicted Kim Chan ll would try to trick him. Moon says he thought Hee Woo was psychic as he warned him beforehand. He says Hee Woo was right about asking him to move as Moon’s old place was ransacked. 

Moon says that Haha Talk was Lee Min Soo’s ideaHe says it was a concept about people communicating through data. He says Min Soo told him not to mention it but it is a fact.

Moon says he offered to pay Min Soo for the idea if he makes it big, But Min Soo refused the money saying he could be the richest in the world if he decided to. He says Min Soo is a real genius.

Just then, Min Soo joins them with fried chicken and drinks. Hee Woo asks for the third reason. Moon says he got a message before he left to meet Kim Chan ll. Moon says he called the number back but a man picked up and said he never sent that message. Moon says that there were some articles he found about Kim Chan ll, all related to patent wars. Hee Woo wonders who was behind this.

Jo is busy playing his game of Baduk when Kim Chan ll rushes inside. Jo gets up and Kim Chan ll gets on his knees and begs Jo to help him. jo tells him to be seated. Kim gets up and sits on the sofa. Jo says his only break is the game of Baduk and Kim apologises. Jo says there is always a way to save a crisis. He says he has to toss a stone away if it is unsalvagable. He says he has to look at the big picture.

Han Ji Hyun opens the door and to Kim Chan ll’s horror, the assassin walks in. Jo tells him to escort Kim out. The assassin grabs Chan ll and takes him away.


Chairman Kim Gun Young says Chan ll will betray him again. So he asks Jo to toss him away and join hands with him. He says Chunha should dominate the telecommunications industry and not Jeil. He tells Jo to use this chance and show support for Chunha. He says Chunha will acquire Mirae in exchange for this.

At present, han Ji Hyun says that Kim Gun Young’s secretary called up and said that Moon has signed the contract with Chunha. Jo is relieved that Chunha is under his control after clearing the air. he says it just needs to end as planned.

Moon rushes into the room and tells Hee Woo and Min Soo to switch on the TV. The news relays that Kim Chan ll committed suicide by jumping off the roof of a buildingHee Woo realises that since Kim Chan ll is dead, the case will be closed and that Jo has cut off his tail perfectly.

The next day at the university, Hee Woo scribbles the word “Pluto” (text message sender) in his notebook. Gyu Ri finds him and sits beside him. She says that Pluto is another name for Hades, the deity of the underworld.

Just then, Min Soo calls up Hee Woo and says he found the cell owner (pluto’s text message sent to Moon). He says the cell owner lent the phone to the sender. He calls Hee Woo to come to check the CCTV.

Hee Woo comes over and they check the CCTV. Hee Woo is shocked as he sees Han Ji Hyun (grim reaper) send the text message and leave.

Image Courtesy- SBS


It was interesting to see the exchange between Han Ji Hyun (the woman in red/ grim reaper) and Hee Woo. Han Ji Hyun did not seem confused when Hee Woo said he will keep his promise. She acknowledged him instead. I wonder if Hee Woo is not the only person with a second life. 

Lee Min Soo keeps saying that the world is in his had and he can do whatever he wants with it. Though in the beginning, it looked like he was joking, this episode revealed that he is indeed a genius and that too a humble and generous one. I wonder if him wearing red (like the grim reaper) most of the time is just a coincidence or if he has something to do with Hee Woo’s second life. 

Kim Hee A seems like a powerful character. She is the daughter of Chunha Group’s Chairman Kim Gun Young. She doesn’t trust Jo Tae Seob. Her being on Hee Woo’s side will definitely make a big difference.

Kim Gyu Ri is intelligent and smart but she idolises Jo Tae Seob. It looks like working for Jo Tae Seob would be her dream job. I wonder if Hee Woo’s decision to help her may go against his favour.

Hee Woo removing Kim Chan ll out of the equation didn’t make much of a difference in the big picture as of now since a strong alliance between Chunha and Jo Tae Seob was formed. Chairman Kim Gun Young passed away in the previous life. I wonder if there was some foulplay involved in his death.

On the other hand, Hee Woo gained an asset in the form of Moon Sung-Hwan who may prove to be useful in the future as Chunha has absorbed him.

Han Ji Hyun knows almost all of Jo Tae Seob’s movements. She seems to be walking on eggshells around him and he doesn’t seem to be fond of her either. I am curious to know how she ended up working for him. It looks like she is actively working on bringing Jo Tae Seob down.

Hee Woo’s strategy in this episode was an interesting to watch as he got his job done by stirring up the hornets’ nest. This episode was interesting as it showed the background of the characters.

-By Soul Sword-

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