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Again My Life- Episode 5 Recap

Hee Woo is in the bus watching the Mirae Motors employees protest the liquidation of Mirae Motors. Hee Woo recalls that Mirae Motors was sold to a foreign company and then liquidated due to employee management conflict. Hee Woo isn’t able to do anything about it.

Jo is passing by in the car and he asks Han Ji Hyun about Kang Man Chul of the Progressive Labour Party. She says he is at the protest camp at the Pyeongtaek factory. He says he wants to visit him now.

Jo Meets Kang Man Chul. He points out that Kang sent his son to Harvard. He says he assumed a pro-North NL activist like Kang would send his child to the best university in Pyongyang.

Kang says that his child is free to do what he wants. Jo calls to stop the strikeKang asks what trump card Jo is holding as a minor party like theirs has nothing to bring to the table. Jo suggests bipartisan cooperation. Kang says Jo can hold the opposition in check by keeping the minor party under his thumb. He says he can’t turn down this offer.

At the university, Hee Woo watches the news of the Mirae Motors strike ending. Jo and Kang are all smiles as they hold hands. Hee Woo notices that Chunha is acquiring Mirae Motors and this is different from his previous life. Hee Woo realises that Jo is after the Presidential Elections.

In the other news, it is reported that a man broke into his best friend’s house and killed him because he refused to pay back the money he owed. Hee Woo takes an interest in this case. Police have arrested Park in association with the murder. The news says that Park’s fingerprints were found on the knife.

At the reenactment of the crime, Park cries as he denies all allegations against him and says he didn’t kill his friend. He says he grabbed the knife but he didn’t kill anyone. The cops don’t listen and they say his sentence will be heavier if he keeps at this.

As he is escorted out, Park’s son Park Sang Man comes running screaming for him in agony. He is held back by the police as they take Park away.

After everyone leaves, Hee Woo calls Park Sang Wan by his name. Sang Wan asks who he is. Hee Woo says he is going to prove Sang Wan’s father’s innocence. Hee makes Sang Wan promise that he won’t miss school. He says the real culprit will be revealed 10 years later, so trust me and study. Hee Woo tells sang Wan to hang in there and study as it won’t take long. He says Sang Wan can’t do much right now. Hee Woo tells him to trust him on this.

Hee Woo watches Sang Wan go to school.

Hee Woo visits Prosecutor Jung. He shows him the newspaper article about Park’s murder case. He says he knows the suspect’s son. He points out that the evidence seems too perfect. Jang isn’t interested. Hee Woo gives Jang the clothes that Sang Wan’s father wore that day and he says there is no evidence of blood splatter on it. He says Jang can confirm That Park was wearing the same clothes that day on CCTV.

Hee Woo says the law was made for the accused so that no one is wrongly convicted. Jang says the police are in deep trouble if this is true. He asks Hee Woo for more information.

During the investigation, Jung questions victim Hong In Pyo’s wife as the main suspect. She tries to bluff her way out. He points out that she was having an affair. He produces the man in front of her and also shows her the murder weapon along with her bloodstained shirt. She accepts killing her husband for money. She says she saw Park threatening her husband with the knife. Her husband refused to return the money. After he left she couldn’t resist and killed him with the knife. She says he deserved to die.

 The wife’s lover was a witness to the crime and Jung had got him to confess. The lover had hidden the knife and shirt.

Hee Woo has given a tip on finding the murder weapon when he spoke to Jang earlier.

Later Jung wonders how Hee Woo knew all this. He forgets about it when Kim Seok Hoon applauds him.

That evening, Jung has dinner with Hee Woo and Choi. He thanks Hee Woo for the tip. He says he is growing fond of Hee Woo and tells Choi to watch out. Jung asks Hee Woo how he knew the leads. Hee Woo says it was a coincidence and he was also desperate. He thanks Jung for listening to him. They drink in celebration.

Hee Woo recalls that this case was his very first case as a prosecutor in his previous life.

Hee Woo watches Sang Wan and his mother reunite with his father. Sang Wan looks at Hee Woo gratefully.

Hee Woo’s voiceover says, “You saved your father.”


Sang Wan had gathered the evidence on his father’s case. He gives it to Prosecutor Hee Woo and says it took him 10 years. He asks Hee Woo to prove his father’s innocence.

At present, Hee Woo acknowledges Sang Wan as his voiceover and says, “The 10 years u spent gathering evidence, spend it only for yourself in this life.”

The next day, Hee Woo goes to the CSAT centre to wish Han Mi luck before she takes the exam. She is happy to see him. He gives her his lucky pens and a kerchief that he used last year to clear the CSAT. He tells her not to be nervous as he has trained her.

Sang Wan and Han Mi both take CSAT and both of them clear it.

Han Mi checks her admission status and she is thrilled to see that she has been accepted into Hangang University. Han Mi is about to call Hee Woo but she receives a call from her father Deputy Chief Prosecutor Kim Seok Hoon.

Kim notes that Han Mi got into every college she applied to. He tells her to Major in English at Sunghwa Women’s University. She says he should congratulate her. She asks if he is worried she will become successful. She says she worked hard and got in. She asks if she cant choose her own major. Seok Hoon says she has to live a quiet life.

He says she can’t choose anything to do with media or government-related. He threatens to move her to a foreign country if she doesn’t comply. She hangs up.

Later she tells Hee Woo that she is taking up Journalism and Media at Hangang University. He says she will be a great reporter. She asks him how he knows that she will become a reporter. he says it was a shot in the dark. He says he is proud of her and she is proud that he didn’t give up on her. He tells her to repay him after she becomes a reporter. She says she feels happy right now and it doesn’t suit her. He says everyone deserves to be happy. He asks why she has a long face. She says she can’t seem to enjoy it. She says she probably wanted validation.

Hee Woo goes to his parent’s restaurant to find out that his draft (Military Enlistment) notice has come today. His father says if Hee Woo completes the bar exam he can serve as a judiciary officer. But his father tells him to get it over with.

Gyu Ri and Min Soo are upset that Hee Woo told them that he is enlisting at the last moment. Gyu Ri says they will finish the bar exam before him and she will be his superior. Min Soo says that Hee A is also leaving to study abroad in two days.

Hee Woo refuses their offer of a farewell dinner and leaves.

Hee Woo visits Woo Yong Soo. He returns the bankbook and asks Woo to invest the money in something till he is back.

Hee Woo reviews all the changes he made to his previous life as he walks down the road. He knows that Jo Tae Seob’s life is also slowly changing. He recalls Han Ji Hyun.

The next day, his parents bid him a tearful farewell. As he comes out, he finds Hee A waiting for him. She says she is hurt that he didn’t inform her. He says that she didn’t tell him either and she smiles. 

She links her arm in his and he objects. She tells him to keep walking. She says he is the first guy she linked arms with after her dad. They stop as they reach Hee A’s car and Jin Hyuk is waiting. They shake hands and part ways after promising to meet again.


Hee Woo joins as a prosecutor in Gangwon District Prosecutor Office, Gimsan Branch. He reports to Branch Chief Jeon Seok Kyu.

Jeon asks why Hee Woo is here when he had topped the training institute. Hee Woo says he came to take Jeon back to Seoul. Jeon wonders if Hee Woo is here to spy on him. Hee Woo says Jeon is not even on the list. Jeon is curious. He says Investigator Oh Min Guk will assist him with any questions. He says they will have drinks once Prosecutor Ji Sung Ho is back.

Investigator Oh and Prosecutor Ji Sung Ho’s investigator are suspicious about Hee Woo’s intentions as a top scorer hardly comes to their branch.

Hee Woo goes to his desk and Oh asks if he would like some coffee. Hee Woo says he will take the coffee by himself. He asks Oh to round up all the recent civil, criminal and accident cases and give them to him.

Later, Jeon, Ji Sung Ho and Hee Woo go out for drinks. At the other table the mayor, the chief of police and an assemblyman are there. Jeon goes over for a word and they take a jibe at him. They all pour a lot of drinks into a bowl and tell Jeon to drink up.

Ji tells Hee Woo that the community leader is the boss of a gang. He says they all grew up here. Hee Woo is infuriated as he watches this.

Later, Ji is drunk and laments till he passes out. Hee Woo asks Jeon if he doesn’t want to go to Seoul. Hee Woo says that Jeon still has the spirit though he got demoted and sent here. Jeon tells him to quietly finish his term here and leave. Hee Woo says his purpose would be defeated. Jeon asks if there is someone Hee Woo wants to catch. Hee Woo says he will let him know once he puts everything together.

Jeon says there is not enough for his enthusiasm here. Hee Woo says if he has freedom at work he requests for a change of work hours. Jeon agrees to it as there is no job at the branch.

A few days later, the investigators discuss Hee Woo. Oh says Hee Woo is hardly around and some days he doesn’t even turn up. They wonder whether he is lazy or a genius.

Hee Woo gives Oh 2 piles of case files. He tells him to reorganise them before he goes home today. Hee Woo says that cases related to Yuchae Gang had a questionable end. Oh says they are local gangsters who run nightclubs. Hee Woo says he plans on reinvestigating all those cases.

Hee Woo says he will be working outside the office for a few days. He tells Oh to send all the cases through email once reorganised.

Hee Woo visits Woo Yong Soo. Sang Man is working for Woo now. Woo complains that Sang Man is short-tempered and doesn’t respect the elders. Hee Woo smiles as he sees Sang Man come in and dote on Woo. Hee Woo recalls asking Woo to take in Sang Man while Woo completes his training. Hee Woo says he is ready to take Sang Man back now. Sang Wan is excited.

Sang Man and Hee Woo are in the car waiting outside the billiards club. He says he withdrew the cash as Hee Woo asked.


Sang Man tracks down Hee Woo and tells him that he is pursuing Computer Engineering Course at Hankuk University. He says he got in through scholarships. Hee Woo is proud to see that Sang Man grew up brighter than he expected. 

At present, Sang Man is disappointed that he couldn’t repay Hee Woo enough by just assisting Woo. Hee Woo says assisting Woo is assisting him.

Hee Woo notices a man bribe the bounder at the club and go in. Hee Woo goes up to the bouncer and asks for entry into the gambling house. He bribes his way in too.

Sang Man and Hee Woo are escorted into the club. They cross the billiards roomHee Woo is told to ask for Ms Kim the next time.

A gang member takes them into a room that looks like a men’s fitting room. Then they are escorted through a secret door into another room where the illegal gambling is carried out.

Hee Woo watches the busy place. He buys the chips for 10000 dollars minus the service charge. Sang Man says that they got chips worth only 9000 dollars for 10000 cash. Hee Woo tells him not to be a loser.

Hee Woo heads to a table where the gang member briefs the rules. He is told that they have to tell the number matching the number on the dice. The percentage of winnings varies as per the numbers. He is told that 7 has the highest chance of winning as you get times the money. He says 2 and 3 have a lesser chance so it is 36 times the money.

Hee Woo’s eyes are on the woman who is the dealer at the tableHee Woo and the others get the first few guesses. This continues for a long time. Hee Woo sends Sang Man to exchange the rest of the money for chips.

This time, Hee Woo goes all on 7.  Everyone is shocked. Hee Woo notices the dealer’s expression stiffen. She is about to reveal the dice when he stops her and changes the number to 6. He notices her face relax. He says 8 and sees that she is still relaxed. He says 7 and notices that she stiffens again. He says he will go with 7. the gang member glares at her as she is about to reveal the number. Hee Woo changes it back to 6.

She reveals the dice and it is 7. He gets up and says he will stop playing as he lost all his money. He holds out his hand and says, “Good Game”. She takes it.

Later at night, Sang Man tells Hee Woo that he noticed a subtle pattern in the dealer too. Hee Woo says Sang Man is smart. Sang Man wonders why Hee Woo lost deliberately. Hee Woo says he will find out on the way.

The next day, Hee Woo goes to work. He tells Oh that he read all the files and narrowed down the case where the police have missed something. He asks Oh to go through them. Oh is worried when he sees the number of files. Hee Woo asks for it by the end of the day and tells him to email them. He says he will be working outside and walks out again.

Hee Woo is at a restaurant. The dice dealer, Do Hwa Jin joins him. She asks why he lost on purpose yesterday. He says he didn’t. She says she is not interested in joining as a partner in his scheme (Hee Woo has passed on a chit with his number when he shook hands with her). He says he is different. Hee Woo says he wants information on Yuchae Gang who operates the gambling house. She asks him who he is and he shows her his ID.

At night, Jeon wakes up from his sleep as Hee Woo calls him. He says he is going to bring down the Yuchae Gang. Hee Woo says he will get evidence now as they are running illegal gambling dens. He says he has requested police backup. Jeon warns him not to do this as the gang behaves like they are the government. He says the police are on their side and tell him not to do this. Hee Woo says he will heed Jeon’s advice in Seoul and hangs up.

Sang Man says this is dangerous. Hee Woo says it won’t be because it is him. Sang Wan admires him. Hee Woo leaves Sang Man outside and heads in. 

He goes into the gambling den and gathers everyone’s attention. He announces that he is a prosecutor and everyone is under arrest.

The gang member cooly asks if he has a warrant. Hee Woo says he doesn’t need one as the criminal was caught in the act.

The man gives him some money and asks him to leave. Hee Woo says he will consider this as a bride and add this to the charges. The man threatens to kill him and brings out a knife. Hee Woo says the man’s sentence will be heavier.

Hee Woo makes a call and the power goes off. Hee Woo is in between punching the man when the lights come on. He Woo beats up the men and goes out to check why the lights came on. 

Hee Woo finds Oh manhandling Sang Man. He says he is here as back up. Hee Woo says Sang Wan is on their side.

Hee Woo goes back in and he finds the entire gang waiting for him. He starts fighting his way through them. By the time Oh and Sang Man comes in Hee Woo has floored all of them. Hee Woo says they are done here and they should leave.

Hee Woo recalls Do Hwa Jin saying that Yuchae Gang’s base is the door next to the chip trading counter. She says even teh dealers arent allowed in there.

Hee Woo goes inside and seizes all the files inside. Hee Woo tells Sang Man to hack the computers and compare the data on it to the ledgers.

Hee Woo recalls Sang Wan hacking into the prosecutor office’s server to prove his father’s innocence in the previous life.

They hear a sound and they go out to check. They find Oh on the ground bleeding. Hee Woo looks up to see a man walking towards them. Sang Man takes oh away.

Hee Woo addresses the man as Lee Hyun Seok. Hee Woo says Lee Hyun Seok is the reason he came here. Lee asks if he is aware of whom his boss is. Hee Woo says he wants to recruit Lee Hyun Seok and use his service for a good cause

Hee Woo challenges him to a fight and says Lee Should work for him if Hee Woo wins. Lee accepts the challenge.

As they fight, Hee Woo’s voiceover narrates, “Lee Hyun Seok, at this rate will be teh number one fighter in a couple of years. I wont let him live that life.” 

Hee Woo overpowers Lee Hyun Seok, who passes out. Hee Woo calls Sang Man and tells him that Lee Hyun Seok will work under Sang Man as a bodyguard hereafter.

Just then , Jeon enters the room. He walks up to Hee Woo and slaps him hard across the face.

Image Courtesy- SBS


This episode had a time jump of 7 years.

Before that, Hee Woo had made quite a lot of changes in his and Jo Tae Seob’s life. He also made a difference in many people’s life before fulfilling the military conscription.

Hee Woo’s first case as a prosecutor was revealed in this episode. Sang Man’s father’s case was well made. Hee Woo gave Sang Man 10 crucial years of his life which led to Sang Man growing into an intelligent and enthusiastic man. This change that Hee Woo made in Sang Man’s life was priceless.

Han Mi showed steely resolve when she went against her father’s orders and took up a Journalism based course. She stood her ground despite faced with threats. I am curious to see how she turned out.

It was interesting to see Hee Woo as a prosecutor 7 years later. He is a total contrast to the Prosecutor Hee Woo from episode 1. 

This time Hee Woo chose to start far from Seoul, away from the watchful eyes of Jo Tae Seob. He also doesnt seem to be in touch with his old acquaintances. 

Hee Woo seems to have done his research and spent his time wisely all these years. It looks like he has a well thought out plan in place and he has just set it in motion.

Hee Woo seems to be forming a team and it looks like more people will be joining him.

-By Soul Sword-

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