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Again My Life- Episode 6 Recap

Previous Life

Prosecutor Jeon Seok Kyu comes from Gimsan to Seoul and meets Prosecutor Kim Hee Woo. Hee Woo says he has heard a lot about Jeon. Jeon says he heard Hee Woo is more persistent than him. He says many of his colleagues are rooting for Hee Woo. Jeon gives Hee Woo some files and says by investigating them Hee Woo will get to the big shot behind them. Jeon suggests they skip the unnecessary formalities and heads out.

Hee Woo checks the files and finds Human trafficking and drug cartel cases in them. He reads through the files, “DUI, bribed Jo Tae Seob, purchased sex with minor girls, tax evasion, Illegally funded Jo Tae Seob’s campaign.” Hee Woo is awestruck as he knows it would have taken a lot of years for Jeon to compile these.

Hee Woo runs up to Jeon at the elevator and thanks Jeon. He says the information will be put to good use. Jeon says he is going to quit being a prosecutorHe says he hopes Hee Woo will achieve his goal as he won’t be given another chance. He says if Hee Woo fails, he will fall hard like Jeon.

Present Life

Hee Woo is taken by surprise when Jeon slaps him. Jeon tells him not to do this again as nothing is more important than his life. Jeon asks what is the purpose behind this as the maximum the gang will get is 5 years in prison. Hee Woo says there is no way that the hang stopped with illegal gambling. He asks Jeon to allow him to complete it. Jeon warns him again and tells him not to risk his life.

Hee Woo interrogates Do CHang Soo. He says that Do Chang-Soo is dealer Do Hwa Jin’s father. He had sold Do Hwa Jin to the gang because he was too deep in gambling debt. Do Chang-Soo says he did.


Do Hwa Jin says that her father put her up as the collateral for his gambling. She says the casino still holds her as collateral because her father keeps gambling there. She says there is no hope of getting out of the debt as the interest is hefty. So she doesn’t even try stopping him. She tears up as she says her father may cook up a soybean paste stew if he wins a large sum one day.

At present, Do Hwa Jin’s father asks Hee Woo to chop his hands off so he can stop his gambling habit.

Hee Woo says if Do Chang-Soo can gamble while maintaining a daily life, he cant be called an addict. He tells Do to start with opening a restaurant first.

Hee Woo says gambling debts cannot be enforced and Yuchae Gang is going to be disbanded soon. He says Do will be released on probation since he is a first time offender. Do cries as he thanks Hee Woo.

Meanwhile, Sang Man finds discrepancies in the recipients of the funds between Yuchae Gang’s ledger and the computer. Hee Woo asks Oh to summon the gang boss Moon Gu Jun. He then gives Sang Man a file to deliver to Kim Han Mi in Seoul and then asks him to take all the rest he wants.

Hee Woo heads to the holding cell and the gang members are confident that their boss will come and go back after having breakfast. Hee Woo says he will interrogate them one by one. He says he will charge them with all the cases whose stature of limitations aren’t over yet. They cheekily answer Hee Woo. One of them demands that he uses honorifics when addressing their boss. Hee Woo tells Oh to throw him in prison without interrogation.

Hee Woo interrogates the gang member who showed him inside the club. The man says he wants a lawyer. Hee Woo asks him where the missing women from the gambling house are.

Hee Woo recalls Do Hwa Jin mentioning that she has seen a lot of young women disappear from the club. She says she found their purses but they never came back to collect them.

The gang member says Hyun Jong handles that. Hee Woo interrogates Hyun Jong. Just then, Oh says that Boss Moon Gu Jun is here. Hee Woo tells Hyun Jong to think hard as Moon won’t sacrifice himself for his gang. He says only Hyun Jong will be jailed while others are released.

Hyun Jong says he was only following orders to kidnap those women. He says he injected the women with narcotics and once they became addicted he sold them to brothels. He says he has sold 20 women so far. Hee Woo’s blood boils as he hears this. He bangs Hyun Jong’s head on the table and storms out of the room.

Hee Woo finds the ledger with the sale of the women. He tells Oh to locate the women and run drug tests on them. he says they will add human trafficking and drug charges too.

Next Hee Woo interrogates Moon Gu Jun. The man asks for food. Hee Woo switches off the camera and bashes the man up. Oh rushes in and stops him. Moon threatens to skin Hee Woo alive. Oh holds Hee Woo back and says Jeon has called for him. Moon smiles.

Hee Woo goes to Jeon’s office and finds the Chief of Police, the assemblyman and the Mayor waiting thereThe reprimand Hee Woo for arresting the Yuchae Gang. They accuse him of disrupting peace in Gimsan. They reprimand Jeon for allowing this as they say the Yuchae Gang is responsible for keeping the thugs in check. They say the gang members are injured. Jeon says no law was broken. 

Hee Woo controls his temper as they yell at Jeon. Hee Woo says that the law is there to be enforced. Jeon tells him to apologise to them and Hee Woo obliges.

As they are about to leave, Hee Woo tells them that he won’t let this slide. They stop in their tracks. He switches on the TV. The news relays that the prosecutor has arrested a gang in Gimsan for running illegal gambling dens. It states that high ranking officials have taken bribes. Hee Woo says Yuchae Gang kept records of all the bribes and the name of the people.

Jeon says nowadays juniors don’t listen to their superiors. The assemblyman tells Hee Woo that Hee Woo can’t imprison him as he has a strong person backing him. He turns to threaten Jeon. Jeon says they are prosecutors and the law will take care of it.

After they leave, Jeon says Hee Woo turned the place upside down. Hee Woo says he is having a blast. Jeon says the timing should be right. Hee Woo asks Jeon as to when he was planning to expose them as he seems more eager to expose them than he is. Jeon says just the records won’t be enough. Hee Woo says he will get Moon to confess

Hee Woo goes back to his office. Oh says the drug results will be back tomorrow. Hee Woo gives him another set of Bribery files to go through. He says he wants to go home. Hee Woo tells him to go home and take care of it tomorrow. Hee Woo tells Oh to let everyone go except Moon Gu Jun and Lee Hyun Seok.

Jus then, Hee Woo receives a message from Hee A.

Hee Woo meets Hee A by the beach. She says she is returning back from the Grand Opening of the Resort. He says he is busy with a lot of cases. She says she is back because of her father’s health. She asks why he is hereafter turning down the offer to join her legal team. 

Hee Woo says he wanted to see the ocean. She laughs and says it is lame and cool at the same time. She says she missed him. She adds that he is still the same and she is the one to reach out to him as always. She says they should get going.

Just then, Han Mi comes there. She waves to him and he waves back. Hee A leaves and as she crosses her, Han Mi gives her an assessing look. 

Han Mi asks who Hee A is. He says she is a friend from college. She says Hee A looks pretty but not as pretty as her. He says she didn’t see her up close. She asks him for one reason where Hee A is better than her. Hee Woo says it is tough to just say one. She grabs him by the suit and asks him to tell a reason. He says she is a woman.

Later, Sang Man, Hee Woo and Han Mi go out for lunch. Han Mi says she is here to cover the case. Sang Man asks if Hee Woo befriends only good looking people. Hee Woo apologises for disappearing without saying anything. She says she doesn’t mind as that is his charm. Sang Man starts to comment something but ends up saying that Hee Woo and Han Mi must be best friends. Han Mi’s smile fades.

Just then, the Yuchae Gang members come. They provoke Hee Woo. Hee Woo tells them to go and drink in the corner. They turn around and look at Han Mi asking who the voluptuous lady is. Han Mi is glad to know that they think she is voluptuous.

She asks Hee Woo and Sang Man if this is true. Hee Woo shakes his head and Sang Man says she isn’t. Han Mi is annoyed with the gang member for bringing up this topic.

Hee Woo tries to calm her down by telling the gang members to go away. Han Mi threatens to stick the chopsticks in the man’s neck if he doesn’t clear out.

Sang Man tells her that she is his kind of woman. She asks if she is voluptuous. He says she isn’t. She says she has more than they think. Hee Woo says she is foul-mouthed. She says it is an occupational hazard. He tells her to stop obsessing over it. She says she is getting angrier thinking about it.

She grabs a bottle and rushes towards the gang and Sang Man catches her. Hee Woo says her temper is still intact as he laughs. 

Han Mi and Hee Woo drink coffee by the sea. She says her work is busy. He says his work is fine as this is what he wanted. She says she never knew life would turn out this way till she met him. He says she would have become a reporter either way.

Hee Woo asks how her father reacted. She says he was furious. As she didn’t give in he said it would be fine if she worked for the entertainment department. She said that made her choose politics. She says she will get assigned after the internship is over. Hee Woo says he will be rooting for her.

Meanwhile, Jeon recalls Hee Woo saying Jeon is more eager than Hee Woo to expose them. He told Hee Woo that he won’t help Hee Woo with this. Hee Woo said he didn’t need Jeon’s help as of now. He recalls the rest of the conversation.


Jeon asks what is Hee Woo’s plan. Hee Woo says he is going to transfer the human trafficking and narcotics case to Deputy Chief Prosecutor Kim Seok Hoon at Seoul Office. He says he plans to join that office and take Jeon and Ji Sung-Ho along too. Hee Woo says they need power to realise justice.

Jeon says Kim is in line to become Prosecutor general and he won’t want to make his hands dirty in a case like this. Hee Woo says Kim needs a big case. Hee Woo says they will trade this case for tickets to Seoul. Hee Woo says the Gimsan Office doesn’t have the resources to handle this case. 

At present, Jeon wonders what is Hee Woo’s real intention.

Meanwhile, Hee Woo and Sang Man are back in their room. Sang Man is on the floor mattress and he listens as Hee Woo speaks. Hee Woo says he came here to bring Jeon on his side. He says he has a lot to learn from him.

Sang Man asks how Hee Woo finds time to date. He says two girls have already come to see him. He wonders who is Hee Woo’s girlfriend. Hee Woo tells him to sleep.

The next day, Hee Woo sends Sang Man to work at the harbour as he received a tip that drugs were arriving through a ship. He asks Sang Man to notify him if he notices something.

Hee Woo finds Oh working very hard. he is extremely tired as Hee Woo piles up another box next to Oh.

Hee Woo goes into the interrogation room and finds that a lawyer isn’t present with Moon. Hee Woo points out that the so-called inner circle people haven’t visited Moon even once.

Hee Woo shows Moon the newspaper with the headlines about Yuchae Gang’s arrest. Hee Woo says the inner circle is busy saving themselves now. Hee Woo tells Moon that the underlings already gave him up. He shows the statements of the women who were sold to the brothels. HE says Moon had personally drugged one of the women. Moon doesn’t budge.

Hee Woo says he will be charged for forming a criminal organisation, human trafficking, narcotics, bribing and with priors he will get a heavier sentence. Hee Woo says Moon will get at least 30 years in prison. Hee Woo asks Moon if he wants to serve the term for only his crime or he plans to take the fall for everything. Moon asks for some water.

Jeon and Ji Sung-Ho watch from the other side of the glass. Sung Ho says Hee Woo’s style is smooth. Jeon wonders if it is really Hee Woo’s first year as a prosecutor. Sung Ho says it looks like Hee Woo has 10 years of experience.

Hee Woo tells Moon that they are done for today and walks out.

Jeon, Sung Ho and Hee Woo head out for drinks. Jeon tells Sung-Ho to back up Hee Woo for the time being. Jeon asks Hee Woo if he won’t backstab him under the pretext of taking him to Seoul. Hee Woo promises that it won’t happen.

Jeon hands over the file with information on Human Trafficking and Drug Cartels in Gimsan. (They are the same files that he gave Hee Woo in the previous life. Jeon says he will pay for the ticket to Seoul. He says the file contains the list of members who are corrupt. He says he collected the information when their guards were down. Hee Woo thanks him. Hee Woo says he will carve out all the rotten parts and leave nothing behind. Jeon warns that they will do anything to get out of it.

Hee Woo says he will use this file and get Moon to confess. Jeon asks how Hee Woo knew that Jeon was investigating by himself. Hee Woo says that is a secret. Jeon holds out his hand in partnership and Hee Woo takes it.

Sang Man is sulking in the harbour when he and his co-worker Choi are called in for a special gig tomorrow night. They are told that a boat will come in tomorrow night and they will be paid handsomely to unload the contents.

When Hee Woo hears of this he asks the man to hand over the gig to him and he will double the man’s pay.

Sung Man and Hee Woo head to Seoul. Hee Woo meets Deputy Chief Prosecutor. He gives him the files on The Gimsan case. Kim glances through it and says this is much bigger than what he saw on the news.

Hee Woo says that drugs are distributed throughout Korea through Gimsan Harbour. He says a shipment is expected tomorrow night. Hee Woo says they would like to proceed under Kim’s supervision. He also says Jeon will work under Kim.

Kim is interested in Jeon joining forces with him. Hee Woo says he wants to come to Seoul and work under him as well. Kim finds Hee Woo smart. Kim agrees to Hee Woo’s request. Kim says they should raid them during both drug and human trafficking. That way the case will look bigger. Kim says his office will cover the human trafficking and he will send back up to Hee Woo’s team for the drug bust. Hee Woo agrees to this. Kim says that will be enough for Jeon to make it to SeoulHe says he can transfer Jeon and his juniors to Seoul.

Hee Woo runs into Lee Min Soo at the Seoul Office. They speak over a cup of coffee. He says he knows that Hee Woo is behind the Gimsan case. Min Soo says the other two prosecutors won’t cause trouble as they were banished there. Min Soo also says that Hee Woo coming here to meet Kim and not Prosecutor Jang would mean that he is getting tickets to Seoul in exchange.

Hee Woo isn’t surprised that Min Soo saw through his plan.

As they drive down, Min Soo says Gyu Ri asked Hee Woo to drop by the Eastern District Prosecutor’s office.

At the Eastern District Prosecutor’s office, Gyu Ri is reprimanding her junior for going soft on criminals. She notices Hee Woo standing outside.

Gyu Ri speaks to Hee Woo over a cup of coffee.  She says the job is demanding. Hee Woo puts in a good word for her junior Gu Seong Hyuk as they studied in the same school. He says Gu will help her out a lot.

After she leaves, Sang Man asks Hee Woo if he is a pervert. He says Hee Woo has too many girlfriends. 

Kim reports to Jo Tae Seob. He tells him about Hee Woo and Jo is impressed. Kim adds that Hee Woo wants to bring Jeon along too. Jin Woo tells Jo that Jeon had indicted the son of the transport Minister and refused to take orders from his superior. He says he was demoted as a result of this. He was nicknamed tiger. Kim says Jeon never crossed paths with them. Jo is happy to bring Jeon to their side.

Meanwhile at the Gimsan office, Oh types away as he hasn’t managed to go home yet. Hee Woo tells him to join him at the drug bust today at the harbour.

At the Seoul office, Choi and Jang learn that Hee Woo is leading the case at Gimsan. They are proud of him. They head to work on the human trafficking raid.

At night, Hee Woo, Oh, Sang Man and the rest of the teamwork at the harbour.

Meanwhile, Choi and his team are at the employment agency, which is the ruse for human trafficking.

At the harbour, they have almost finished unloading everything. Sang Man checks one of the boxes and he sees only fish. Just then, the Yunchae Gang arrive. Just then Sang Man rams into Oh by mistake and the box falls. 

Sang Man picks up the fish and finds a drug packet in the belly of the fish.

Hee Woo comes into the scene and Hyon Jang cringes. Hee Woo charges him for bringing innocent civilians into the crime scene.

Image Courtesy- SBS


It was revealed why Hee Woo chose to start his work at Gimsan. In the previous life, Prosecutor Jeon Seok Kyu had provided Hee Woo with crucial information on the corrupted officials and that had stemmed from Gimsan. 

Hee Woo worked extremely hard this time to get the Gimsam corruption file from Jeon. He had to prove his worth this time around as he doesn’t have the reputation he did in his previous life. 

Hee Woo reconnected with all his acquaintances in this episode. Every one of them seems to be doing well. Hee A is back in the country while Lee Min Soo and Gyu Ri are prosecutors. The reunion scene with Han Mi at the restaurant was hilarious.

Moon Gu Jun’s interrogation was well made. Hee Woo’s experience as a prosecutor at the Seoul office in his previous life shone through in the scene where he was pressurising Moon to confess.

Almost all the characters find it odd that Hee Woo has extremely good insight. They don’t pry much into it either because they respect his privacy or think he has a good instinct and also because he has good intentions.

The scene where Hee Woo struck a deal with Kim to work at the Seoul office was a good watch as he gave Kim an offer that he can’t refuse. 

Jo Tae Seob has a different opinion about Hee Woo this time around as he thinks Hee Woo is on his side.

With this episode, it looks like the second life has come up to speed with Hee Woo’s first life. He will be a prosecutor under Kim in the Seoul office but with quite a lot of reinforcements in place as compared to last time. 

-By Soul Sword- 

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