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Again My Life- Episode 7 Recap

Hee Woo signals to the CCTV through which the Seoul office is watching. They give the go-ahead to Jang and Choi’s team. They rush in to raid the employment agency that is the front face of human trafficking.

The gang tries to beat up Hee Woo but Hee Woo and his team take them down. The gang is arrested.

Jang and Choi arrest the human trafficking group.

Next, Hee Woo interrogates Moon Gu Jun. Hee Woo shows him the existing illegal gambling, human trafficking and drug abuse charges. He adds an embezzlement charge through bid-rigging that they found during the investigation. He says the mayor, assemblyman and the chief of police are angry that Moon kept all the money for himself. He adds that they will make Moon take the fall for everything. He says Moon will rot in prison if he keeps protecting the high ranking officials. Moon is quiet.

As Hee Woo is about to leave, Moon Gu Jun says he will talk.

Jeon tells Sung-Ho to prepare a press conference.

At the Press Conference, Hee Woo addresses the media. He narrates the contents of the case and he is about to mention the names of the higher officials involved. 

Investigator Oh interrupts him. Hee Woo comes up to him to learn that he has a message from Jeon. Hee Woo’s smile fades.

Hee Woo goes back to the dais and says that the Mayor and the Chief of Police were involved in the case.

Gu goes to Jo Tae Seob and thank him for saving him. Jo Tae Seob thinks hard and asks if the man will get nominated for the election. The assemblyman begs on his knees requesting Jo to help him. 

After he leaves, Jo asks Han Ji Hyun to arrange for a meeting with Hee Woo once he comes to Seoul. He seems impressed.

Later, Hee Woo goes to Jeon and asks why he was asked to leave out the assemblyman Gu’s name. Jeon says Kim Seok Hoon had told him not to mention the assemblyman’s name if they wanted to go to Seoul. 

Hee Woo is by himself and he realises that the assemblyman is one of Jo Tae Seob’s pawns.

Just then, he spots Oh. Oh tries to leave as soon as he sees Hee Woo. Hee Woo asks if Oh will come out for drinks at night. Oh politely declines saying that he would rather go home.

Hee Woo goes to the interrogation room in which Lee Hyun Seok is there. Lee is 21 years old and a high school dropout who works as an enforcer to pay his mother’s hospital bills. Hee Woo calls up Sang Man and tells him to pay Lee’s mother’s bills. He tells him to transfer her to Chunha Hospital.

Hee Woo tells Hyun Seok that they will let him out on probation as he is a first time offender. He tells Hyun Seok to move to Seoul once the trial is over. Hee Woo gives Hyun Seok a number. He tells him to get a job and study well. Lee Hyun Seok says he will do it. Hee Woo smiles as he heads out.

At night, Jo and han Ji Hyun discuss Kim Seok Hoon. She says Kim has never asked Jo Tae Seob for any favours. She says Kim didn’t ask a question when she asked him to keep Assemblyman Gu’s name out of the news. She says Kim is probably eyeing the Prosecutor General Position.  Han Ji Hyun says Kim will ask to become the Head of the Central District Prosecutor’s OfficeJo understands that he will have the Prosecution under his control if he gives Kim the position. Jo asks to meet with Kim.

Meanwhile, in Gimsan, Hee Woo, Sing Ho and Jeon go out for drinks. Jeon says they wanted to end his 22-year long career. he says he took a gamble when he trusted Hee Woo. He says he is yet to come across a gutsy and arrogant rookie prosecutor like Hee Woo. Jeon says he fully trusts Hee Woo now.

Jeon says he doesn’t want to stop here. He says he will use this chance to change this world where the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer

Jeon asks Hee Woo for his story. Hee Woo says he came here for Jeon. He says Jeon is not afraid of dealing with the powerful. Hee Woo says Jeon should become the Prosecutor General. Jeong laughs it off and then says he is excited.

Meanwhile, Kim meets Jo Tae Seob. Kim asks to be promoted to Chief of the Central District Office. Jo marvels at Han Ji Hyun’s insight. Jo says he will make it happen in the next reshuffle. Kim pledges his loyalty to Jo.

In Gimsan, Jeon says he can’t comment on Kim Seok Hoon as Jeon himself let Assemblyman Gu getaway in exchange for tickets to Seoul. Hee Woo says they can take care of Gu later.

Jeon asks why Hee Woo chose him over Kim. Hee Woo says he can’t be under someone who wags his tail under power. Hee Woo says they must take Kim Seok Hoon down. As Kim is very powerful, he says they will be taking Jang ll Hyun down first. He says Jang is Kim’s henchman within the prosecution.


Jeon, Sung Ho and Hee Woo join the Seoul office. Kim and Jeon have a pleasant exchange of words.

Later, Lee Min Soo welcomes Hee Woo to Soul by treating him to coffee made from Columbian beans. He tells Hee Woo to sell the Mirae Company’s stocks if he owns them. Lee Min Soo says they arrested the CEO Jeon ll Bo of Mirae Electronics. He says the CEO and his family have been on a spending spree on the company’s corporate card. He also says that CEO Jeon has been embezzling funds. He says the higher-ups were lecturing him and Hee Woo laughs.

Hee Woo says he is worried about Lee Min Soo. Min Soo says life should be fun and easy is boring. Just then, Kim Seok Hoon asks Hee Woo to come to his office and he leaves.

Kim Seok Hyun tells Hee Woo that he has proved his worth. He tells Hee Woo to find out what is Jeon Seok Kyu’s plan. He says Jeon doesn’t give in that easily.

Kim says he will give full credit to Hee Woo on the corruption cases and not Jeon. He says it will look good on a rookie prosecutor’s resume. Kim asks Hee Woo’s opinion of Ji Sung Ho. Hee Woo says Sung Ho is diligent.

Hee Woo goes outside and ponders over what Kim said. Kim has trusted Hee Woo over Jeon. Kim had also prioritised his title over his daughter’s happiness. Suddenly something strikes him.

During lunch, he tells Jeon and Sung Ho that he will join them later. Hee Woo paces around the office as he hears a beeping sound.

At lunch, Hee Woo tells Jeon that their office is bugged. He shows the wiretap detector he used to figure it out. Jeon says Kim doesn’t trust him yet. Hee Woo says they will use it to their advantage.

Meanwhile, Hee A tells her father Kim Gun Young that she is against working together with Mirae Electronics semiconductor departments when Chunha is the leader in the industry. Her father says they have been using that technology for a long time now. She says they are under Chunha now and not Mirae. She asks if he is bothered about Jo Tae Seob. He asks her what can be done.

Hee A says they should compare the conclusive data based on safety and efficiency. Her father says he will talk to Sung-Jun again. He tells her to take up a position in management. She says she doesn’t want the siblings to become rivals. She says she will live doing what she likes and help him on the sidelines.

Hee Woo goes to his parent’s restaurant and is surprised to find Han Mi there. She says she is taking over her colleague’s column and they feature good restaurants.

Hee Woo says he has called a few guests for dinner and asks her to join in. Soon, Woo Yong Soo, Sang Man, Min Soo and Gyu Ri join them. Hyun Seok serves them.

They enjoy the food when Han Mi receives a call from her boss and she leaves them. Gyu Ri is surprised that Han Mi studied so hard. Min Soo toasts to Hee Woo’s return.

The next day Hyun Seok joins Hee Woo during his morning run and Hee Woo is proud that Hyun Seok is in great shape. Hyun Seok says Sang Man is a good teacher and he will do his best to get into college. Hee Woo tells him to take care of Sang Man and Hyun Seok says he will.

At work, Jeon and the team put on an act. Jeon tells Sung-Ho to look into the cold cases. Hee Woo gives him the files and goes over to Kim and reports the same.

Kim, who was listening in all along knows this is true. Hee Woo says Jeon told him to not brush the authorities the wrong way. Kim tells Hee Woo to keep himself free this evening. He says Jang will brief him soon.

Jang sees Hee Woo at his office. He says Hee Woo hasn’t met the higher-ups of their secret club. He says today he will be meeting them and he should be honoured.

That night, Choi and Jang take Hee Woo to an exclusive gathering. The members of the secret club start arriving one by oneHee Woo recognises current and former ministers, assemblymen, the prosecutor general, and the chief Justice

After everyone arrives, they are seated at the table but none of them starts eating though it has been 30 minutes. Hee Woo realises that they are waiting for someone.

Jo Tae Seob arrives with Han Ji Hyun and Jin Woo. Jo Tae Seob tells Hee Woo that he is glad to meet him and heads inside. Everyone starts eating as he settles down.

Jang Choi and Hee Woo join them at last. Hee Woo realises that Jo Tae Seob is training all of them so he can be their leader. As they have the meal, Jang tells Hee Woo that it is their tradition for the newest member to have a private meeting with Jo Tae Seob. Soon, Han Ji Hyun calls Hee Woo and he heads out.

As they walk down the hall, Hee Woo tells Han Ji Hyun that it has been a while. He asks if she remembers that he said he would keep his promise. She asks him if she made some kind of promise to him. Hee Woo says that is a question for her to solve as she will find out in due time.

She waits outside as Hee Woo goes inside and Jo Tae Seob is waiting for him. Jo asks Hee Woo what his dream is. Hee Woo says he doesn’t have the luxury to dream. Jo asks Hee Woo what is the relationship between an assemblyman and a prosecutor. Hee Woo says it is one of faithful hierarchy. He says the national assembly looks at the prosecution and courts to push for a law. He says the prosecution must also believe in the law and act accordingly for the nation’s growth. He adds that it is only possible if there is trust and loyalty between the two.

Jo asks which side the ruler is. Hee Woo says the ruler is on the side that the prosecutors can trust and follow. Jo pours some tea into both cups and says he believes that both are the same. He says they both share the same idea. Jo asks what Hee Woo felt after seeing the meeting. Hee Woo says that it is possible to build a strong nation with all the people present in the room. Jo says Hee Woo is right. He says he hopes all the power is combined. Jo Tae Seob says he hopes that all the combined power will come to him.

As they return, Hee Woo gives a cynical smile when Choi and Jang say that Jo is the only one who can unify the country. They say they have to make Jo Tae Seob the president.

Meanwhile, Jo tells Kim that he is impressed with Hee Woo. Jo asks why Kim is neglecting such talent. Kim says Hee Woo is overconfident. Kim says he has told Hee Woo to watch Jeon and report back so he knows who is the boss. Kim says Jeon gave Hee Woo a lot of freedom but a dog without a leash can bite the master one day. Kim says he will bring Hee Woo to his side once he becomes obedient.

Jo says Hee Woo worked as a team with Jeon in Gimsan. He says Kim cant expect Hee Woo to shift loyalties. Jo says the person holding the leash is not a master but the person who feeds it is.

The next day, Jeon and Sung Ho discuss Assemblyman Gu. Hee Woo nods in acknowledgement.

Kim listens to the conversation in his office. Hee Woo comes in and reports what has happened. Kim feels that Hee Woo knows who his master is as he has been reporting the truth. He also heeds Jo’s advice.  Kim tells Hee Woo to report to Jang ll Hyun from the anti-corruption department starting tomorrow.

Kim says there will be a forum for future talents where the talented youth of each industry come together. He says Jo Tae Seob wants to send Hee Woo there. He tells Hee Woo to attend the forum with Jang. After Hee Woo leaves, Jang feels that he has done his bit.

That night, at the forum Hee Woo, Jang and Choi socialise. Hee Woo runs into a famous movie star Cho Yoon A. Choi intervenes in their conversation and Hee Woo moves away.

Hee Woo notices Chairwoman Sung Jin Mi whom he arrested for embezzling money from Gukdae Arts Foundation in his previous life. He strikes up a conversation with her as he decides to catch two birds with one stone.

Hee Woo tells her that he was at her concert and he loves her music. He then introduces Sung Jin Mi to Jang. He lies that Jang was the one who took him to her concert. Jang and Sung-Jin Mi immediately hit it off. Hee Woo leaves them at it.

Hee Woo decides to arrest Jang and Sung-Jin Mi together this time.

Meanwhile, Han Ji Hyun tells Jo Tae Seob that Prosecutor Lee Min Soo is checking the bank accounts of Mirae Electronics. Jo says Bando bank is managing that account. She says he shouldn’t find out about the illegal loan from the bank. He tells her to ask Bando Bank President Park to stall while he instructs Kim on what to do.

Kim tells Jo that he has changed the Prosecutor in charge of the case and it will go away soon. He calls up Jang.

The next day, Hee Woo gifts Jang with a CD of Sung Jin Mi’s music. Hee Woo is surprised when Jang declares that he plans to marry Sung Jin Mi. Jang says that Choi is dating movie star Cho Yoon A.

Jang takes Hee Woo to investigate a murder case. He says a medical student killed his pregnant girlfriend. Hee Woo says he is aware of the case. Jang says the student is denying killing her.

On the way, he stops by another interrogation room. Hee Woo waits on the other side of the glass as Jang heads in. Hee Woo frowns as he sees the CEO Jeon ll Do of Mirae Electronics there. He wonders why Jang is taking over Lee Min Soo’s case.

Jang speaks to the CEO with the utmost respect and says that he will be released soon. He tells the staff to treat him well.

Hee Woo recalls Jang reprimanding Hee Woo for investigating Jo Tae Seob.

Then, Hee Woo and Jang head towards the room where the medical student is there. Hee Woo watches from the other side of the glass as Jang bullies the student. The boy denies killing his girlfriend but Jang doesn’t budge. 

Hee Woo sees that Jang is the same in this life too were soft on the powerful and tough on the weak.

Hee Woo goes through the file that mentions that Lee Ju Seok, the medical student is the first reporter. The file mentions that they fought on the street but there were no witnesses. There was no CCTV on the street as well. He concludes that the investigation was shoddy.

Lee Ju Seok cries as he says his fingerprints are on the weapon because he held it tight to avoid blood flow. Jang grabs him and says Ju Seok can’t keep up the act for long and walks out.

Hee Woo knows that just the murder weapon with the suspect’s fingerprints won’t be enough to convict him of the crime.

Later as they head out to drinks, Hee Woo tries to give leads. Jang says Hee Woo is missing the point. He points out that Kim is interested in this case. He says that the Media will have a field day with the case where a model student with poor background ended up killing his pregnant girlfriend.

Jang says Lee Ju Seok doesn’t have money or connections. Jang calls up his team and tells them to work on Lee Ju Seok’s case. He tells them to write a few comments like the victim’s relatives. He tells them to project Lee Ju Seok as the worst boyfriend Korea has ever seen.

Jang says that they are using this case to divert attention from the Mirae Electronics case.

Just then, Jang receives a call from Sung Jin Mi and heads out. 

Hee Woo vows to make Jang ll Hyun the worst prosecutor Korea has ever seen.

Image Courtesy- SBS


Hee Woo is turning out to be a great mentor to Sang Man and Lee Hyun Seok. He also wants Jeon to become prosecutor General. As of now, it looks like an ambitious idea but it should be interesting to see how he goes about making it happen.

Hee A revealed that she has chosen not to take up a position in the family business but she has a good business brain. 

Lee Min Soo seems to be working on his own and is rattling Jo Tae Seob’s system too. I am curious to see his motive.

Han Ji Hyun didn’t recognise Hee Woo at the gathering. She seemed to be unaware of the promise he made to her. She still remains a mysterious character who is just an aide to Jo Tae Seob.

This episode revisited the scene from the first episode where Hee Woo met Jo Tae Seob for the first time. This time both the circumstance and the outcome were totally diffrerent from the previous life’s first meeting.

Hee Woo’s foolproof plan earned him not only his ticket to Seoul but also an audience with Jo Tae Seob. Hee Woo infiltrated Jo Tae Seob’s network when he went to the Secret Club meeting. Jo Tae Seob is impressed with Hee Woo. 

Hee Woo still comes across as overconfident in his superiors’ eyes but this time it is because he already knows how the enemy functions.

Jang’s arrogance is at its peak as he says that Lee Ju Seok has no connections and so they can exploit him. Kim and Jang didn’t hesitate before throwing an innocent student under the bus just to take attention off the CEO’s case.

Hee Woo stumbled across Lee’s case accidentally. I am curious to see how he clears Lee Ju Seok’s name. 

-By Soul Sword-

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