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Again My Life- Episode 8 Recap

Han Ji Hyun tells Jo that the college girl’s murder is topping the search engines.

Jo calls Kim up and commends him on Jang’s performance.

Meanwhile, Jang is interrogating Lee Ju Seok. He says the psychiatrist says Ju Seok has an intermittent explosive disorder. Jang says Lee Ju Seok always had outbursts of anger. He says Lee fought with his girlfriend on the day of the murder too. Lee yells that he didn’t kill her. Jang says it is a spur of the moment murderJang says the public will give him the heaviest sentence.

Jang heads out as Kim is on the line. He promises to keep Mirae Electronics’ name out of the headlines. Jang tells Hee Woo that Jo is watching the case closely and Jang may be promoted.

During lunch with Jeon and Sung Ho, Hee Woo says he is going after Jang as it is wrong to wrongly accuse a person of murder just to get a promotion. He says they have to make sure that they spread the news of Jang ll Hyun dating Sung Jin Mi. He says they can bring the couple’s corruption to light then. Hee Woo passes Sung Ho a flash drive with a list of admissions into Gukdae Arts Foundation. It also has a list of assets and properties of the foundation. He says it has all the information on Sung Jin Mi’s admissions, bribery, tax evasion and embezzlement. He says she is likely spending the foundation’s money for her personal needs. 

He passes Jeon the information on Jang’s corruption and Hee Woo says he will investigate the college girl’s murder.

Hee Woo passes on to Han Mi the photos of Jang ll Hyun and Sung Jun Mi dating.

Soon the office is buzzing about the couple. Jang Seems happy. Kim tells Jang to be careful when dating a person like Sung Jin Mi. Jin Mi is happy when Jang says that Kim had congratulated them.

Next, Hee Woo questions Lee Ju Seok. He apologises for calling him again. Hee Woo asks if he didn’t kill the girlfriend. Lee Ju Seok says they had an argument and he walked away for a moment. He says he exited the alley and walked down the main road. He says he took a smoke and went back.

Hee Woo says that is a very short time frame. Hee Woo asks if Lee didn’t hear the girl scream. Lee says he didn’t. Hee Woo asks if Lee remembers where the stab wounds were located. Lee says neck, chest, back, side and stomach. Hee Woo asks where she was stabbed first so she won’t scream. Lee says it was the lungs. Lee also identifies the wound from the photos. Hee Woo concludes that she was attacked from behind.

Hee Woo says they need to prove that Lee wasn’t there at that moment. Lee says there was an idol singer’s fan signing event going on when he was on the main road. He said he took a smoke to cool off. Hee Woo says he will check the security cameras in the area. Hee Woo tells Lee Ju Seok not to tell Jang about this. Lee asks Hee Woo if he is going to save him. He says for his girlfriend’s sake he wants the killer to be found.

Hee Woo says that is why he is here. He says he is not here because he believes Lee Ju Seok. He says at the moment he doesn’t know who did it. Hee Woo says he will catch the real culprit.

Meanwhile, Jang serves CEO Jeon with food. Lee Min Soo comes in and throws a fitJang says the case has been handed over to him.  Min Soo says even a kid won’t lick someone’s lollypop all over to steal it. Jang says they should talk outside. Min SOo tells the CEO that he will be back soon and heads out.

Hee Woo comes into the hallway and finds Jang pushing Min Soo against the wall. Hee Woo moves out of sight and listens in. Jang tells Min Soo that the economy will take a hit if the CEO is arrested. Min Soo tells him that prosecutors shouldn’t be bothered about the economy.

Jang raises his hand to hit Min Soo but Min Soo also raises his hand. Min Soo narrates the prosecutor’s oath and Jang is awkward. Hee Woo smiles as Jang walks away.

Choi comes in and threatens to transfer Min-Soo to Gimsan. Min Soo says he will go to Gimsan while Choi ends up in jail. Min-soo laughs it off but Choi doesn’t find it funny.

Hee Woo joins Min Soo after Choi leaves. He tells Min Soo that he is scheming something behind Jang’s back. Min Soo says he is in.

Later, Hee Woo goes to the scene of the crime. He finds no CCTV cameras and the alley is deserted so he concludes that the killer knew this. Hee Woo realises that this is not the killer’s first murder.

Hee Woo calls up Oh and asks him to compile a list of repeat offenders in the area. Hee Woo plays out the scene in his mind. He walks to the place where Lee took a smoke and makes a note of the CCTV cameras in the area

Hee Woo brings footage from the camera to Lee. Lee points himself in one of the frames. This places him on the main road during the time of the crime. Hee Woo says this won’t be enough and they have to find the real killer. 

Later, Hee Woo and Min Soo go out for drinks. Min Soo is annoyed at Jang and Choi. He guesses that Hee Woo is after Jang’s case and is investigating the murder. He says that there are only two things he doesn’t know, one is what women want and the other is what Hee Woo wants.

Hee Woo says he knows whom Min Soo is after and mentions assemblyman Lee Jae Hoon’s name. Min Soo asks if Hee Woo did a background check on him and Hee Woo says he had to know if he could trust Min Soo. He apologises but Min Soo says it is fine. He asks if Hee Woo trusts him. Hee Woo says he does.

Min Soo says that is odd as his father’s political career was successful but not clean. He says his father was involved in sex scandals and corruption cases. Hee Woo says Min Soo’s father was framed. Min Soo frowns as he says all the case files are gone. Hee Woo says some people have a good memory.

Min Soo asks when Hee Woo looked into this. Hee Woo replies that he checked when he was in Gimsan. Min Soo asks why Hee Woo is saying all this when he needn’t have. Hee Woo says they share the same goal and that is Jo Tae Seob. Min Soo laughs out loud and says that he hopes he can someday tell Hee Woo everything. Hee Woo says he will wait for that day. 

Meanwhile, Hee Woo’s parents tell Lee Hyun Seok to go and have dinner with Sang Man. Hee Woo’s mother finds her husband hiding a bottle of soju in his sock. She gives it to Hyun Seok and tells him to enjoy it. Hee Woo’s father is upset and says he wants to divorce her today and she says okay. He says they should get together tomorrow as he loves her.

Hyeon Seok takes the food to Sang Man just in time as Hee Woo joins them.  Sang Man is deleting the toxic comments against Lee Ju Seok. Hee Woo smiles as he sees Hyun Seok feed Sang Man as he works.

Jo meets Chairman Kim Gun Young (Chunha Group) to discuss the semiconductor industry. Jo Says both companies should grow together. Just then, Hee A walks in. Jo notes that she now heads the Chunha Economic Research Institute. Kim tells her to show Jo the analysis report and explain it.

Jo goes through the report as Hee A explains with the help of numbers that the Chunha technology surpasses Mirae technology. She says they should focus on cost-effectiveness and safety rather than Mirae’s old technology. Jo smiles and says that Hee A can be the next head of Chunha Group.

Hee Woo is at work when he receives the list of repeat offenders from Oh.

Hee Woo meets Gyu Ri and gives her a file and flash drive. He asks her for a favour.

Hee Woo goes back to the KMS Law firm and meets Kang Min Seok. He asks Kang to defend Lee Ju Seok. Kang says he can represent him but there is no guarantee that they will win. He says the prosecution will argue that Lee went to buy a knife in that time frame. Hee Woo says there is no knife shop within a 1 km radius. Kang says Lee might be the real killer without any remorse as there is no definitive proof. Kang says he can’t defend a person like that. Hee Woo says it is worse to be a lawyer and allow an innocent person to be ruled guilty. Kang is convinced and agrees to take the case.

Kang warns him that his firm doesn’t have a good rapport with the prosecution and the side that loses will take a big hit. Hee Woo says it will be a big win if they win.

 The trial begins and just as Kang anticipated, things don’t go well for Lee Ju Seok as the Jang has made a solid case against him.

Kang says there is just a minute between the time Lee was on the road and the time he took to call the ambulance. Jang says 1:52 seconds is more than enough to commit murder.

Just then, Min Soo joins Hee Woo. He comments that Hee Woo will ask him to join only if he is going to win.

Jang says no other fingerprints were found on the murder weapon except Lee’s. He says there were no signs of the victim resisting. Kang says the person is skilled with knives as he stabbed her in the lungs so she couldn’t scream Jang says Lee is a medical student and he is aware of this.

Just then, Choi comes in with a file and whispers something in Jang’s ears and both look tense. Gyu Ri comes into the courtroom.

Jang is serious as he announces that the real culprit has been caught. He says that because of this, the prosecution drops the charges.

Min Soo smiles as Hee Woo and Kang exchange smiles.

Later, Min Soo shows the article where Gyu Ri has made the headlines for catching the real culprit. He asks Gyu Ri and Hee Woo how they did it.


Hee Woo meets Gyu Ri and gives her a file and the flash drive. He asks her to pursue the murder case. He says Jang is his superior and he is not comfortable handling it. He says she must go up against her colleague. Gyu Ri says she will do it.

Gyu Ri goes through the flash driveKang Deok Gu is a repeat sex offender and she curses him. She tells her subordinate Gu to accompany her to Yangpyeong as the murder was reported. She says this is a top-secret investigation.

They reach a field in Yangpyeong and start searching for evidence. They search for four hours but they find nothing. She is about to call off the search but Gu falls and starts yelling. Gyu Ri runs to him and Gu spots the dead body a few feet away.

Hee Woo receives a call from Gyu Ri stating that they found a body in the location he gave her. She says there is no evidence to tie it to Kang Deok Gu. Hee Woo says he will find the evidence.

Hee Woo tells her to keep this under wraps and she says she will ask for a confidential autopsy. She says she will be on the stakeout.

After a long wait that night, Kang Deok Gu gets into his car and drives away. Gyu Ri and Gu follow him in their car. Gyu Ri calls Hee Woo. He tells them to tail him but not get close as he is dangerous. He tells her to call for backup if she notices something suspicious. He warns her not to handle it by herself. Hee Woo makes a call to Sang Man.

Hee Woo goes to Kang Deok Gu’s house. He is greeted with a foul stench. he finds containers of bleach. He crosses over to the freezer. He opens the freezer to find mutilated body parts inside plastic covers.

Kang drives to the field with Gyu Ri and Gu tailing him. He takes out a shovel and a suitcase. He goes further in and starts digging. They follow him.

Just then, Gu’s phone rings and alerts Kang Deok Gu. Gyu Ri announces that Kang is under arrest for murdering multiple women. Kang charges at Gyu Ri but Gu jumps in between. Kang beats Gu up and takes his shovel. He is about to hit it over Gyu Ri’s head when Lee Hyun Seok shoves him. Hyun Seok beats him up and Gyu Ri arrests him. Sang Man reports to Hee Woo that they arrested Kang Deok Gu.

Gyu Ri interrogates Kang who looks at his victims’ photos and says it is nice to see them again. He says he killed Lee Ju Seok’s girlfriend because she has a nice voice.


Hee Woo thanks Gyu Ri. She thanks him for helping her catch a serial killer. She asks how Hee Woo narrowed it down to Kang Deok Gu. Hee Woo says he got lucky. She asks how he knew the body was in Yangpyeong. He says he got lucky but she finds that odd. She says she thinks he is psychic. Min Soo says it’s the instinct of a competitive prosecutor. 

After Gyu Ri leaves, Min Soo says he is ready to take on the Mirae Electronics case. He says now that the college girl’s murder is solved, the limelight will shift to the Mirae Electronics case. He says Kim will put Min Soo back on the case before the public finds out that he switched the prosecutor in charge. Min Soo guesses that Hee Woo is planning something big. Hee Woo tells him to wait and watch.

After Min Soo leaves, Hee Woo receives a call from Oh. He thanks Oh for helping him catch the killer. Oh says he was glad to help.


Hee Woo checks the list that Oh had emailed him. Hee Woo notices Kang Deok Gu’s name in the list. He recognises him as the notorious serial killer.

At present, Hee Woo watches Jang rush hastily outside, swarmed by reporters.

Later, Jang apologises to Kim. They watch the news which states that calls the prosecution’s investigation shoddy. It also states they bent the rules for a rich CEO. They call for the prosecution to prove their loyalty.

Kim orders Jang to call public information and tell them to release articles that the prosecution doesn’t favour the rich. He tells him to bring Min Soo back into the case. Jang nods and walks away.

Meanwhile, Jeon gives Hee Woo a flash drive. He says he got the Financial Director’s file from Hosanna, the firm that bribed Jang. He says they have a lead. Sung Ho gives Hee Woo a file on the list of influential people’s children got into the Arts Foundation every year. he says he found evidence of Sung Jun Mi’s corruption. Jeon asks what is Hee Woo’s plan.

Hee Woo says that Kim and Jang’s relationship will be cut off. He says Jang will pay Jeon a visit.

Jang comes to Jeon and speaks strongly. He tells Jeon to drop the investigation on Sung Jin Mi. He says he is going to marry her. Jeon says he cant drop an investigation as he hasn’t done anything since he came to Seoul. Jang says he has to do this if he wants to join Chief Prosecutor Kim’s side. Jeon says he will stop the investigation.

Kim, who is listening to this is angry at Jang for using his name. He calls Jeon to his office. Kim tells Jeon to go ahead with the investigation on Sung Jin Mi. He asks Jeon to get the arrest warrant and do a through investigation. He tells Jeon to report to him.

Soon, Jang rushes into Jeon’s office and yells at him. Jeon explains that Kim gave him the go ahead. Kim listens as Jeon says that the media is saying the prosecution is biased and Kim is setting things straight. Jeon asks if he has to tell Kim that Jang asked for the investigation to be stopped. Jang goes silent. Jeon tells Jang not to raise his voice at a senior.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor general calls up Kim and reprimands him for not taking care of the Mirae Electronics case. Kim apologises and vows to take care of it as soon as possible.

The next call is from the secretary of the Blue House. He is told to forget about the prosecutor general position and say they will have to reconsider Kim’s current position because of this blunder. They ask him to consider taking a break.

The next day, Kim is in Jo Tae Seob’s office. The news says that the prosecution has evidence against CEO Jeon and he wont be released.

Jo asks Kim why he is here as he didn’t do what Jo had asked. Kim says he wants to divert the people’s attention from the prosecution and asks for Jo’s help. Jo refuses to help and tells Kim to step down. Kim pleads with him. Jo says that he knows Kim’s limit and tells him to be satisfied with what money and power that Jo will give him.

Jo asks Han Ji Hyun if they have any other scandal . She says a man has installed spy cams on news casters. Jo tells them to run that. Kim thanks Jo. Jo tells Kim that just spy-cam wont be enough to erase the attention from Mirae Electronics. Kim says he will puff up Sung Jin Mi’s Art Foundation Scandal

Jo tells Kim to put up a fall guy to rectify the image of the prosecution.

The next day, news about the spy-cam is on the front page of the newspapers. Kim has a flash drive with him. Jeon had given the flash drive with all the information on Jang’s corruption on it.

Kim gives the flash drive to Hee Woo and asks him to go after Jang. Kim gives Hee Woo full authority. He tells that Hee Woo is responsible for restoring the reputation of the Prosecution. Kim says this investigation is just between the two of them and he should finish this swiftly. Hee Woo says he will.

Hee Woo walks out of Kim’s office. Hee Woo’s voiceover says, “Your lifeline has snapped, Jang ll Hyun.”

Image Courtesy- SBS


This episode was the best of the series so far.

Hee Woo’s team worked with great coordination to bring down Jang. Getting Kang to defend Lee Ju seok was a task in itself, as from a lawyer’s point of view, the college student murder case had a slim chance of winning . Hee Woo made a foolproof plan with perfect execution. He made his moves remotely Jang didn’t know what hit him.

Kim threw Jang under the bus to save his own hide. He assumed that Hee Woo and Jeon are more formidable under him and chose them to work with them. He has no idea that he lost his loyal henchman Jang with that move.

It was revealed that Min Soo’s father was framed for crimes he didn’t commit. Min Soo responded with a cryptic laugh at the mention of Jo Tae Seob’s name which goes to show that there is more to his story. 

With half the series complete, it looks like Hee Woo’s plan is in motion. With Jang out of the way, Hee Woo will be moving up the hierarchy. Jo and Kim havent smelled a rat in their camp yet. They assumed that this was a blunder that Jang made and just took care of it. Once they suspect foulplay, things wont be this smooth for Hee Woo and his team.

-By Soul Sword- 

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