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Again My Life- Episode 9 Recap

Kim calls Choi to his office. Choi is alarmed that Kim is ditching Jang. Kim says he is just giving him a beating. He says he has known Jang for a long time and he can’t let it go to waste as Jang has a lot to offer.

Kim says they need a scapegoat and Jeon would be perfect as they cant trust him. Kim gives Choi a pen drive with information on a paper company set up by CEO Jeon ll Bo in Mirae Electronics. He says the money was sent to a borrowed name regularly. Choi says he will make sure that it is found in Jeon Seok Kyu’s possession

Later, Hee Woo meets Jeon and Sung Ho. Jeon says it is odd that Kim asked Hee Woo to take down Jang. Sung Ho says Kim doesn’t want to arrest him and will use someone as a scapegoat. Jeon says it is probably him and Hee Woo confirms it. Hee Woo says he will take down Jang as Kim wants to go easy on Jang.

Hee Woo goes to Hosan chemicals. He shows the man a purchase agreement. He asks how he acquired an apartment in Gangnam without spending a single penny. The man says he bought it with the money he loaned to a friend. Hee Woo points out that one of Hosan Chemicals’sub-contractors put down the deposit and paid the rest. Hee WOo says there is another reason he is here. 

Hee Woo asks for the records of deposits the Hosan has made to Jang ll Hyun’s accounts. The man says Kim has Jang’s back. Hee Woo says Kim sent him here. Hee Woo gets the records.

Sung Ho heads over to Sung Jin Mi’s residence to execute a search and seizure warrant. Sung Jin Mi calls up Jang and informs him. Jang is shocked and says he will take care of it.

Jang goes over to Jeon’s office. He commends Jeon on going after Sung Jin Mi. He says he will arrange a private dinner with Kim if Jeon makes a promise. He tells Jeon to choose wisely. Jang says he has nothing to do with Sung Jin Mi’s Gukdae Arts Foundation as it happened before he met her. Jeon smiles as he tells Jang to pay for the dinner.

Jang returns to his office looking very pleased. Just then, a prosecutor comes in and serves Jang an arrest warrant for accepting bribes. Kang grabs the warrant to see who is behind this. Jang is shocked to see Hee Woo’s name on it.

As Jang is dragged away, Choi sends his subordinate to Jeon’s room.  As Choi’s subordinate copies the files from the paper company onto Jeon’s system, he doesn’t notice a spycam recording him.

Choi gets Jeon some coffee at the canteen and introduces himself. Jeon says Hee Woo has spoken a lot about him. Jeon asks why Choi is suddenly talking to him. Choi asks him what happened with Jang. 

Hee Woo heads into the interrogation room. He tells Jang that the higher ups ordered him to go after Jang. Jang asks if Jeon Seok Kyu ratted him out about trying to cover up the foundation. Jang loses his temper. Hee Woo says the recent event has caused the public to lose trust in the prosecution. Jang asks if Kim ditched him to gain the public’s trust. Kim leaves Jang who has a look of disbelief on his face.

Meanwhile, Choi and Kim plan to leak the paper company scandal tomorrow before the public gets involved in Jang’s case. Choi says he has someone who agreed to be the witness. Kim tells him to make a move before Hee Woo.

Just then, Choi receives a phone call that there is a press briefing.

Hee Woo walks down the corridor when he receives a call from Kim. Hee Woo doesn’t take the call saying he can handle it.

Choi rushes out of Kim’s office to stop Hee Woo. Jeon holds Choi back. Jeon says one of Choi’s investigators left a gift in his office. Jeon shows Choi the spycam footage of his investigator feeding the file on Jeon’s system. He suggests they have a cup of coffee.

Han Mi sits amidst the reporters waiting for Hee Woo to brief them.

 Hee Woo walks in. Kim calls him again but Hee Woo doesn’t take the call. Hee Woo starts the briefing and reveals that Jang has been taking bribes. Hee Woo apologises on behalf of the prosecution. He says this investigation was carried out under Kim Seok Hoon’s orders and he vows to investigate this case thoroughly.

Hee Woo looks down at his phone which reads 13 missed calls from Kim.

The Prosecutor General reprimands Kim for overriding authority. He tells of Kim for mismanaging his subordinates as Jang has been taking bribes. The Minister Of Justice is on the other line but Kim refuses to take the call. Kim recalls asking Hee Woo to finish the investigation swiftly.

Kim receives a call from Director Woo Sang Soo. He tells Woo to hold off on publishing the news about the press briefing. Woo says the internet is flooding with articles in favour of Kim being the next Prosecutor General. Kim is taken aback as Woo congratulates him in advance.

Kim receives a call from Jo Tae Seob and he takes it. Jo asks if the Press Briefing was intentional. Kim apologises to him but Jo commends him on it. He tells him to finish what he started as this is his road to becoming Prosecutor General.

Hee Woo comes into Kim’s office. He says he had no choice but to do what he did to restore the prosecution’s honour. Hee Woo apologises and says he will take full responsibility for this case. He is taken aback when Kim commends him. Kim tells him to finish Jang’s trial too. He says the public will need results too. After Hee Woo leaves, Kim notes that it took Hee Woo only one day to get rid of Jang. He wonders how he should interpret this.

Meanwhile, Choi recalls his conversation with Jeon.

Jeon tells Choi that Jeon ll Bo’s paper companies records were planted in his computer. He points out that it is a gutsy move for a mere investigator. Choi says he will find out when Jeon says they should leave it. Jeon tells Choi to tell the person who did it that he will put an end to them if Jeon is provoked again.

At present, Choi goes to Kim’s office. Kim is surprised that Jeon chose not to react despite knowing that Choi and Kim are behind planting the file. He attributes Jeon’s time in Gimsan. Kim tells Choi to let this go and says the law will take its course in Jang’s case. He tells Choi to fill in for Jang. Kim tells Choi to visit Jang. Kim says he will owe Jang one if Jang keeps his silence.

Choi comes out and smiles as he will be taking over Jang’s position. He notices Hee Woo head into Jang’s interrogation room. He heads into watch from the other side of the glass. 

Jang says he plans to bring Choi in as a fellow suspect. He calls Hee Woo a snake. He asks what the media is calling him and Hee Woo says they call him, the “bribed prosecutor”. Jang says it should change to, “Choi Kang Jin, prosecutes for sexual favours.” Choi stiffens. Hee Woo leaves the room.

Choi storms into the room saying that he was racking his brain to save Jang. Jang doesn’t buy this as he knows Choi well. Jang says he has all the evidence of Choi’s corruptionHe tells Choi to put Hee Woo behind bars if he wants to save himself. He says he baited Hee Woo by mentioning Choi’s name. He tells Choi to keep a lookout and arrest him once Hee Woo carries out an illegal investigation.

Choi vows to get Jang out on probation and get Hee Woo a sentence of at least 2 years. Jang tells him not to underestimate Hee Woo.

Choi walks out to find Min Soo there. Choi mentions that Min Soo wanted him in prison. Min Soo explains that he wanted Jang and Choi to go in as a pair. After Choi leaves, Min Soo comments that an easy game isn’t fun.

Meanwhile in Gimsan, investigator Oh is just about to get off work when he receives a call from Hee Woo. He gladly accepts it.

During dinner, Jeon asks Hee Woo if he is going to let Choi off the hook. Hee Woo says Choi is still a small fish and they shouldn’t waste their bait. He says they should go after bigger fish. He mentions Choi’s father Choi Soo Hyuk’s company SHC entertainment.

Hee Woo heads to the Training Centre to meet Gu (Gyu Ri’s junior). He is taken aback by seeing Gyu Ri there. She asks if he is meeting her subordinate behind his back. She points out that she has 3 years more experience as a prosecutor than him. He apologises but she demands to know what is going on.

Hee Woo shows them the file on SHC Entertainment. He says Choi helped his father by covering up the company’s bad deeds. Gyu Ri finds that Choi Soo Hyuk lobbied politicians by using aspiring actors in his company.

Gyu Ri says she understands why Hee Woo came to Gu. If he arrests Choi now it will look like he is going after the whole Seoul office. She asks him to push it back a bit. She says there is a good chance they cannot take this to court as an assemblyman, a reporter and a wealthy Prosecutor are involved. Hee Woo says they should blow this up as a bulletproof scandal. Hee Woo says Cho Yoon A, the symbol of innocence and purity has a lot of information on SHC Entertainment. He says they should get Cho Yoon A to talk.

Gyu Ri asks if Cho Yoon A will cooperate. Hee Woo gives her a file which shows that Cho Yoon A does drugs. He tells Gyu to offer her a plea bargain. Gyu Ri says they should get started.

Choi heads into Jang’s office which is soon to be his office. He topples Jang’s name board. He says he won’t be taken down by an idiot like Jang. Choi receives a photograph of Hee Woo walking out of the training Centre.

Hee Woo is in the Departmental store. He spots a man tailing him. 

The man clicks a photograph of Hee Woo entering Woo Yong Soo’s Real Estate Office. Woo says Hee Woo is here to hide as a man is tailing him. Hee Woo smiles.

Hee Woo heads to his parent’s restaurant next. Sang Man and Lee Hyun Seok are also there. Just then, Assemblyman Hwang is on the newsHyun Seok says Hwang volunteers at his mother’s hospital.

Meanwhile, Gyu Ri and Gu meet Cho Yoon A. She says she will comply. She says she met Choi at the future talent forum. She says she thought he genuinely liked her. He suggested she move to SHC Entertainment as she was stressed with her current agency. Cho Yoon A says Shoi Soo Hyuk shot her fame to the global platform. She says he also introduced her to a plastic surgery clinic where all expenses were covered by the company. 

Yoon A says she was enticed by this offer and started having surgeries. She says she ended up getting addictedChoi Soo Hyuk had secretly suggested that she met a married baron. She says when she refused, he threatened to expose her drug usage. She says it’s been a long time since she spoke to Choi Kang Jin. She says she is furious that she loved a man like him.

Gyu Ri says Cho Yoon A should sue him and they will take care of the rest. Yoon A agrees to this.

At Chunha hospital, Hee A learns that her father’s ailment has progressed faster than expected. She tells him to keep this information under wraps and not tell the family. as she comes out, Jin Hyuk tells her that her father is in a meeting with Jo.

Meanwhile, Jo shows Chairman Kim Gun Young a location where he wants the Chunha distribution’s Premium outlet to be. Kim politely declines the offer saying that it is his eldest son’s first venture and he wants his son to achieve it without external help.

Jo heads out and he doesn’t look happy.

Hee A’s car drives in as Jo heads out. Hee A heads in and tells her father to rest. He says she should respect his wishes and they should sort this while he is alive. He says everyone knows she should be the one leading Chunha Group. She says she won’t fight her brothers. Kim says he is responsible for hundreds and thousands of their employees.


Hee A’s brother Kim Yong Jun says the people who complain about the management should be removed during restructuring. Kim Gun Young says people aren’t just numbers when Yong Jun shows him the cost sheet. Hee A’s other brother Kim Sung Hoon says he is neutral while Hee A says the restructuring will reduce productivity. Yong Jun says they have to get rid of the lazy employees to increase profit. Kim reprimands him for calling his employees lazy.

At present, Kim Gun Young tells Hee A that a person who sees small profit cannot lead Chunha. He asks her to think again.

Later, Jin Hyuk tells Hee A that Yong Jun has been called to meet with Jo. Hee A says her father probably knows this. She says Sung Joon will be called soon too. Hee A comments that Jo Tae Seob is openly getting involved in their family business.

Meanwhile, Jo tells Jin Woo and Han Ji Hyun that they cant involve Kim Hee A as she is very smart. Jin Woo says the chairman has transferred his Chunha Distribution shares to her.

Jo says whoever deserves the position should get it. Han Ji Hyun says that if they use taxes as a way to sway them based on the decisions of the politicians, it could change who takes over the company. She says Kim Yong Jun declined the offer to meet as he follows his father’s decision of keeping away from politicians. Jo says they are not on a leash so they are holding out. He says he will soon have them under him. Jo tells her to tell Yong Jun that they will meet soon.

Meanwhile, Choi is looking at the pictures of Hee Woo’s whereabouts. He finds it odd that Hee Woo does nothing out of the ordinary.

Hee Woo and Min Soo are out having drinks. Min Soo says he checked out Jang’s case and Jang is sure to serve jail time. He asks if Hee Woo’s next target is Choi Kang Jin or his father Choi Soo Hyuk.

Min Soo gives Hee Woo a list of male celebrities who evaded military service. Hee Woo asks how Min Soo got this list. Min Soo says Jang was acting like a jerk after taking over his case. He says he looked into Choi also and found he had a lot of dirty laundries too. Min Soo says all the male celebrities in Choi’s father’s agency got a medical certificate to evade military enlistment. He says the doctor in charge was paid handsomely in return.

In return for Min Soo’s favour, Hee Woo hands over the pen drive with information on CEO Jeon’s paper company’s transaction history (that Choi planted in Jeon’s computer) to Min Soo.

Hee Woo sees Min Soo out. As they walk on the street, Hee Woo notices that a man who walked by has a rope tied around his hand. Hee Woo notes that the man was following a woman. They run in search of the man but they don’t find him.

They hear a scream and run towards it. The man is strangling the woman saying she should pay for her father’s deeds. The woman is unconscious and Min Soo goes over to her. Hee Woo runs after the man.

He reaches a van and the man says he was waiting for Hee Woo. He tells Hee Woo to either leave or die here. Hee Woo tells the man to either give up and come here or get beaten up and arrested. He runs towards Hee Woo but Hee Woo beats him up and pins him down.

Later, Hee Woo and Min Soo wait outside the emergency room. Just then Assemblyman Hwang Jin Yong and Han Mi come there. Hee Woo learns that the woman who was attacked was the assemblyman’s daughter Hye Jin. The doctor tells Hwang that Hye Jin is out of danger. The policeman explains that the man was not happy with Hwang’s political decisions. Hwang says the man should have attacked him and not his daughter.

Later, Han Mi tells Hee Woo that Hwang and she are like drinking buddies. She says she used to tutor Hye Jin back in college. She says Hye Jin is all that Hwang has after his wife passed away.

Hee Woo wonders if this is the universe helping him as he got an opportunity to approach HwangHee Woo asks Han Mi to set up a meeting with Hwang as he may be of help to him. She says she will and walks away as she is late.

Hee Woo recalls that in his previous life a hardcore supporter of Jo Tae Seob had killed Hye Jin. He hopes Hye Jin survives in this life.

Soon, Hwang meets Hee Woo and Han Mi over dinner. Hee Woo introduces himself as a prosecutor and Hwang’s smile fades. Hee Woo says he is aware that Hwang doesn’t trust prosecutors. He asks for just 3 minutes of Hwang’s time and Hwang gives it. 

Hee Woo tells Hwang to stop pointing his sword at Jo Tae Seob as nothing will come out of it. Hwang gets up to leave. Hee Woo reminds him that his time is up. Han Mi is disturbed. Hee Woo says someone in Hwang’s circle has betrayed him and he should get to the bottom of it.

Hwang tells Hee Woo not to create a rift in his circle. He tells Hee Woo to keep out of politics. He says the 3 minutes are up and leaves. Han Mi follows him.

Later, as they head back, Han Mi is upset as she asks why Hee Woo did that despite her warning him that Hwang didn’t like prosecutors. Hee Woo says he wanted to get Hwang to trust him. He tells Han Mi to be with Hwang for moral support.

The next day at the Daehan Party OfficeHwang learns that CEO Kim Jung Taek had struck a deal with Jo Tae Seob and given up the information on their plan to take Jo down. Jo had got a whiff of Hang’s plan and threatened CEO Kim with a bribery charge.

Hwang asks how Kim Jung Taek knew what Hwang was planning. He is told that there is a leak. Kim confronts CEO Kim over a phone call and then calls for a meeting.

Later, Hwang’s Chief of staff says that no one is answering. Hwang looks at the empty meeting room. Just then, Jo walks in with his aide.

Jo says he remembers their days as prosecutors. He says Hwang was an idealist who always followed the law and protocol. He says they failed.


Prosecutor Jo Tae Seob yells at Prosecutor Hwang for requesting an arrest warrant. He says they are going after the president’s son and the arrest warrant would alert them. Hwang says they should follow the protocol.

Just then, an investigator comes in and tells them that the superiors told them to stop the investigation.

At present, Jo tells Hwang that an idealist like Hwang won’t understand this. He says Hwang will only create jobs for the poor. Jo says Hwang will fail again as he is only talking and no action. Jo says he is different from Hwang as he only makes promises that he can keep. He says he only thinks of ways to make the country stand.

Hwang says if you corrupt the process there will be a lot of sacrifices. He asks if Jo doesn’t feel guilty for those sacrifices. Jo says he doesn’t as sacrifices are necessary. He says he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty as long as people are happy and the country is powerful. Jo tells Hwang that if he keeps looking at the minor flaws instead of the big picture, no one will be by his side.

Hwang is told that his own Chief of Staff had given the file to them as they promised to nominate him for the next election. Hwang asks why he did it. His chief of staff says that though he worked under Hwang for 8 years, he never brought up nominating him for the General Election. He says he wants to be a politician. Hwang says he has more to learn.

Jo asks Hwang to join him. He holds out his hand but Hwang doesn’t take it. Hwang says that won’t happen. Jo takes his hand away and says this is as far as his consideration and politeness will go. Jo walks away with the others leaving Hwang alone in the room.

Hwang remembers Hee Woo’s warning and wonders if the betrayer is his own Chief of Staff.

That night, Hwang is fishing as he drinks by the lake and Hee Woo joins him. Hwang asks how Hee Woo knew about the betrayal. Hee Woo says he hears things in his line of work.

Hwang asks if Hee Woo knows why he hates the prosecution. Hee Woo says it is because the prosecution works for Jo Tae Seob and this makes him stronger.

Hee Woo says he has only one master and that master is the law. He says that he only follows the law. Hee Woo says he is a prosecutor and he wants to help Hwang by bringing down Jo Tae Seob.

Hee Woo hands a file over to him saying this is Pandora’s box. He hands over the list of Public Officials’ children who have evaded military serviceHe tells Hwang to use it in the National Assembly. Hwang refuses as this will destroy the country. Hee Woo says Hwang will regain power if he uses this. He says the world will be in an uproar but the people will see their last ray of hope.

Hee Woo’s voiceover says Jo Tae Seob was the only politician who went up against Jo Tae Seob in his previous life. Though his wings are crushed now, Hee Woo needs Hwang to bring down Jo Tae Seob.

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A new character, Assemblyman Hwang Jin Yong, was introduced in this episode. Hwang and Jo Tae Seob have been colleagues since their prosecutor days. As an upright prosecutor, Hwang insists that they do everything by the book no matter what the consequences.

Hee Woo seems to have the combined mindset of both Hwang and Jo Tae Seob. Hee Woo didn’t take Kim’s calls because he had to reveal Jang’s corruption at any cost. Interestingly, Jo Tae Seob spoke on similar lines in the flashback when he told Hwang should not have requested an arrest warrant in the President’s son’s case. Yet, Hee Woo is similar to Hwang in holding up the law.

Hwang’s aide betrayed Hwang whereas Jo Tae Seob’s aide Han Ji Hyun went one step ahead and gave Jo’s nemesis a second life.

Kim Seok Hoon tried to make Jeong Seok Kyu the scapegoat and save Jang. Nothing comes between Kim and his title. It was Jeon confronting Choi and the path to becoming the next Prosecutor General that finally made Kim drop Jang like a hot potato. Kim wondered if he should marvel at Hee Woo’s performance or see it as a threat. He has his defenses up high.

Jang has leverage over Choi but that doesn’t seem to affect Choi as he is too busy dreaming about taking over Jang’s position.

Jeon’s 22 years experience as a prosecutor shows as he calmly handles the situations while surrounded by sharks who contantly target him.

Hee A is going through a tough time as her father’s illness has progressed fast. Jo Tae Seob trying to influence her brothers looks like enough of an incentive for her to get into the family business.

Hee Woo seems really lucky as he always seems to run into people or data that are going to be vital in his plan to take down Jo Tae Seob. Some of the most important incidents like Hee Woo meeting Hwang don’t have a solid base and are conveniently attributed to the universe helping Hee Woo. This seems a bit exaggerated even for a fantasy storyline. 

Information about CEO Jeon’s corruption kept changing hands and finally landed on Min Soo’s lap. This was a good watch. Kim might have as well handed the transaction history right into Min Soo’s hand. 

Coming across information is one thing but knowing when and how to use it is a whole different ball game. Hee Woo handing over the data to Hwang to use in the national assembly was a great move.

I am curious to see how the rest of the story unfolds

-By Soul Sword-

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