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Again My Life- Episode 10 Recap

The next day, Hwang walks into the Parliament. He reflects on what Hee Woo told him the previous day. Jo Tae Seob stands with his group. Jo tells Hwang not to be against the decision just for the sake of it. He says the Minister of Justice position cannot be left vacant for long. Hwang says Jo has nothing to worry about as long as the candidate is qualified.

Hee Woo watches the news that mentions Hwang is strongly opposed to the Justice Minister nominee at the hearing. It states they will struggle to reach an agreement. 

At the Justice and Legislative Committee. Hwang shows them the list of the Public Service Employees whose children evaded Military service through a broker.

Hwang asks the candidate if he will be able to take action on the assemblymen and other powerful people for evading draft notice. Assemblyman Park intervenes and asks if Hwang will take responsibility. Hwang says he will. He says all the people on the list have to be re-examined. There is unrest in the gathering. Hwang also says some people are drug offenders on this list. 

Finally, Hwang asks the candidate how he feels about sexual favours. The man says he has never got them. Hwang points out that the candidate’s name is on the sexual bribery listHwang discredits the other assemblymen present there saying they don’t have the qualification to pick the Minister Of Justice.

There is an uproar when Hwang reads out all the names. Hwang is unmoved as he continues to read out the names. Jo Tae Seob is quiet.

Hwang locks eyes with Jo Tae Seob. Jo Tae Seob nods with a smile and looks away.

Gu and Gyu Ri watch the news and they get to work. Gu says the SHC Entertainment warrant will be issued soon.  She tells him to vet the witness for the sexual bribery case.

At the Prosecutor’s office, Choi is shocked when he learns that a search warrant has been issued to SHC Entertainment. He tells Hee Woo that he is heading out. He didn’t expect this and Hee Woo asks if he can help. Choi replies with a curt no and walks away.

Choi goes to Cho Yoon A’s house. She comments that this brought him here immediately. She says a prosecutor was very interested in his involvement and she refuses to give his identity. She asks him to make a decision and asks if he wants to strike a deal with her

Meanwhile, Jo is going through the list of people who evaded the draft notice. He receives the news about SHC Entertainment through a phone call. Jo tells them to shut it down and says the Central District Prosecutor’s Office will handle it. He says he is going through the list. Jo hangs up and says the list has 37 people on draft evasion, 50 people on drugs and 16 on sexual bribery. Jo says the country is sinking under corruption. Jin Woo says 20 of them are connected with SHC Entertainment. He says there are 10 of them that Jo should take care of but states that they cant save all of them. He says investigations will be carried out on Assemblymen Kim and Yoo for sexual bribery. Jo says they are idiots.

Han Ji Hyun says the news is already viral online. Jo tells her not to control the media. Jo Tae Seob says he will gain more power out of this. He says Hwang disclosed only half of the list and the rest of them will be worried if their names are on the list or not. He tells Jin Woo to contact everyone on the list and tells them to come to Jo if they wish to be spared. Jo tells Han Ji Hyun to call Kim Seok Hoon.

Kim Seok Hoon gets off the phone. Kim tells Hee Woo that they will be in charge of Hwang’s list case and not the Eastern District Office. He says the Eastern District Office will only investigate the SHC Entertainment case. Kim tells Hee Woo to also look into how Hwang obtained the list and tells him to check if he got the list through illegal means. He tells Hee Woo to tell the press that they will handle the case. He asks Choi to report to him once he is back.

Hee Woo calls up Hwang and says that the Central District Prosecutor’s Office will be handling the case. He says they will come after Hwang and ask how he acquired it. Hwang says he expected but is surprised that the order came from Jo Tae Seob.

Choi visits Jang in prison. He says he didn’t expect the Eastern District Office to hit his father. Jang says Hee Woo is clever as he used his friend as a distraction. Choi says he managed to appease Yoon A and he hid her for now. Jang laughs as he says he thought Hee Woo will join him in prison but it looks like Choi will. Choi begs Jang to help him and he promises to get him out. Jang says there is only one person who can help Choi.

Soon, Choi is in his car on the way to meet Jo Tae Seob.

Meanwhile, at Jo’s house, the politicians from all parties are waiting for Jo.

Jin Woo watches all of them and says that Hwang made Jo Tae Seob more powerful. Jo tells them that through this they will achieve true bipartisan cooperation.

Jo goes outside and asks the politicians how they are all still standing after what they have done. All of them immediately kneel and bow their heads.

Jo reprimands them for doing shameful deeds. They all pledge loyalty to him and agree to be in favour of his bills. They beg for his forgiveness. He tells them to accept bipartisan cooperation and he will delete their names from the list. Jo says he can’t save all of them as the public will lose trust in them. He tells those who weren’t saved to be happy that they could help others. He promises to take care of the ones who cant be saved. Jo heads back inside and tells Han that he wants to talk to Kim.

Just then, Choi comes into Jo Tae Seob’s residence.

Meanwhié, Gyu Ri, Gu, Hee Woo and Min Soo are having dinner. Min Soo says he has a bad feeling about this. He says that the doctor involved in the draft evasion scandal is not reachable. He says the hospital says he is on vacation and the family says he is attending a seminar. Hee Woo says they should track him down as this happened just now.

Gyu Ri says they should keep a close watch on their witnesses. She says they got the warrant on Choi and she will get him. Min Soo warns that she cant catch Choi Kang Jin that easily. Gyu Ri says she won’t give up that easily.

Jo Tae Seob tells Choi that he doesn’t like it when people come and see him without an appointment. Choi apologises. Choi puts a file and a flash drive on the desk. He says he put his life on the line and ask Jo Tae Seo b to look and decide. Jo tells Choi to bring him his father’s head if he wants to live.

On his way out, Choi runs into Kim Seok Hoon. Kim is annoyed with Choi for speaking to Jo directly. Kim heads in after asking Choi to come to his office tomorrow.

Inside, Jo gives Kim a file with 4 people’s names. He says he will take care of the rest. Kim apologises for not managing Choi better. Jo says Choi was desperate so he gave him some homeworkJo tells Kim to decide whether Choi will be a good replacement for Jang. He tells Kim to decide whether to spare Choi or not.

The next day, Kim tells Choi off for overriding him and meeting Jo Tae Seob. Choi apologises. Kim tells him to answer the Eastern District Court’s summons. He also tells him to keep his promise to Choi Yoon A. Choi says he will do so.

Choi leaves as Hee Woo comes in. Kim gives Hee Woo the list and tells him to go after them. Hee Woo goes through the list and says that some of the names have been left out. Hee Woo knows that the key names have been left out. Kim says that Hwang just raised suspicion but they have to investigate the facts. He adds that there must be a reason why the names are off the list. Hee Woo walks away.

Hee Woo comes back to his office to find Choi leaving. Choi Kang Jin says Gyu Ri was the one who served his arrest warrant. Hee Woo acts oblivious to it. Choi says the Eastern District Office served the warrant as soon as Hwang disclosed the list. He says they were already investigating them. Choi asks who passed on the list to Hwang. Hee Woo says he will investigate. Choi says it is obvious as it was the Eastern District Office that leaked it or someone leaked it to them simultaneously. Hee Woo says he will report the findings to Choi.

Meanwhile, Han Ji Hyun give Jo Tae Seob Choi Soo Hyuk’s indictment that Choi Kang Jin submitted. Jo comments that Choi saved himself by turning over his father.

Jin Woo says that he saw to it that the doctor is abroad. He adds that they are tracking down the actors and actresses involved in sexual bribery. Jo tells Jin Woo to support them generously. Han Ji Hyun says she will prepare the backup plan that Choi Kang Jin gave them.

Jo goes to a meeting with all the lawmakers without the reporters. Jo looks up at the clear sky. He holds his hand up against the sun blocking it. He moves just a finger and the sunlight immediately pours in through the gap. Jo walks away.

Jo speaks privately with the lawmakers at the parliamentJo says he is trying to divert the public’s attention but he can’t cover the sky with his hands. He asks if there is a way to cover the sky with their hands and everyone goes silent. Jo says they can cover the eyes instead of the sky. 

Jo says they should divert attention back to the people. He tells them to leak information that there will be an increase in tax rates and the price of cigarettes and soju. Jo says they won’t raise it for real but they will only spread a rumour. One of them says that once they have the public’s attention, they can say that they aim to lower the taxes.

He tells them to leave out all the people who got caught now. He says they can create a new government this way.

Gyu Ri questions Choi. He warns her that she is making a big mistake that she will regret. Gyu Ri says he is the one that made a mistake and says that the guilty ones are the most talkative. Gyu Ri asks if he arranged a meeting between an actor and a politician. Choi denies any involvement with the case.

Just then, Gu comes in and shakes his head looking upset. Choi laughs at Gyu Ri and walks out.

Meanwhile, Min Soo tells Hee Woo that the doctor has gone abroad. He says there is someone powerful behind this and Gyu Ri must be panicking now. Min Soo tells Hee Woo to check the news. Hee Woo finds that Cho Yoon A has left SHC Entertainment. Hee Woo says everyone has taken a hit and shows him the list that has none of the big names.

Later that night, Hwang tells Hee Woo that he thought they would at least cut the tail off but that didn’t happen. He says this is worse than they expected. He says the present list is useless and Hee Woo apologises. 

Hwang says Hee Woo is not at fault and he says he knew this would happen. He says Jo knows how to handle the press and the people. Hee Woo asks Hwang for more time and promises to catch the ones that got away. Hwang doesn’t believe him. He says nothing will change unless the prosecution is changed completely. Hee Woo says he needs Hwang to bring them down. Hwang wonders if Hee Woo is brave or reckless.  Hee Woo says he only makes promises that he can keep. He says he won’t stop till the world sees Jo’s true colours. He says Jo will pay for his crimes.

Hwang says his political career is almost over and asks if Hee Woo will get it done by then. Hwang says he doesn’t like prosecutors but he says Hee Woo is trustworthy. Hee Woo says he doesn’t like politicians but he trusts Hwang.

Gyu Ri is irate as she drowns her anger in soju at Hee Woo’s parent’s restaurant. Min Soo and Gu try to calm her down but it doesn’t help. Hee Woo joins them. Gu says they couldn’t catch Choi because of a lack of evidence. Just then, the news reports that Choi Kang Jin pressed charges on his father and proved to be a righteous prosecutor. The news also says there are rumours that Choi was the one who gave Hwang the list of corrupt people. Hee Woo says he will catch Choi for her. Min Soo immediately lightens up as Hee Woo means what he says.

The next day Jeon and Sung Ho find Hee Woo in a sparring session with Hyun Seok. Hyun Seok has gotten better. 

Jeon and Sung Ho speak to Hee Woo. Jeon says they came here as there is no privacy in the office. Hee Woo says he met Hwang. Jeon says he knew it was Hee Woo who gave out the information to Hwang. Jeon asks if the SHC Entertainment Case was also him and Hee Woo confirms it. 

Jeon tells Hee Woo to be patient now as he has received a revised list. He says Jang ll Hyun and Choi Kang Jin have taken damage. He warns Hee Woo to be careful around Kim Seok Hoon. He tells Hee Woo to go slow if he wants to catch a bigger villain

Hee Woo realises that Jeon seems indifferent but is very sharp. Jeon says Hee Woo is polite but unreadable. He says he could help Hee Woo if he could. Hee Woo says Jeon has already been of help.

Choi meets Jang in prison. Jang says they saved Choi and now it’s Choi’s turn to save Jang. Choi promises to get Jang out on probation even if that means he has to beg Hee Woo. Jang says he is counting on him.

Choi smiles as he comes to work. Choi tells Hee Woo that they should stick together so he wants to do everything in his power to release Jang. He says debarring Jang would be too harsh. Hee Woo asks if Choi wants him to tamper with the evidence. Choi says Hee Woo can make a loophole in the case. Choi says he will take care of it once he realises that Hee Woo isn’t budging. After he leaves, Hee Woo vows to end Jang ll Hyun this time.

Hee Woo visits Sung Jin Mi in prison. He tells her that Jang gave her up and told the press that he had no idea that Sung Jin Mi was corrupted. Jang said that his involvement in the corruption was fabricated and Sung Jin Mi used him. Hee Woo says Jang shifted all the blame onto Sung Jin Mi for a lighter sentence. He coaches Sung Jin Mi to do the same to Jang. He calls her to the Prosecution’s office for questioning.

Sung Jin Mi comes to the prosecutor’s office. She tells the reporters that Jang was the corrupt one but she is at fault as she could do nothing to stop him. She says she thought this was love. She cries as she apologises and she acts nauseous. The reporters ask if she is pregnant and if Jang knows about the baby.

Kim watches this on the news. It speaks about the ethics of the prosecution. Hee Woo walks into the room. Kim tells Hee Woo to wrap up Jang’s trial swiftly.

At the trial, Jang is sentenced to 7 years in prison. Jang gives Hee Woo a venomous smile before being escorted out. Jang tells Choi to get Hee Woo. 

After Jang is taken away Choi is relieved that Hee Woo removed Jang from the equation.

Meanwhile, Jo asks if Kim Yong Jun (Hee A’s brother) has responded and Han Ji Hyun says he hasn’t. Jo says he should give him a hint. He tells her to unwrap the present from Choi Kang Jin.

Elsewhere, a group uploading data on the internet is ordered to work overtime for a week. They upload a video of Kim Yong Jun’s affair with a top actress.

Hee A is at the hospital when she learns about this. She tells Jin Hyuk to keep the news away from her father’s ears. She walks into her father’s room to find her brother Kim Sung Jun already there. He says he wanted to report something and leaves as she comes.

Hee A’s father Chairman Kim Gun Young asks her to join the Management and Planning Team from tomorrow. She refuses. Kim says the directors are walking on eggshells around Yong Ju and Sung jun is a greedy opportunist. He says Hee A is the best option. Hee A accepts his decision reluctantly.

Hee A meets Hee Woo for drinks. He asks how she has been. She says she always felt he was around her. She says she wondered what Hee Woo would do if he was in her position. She says that she came to say goodbye as friends. She says she wanted to live a normal life, have drinks, argue, and be happy when a guy buys a doll on the street for her. She says that isn’t possible now. She tells him bye and leaves. Hee Woo calls out to her and walks up to her. Hee Woo holds her hand and takes her outside.

Hee Woo buys Hee A a doll from the streetside vendor. He tells her to unload on the teddy bear when she gets upset. He tells her to come to him if things get tough and he will buy her another oneHee A smiles as she thanks him.

Jin Hyuk acknowledges Hee Woo and Hee Woo does the same. Jin Hyuk escorts her back to the car and they drive away. Hee A smiles as she sees the doll beside her on the seat and pats it gently on the head.

Hee A comes home to find her brothers fighting. Kim Yong Jun is angry that Sung Jun told their father about the scandal. Hee A tries to calm them down. Just then, Yong Jun receives a call. Yong Jun is angry with her as she will be the new Director of Management and Planning. Sung Jun is taken aback. Yong Jun points out that she wasn’t interested. Hee A says she is now. She says she will be working with him but Yong Jun Storms out. Sung Jun comments that she is scary and walks out.

Kim Yong Jun gets into his car and tells his driver to drive home. He then changes his mind and changes his destination.

Jo Tae Seob gives Kim Yong Jun a pleasant welcomeKim Yong jun asks Jo to select the lot for Chunha Distribution’s Premium Outlet. He says the elections are around the corner and the lot location will be helpful for Jo’s people. Yong Jun says he wants to wash away the disgrace on his shoulders and stay where he is. He asks Jo to help. 

Jo Tae Seob tells Yong Jun to pick a lot of his choice but requests him to stop the restructuring

He says he wants to join hands with those who work for the country’s progress and not people who work for personal gains. He says he wants someone like that to lead the company. Jo says he will join hands with Yong Jun if his answer is yes. Jo holds out his hand and Yong Jun takes it.

After Yong Jun leaves, Jo Tae Seob says that Yong Jun wants to wash away his disgrace and stay where he is. He says he has to grant Yong Jun’s wish. Jo tells them to get ready as a great star is going to fall soon.

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This episode showed why Jo Tae Seob is called a Kingmaker. 

Jo Tae Seob’s camp did take a hit due to Hee Woo’s plan, but it was impressive how he capitalised on the situation immediately. 

Jo seems to be surprised and angry at how corrupt his pawns are. I wonder if he was oblivious to their corruption all along or if he has been turning a blind eye since they were useful to his system. 

Hwang’s list finally made Jo discipline his pawns. Jo Tae Seob doesn’t miss a chance to assert authority and show his group who the boss is. Jo’s plan to spread a rumour that there will be an increase in taxes was a smart move to direct the public’s attention. 

Hee Woo had a huge strategy this time and it doesn’t get bigger than this. Yet this plan caused only a ripple in Jo’s camp as the big fish still managed to get away with it. They took less than a day to clear off and hide all the evidence that Hee Woo’s team had built the case on.

This wasn’t much of a surprise as they are a powerful group and they won’t go down that easily. Hwang’s reaction shows that he has been through similar situations many times before this. He has grown to trust Hee Woo. Hee Woo made a promise to Hwang to catch all of them and also to Gyu Ri that he will catch Choi. It looks like it is going to get more interesting as this is the first time Hee Woo faced a hindrance in his second life.

Choi Kang Jin has been asking for favours and betraying people to get his way. He didn’t hesitate to give up his father to save himself. I wonder how far that will get him as he hasn’t shown much talent yet. 

Kim Yong Jun also went against his father’s wishes by joining hands with Jo Tae Seob. Kim Hee A finally gave in to her father’s wish and accepted the position in Planning and Management. 

Jo successfully split up the Chunha Group family. He made an interesting request to Kim Yong Jun to stop the restructuring. It is intriguing that Jo Tae Seob’s views often match that of a protagonist’s but his actions match the ones of an antagonist. With Hee A in the picture and Kim Yong Jun partnering with Jo Tae Seob it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Chunha.

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