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Again My Life- Episode 11 Recap

Hee A rushes into the hospital after she learns that Jo Tae Seob is visiting her father. She recalls the doctor instructing her to make sure her father doesn’t hear anything shocking.

Jo Tae Seob tells Kim Gun Yong that Kim’s eldest son Kim Yong Jun met him. He says Yong Jun asked Jo to help him become the head of Chunha in exchange for the outlet. He says Kim should make Yong Jun the successor as he knows where to ask for help.

Kim Gun Yong says that is not for Jo to decideJo tells Kim that old age makes one’s senses dull and that Kim should step down. Kim is offended by this.

As they ride the elevator, Hee A tells Jin Hyuk to find out if any of her brothers met Jo Tae Seob. She also asks him to check the Board Member’s movements.

Meanwhile, Jo tells Kim Gun Yong that though he has contributed a lot to the country’s development, he doesn’t have a forward-thinking mindset. Kim says just one man doesn’t run the company but Jo says the chairman calls the shots. Kim tells Jo to focus on the elections and let him run the company.

Jo says his focus is always on the country’s future. Kim says Jo cares only about his future. Jo laughs and says Kim has the wrong idea about him.

Kim asks Jo his opinion about Hee A being the successor and Jo’s smile fades.  Kim points out that Jo doesn’t want Hee A as Chairwoman since she won’t listen to him. Kim says Jo doesn’t care about the country’s future.

Jo says he has a gift for Kim and switches the TV on. The news about Kim’s ill health comes on it. Jo says he has already planned everything and asks Kim to step down on his own accord. Kim says Jo brought a knife instead of fruits. He says he also has a knife of his own.

Meanwhile, Jo’s men block the door while Hee A tries to get in. Jin Hyuk has a tussle with them. Han Ji Hyun blocks Hee A’s way as Hee A demands her to go in. Jin Woo tells Han Ji Hyun to let Hee A inside. Meanwhile, Jo Tae Seob walks out and greets Hee A as she storms inside.

Hee A tells her father that Jo was the one who leaked the information to the media. She asks what Jo wanted but her father says she is better off without knowing.

Hee Woo comes home. He watches the news where Jo Tae Seob addresses the press outside the hospital. Jo says Kim is in critical condition but hopes he recovers quickly. Hee Woo checks news articles and finds that Hee A has joined Chunha’s Leadership Team. Hee Woo realises that things are unfolding differently from his previous life.

Hee A speaks to Kim Yong Jun. She tells him that their father had clearly mentioned that they must not bribe politicians. He says he is not bribing but working with them. Hee A says Jo will keep him on a tight leash and turn the Chunha group upside down. He says he will handle it when the time comes. Yong Jun tells her to be quiet or he will have her kicked out.

Meanwhile, Jin Woo tells Jo that he told all the Board Members of the Chunha group that Jo is supporting Kim Yong Jun. Han Ji Hyun says she will work on improving Yong Jun’s image.

Jin Woo asks Jo about Cho Yoon A. Jo thinks for a moment and nods his head and Jin Woo walks away.

The assassin finds Cho Yoon A and kills her.

The next day at work, Hee Woo sees the news of Cho Yoon A’s death on TV. Min Soo walks in with the newspaper that carries Cho Yoon A’s suicide note. It has an apology to Choi Soo Hyun and Kim Yong Jun.

Min Soo asks why anyone will try this hard to take the fall for everything. He says it says meth overdose mixed with alcohol while Yoon A was addicted to propofol.

Hee Woo recalls that it was the same mix that the assassin used to kill him in the previous life

Meanwhile, Han Ji Hyun says that Kim Yong Jun has forgone the restructuring and will help hire youngsters to counter unemployment. She says they will also build the outlet that Jo had suggested. Jo is satisfied that Kim Yong Jun listens to him. Jo says he has to return the favour, He says Yong Jun can’t live in his father’s shadow forever. He tells Han Ji Hyun to call Kim Seok Hoon.

Kim Seok Hoon calls for a meeting with all the prosecutors. Kim says Chairman Kim is ill and the Chunha group is abusing legal loopholes during the succession process. Hee Woo watches as Kim tells everyone to erase any traces of accepting bribes from Chunha Group. He also instructs them to cut any ties with the Chunha Group. Kim orders them to look into their unlawful activities.

A Special Investigation Taskforce is formed under Choi Kang Jin to investigate Chunha. They get to work.

At the hospital, Hee A tells her father that the prosecution is looking into the succession plan and all the possible 3 heirs. Chairman Kim whispers something in Hee A’s ear.

Meanwhile, Jo Tae Seob says that Chairman Kim will be under the assumption the Prosecution is targeting him. Jo prunes his bonsai and says they only have to remove one branch that ruins the balance.

Choi Kang Jin goes over to Kim Sung Jun (Hee A’s brother) and arrests him.

Chairman Kim hears the news of Sung Jun’s arrest. Hee A rushes in and promises to get her brother released. Her father strictly tells her that he will be the one to handle it and she should keep away. Hee A isn’t happy about this.

In his study, Jo says that Kim Sung Jun’s arrest is a warning but the chairman won’t give in that easily. He says Chairman Kim will visit him with a knife.

Just then, Han Ji Hyun tells Jo that Chairman Kim Gun Young is here. Chairman Kim walks into Jo’s study. He gets on his knees and pleads with Jo to not involve his children in these politics. He says he wants this relationship to end with him. Jo says he can’t do that.

Chairman Kim gets up and puts a cassette player in front of Jo and plays it. Jo is furious as he recalls the conversation in the recording.



Chief Prosecutor Jo Tae Seob speaks to Chairman Kim Gun Young during the special investigation of the Chunha Group Corruption Case. Jo says that Kim will serve just 10 years in prison and not more. He says the new administrative office has taken charge and they have decided to arrest some conglomerates. 

Kim asks if he is the target. Jo smiles as he says they would be talking in the prosecutor’s office if that was the case. Jo asks Chairman Kim Gun Young to join hands with him as Jo will be standing in the General Elections. Jo promises to bury Kim’s case if he does that. Kim agrees to Jo’s proposal. Jo does not notice the recorder beneath the table.

At present, Chairman Kim says that he doesn’t have many days to live. He says he and Jo can go to jail hand in hand. Kim says this is his last request and threat. He tells Jo to release Sung Jun and not contact his children again.

After Chairman Kim leaves, Jin Woo says they should take care of it. Han Ji Hyun says it is too risky. Jo gives Jin Woo the go ahead.

Han Ji Hyun watches as Jin Woo escorts the assassin into Jo Tae Seob’s study. She looks at the assassin.

Han Ji Hyun remembers crying as a child when the fire engulfed the room around her. She looked over at her unconscious brother trapped underneath a fallen desk. She cried for her brother.

At present, Han Ji Hyun utters the words “my brother” as she looks at the assassin who walks away without looking at her.

At the prosecutor’s officeChoi is interrogating Kim Sung Jun. Just then, Hee Woo walks in and says that they are letting Kim Sung Jun go.

Chairman Kim gets back into his hospital bed as his secretary says that Sung Jun was released. Kim asks all his shares to be transferred to Hee A as soon as possibleHe says he wants Hee A to be his successor. He asks his sons to come by the hospital tomorrow.

Just then Hee A walks in. She says she will take care of everything as he rests. Chairman Kim promises to stick around till she takes her position. Chairman Kim apologises to Hee A as she can live a normal life. He tells her to get busy and work with him from tomorrow. Hee A walks out and Chairman Kim asks to have a work with Jin Hyuk in private.

Jin Woo brings the assassin to the hospital after Hee A and Jin Hyuk leave. They walk into Dr Yoon’s office.

Han Ji Hyun serves Jo some Chrysanthemum tea. Jo comments that he will sleep well tonight.

Meanwhile, Chairman Kim sleeps as an injection is administered in his IV. Chairman Kim’s heart rate plummets.

When Jo receives the news, he wishes that the Chairman rests in peace.

The next day, Hee Woo gets ready for work when he sees the news of Chairman Kim’s death. He scowls as he recalls Chairman Kim lived longer in his previous life. Hee Woo realises that he is at fault here. He attributes this as the consequence of him altering his life.

Hee Woo goes to Chairman Kim’s funeral at his residence. He tells Sang Man to wait in the car. He conveys his condolences to the family and walks away. Once outside, he apologises to Hee A. She says he has nothing to be sorry for. Hee Woo offers to help her with Chunha Group. She says it will be too much to handle the company by herself. Hee A frowns as she asks what he is talking about. Hee Woo says he will see her around and goes away.

After Hee Woo leaves, Hee A asks Jin Hyuk for a background check on Hee Woo. She also asks him to find out about the driver of the car.

As Sang Man and Hee Woo drive back, Hee Woo is sure that Jo Tae Seob was the one who cut Chairman Kim’s life short by a few years. Hee Woo feels that Jo Tae Seob will soon takeover Chunha Group.

On his way back from Chairman Kim’s funeral, CEO Park Dae Ho tells Jo that he will buy all of Chunha’s shares as per instructions.

Meanwhile, Hee Woo discusses Chairman Kim’s death with Jeon. Jeon says many will see this as an opportunity. Hee Woo says he sees this as an opportunity to get Prosecutor Kim Seok Hoon. Hee Woo says the Special Investigation Team on Chunha will be dissolved now. He says the prosecutors will soon start grumbling about it and that will be the perfect time to attack him. 

Jeon says they haven’t been able to find any dirt on Kim Seok Hoon. Hee Woo says Jeon has been investigating JQ Constructions and the corruption committed by Kim’s wife the Director and his son Kim Young ll the junior director of JQ Constructions. Though Kim wasn’t directly involved in it, Hee Woo says the fall of a powerhouse usually starts with the family. Hee Woo says he also has something up his sleeve. Jeon says they should give it a go.

Hee Woo meets Han Mi who is writing an article on Kim Yong Jun’s era as Chunha Group’s Chairman. Hee Woo says Yong Jun’s era won’t come. Han Mi asks if he is from the future and Hee Woo changes the subject. He tells Han Mi to write an article that Hee A will be leading this era. She refuses as she knows Hee Woo and Hee A are friends. Hee Woo explains that the Chairman wanted Hee A to take over because she was the only one among his children not to bend over to Jo Tae Seob. Hee Woo says he wants to help Hee A stop Jo Tae Seob.

Han Mi says Jo Tae Seob is the icon of trust and purity and he can’t take him down. Hee Woo says he wants to take off that mask. Han Mi says Jo Tae Seob is a dinosaur and Hee Woo is an ant. Hee Woo comments that it was a harsh comment. Han Mi agrees to do it.

On his way back, Hee Woo calls up investigator Oh and asks him to look into Bando Bank and any related company with shares tied to them.

Next, Hee Woo goes to Woo Yong Soo and tells him that he wants to sue the money. He says he could lose everything but Woo says he could also end up inflating it. Hee Woo had mentioned that he aims to buy Chunha electronics, motors and constructions. Woo tells him to go ahead.

Hee Woo goes to Sang Man and tells him to sell Woo’s assets which he invested in real estate and stocks. Sang Man is shocked as all of Hee Woo and Woo’s recommendations were doing really well.

Meanwhile, Jo tells Dr Yoon that he played a very important role. He says the Minister of health and welfare position awaits him. Jin Woo escorts him out.

Jo tells Han Ji Hyun to tell Kim Seok Hoon to call off the investigation of the Chunha group.

The next day Hee Woo reads the papers about the investigation being called off. Kim calls Hee Woo to his office. On the way, he overhears the prosecutors grumbling about the news. Hee Woo feels its time to throw Kim the bait.

Choi and Hee Woo are present in Kim Seok Hoon’s room. Choi voices his concern about stopping the investigation. Hee Woo suggests that they should divert their attention by turning their attention to Bando Bank which was acquired by DH money in2008. He says it is insolvent and has been committing embezzlement by giving illegal loans. Kim immediately says they shouldn’t be going after banks. Hee Woo says they give illegal loans to insolvent companies. Kim is still against it.

Later, Min Soo asks Hee Woo why he suggested a case that he knew Kim Seok Hoon would refuse. Hee Woo says he wanted to show that the prosecution has a hidden card. Hee Woo asks if Min Soo will join him on his mission to make Kim Seok Hoon use his card. Min Soo says he will pass as he finally got a court date for Mirae Electronics CEO’s case.

Meanwhile, Hee A looks through Hee Woo’s background check. She wonders who Park Sang Man is. She also finds it odd that Hee Woo has so much money. Jin Hyuk says Hee Woo has a knack for investing in real estate and stocks. Hee A says there must be more to it. Jin Hyuk tries to tell her something but decides against it. Hee A says she will talk with Hee Woo in person.

Hee Woo meets Hee A at the gallery. She confronts him about peeping into her family. She notes that Hee Woo isn’t surprised by the confrontation. Hee Woo says he isn’t easily surprised. 

Hee A says that after her father passed away, Hee Woo cashed out all his assets and has been managing his assets under Park Sang Man’s name. Hee Woo asks if she investigated him. She says he offered to help her and she wanted to know if she can trust him. He asks if she trusts him and she says she can’t tell if he is a friend or foe. He suggests they discuss it over a cup of coffee.

At the cafe, Hee A learns that Hee Woo saved up to catch Jo Tae Seob.  She says it is risky and he is a powerless prosecutor. he says he knows that. Hee A says that though Hee Woo has a lot of money it is just petty cash when compared to Chunha Group.

Hee Woo says he will help her and she asks how. Hee Woo says Jo will order another search and seizure and bring out all the dirt in her family. He says Jo will use his power and money to kill Chunha. Hee Woo says her family will lose Chunha to Jo Tae Seob. Hee A says Chunha’s capital structure is sound. Hee Woo says she can’t rely on numbers.  Hee A doesn’t believe him when he says there are so many families that have fallen before this. 

Hee Woo tells her to protect Chunha Group and he will help her. He says Park Dae Ho is Jo Tae Seob’s fund manager and CEO of Bando Bank. She asks how he knows this and he says he is a prosecutor. He says he will arrest them and get them for her along with the 15% of Chunha shares that Park Dae Ho has. She asks if it is possible and he says that is for him to worry about. Hee Woo says he will help her under one condition. He says she has to cut all ties with politicians or he will arrest her too.

As Hee A returns, she wonders if she will be able to cut ties with politicians. She recalls that her father had tried and failed. Jin Hyuk says it will be tough but they must do it because it is good for the company and the employees. Just then, she receives Kim Han Mi’s article and smiles.

Later, Hee A meets with the subsidiaries. A couple of directors from Chunha Healthcare tell her that Chairman Kim 0.1% of the shares to them. They say that they know she stopped the restructuring of Chunha Healthcare. They say that the Chairman felt that they should choose the person who works to protect the company. Hee A thanks them as this was unexpected. Hee A is told to look around and that several subsidiaries may hold the shares of the company.

Meanwhile, Jo meets Kim Seok Hoon. Kim requests to be allowed to investigate Chunha Group. Jo says that it may backfire as the Chairman has died. Kim says he planned to use the case to become Prosecutor General. Jo says Kim still needs time to reach there.

Just then the Chief prosecutor Yoon Joon Gi from the Eastern District Office joins themJo Tae Seob says whoever gets the title should join him for the betterment of the country.

Later, Kim is at the office and seems annoyed that Jo Tae Seob is weighing them up till the last moment. He doesn’t like the lapdog treatment.

Kim Seok Hoon calls Hee Woo to his office and tells him to secretly investigate Bando Bank and report only to him. Hee Woo is satisfied that Kim took the bait and now there is a crack between Kim Seok Hoon and Jo Tae Seob.

Hee Woo meets Jeon and Sung Ho at the training Centre. Jeon tells Sung Ho that he can opt-out as he has a family. Sung Ho says he is in. Hee Woo says they are going after Kim Seok Hoon.

Hee Woo says they have to cut Kim Soek Hoon’s connection with Jo Tae Seob. He says they have to use Kim’s investigation into Bando Bank for this as it is Jo Tae Seob’s secret fund.

Jeon says that is just a rumour. Hee Woo says he can do the fact check. Jeon is surprised when Hee Woo says Kim told him to investigate Bando Bank. Hee Woo says Kim Seok Ho was disappointed in Jo so he plans to use Bando bank as his trump card.

Jeon says if Jo makes Kim Seok Hoon the Prosecutor General, nothing will come out of this. Hee Woo says Jo won’t give in that easily as he plans to give Jo a card to play. Just then he receives a message from Min Soo that the Mirae Electronics case hearing is tomorrow at 2 pm.

The next day, Hee Woo watches as Min Soo delivers the closing arguments. Min Soo makes a strong case against CEO Jeon ll Bo and the judges take a break before delivering the verdict.

After the break, the Judge states that though CEO Jeon had committed corruption, he paid back the money with his service to the company. The judge sentences CEO Jeon to 2 years and 6 months in prison. Min Soo is shocked when the Judge says that the execution is is stayed for 4 years.

CEO Jeon smiles at Min Soo who has a look of disbelief on his face.

Later at dinner, Jeon tells Sung Ho and Hee Woo that this has always been the case as strong cases are buried for people with power. Jeon says he is anxious as their plan is perfect. He says none of them will survive it if the people in power cover up this case also.

Jeon says he will take the fall for everything if something goes wrong. Hee Woo says they all can keep each other safe.

The next day, Hee Woo goes to Jo Tae Seob’s Residence. Han Ji Hyun says Jo doesn’t see people without an appointment. Hee Woo says it is about Kim Seok Hoon and asks her to consult Jo before sending him away.

Soon, Han Ji Hyun lets him inside. Hee Woo walks onto the premises and thinks that he is in the heart of the power in Korea where all the trash gathers.

He is shown in Jo Tae Seob’s study. Jo asks what brings Hee Woo here. Hee Woo says he will bring down Kim Seok Hoon.

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It looks like Jo Tae Seob had his eye on the Chunha group for a long time now. Chairman Kim Gun Young wasn’t clean as he was portrayed to be since he had joined hands with Jo Tae Seob long back. Kim had saved the tape as insurance. 

It is hard to believe that a brilliant industrialist like Chairman Kim would give up his life simply by walking into the wolf’s den and handing over the evidence to Jo. I wonder if anyone else knows about the tape’s existence and am curious to see what was Chairman Kim’s intent behind the move. As of now, the Chairman’s gesture cost him his life and made Chunha more vulnerable than before.

Chairman Kim whispered something in Hee A’s ear. He also had a word in private with Park Jin Hyuk. The chairman had also allocated shares among the subsidiaries who will side with the person who has the company’s interest in mind. This goes to show that though the Chairman is dead, he has some plan in place.

Jo Tae Seob used Cho Yoon A’s death to tie everything up into a neat little bow. He got both Choi Soo Hyun and Kim Yong Jun off the hook. On the other hand, Jo is setting the bar high by pitting Yoon and Kim against each other for the prosecutor general position. Jo and Jin Woo are like killing machines who remove people out of the equation with the drop of a hat.

It was revealed that the assassin is Han Ji Hyun’s brother. 

Hee A made a smart move by looking into Hee Woo’s background. Intriguingly, there was a hint of pride in Hee A’s tone as she underestimated both Jo Tae Seob’s power and Hee Woo’s capability of helping her. Yet, it was good that she was level headed and heard Hee Woo out.

It looks like Hee Woo has an interesting plan up his sleeve as he asked Sang Man to sell off all the assets.

The episode ended on an interesting note. Hee Woo chose to personally tell Jo Tae Seob that he will take down Kim Seok Hoon. He didn’t use a front face this time and there is no safety net. His cover will be blown if this goes wrong and I am curious to see what the next episode has in store.

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