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Again My Life- Episode 12 Recap

Han Ji Hyun places flowers on the grave. Hee Woo walks up to the same grave and places flowers on it. He finds the flowers Han Ji Hyun left and looks up at her retreating figure.

Hee Woo’s voiceover says that others’ fates are changing because he came back to life. A butterfly can flutter its wings in one place and cause a typhoon somewhere else. 

He wonders if he and Han Ji Hyun are friends or enemies.

At Jo Tae Seob’s residence, Han Ji Hyun escorts Hee Woo inside Jo’s study. Hee Woo says he will bring down Kim Seok Hoon. He says Jo’s goal is to make the country stronger while Kim Seok Hoon’s is to make the prosecution stronger. Hee Woo says he sides with Jo Tae Seob. He mentions that Kim has ordered a secret investigation on Bando Bank.

Hee Woo says Bando bank extends loans to insolvent companies and homeless people illegally. He says they also own 15% of shares in Chunha Group. He adds that on paper, the company is owned by Park Dae Ho but in reality Jo owns it. Hee Woo says Kim is trying to put a leash on Jo.

Jo laughs as he asks Hee Woo to leave this to him and tells Hee Woo to pretend that this conversation never happened. Jo offers to give Hee Woo anything he wants in return but Hee Woo says he doesn’t want anything.

Jo says Hee Woo must want something in return as he betrayed Kim. Hee Woo says he didn’t betray anyone and was simply acting on faith. Jo tells Hee Woo to come to visit him any time and the doors will always be open for him. He asks Han Ji Hyun to show Hee Woo out.

Once outside, Han Ji Hyun asks why Hee Woo didn’t ask anything from Jo. Hee Woo says he doesn’t want anything. She says she wants to know what he is really thinking. Han Ji Hyun asks what he meant when he said he will keep his promise to her.

Hee Woo says while investigating Bando Bank he also looked into Han Ji Hyun but found nothing on her. Han Ji Hyun says that he can look all he wants but he won’t find anything on her.

She asks him to answer her question. He tells her to wait till he finds all the answers. He says he will keep his promise and walks away.

Han Ji Hyun returns to Jo’s study. Jo says Kim is showing his teeth. He calls Kim Seok Hoon shortsighted as he is after the Prosecutor General position. Jo tells Jin Woo to take watch every move that Kim makes. he also asks him to watch the Eastern District Prosecutor’s office. Jo tells Han Ji Hyun to look into Kim Hee Woo as he seems troublesome.

Meanwhile, Hee Woo meets Hwang and asks him to leak information on the Bando bank investigation. Hee Woo says if they go public with the information it could backfire on them and make Jo more powerful.

Hee Woo says the goal here is to create a chasm between Jo and Kim. Hwang says it could work as people love watching dogfights. Hwang advises him to have a Plan B and C as this is Jo they are dealing with.

Hee Woo meets Han Mi. He tells her that he is going to take down a bad guy but it could hurt his friend. She asks if it is Kim Seok Hoon and he confirms it. She says she heard it from Hwang and says he should have told her first.

He apologises as this may affect her. She says she can already see the headlines mentioning that the rumours of Kim’s love child are true. Hee Woo says he will try to keep the media out but wanted to give her a heads up. She asks him to take Kim down for good or she will stop being friends with him. Hee Woo smiles as he promises her. She says she will help too as she is involved and goes away.

Meanwhile, Kim Seok Hoon asks Choi to tail Hee Woo. He says Hee Woo has the habit of doing things without reporting to him. Kim promises to release Choi’s father if he does a good job.

Later, Choi asks Hee Woo to come for drinks. Hee Woo politely declines. After Hee Woo leaves for the say, Choi asks his man to tail Hee Woo.

Hee Woo goes into the training centre and tells his instructor Sung Jae that he has someone tailing him. Sung Jae tells Hee Woo that everyone is already there. Hee Woo says they should act dumb so they can find out who sent the man.

Hee Woo meets Gyu Ri and Gu in the other room.  He gives Gyu Ri the file on JQ Constructions. She notices that it has information on Kim Seok Hoon’s wife’s corruption. She says he won’t become Prosecutor General if this news leaks. Gu immediately says their Chief Yoon Joon Gi would be happy to take this up. Hee Woo tells them to hold on to it until he tells them when to go public with it.

Meanwhile, Jo Tae Seob goes through the information on Hee Woo. He notices that Hee Woo’s father was a witness in Jo’s son’s accident case. Jo wonders why Hee Woo wants to work behind Kim Seok Hoon’s back. Han Ji Hyun says Hee Woo works for Jeon Seok Kyu and he came to Seoul with Jeon.

Jo says that Hee Woo is using him to bring Kim Seok Hoon down as he works for Jeon. He wonders if he should give Hee Woo what he wants or make him pay for the audacity to try and use him.

Meanwhile, Han Mi heads to an unregistered online news agency. She offers them money to leak the news about Kim Seok Hoon. She calls up Hee Woo and says that the bait has been thrown. 

Hee Woo is sure that Jo has no choice but to come to him

Han Ji Hyun brings the news about Bando Bank that will be published tomorrow. Jo says that Hee Woo was right. Han Ji Hyun says she told them not to publish the news but the problem is that Hwang was the one who gave the news.

Jo realises that he can’t handle this by himself and asks Han Ji Hyun to call Hee Woo.

Han Ji Hyun calls up Hee Woo and is surprised when Hee Woo asks if he should come there now. She says yes and hangs up.

Hee Woo comes to Jo’s residence. Jo tells Hee Woo to take down Kim Seok Hoon. He says he will help Hee Woo. Hee Woo realises Jo won’t take any responsibility for this. Jo says he will make sure no one gets in Hee Woo’s way when he gets the job done. Jo is impressed when Hee Woo says he has already looked into JQ Constructions. He says he needs time to secure solid evidence.

Hee Woo says he could get it done faster with Jo’s help. Hee Woo says he wants to borrow Han Ji Hyun. He says she needn’t say even a word and only her presence is needed. Jo agrees to this. He asks Hee Woo again what he wants. Hee Woo again says nothing.

Hee Woo visits Jang in prison. Jang’s blood boils as he sees Hee Woo. Hee Woo points out that Kim Seok Hoon ditched Jang and let him rot in prison. Hee Woo says he works for Jo Tae Seob now and he can get Jang’s sentence reduced. Jang laughs when Hee Woo says he is going to take down Kim Seok Hoon and asks for dirt on Kim. Jang doesn’t believe him. Hee Woo says he wants information on JQ Constructions as Jang was the one who handled the land acquisition in Gusan for them.

Jang asks for proof that Hee Woo works for Jo. Hee Woo calls Han Ji Hyun inside. She comes and sits before Jang and he believes Hee Woo now. 

Hee Woo records Jang’s statement. Jang states that JQ Constructions acquired land in Gusan for below average price using unfair means.  Jang says he doesn’t have evidence but Executive Director Shin Dae Yong has it. He says Shin was one of the founding members and he was the one who devised the land purchasing scheme. Hee Woo stops the recording. Jang tells him to make sure the sentence is reduced. Hee Woo says he always keeps his promise.

As they head out, Hee Woo gives the recording to Han Ji Hyun. He tells her to give it to Jo. She says she didn’t have to utter a word. Han Ji Hyun asks if she should get the sentence reduced. Hee Woo tells her to ask Jo to reduce one month from Jang’s sentence.

Choi’s man clicks pictures of Han Ji Hyun and Hee Woo speaking.

Choi Kang Jin receives the pictures and is shocked to see that Hee Woo met Jang along with Han Ji Hyun. Just then, Hee Woo walks into the office. Kim calls Hee Woo for an update on the case.

Hee Woo tells Kim that Park Dae Ho runs organisational silos through a foreigner. He says they obtain the list of illegal immigrants who want illegal loans.  Kim realises that the illegal loans go to Park Dae Ho’s pocket. Hee Woo says it is still circumstantial evidence. Kim says Hee Woo will fit right into the Supreme Court with him. Kim says they should grab dinner together.

Hee A is at a meeting related to a new skincare product launch. She tells them to release it soon. 

After the meeting, Jin Hyuk tells Hee A that JQ Construction’s Managing Director Kim Young ll has bought 5% of CHunha Holding’s chairs using a loan from Bando bankHee A says Bando Bank’s CEO Park Dae Ho already owns 15% of Chunha holding’s shares. She says her brothers and she may lose control of the company if Park obtains control of the other 5%.

Jin Hyuk says he found a few illegal loans that bando bank gave J Q constructions. He says they should use that. Hee A tells that is the prosecution’s job and tells him to put together the documents he obtained. Hee A looks at Hee Woo’s contact.

At night, Kim Seok Hoon drives Hee Woo to a faraway restaurant. Kim says he wants to create a prosecution independent from politics. He says he is waiting to get enough power to enforce that. He says the only way to do it is to collude with politicians.

As they walk in, Hee Woo is taken aback as Kim says they are joining Jo Tae Seob for dinner. Hee Woo wonders if he fell for their scheme. Han Ji Hyun waits outside as they head inside.

 As they eat, Jo Tae Seob asks Hee Woo about the case that he is so busy working on. Hee Woo realises that he is in a tight spot as telling the truth will get him into trouble with Kim but if he lies, he will be in trouble with Jo Tae Seob.

Hee Woo straightens up and says that he can’t disclose classified information as Jo is an outsider. Jo smiles and says that was rude of him. 

Jo says he wanted to get to know Hee Woo and that was a reason he called them. He tells Kim he is aware that Kim feels Jo is weighing him against Yoon. He says it is difficult to recommend Kim to both parties, especially Hwang. Kim Seok Hoon suggests they should ask Hee Woo to take down Hwang.

Jo says Hwang is not that easy. He says an aggressive attack will reveal Jo’s weakness. He tells Hee Woo to rack his brains harder. Jo says Hee Woo will be useful to take down smaller fries. Jo asks if Hee Woo is up for it. Hee Woo understands that Jo is referring to Kim Seok Hoon as smaller fry and is revealing his intentions to abandon Kim.

After Jo leaves, Kim commends him and tells him to get ready for a new era of fair and just prosecution where only law reigns. After Kim leaves, Hee Woo thinks that a man who has been kissing his way up has no right to say that.

After Kim leaves, Han Ji Hyun drives up to Hee Woo and says Jo Tae Seob wants to see him.

Later, Jo pours Hee Woo a drink. Hee Woo asks if that was a test and Jo confirms it. Jo says he was curious to see what kind of face Hee Woo would put on in front of Kim and Jo. He says he likes Hee Woo. Jo warns him to be careful around Kim as he is smart. Hee Woo says he understands.

Meanwhile, Gyu Ri and Gu are at Hee Woo’s parent’s restaurant. His parents serve a new item they made and she says she loves the taste. Gu says people might mistake her for their daughter-in-law. Gyu Ri says she thought people will think she is their daughter. Suddenly Hee Woo’s father asks what she thinks about Hee Woo and she becomes awkward. Gu chips in and says Gyu Ri likes Hee Woo.

Just then, Hee Woo walks in with Min Soo. Min Soo says he is here as an alibi to stop people from thinking that Gyu Ri, Hee Woo and Gu are conspiring. Hee Woo says he is being followed.

Hee Woo passes on Jang’s confession to Gyu Ri. Min Soo says he will pursue JQ constructions’ Executive Director Shin Dae Yong. He tells her to be cautious and make sure their paths don’t cross.

Gyu Ri says this is getting bigger as she digs deeper. She says JQ Construction may collapse. Hee Woo says only the higher ups will change.

Later, Hee Woo speaks with Sang Man. He asks why Sang Man gave up his scholarship and opportunities despite topping the university just to work for Hee Woo. Sang Man says he likes Hee Woo. He says he is grateful to Hee Woo for clearing his name. Hee Woo says they should finally put Sang Man’s talent to good use.

Hee Woo tells Sang Man to form an investment company and become its CEO. Sang Man is shocked as he says he doesn’t have any work experience. Hee Woo says they are going to take over JQ Constructions and tells him to buy as many shares as he can of JQ Constructions.

Sang Man asks if Hee Woo is crazy. Hee Woo says Sang Man has good grades and has studied Business Management too. Hee Woo tells him to get ready and leaves. Sang Man holds his head in his hands and slowly smiles.

The next day, Jo asks Park Dae Ho to be ready for a takeover. He says Kim Soek Hoon will be soon out of the picture as JQ Constructions will collapse. Han Ji Hyun says their financial structure is weak but that won’t be an issue.

Park Dae Ho voices concern that if the prosecution investigates JQ Constructions they will be in a pickle. He says he loaned Kim Seok Hoon’s son Kim Yong ll money illegally to buy shares of Chunha holding

Jo is cross with Park for doing this without consulting him. 

Later, Han Ji Hyun says Kim Yong ll had indeed purchased 5% of Chunha holdings shares. She says he used some of his apartment sales money also in it. Jin Woo says they don’t know how far the fire will spread if the investigation is carried out.

Meanwhile, Choi asks Kim what Hee Woo is working on so he can make sense of his movement pattern. Kim says he can’t disclose that.

Choi catches up with Hee Woo in the hallway and confronts him over his movements. Choi asks if it was Jo Tae Seob or Kim Seok Hoon who told Hee Woo to meet with Han Ji Hyun and JangHee Woo asks if it was Kim or Choi’s idea to tail Hee Woo. Choi says it was Kim Seok Hoon’s idea. 

Hee Woo says after Jang, Kim is targeting him. He says Kim doesn’t want to take them along to the Supreme Court. Hee Woo says Jo ordered him to meet with Jang. Hee Woo tells Choi to decide and pick the right side.

Later, Hee Woo meets Hee A at the cafe. She shows him the reports that show that Kim Yong ll has acquired 5% shares of Chunha holding. Hee Woo wonders how JQ Constructions got the funds as they don’t have the liquid assets for the acquisition. Hee A says Bando has handed Kim Yong ll an illegal loan. She tells him to review the investment documents and accounting files. She says this loan is impossible with that credit rating. Hee Woo thanks her as he really needed this.

Hee Woo meets Sung Ho and Jeon. Sung Ho is jittery at the scale of this case. Jeon says Kim wanted to use Bando Bank to get ahead in his career but this son’s company got mixed into it. Jeon says Jo’s next move will be a problem.

Just then, Hee Woo receives a call from Han Ji Hyun asking him to stop the investigation into JQ Construction.

After hanging up, Han Ji Hyun tells Jo that Hee Woo was calm as he heard what she said. Jo finds this odd.

Meanwhile, Hee Woo says it is still not over. Just then, Min Soo walks in with the recording of the confession of Executive Director Shin Dae Yong of JQ Constructions.

Hee Woo sends the file to Gyu Ri and asks her to go public.

The next day, Yoon Joon Gi commends Gyu on putting together the case. He tells her to go ahead with the case.

Soon, Gyu Ri arrests Kim Seok Hoon’s son Kim Yong ll.

The news of Yong ll’s arrest reaches Jo’s ears. Jo asks Jin Woo to call Yoon.

Jeon, Hee Woo and Sung Ho are out for lunch. Jeon says the Eastern District Prosecutors will be in trouble if Park Dae Ho’s name comes into the limelight. Sung Ho says Park was a gangster.

Hee Woo says they will be fine as he has asked Lee Hyun Seok to protect Gyu Ri and Gu. He had asked Sang Man to call Hee Woo if he thought he was in danger.

Meanwhile, at the Central District Prosecutor’s Office, KimSeok Hoon is agitated and he curses Yoon Joon Gi (Chief Prosecutor of Eastern District). He bangs the desk in fury. Kim calls Han Ji Hyun but the call goes unanswered.

Jo tells Yoon to release Kim Yong ll as the timing isn’t good. Yoon politely objects as he says Kim hasn’t shown leadership qualities. Jo says that is not for him to decide. He gives Jo the file on JQ Constructions. Jo passes it to Han Ji Hyun. Jo says he doesn’t like stubborn dogs and tells Yoon to leave.

After Yoon leaves, Jo asks if Yoon will shut down the case. Han Ji Hyun says Yoon will but the two prosecutors in charge will cause trouble. Jo says they are bothering him and Jin Woo says he will take care of them.

After Jin Woo leaves, Jo says something is off. He says it is like someone is reading his moves and getting in his way. He wonders if he should go along.

Meanwhile, Yoon tells Gyu Ri to stop the investigation. Yoon is furious when Gyu Ri walks out saying she won’t stop.

Gu comes up to Gyu Ri and says a witness from the JQ COnstruction case is ready to talk. He says the witness will testify. Gyu Ri tells him to go while she stalls for time.

Sang Man and Lee Hyun Seok watch as Gu drives away. Sang Man leaves Hyun Seok to protect Gyu Ri while he follows Gu.

As night falls, Sang man calls up Hee Woo and tells him that he followed Gu to Gusan and the place looks like an empty carpenter shop.

After hanging up, Hee Woo finds this odd and rushes out.

Meanwhile, Gu calls the witness but the number is not in service. Just then, he hears someone call him and turns around to find the assassin standing behind him.

The assassin tells Gu to say that he will stop investigating the JQ Constructions. He says he will let Gu go if he gives him his word.

Hee Woo drives down the freeway as Sang Man tells him that a man in black is talking to Gu. 

Jo meets Kim Seok Hoon and says he is here to sort things out. Kim says he will accept Jo’s decision without complaints. Jo says Kim will be the next Prosecutor General. He says he will take care of Yong ll.

Jo asks about Kim’s excuse for the Bando Bank investigation. Jo warns Kim to not test him again. He says Yoon Joon Gi is stabbing his colleague in the back for a title. Jo tells Kim to get rid of Yoon and he will silence the mouth of the righteous prosecutor.

Gu is in a bad shape as the assassin continues to beat him up. Gu refuses to give in. The assassin says there is no point in justice and only life is important. Gu asks what if he promises to stop the investigation but later on pursues it. The assassin says a submissive dog isn’t threatening. Gu says he is not a dog but a prosecutor.

The assassin takes the syringe filled with alcohol and meth. He says tomorrow Gu will be known as the corrupt drug addicted prosecutor who committed suicide

As he is about to inject it, Hee Woo walks in with a face mask. He says the assassin hasn’t changed. The assassin leaves Gu and walks toward Hee Woo asking who is he.

Hee Woo says he knows the assassin well and died by his hands. The assassin says he has never failed. Hee Woo says the assassin didn’t fail but Hee Woo was resurrected. He says he was wronged and furious that even death grazed past him.

The assassin says he expects Hee Woo to do the same again. Hee Woo says that he wouldn’t have gotten involved if that was the case. The assassin looks at him as Hee Woo takes up his fighting stance.

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Jo Tae Seob asked Han Ji Hyun to look into Hee Woo since he sees him as a threat. It was interesting to see Jo trying to figure out Hee Woo’s plan. He seems to be thinking that Hee Woo’s intention is replacing Kim with Jeon. It looks like he has never come across a person who didnt want anything from him. Jo has no idea yet that Hee Woo wants to take him down.

Hee Woo’s dinner with Jo Tae Seob and Kim Seok Hoon was thrilling and well made as that could have easily gone either way. 

JQ constructions, owned by Kim Seok Hoon’s wife’s family played quite an important role in this episode as it created a domino effect on almost all the characters. At first, JQ Constructions almost got hold of the majority shares in Chunha holdings using the loan from Jo’s fund manager Park Dae Ho. This was also the reason Jo halted the investigation on Kim Seok Hoon. It was intruiging to see how close Jo was to ending Kim’s career before he realised that he couldnt do it now without exposing himself.

Hee Woo was prepared this time for last minute hindrances as he had Gyu Ri as his plan B but that is also being threatened now. Jo Tae Seob has caught up and he senses that someone is reading his moves. Now that he decided to support Kim, I wonder how he views Hee Woo.

Hee Woo found nothing about Han Ji Hyun’s past. Both Han Ji Hyun and the assasin are robotic in their actions and speech. I wonder what their backstory is and how they ended up how they are.

Hee Woo’s plan was impressive where he intended to use Sang Man to purchase JQ Constructions. The look on Sang Man’s face when he heard Hee Woo’s suggestion was priceless. He manipulated Choi very well and kept him from reporting back to Kim.

The last scene was a mirror image of the same from the first episode. Gu was in Hee Woo’s place refusing to give in to the assassin’s demands. Hee Woo had trained hard for this moment in his second life. It looks like this will be an interesting fight sequence.

As they work up the hierarchy, every other plan has faced obstacles as the system is extremely corrupt. I am curious to see which plan is finally able to succed in piercing through Jo’s solid system.

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