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Again My Life- Episode 13 Recap

The assassin lunges at him. Hee Woo dodges to the side as he vows not to lose again. After a few swings, the assassin lands a kick on Kee Woo’s leg. Hee Woo loses his footing. 

The assassin asks if Hee Woo has been training. He says he hasn’t been flustered before. Hee Woo says he feels like he has duelled the assassin 100 times before and tells him to be surprised for what is in store.

The assassin says a real fight is different from a match as he comes at Hee Woo. This time Hee Woo lands some hits on the assassin but the assassin shows no signs of injury.

The assassin grabs Hee Woo and flings him to the wall. Hee Woo fights back but the assassin pins him to the floor and tries to choke him. Hee Woo uses a choke hold on the assassin’s neck. As Hee Woo strengthens his hold the assassin grabs some sand and throws it into Hee Woo’s eyes. Hee Woo loses his grip and calls him out for cheating. The assassin says that real life is different from a match.

Hee Woo says he will teach the assassin a lesson today and runs towards the assassin. He stops short as they hear the police sirens. The assassin says Hee Woo is lucky and walks away.

Sang Man rushes up to Hee Woo and they go to check Gu. Gu is hurt but he says he is fine. Hee Woo tells Sang Man to take Gu to the hospital.

Gyu Ri and Hyun Seok also come to the hospital. Hee Woo says Gu was lucky to get away with a broken rib. Gu says the man wasn’t a normal thug. Gyu Ri says she will check the security footage and find out who that man is. Hee stops her. He tells Hyun Seok and Sang Man to step out.

Hee Woo tells Gyu to step back and release Kim Young ll. He asks them to stop working on the JQ Constructions case. He tells them to say they were scared. He promises that he will catch the assassin. Gu and Gyu Ri reluctantly agree.

Meanwhile, Kim Seok Hoon asks if Hee Woo was the one who told Jo about the Bando bank investigation. Jo says Hee Woo is smart so Kim would’ve got the wrong idea about him. Jo says he saw through Hee Woo. Jo says he hears a lot of things in his position and he knows what Kim is up to. Kim apologises but Jo tells him to do better next time.

After Kim leaves, Jin Woo comes in and tells Jo that the job failed. He says someone intervened and the police came. He says they are checking the security cameras. Han Ji Hyun says that Hee Woo is here and wants to meet Jo.

Jo meets Hee Woo in his study. Hee Woo says the prosecutor on Kim Young ll’s case is his friend. He says he went to persuade his friend to back off from the case but they ran into an attacker. He says he got into a fight with the attacker. Hee Woo says he convinced his friend and Young ll will be released tonight.

Hee Woo says he came here to ask Jo something. He says as a prosecutor he will hunt down the attacker. He says he wonders if the attacker is working for Jo. Jo laughs and Hee Woo apologises. He asks for permission to track the attacker. 

Jo tells Hee Woo not to track him down. Hee Woo asks if he should assume that the attacker is working for Jo. Jo says he meant he would track down the attacker. Hee Woo says he will comply.

As Hee Woo is about to leave, Jo says that Kim Seok Hoon will be the next Prosecutor General and asks Hee Woo if he will be okay. Hee Woo says he trusts Jo Tae Seob’s judgement. Jo asks Hee Woo again if he wants any reward. Hee Woo says he wants nothing. Jo sends him away with a low laugh.

As Hee Woo drives back, Gyu Ri informs him that she released Young ll. She tells him to carry out his plan without a hitch. He says he will.

Back at Jo’s place, Jo asks what Han Ji Hyun thinks about Hee Woo. SHe says he will accomplish anything that he sets out to do. Jo says he likes Hee Woo as he is unlike the rest of them who like to whine and complain. He says Hee Woo always comes with solutions and not problems.

Jo says Hee Woo is not an ordinary kid. He says Hee Woo catches him off guard at times as he figured out Jo’s connection with the assassin. Jo orders Jin Woo to find someone smart within the prosecution to keep Hee Woo in check. He tells Jin Woo to leave Gyu Ri and Gu alone.

The next day Kim is in his office recalling Jo telling him to get rid of Yoon Joon Gi. He calls Hee Woo in and tells him to drop the investigation into Bando Bank as they caught on. Kim says Yoon Joon Gi is Hee Woo’s new target.

Later, Hee Woo meets Hwang and hands over the document containing the illegal loan extended by Bando Bank to Kim Seok Hoon’s son Young ll. He tells Hwang to show it to Kim Jung Taek (Daehan Party Leader) and give him a nudge. He says the General Elections are coming up and no one knows how things will go. 

Hee Woo thinks to himself that Kim Seok Hoon is the bait and Kim Jung Taek is his target.

In his previous life, Kim Jung Tae had apologised to the public and retired from politics after his plan to expose the bando Bank scandal had failed. He mentioned that he had spread false information. Now Hee Woo thinks that he has laid the foundation for removing Kim Jung Tae.

Hwang takes the list to Kim Jung Tae who asks why this is being brought to his attention. Hwang says he is fed up with bending over backwards to Jo Tae Seob. Hwang says Jo wants full control over the prosecution as well as the assembly as he wants to appoint Kim Seok Hoon as the Prosecutor general. He says they can ruin the Minguk Party’s reputation right before the election.

Kim Jung Tae bluntly tells Hwang to stop sticking his nose in other people’s business. He says Hwang could lose his constituency if he doesn’t.

Just then, Kim Jung Tae receives a call from Jo Tae Seob and Hwang walks out.

Hwang calls Hee Woo and says that Kim Jung Tae didn’t look convinced. Hee Woo smiles as he thinks a new gust of wind is coming. 

Kim Jung Tae meets with Jo Tae Seob. Jo says they have to discuss the nominations for the upcoming elections. Kim frowns. Jo explains that the country is not in a good state. He says people are putting off marriages and having kids.

Jo says the ruling and opposition must join forces. He says bipartisan cooperation is mandatoryKim says he can’t discuss nominations with a member of the Minguk Party.

Just then, Han Ji Hyun hands him the file on Kim Jung Tae’s corruption. Kim protests reminding Jo that he handed over Hwang’s list to Jo in return for covering up his corruptionJo points out that Kim is using his nomination rights to earn money on the side. Jo says Kim will discuss the nominations with him.

Kim Jung Tae returns to his office feeling cornered. His eyes fall on the file Hwang gave on JQ constructions.

Kim Jung Tae takes the file to Yoon Joon Gi at the Eastern District Office and suggests they join hands. Yoon refuses saying he couldn’t use this earlier. Kim Jung Tae promises to bring the truth to light in the assembly. He asks Yoong to bring it to justice. He says Yoon can be the Prosecutor General while Kim solidifies his position too. Yoon agrees.

Meanwhile, Jin Woo tells Jo Tae Seob that Yong ll wants to take out a loan from Bando Bank using the money from Chunha Holding shares. Jo tells Park Dae Ho to decline the proposal and that Kim Seok Hoon will take care of it.

Jo tells Han to get Kim Yong Ju on the phone line.

Meanwhile, Jin Hyuk informs Hee A that a National Tax Service team to Chunha Electronics. She says Jo Tae Seob is targeting Yong Jun. Jin Hyuk says Yong Jun is meeting with the finance team to come up with a plan. Hee A says it’s a signal that Yong Jun should go to Jo. She says she will also send a signal to Jo Tae Seob that they cant be kept on a leash.

Kim Young ll and Park Dae Ho are drinking. Park denies Kim’s request for the loan. 

Meanwhile, Hee Woo asks Sang Man how many shares of JQ Constructions he has purchased. Sang Man says they have 3.4 %. Hee Woo tells him to contact Young ll and he will come crawling to Sang Man’s feet. Sang Man says a successful Private Investor has come in and snatched away a ton after hours. He says the name is Park Jong Hyuk. Hee Woo tells him to keep a close watch out for him tomorrow. He tells Hyun Seok that he will be Sang Man’s secretary and driver.

The next day, Sang Man is all dressed up as a CEO and walks into JQ Constructions for the investor briefing meeting. The Executive Director Shin Dae Yong comes up to him and escorts him to Yong ll.

It is night as Sang Man is still with Yong ll. He manages to update Hee Woo that he will be investing with the shares as collateral.

Hee Woo meets Jeon and Sung Ho at the training centre. Jeon says Kim Seok Hoon has been named the Prosecutor General and this is a disgrace to all prosecutors. Hee Woo says Kim Jung Tae may prove useful.

Meanwhile, Han Ji Hyun says the JQ Constructions corruption case has fallen into Kim Jung Tae’s hands. She says neither Hee Woo nor Gyu Ri approached Kim Jung Tae or his acquaintances. She says she suspects that it may be Yoon Joon Gi. Jo tells her to conduct a thorough investigation.

Just then, Kim Seok Hoon walks in. Jo tells him to prepare well for the hearing at the legislative and judiciary meeting. He tells him to be scandal-free till then.

Jo gives Kim Seok Hoon the file on Kim Jung Taek’s corruption case. He tells Kim to just investigate and wait for Jo’s signal to prosecute.

Back in his office, Kim Seok Hoon calls Hee Woo and tells him that he will become the Prosecutor General. Hee Woo congratulates him. Kim tells Hee Woo to transfer Yoon Joon Gi’s case to Choi Kang Jin and tells him to work on Kim Jung Taek’s corruption case. Hee Woo takes the file and thinks that now it is Hwang’s turn.

Hee Woo meets Hwang who is fishing by the lake. He tells Hwang to become the Daehan Party’s Leader. Hwang says he doesn’t want to overthrow Kim Jung Taek.

Hee Woo gives Hwang the file on Kim Jung Taek’s corruption. He says Chief Kim asked him to investigate and guesses it was Jo Tae Seob’s orders. Hee Woo says Jung Taek probably is looking into the Bando Bank case. Hwang asks if Hee Woo planned this. Hee Woo apologises for not disclosing this.

Hee Woo says he plans to help Jo catch Kim Jung Taek. He thinks that he will help him cut off Kim Seok Hoon and make Hwang head of the opposition party. He thinks that he plans to make Hwang Jo Tae Seob’s rival.

Hee Woo asks Hwang to become the party leader. Hwang says Hee Woo has crossed the line. He says in the reservoir, big fish can be caught only after the sun down when the evening dew forms. He says one has to patiently wait after putting the bait. Hwang says it will take time. Hee Woo says the trigger has already been pulled. Just then, there is a tug on the line. They pull in the line and it is a big fish. Hee Woo claps as he says this will be the same case in the National assembly too.

The next day, Sang Man says he found the private investor Park Jung Hyuk’s IP address.

Hee Woo goes to Hee A’s office. He tells her and Jin Hyuk that he is here to discuss Park Jung Hyuk. Hee A says she wanted to give Jo a taste of his own medicine. She says she asked Jin Hyuk to buy the shares. She says Jong Hyuk was an agent and he goes by his pseudonym Jin Hyuk. 

Hee Woo says Jo Tae Seob would have found out too and she may be in danger. She says she thought about it before taking this action. She says once the fight starts focus only on winning. Don’t worry about the bleeding but only think about crushing your opponent.

 Hee A learns that they have 5 % shares when Hee Woo’s and hers are put together. She says they will get voting rights if they get a little more. Hee Woo says Yong ll wants to borrow more. She tells him that Sang Man should await her call and he says Sang Man will be happy to hear that. She says she is ready to help and he thanks her.

Later, Hee Woo tells Sang Man to give Young ll the money as they have the shares as collateral. Sang Man says a large amount of money makes him uncomfortable. Hee Woo says Park Jong Hyuk was Hee A’s person. He says Hee A wants to invest in JQ Constructions with him. He says she wants to meet Sang Man. Sang Man is star struck.

Hee Woo receives a call from Hwang. Hwang says he is going to meet Kim Jung Taek and if everything goes well he will be the party head.

Kim Jung Taek tells Hwang that he will use the JQ Constructions file. He says he will be on his knees in front of Jo. He asks Hwang to take advantage of the situation and expose the information on the file. He says the prosecution is on their side this time. 

Later, Kim Jung Taek hands over their list of nominees to Jo. While returning he tells Yoon to get ready.

Jo goes through the list saying he knew Jo’s weakness but is acting innocent. He says he can’t lash out now.

Lee Min Soo gets off work. A car honks at him and draws his attention. Someone gets out of the car and Min Soo turns toward them.

Hee Woo, Jeon and Sung Ho meet at Hee Woo’s parent’s restaurant. Hee Woo notices Jeon who seems preoccupied. Hee Woo points out that Kim Seok Hoon’s hearing is tomorrow. Jeon continues to drink and avoids eye contact.

The next day, the prosecutors line up as a sign of respect and bow as Kim Seok Hoon proudly heads to his hearing. Min Soo, Jeon and Hee Woo also follow suit. Hee Woo notices Jeon wearing an odd look.

At the hearing, Kim Seok Hoon is questioned on the corruption and his connections with JQ Constructions. Kim says he isn’t corrupt and says he has nothing to do with his wife’s family. He continues to answer the other questions.

Hee Woo watches as Jeon conducts a press conference to expose Kim Seok Hoon’s son Kim Young ll’s corruptions. One of the reporters ask him if he ran this by the Public relations Officer. The other reporters ask if he is going after Kim Seok Hoon. Han Mi says if they have a problem she will report it as an exclusive.

Meanwhile, Hwang sits in the hearing recalling Hee Woo asking him to be there till the very end. Jo notices Hwang’s phone buzz. Hwang says there is some breaking news.

Everyone checks their phones to see that an arrest warrant has been issued for Young ll. Hwang asks Kim Seok Hoon for an explanation. Kim is silent as he looks at Jo. Jo looks at Hwang and then looks away in defeat.

Meanwhile, Hee Woo and Sung Ho watch Jeon as he pours himself a drink. He says they weren’t aware of the briefing. He says they are his last line of defence if anything goes wrong.

Jeon says he has no regrets as he wasn’t going to get promoted anyway. They drink together.

Meanwhile, Jo asks Kim what he wants to do now. Kim asks Jo what should be done and Jo asks Kim to resign. he says he can’t help him. Kim says Young ll will hand over his Chunha holding shares to Jo to be used for national gain.

Jo tells Han Ji Hyun to leak the file on Kim Jung Taek. Jo tells Kim to cover his name with Kim Jung Tae and Kim thanks him. Jo says Kim has to punish his own son to get out of this. He tells Kim to become the Prosecutor General and then think about other things. Jo says he will help him with the public sentiment. He tells Kim to embrace Jeon Seok Kyu and kick him out when things quieten.

The next day, Kim tells Hee Woo to bring Young ll in.

Meanwhile, Kim Jung Taek is furious that Hwang didn’t expose the Bando Bank scandal. Hwang says he saw through Jung Taek’s plan. he says if things went wrong Jung Taek wanted Hwang to take the fall for itHwang tells Jung Taek to resign and Jung taek loses it.

Just then Kim Jung Taek’s secretary rushes in with the news that Jung Taek has been summoned by the prosecution. Kim Jung Taek calls up Yoon.

Yoon doesn’t attend the call as he doesn’t want to go down with Jung Taek. He notices that neither jeon nor Hwang touched upon the Bando bank case.

Jo watches the news that shows footage of Hee Woo escorting Young ll into the prosecutor’s office swarmed by reporters.  The news reports that Kim Seok Hoon had ordered the arrest.

Just then, Jin Woo tells Jo that they are here. Jo tells him to let them in and Min Soo walks in. Jo smiles as Min Soo bows to him.

Min Soo arrests CEO Jeon ll Bo of Mirae enterprises again. He brings him to the prosecutor’s office. He goes to Choi and tells him that Jeon is his this time to punish.

Hee Woo smiles slightly as Min Soo walks away. Jeon and Sung Ho wonder how Kim Seok Hoon allowed this. 

Kim Seok Hoon tells Jo it is difficult to keep Lee Min Soo under control. Jo Tae Seob tells Kim to follow the law in CEO Jeon’s case. He says it will look good for Kim’s resume.

Later, Min Soo and Hee Woo are drinking. Min Soo says he would’ve chosen a fun path if he hadn’t met Hee Woo. He says he found something even more fun and that is to go head to head with Hee Woo. Min Soo says he is working for Jo Tae Seob now.

Min Soo says Jo Tae Seob was the one who cornered his father but Jo was a prosecutor doing his job back then. Min Soo says he will help take Kim Seok Hoon out of the running. He says that will be their last case as partners.

Hee Woo asks if Min Soo wants to take out Kim Seok Hoon and then go head-to-head against him. Min Soo smiles as he nods. Hee Woo immediately says it sounds good to him.

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That was an interesting end to the episode. Jo recruited Min Soo to go up against Hee Woo. Intriguingly, Min Soo says he agreed to it and also let Hee Woo know about it.

Jeon went ahead and exposed Yong ll’s corruption and this did cause a dent in Jo’s plan.

Kim Seok Hoon gave a good incentive of Chunha shares to earn Jo’s favour. Jo Tae Seob has exceptional damage control skills but this comes at a heavy price every time. Kim agreed to throw his son under the bus to gain the title. But Sang Man already holds the shares as collateral. I wonder what Jo Tae Seob will do when he finds this out.

Jo decided to give up on CEO Jeon to recruit Min Soo and make Kim’s resume look pretty. It was revealed that Daehan Party leader Kim Jung Tae handed over Hwang’s list to Jo in return for covering up his corruption. It looks like Jo doesn’t write off their debts with one deal and he keeps them for later use. It is surprising that Jo’s group hasn’t found who is leaking information to Hwang. Hwang made a wise decision by steering clear from the Bando Bank file.

The conversation’s between Hee Woo and Jo are interesting to watch. Hee Woo straight up asked Jo if he employed the assassin and Jo had a readymade reply to that. Hee Woo’s stone face when faced with anything that Jo throws at him and Jo’s smooth responses to Hee Woo’s questions makes their scenes a great watch.

With Min Soo declaring that he will be working for Jo Tae Seob from now and Hee A officially going up against Jo, it looks like things have escalated.

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