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Again My Life- Episode 14 Recap

In the basement parking lot, Min Soo looks at the car that honked when he was walking past. Jin Woo gets out of the car and comes to him with an offer. Jin Woo says Min Soo can realise all the dreams his father couldn’t achieve if he meets with Jo Tae Seob now. Min Soo says he will meet Jo when he is ready.

At the bar, Min Soo relays this incident to Hee Woo. Min Soo says he paid Jo a visit.


Min Soo tells Jo that he has to mentally prepare himself before he met Jo. Jo asks Min Soo how he defines the relationship between assemblymen and prosecution. Min Soo says it is a messed up relationship. He says they use each other to create cartels whose currency is power. He adds that Jo Tae Seob has contributed a lot to establishing such a relationship.

Jo asks if Min Soo knows what he is saying. Min Soo says he came prepared. Jo asks if Min Soo will join hands with him though he may have to do things he doesn’t want to do. Min Soo says he will.

Jo tells Min Soo to keep Hee Woo in check. Min Soo says he will bring down Hee Woo if Jo gives him CEO Jeon ll Bo. He says CEO Jeon made false accusations about his father for taking bribes. He says his father ended up dying in a psychiatric hospital. He says he needs the closure and he will even bring down Hee Woo for that. He says he will leave if Jo doesn’t agree to this. He tells Jo that there are many people who can replace CEO Jeon ll Bo but he is the only person who can keep Hee Woo in check.

Jo asks what Min Soo wants after sorting out his past. Min Soo says he hasn’t figured that out. Jo tells Min Soo to get Jeon ll Bo and promises to paint Min Soo’s future for him.

At present, Hee Woo smiles as he hears this. Hee Woo says he is worried for Min Soo. He asks if it is okay to disclose everything or if Min Soo is doing this to maintain game balance. Min Soo says they should first catch Kim Seok Hoon and then have their showdown. He hands over a file on Kim Seok Hoon’s wife’s corruption to Hee Woo. Hee Woo is grim as he takes it.

The next day, Kim Seok Hoon gives Jin Woo Young ll’s Chunha holding’s sharesJin Woo says Kim will be contacted about the Prosecutor General appointment. Kim says Jo can expect a new and better prosecution. Jin Woo says as the new Prosecutor General, Kim Seok Hoon has to investigate Hee A.

On his way out, Jin Woo runs into Hee Woo, Jeon and the rest of the prosecutors. Hee Woo walks away without acknowledging him. 

In the canteen, Sung Ho says he saw Jin Woo back there. Jeon says Jo wants Kim Seok Hoon as the Prosecutor general and they will soon kick Jeon out. Hee Woo says that won’t happen as they will bring Kim down before he even gets there.

Just then, Hee Woo receives a call from Han Mi and he switches on the TV. 

Hwang is making a statement at the press conference. He says the informant wishes to remain anonymous.


Hee Woo passes the information to Hwang. He says this is from a person who was involved in the Gimsan Drug and Human Trafficking case.

At present, Hwang says that there was one person who was left unpunished and protected by the people in power. Hwang says it was Gimsan’s Assemblyman Gu Wok Chung. He states that it was Kim Seok Hoon who protected Assemblyman Gu.

Hwang says after discussing with his party members he has filed a complaint against Assemblyman Gu of the Minguk party for damaging the decorum and dishonouring his fellow assemblymen by engaging in bribery, sexual bribery and bid rigging. He says he has also filed a complaint against Kim Seok Hoon.

Sung Ho cheers as Hee Woo says a used train ticket has to be thrown. Hee Woo says now is when the real fun begins.

Next, they watch as Gyu addresses the press.


Hee Woo gives Gyu Ri a file. He also tells her to let Yoon Joon Gi know that Kim Seok Hoon is using Choi Kang Jin to hunt Yoon down. Hee Woo says this file will be Yoon’s shield.

At present, Gyu Ri announces that they have secured evidence that Park Min Young (Kim Seok Hoon’s wife) committed money laundering and tax evasion through the sale of art pieces.

Yoon laughs in his office saying they should go down together.

Meanwhile, Jo tells Han Ji Hyun that he feels there is more to come. Jo says Hwang knows he is backing Kim Seok Hoon. Just then, Kim calls him up. Jo asks Kim to meet him here. Jo says Hwang has something big prepared.

At the canteen, Hee Woo tells Jeon that Jo must be wondering if it is worth pulling Kim Seok Hoon out of the swamp again. He says Kim will pay Jo a visit only to realise that he cant be saved. Hee Woo says the last bullet is for Kim Seok Hoon.

Meanwhile, Sang Man is at Hee A’s office and transfers his shares to her. She informs Hee Woo that the transfer is done. She tells Jin Hyuk to tell Park Dae Ho that Hee A owns the Chunha holdings shares that Young ll had.

At Jo’s office, han Ji Hyun gets off the phone from Park Dae Ho. She tells Jo that Young ll’s Chunha holding shares were held as collateral and Park Sang Man sold those shares to Hee A. Jo wonders if Kim Seok Hoon knew this already.

Just then, Kim Seok Hoon rushes in and apologises to Jo. He says he will arrest his wife at once and he will catch Hee A too. He asks for 5 days. Jo tells him to handle the family matter and says he will take care of Gu. Jo says he has a lot planned for Kim when he becomes Prosecutor general and tells him to hold out till he gets there.

Just then, Han Ji Hyun switches on the TV and tells Jo to watch as it is serious. Kim Han Mi is on TV claiming that Kim Seok Hoon is her father. She says she was born out of wedlock. She says Kim left her mother after he passed the bar exam. She says he threatened her mother to keep quiet about this.

Jo realises that this was it.

Jeon asks Hee Woo if this was it and Hee Woo nods.

As Han Mi continues, Jo tells Kim Seok Hoon that this must be true. Kim says he will take care of this and bends down to kneel. Jo yells at him to stop kneeling. Jo says they just have one more thing to deal with and tells Kim to go awayHe tells Kim to finish things off as a prosecutor should.

After Kim leaves, Jo tells Han Ji Hyun to tell Hee to arrest Kim Seok Hoon as the thing with the secret child can’t be undone.

After Han relays the message to Hee Woo, Jo asks if Hee Woo asked why. Han Ji Hyun says Hee Woo just said okay and didn’t ask why. Jo again finds it odd.

Meanwhile, Kim makes a call to Gimsan and asks investigator Oh for Assemblyman Gu’s other corrupt deeds. Oh says he has them ready and will send them to him.

Oh says Gu bought a painting from Jq constructions and has also played golf with Kim Seok Hoon. Hee Woo thanks him.

Hee Woo says he has to head down and tells Sung Ho to send the investigators to meet him in the lobby.

Kim Seok Hoon arrives at the Prosecutor’s Office. He is greeted by Hee WOo and the investigators. Hee Woo apologises to Kim. Kim says it is okay and tells him to go ahead.

Hee Woo places Kim Seok under arrest and the reporters hurl questions at Kim.

Soon, Hee Woo sits before Kim in the interrogation room. He says Kim Seok Hoon can plead the fifth but it will work against his favour. Hee Woo asks if Kim Seok Hoon helped cover up Assemblyman Gu’s deeds. Kim is quiet.

Hee Woo clicks the button underneath the table and the camera stops recording. Hee Woo plays a recording from his phone. It has Joon’s statement which says Kim Seok Hoon asked Assemblyman Gu’s name to be left out of the Press brief. Hee Woo says he is also a witness to this.

Hee Woo says Hwang’s list of the corrupt officials didn’t match the ones which Kim gave him. Kim says that wasn’t his decision and says Hee Woo knows that too. Hee Woo asks if Kim is trying to rope ‘him’ into this. Hee Woo says he will investigate the charges against Kim regarding JQ Constructions and the gallery. Kim Seok Hoon realises that Hee Woo is under order to take him down. Hee Woo says Kim Seok Hoon can’t get away this time.

Hee Woo says he remembers Kim Seok Hoon coming to the Police Station and getting Han Mi out of trouble a few years ago. He says he was present there. Hee Woo says Han Mi is his dear friend. He says she thought long and hard before going public with the truth. He says Kim should know that.

Hee Woo switches the recording back on and asks if Kim Seok Hoon admits to the charges. Kim Seok Hoon admits to the charges.

Hee Woo calls a Press Conference and states that they have arrested and indicted Kim Seok Hoon on charges of suppression, concealment of crimes and abuse of power. He says Kim covered up the assemblyman’s crimes.

Jo watches this from his office. He tells Han Ji Hyun to find Hee Woo’s flaw as there is no one who has a flaw. He says Hee Woo found Jo’s weakness so Jo needs to find one of Hee Woo’s. He says it isn’t anything materialistic.

Jo asks Han Ji Hyun’s opinion of Yoon Joon Gi as the next Prosecutor General. Han says Yoon is their best option and there are no scandals around him. She says he has no connection to politicians before Kim Jung Tae. She says she isn’t sure who should take up Kim’s place at the Central District office. Jin Woo says Jeon will be a good option as he is loyal. Jo tells him to arrange a meeting.

Jo says he wants to have dinner with Yoon Joon Gi. He tells her to let Assemblyman Gu be as they don’t have time for small fry like him.

At his office, Hee Woo runs into Min Soo. Min Soo says their partnership ends today and suggests they drink together. Hee Woo declines saying he has plans.

Later, Han Mi is drunk as she says it was her choice. Hee Woo says he should’ve tried harder to stop her. He says it must have been a tough choice but she did well. He pours her a drink. Han Mi says for the first time ever she feels relieved.  She tells him not to pity her as she is fine. Just then, she receives a call from her mother. Han Mi says she is happy but her mother isn’t

Han Mi gets up to leave. Hee Woo warns her that it will get tough from now on. She says now that people know her face she asks if she should become a celebrity. She says she looked pretty good on screen and leaves.

Yoon Joon Gi and Jo have dinner. Jo says he is disappointed that Yoon didn’t give Jo a heads up about investigating Kim’s wife (JQ Constructions). Yoon apologises.

Yoon says Kim Seok Hoon didn’t deserve to be the Prosecutor General. He says Kim wanted a prosecution that was free of politics. He says that would hinder Jo’s career. Jo tells Yoon that he will soon be getting a call about the Prosecutor Generalhearing. Yoon can’t believe his ears. He thanks Jo Tae Seob.

Hee Woo is in his office. He thinks that he has gotten Jo’s right hand, Kim Seok Hoon, out of the way. He thinks that the next person is Jo’s source of funds, Park Dae Ho. 

Jo tells Park Dae Ho to get ready to buy JQ Constructions since Kim’s wife and son have been arrested. He tells Park to not make mistakes. He says he will need Park’s shares on Chunha holdings soon too.

Jo tells han Ji Hyun that he wants to pay a visit to Kim Hee A.

Jo visits Hee A at her office. She asks him why he sent a National Tax Service team to Chunha Electronics. She says he says he is for developing the economy but his actions speak otherwise. 

Jo asks if pride got in her way before coming to him and asking that. She says that term doesn’t exist for a businessman.

Jo says the National Tax Service will back off if she agrees to name Kim Yong Jun as Chairman. She says he is worried she might use Kim Young ll’s shares to become chairman. Jo says she has read him wrong and puts forth his last offer. He says his patience is running thin amidst the sibling rivalry. She says if he wants her business he must bring her something beneficial and not a threat. He warns her that the prosecution will come for her and she tells him that threatening her will not work.

Sung Ho comes and calls Hee Woo for lunch. He says Jeon got a call and he left. Sung Ho says it would be great if Jeon became Chief Prosecutor and from there the Prosecutor General. They head out to lunch.

Meanwhile, Jo has lunch with Jeon. Jo mentions that Kim Seok Hoon’s position is vacant. Jeon says that it is highly inappropriate for an active prosecutor to discuss personnel with a politician. Jo says he is thinking of giving Jeon the Chief Prosecutor of the Central District Office post. Jo says he will give it under the condition that Jeon kicks Hwang out of the political field. He also tells Jeon to cut ties with everyone except Choi Kang jin who will be his right-hand man.

Jeon asks why he and Jo says it is because he is prudent and responsible. Jo says there is a possibility of Jeon becoming Prosecutor general one day.

Jeon is deep in thought as he is back at his desk. Sung Ho walks in and asks if someone asked him to be the Chief Prosecutor. Jeon’s eyes widen in surprise. Sung Ho says many prosecutors are rooting for him and Jeon snaps at him. Sung Ho is confused as he returns to his desk.

Jeon goes through Hwang’s profile.

Meanwhile, Jo tells Jin Woo that Jeon hasn’t had the opportunity to abandon his principles but now he knows. He says Jeon doesn’t get along with Choi. He says if Jeon doesn’t obey a simple order like making Choi his right-hand man, Jo says he won’t be taking Jeon in.

At night Hee Woo finishes his sparring session. Sung Jae says he is a pro now. Hee Woo says there is someone he has been wanting to go up against and Sung Jae may witness it soon. Just then, Hee Woo receives a call from Hwang.

Hee Woo meets Hwang at a restaurant and congratulates him on becoming the party leader. Hwang says the people’s hearts made it happen and he feels the pressure. Hwang says Yoon will be getting the Prosecutor General’s position. Hee Woo says he expected it as Yoon is Jo’s man. He says there is a lack of trust between Yoon and Jo. Hee Woo says they have to attack Jo Tae Seob again before that trust is broken.

Hwang says there is talk that Jeon will become the Chief Prosecutor and he will mostly get it. Hee Woo is grim as he hears this. He recalls Sung Ho saying Jeon got a call and left.

The next day, Sung Ho notices Jeon is still preoccupied. Hee Woo walks in and gives Jeon Hwang’s full list of people involved in the bribery. Sung Ho pounces on it but Jeon is still facing the window. Hee Woo suggests they have a gathering tonight. Jeon doesn’t reply. Sung Ho asks if something is on his mind. Jeon says it is his wife’s birthday today and leaves. Sung Ho tells Hee Woo that Jeon’s wife’s birthday is in summer and something is off about him. Hee Woo says they should head for lunch. His smile fades after Sung Ho goes away.

Jeon visits Jo Tae Seob and says he cannot arrest Hwang as he is innocent. Jo asks if Jeon isn’t ashamed at his younger counterparts outrunning him. Jeon says he isn’t and that he was born this way. Jo says Jeon will get the ocean view office once again and Jeon says he likes the ocean. Jeon says Jo’s threats don’t scare him. Jo laughs and says he understands now why Jeon is popular among his younger colleagues. Jeon says he rejects Jo’s offer to live as a dog. He gets up to leave.

Jo warns that if Jeon leaves now he will lose everything as a price for uploading his principles. Jeon sits down. Jo says he chose jeon because he needs someone honest and upright. Jeon says he will reconsider if the office has control over other investigations and personnel. He says it is not a condition but his right. Jo tells Jeon to get to work.

Hee Woo and Sung Ho are halfway through dinner when Jeon joins them. Sung Ho points out that Jeon has been acting strange of late. Jeon says he dined with Jo Tae Seob. Hee Woo asks if it was for the Chief Prosecutor position. Jeon smiles as he says there was no way he was getting a fancy title and he says he was turned down.

Meanwhile, Han Ji Hyun tells Jo Tae Seob that éven if Kim Seok Hoon is acquitted, he will be considered unethical because of the secret child. She says he can’t return.

Jo says he grew attached to Kim Seok Hoon and also had trusted him. He says he shouldn’t have trusted greed. Jo wonders if he should trust Hee Woo. He asks Han Ji Hyun if she prepared a leash for Hee Woo. She says it is ready. he tells her to go ahead with it.

Han Mi, Hee Woo, Sang Man and Hyun Seok are at Hee Woo’s parents’ restaurant. Hee Woo says now that she has taken a break from work she should travel. She says she plans to go far.

Just then, Hee Woo’s father says she should go to Bali. Hee Woo says they should plan a family trip to Bali after he wraps this case.

A woman in blue enters the restaurant and she is shown to a table. She watches Hee Woo’s table.

After Han Mi leaves, Hee Woo gets the woman in blue her bill. She says she is staying at a nearby hotel and doesn’t know how to get back. She says she wants to walk back and Hee Woo asks her to come with him.

Hyun Seok and Sang Man watch Hee Woo as he tells her the way. The woman walks away and makes a phone call. She says that she has made contact and she tells the person on the other end to tell Jo that she can do this. She turns around and nods at Hee Woo before walking away.


The woman (Jung Seo Yoon) dines with Jo Tae Seob. He says they will bring her helicopters if she puts a leash around Hee Woo. She says she is not a street level talent to seduce a man. Jo says Hee Woo isn’t a street urchin. She says he is a mere prosecutor and Jo says he won’t be an easy target.

Jung Seo Yoon says all men fall at her feet and for men with power, having her is the best accessory.

Jo asks her if he wants her. She goes quiet and he calls her arrogant. He tells her to do her best with Hee Woo. He says Hee Woo will be the key to her business.

At present, Jung Seo Yoon says this will be easy and walks away.

Sang Man tells Hee Woo that he hasn’t seen Hee Woo look this intensely at a female before. He says Hee Woo hasn’t shown interest though he was surrounded by pretty women like Hee A, Gyu Ri and Han Mi. He says Hee Woo has been single all these years because femme fatale was his type. He then says if that was the case Hee Woo would’ve fallen for Han Mi. 

Just then, Hee Woo receives a call from Hee A asking to see him and Sang Man.

Hee A says JQ Constructions is coming up in the markets soon and Jo has warned other companies not to try to purchase it. She says a paper company will be buying it and Park Dae Ho is putting in the money. She says he will buy it and give them work before selling it at a higher price to another company. She says he will use that black money to buy Chunha holdings shares. She says they have to act fast if they want to acquire JQ Constructions.

Hee A says she will back Sang Man with the investment.

Sang Man approaches Executive Director Shin and expresses interest in buying JQ Constructions. He promises to secure Shin’s future if the deal goes through. Sang Man tells him to convince other Directors.

Soon Shin takes Sang Man to private meetings with other Directors.

Park Dae Ho learns that PSM investment has bid for 300 billion wonPark tells his secretary to approach JQ construction and offer any price they want. He tells him to use the funds from Bando Bank.

Meanwhile, Jeon stands facing the window. Hee Woo brings in a file with the list of illegal loans extended by Bando bankJeon says now is not the right time. He says Yoon is the Prosecutor General and Kim is in prison. They must read the situation carefully before treading. Hee Woo says he will but says he will get everything ready.

Later, Hee Woo and Sang Man meet Hee A. Sang Man says Park offered 320 billion. Hee Woo says then Sang Man should offer 400 billion. Hee A says she doesn’t have that much money. Hee Woo says he thought a conglomerate family must have that much money.

Hee A says they can’t raise that much money on such short notice. She says they don’t use the company’s funds. Hee Woo says he was joking. He says he is just creating smoke and waiting for Park to dig his own grave. Hee Woo says he wants to meet Kim Yong Min the Director of Financial Supervisory Service. She says he always attends the FKI meetings.

Later, Hee Woo waits outside for the FKI meeting to get over. The Director heads over to the restroom. Sang Man is disguised as the janitor. He places a wet floor sign after Hee Woo follows the Director in.

Hee Woo shows the Director a flash drive on Bando bank and says there are a lot of red flags on it that the FSS has been ignoring. Kim Yong Min asks if Hee Woo is going to arrest him. Hee Woo says a mere prosecutor cant arrest a man like him. Director Kim tells Hee Woo to bow and leave since he knows his place.

Hee Woo says the General elections are around the corner. He asks what might happen if Hwang finds this pen drive. He wonders if the Director will be able to complete his term. The Director asks if Hee Woo is threatening him. Hee Woo says he is asking for co-operation. Hee Woo says the Director has to do one thing if the pen drive shouldn’t fall into the hands of the opposition party.

Soon, Park Dae Ho is told that they can’t pull money from Bando bank. The secretary says the FSS sent a notice to Bando Bank to maintain the equity to asset ratio. He says they can utilise only 200 billion from Bando bank and 50 billion from DH money.

Hee Woo tells Hee A that Park Dae must be sacred of Joe Tae Seob as he failed to get Young ll’s shares. He says now Bando bank also got a notice for not maintaining the percentage by the BIS. Hee Woo says once Park is cornered, the gangster side of him will come out.

Just then, Hwang calls up Hee Woo and says Jeon has been appointed as the Chief Prosecutor. He says this is good news.

Hee Woo frowns as he recalls Jeon saying he was turned down.

The next day, the prosecutors line up and applaud the new Chief Prosecutor Jeon Seok Kyu as he walks past them. Jeon makes eye contact with Hee Woo as he crosses him. Min Soo watches Hee Woo after Jeon leaves.

Image Courtesy-SBS


Hee Woo took another blow in this episode and it looks like there is more to come.

This episode also saw Jo’s right-hand man and the Prosecutor General candidate Kim Seok Hoon fall hard. It was interesting to see how far Jo was willing to go to save Kim Seok Hoon before reluctantly letting go. Jo had invested a lot in Kim to cut him off abruptly but Kim Seok Hoon’s record proved difficult for even the mighty Jo Tae Seob to wipe clean. 

Han Ji Hyun mentioned that Kim Seok Hoon can never return especially because of the secret child. I wonder if Han Mi is in danger.

Hee Woo’s plan to bring down Kim Seok Hoon was perfectly executed. He played his cards close to his chest and the timing was impeccable. Han Mi was Hee Woo’s hidden trump card which he used cleverly by distracting them with Kim Seok Hoon’s wife’s corruption. Though Jo knew something was off he couldn’t do anything about it.

Interestingly, Jo used Hee Woo to take down Kim Seok Hoon in the end. Hee Woo confronting Kim Seok Hoon was a good watch as he had Kim’s confession within a few minutes. He also mentioned he is a witness to two incidents in case Kim acted up, one involving Han Mi and the other being Hwang’s bribery list.

Jo grants favour to his pawns but always sees to it that they are pitted against one another. When the time comes he unleashes them against each other.

Intriguingly, Jo Tae Seob’s favours come with an expiry date. Though he has saved a person by burying a scandal before doesn’t mean that he will not bring it up against them again when the situation calls for it.

The powerplay through JQ Construction and Chunha Holdings shares is interesting to watch. Kim Seok Hoon handed over Young ll’s Chunha Holdings shares to Jo Tae Seob which were already held collateral by Sang Man. In the JQ Constructions case, locking Bando Bank’s money using the equity-asset ratio notice was a brilliant move by Hee Woo. It looks like that is one part that is going smoothly without a hitch as of now. But this goes to show that Park Dae Ho is going to retaliate.

Min Soo has been a pillar of support for Hee Woo all along. It should be interesting to see how Hee Woo functions without him. 

Jo also recruited Jeon. Jeon did refuse to go after Hwang. He put forth an interesting condition to Jo in order to take up the position. I wonder how that works for Jo Tae Seob.

Though Jeon and Min Soo are still capable of working against Jo Tae Seob, as of now Hee Woo is down by two very important people on his side. 

Jo doesn’t waste time in weeding out threats in his path. He openly voiced his concern over Hee Woo being a threat. He seems to have thought up a new plan involving Jung Seo Yoon to keep Hee Woo on a leash and I wonder how that is going to go for him.

Most of Hee Woo’s team (Hwang, Han Mi, Gyu Ri, Gu, Hee A) are out in the open one way or another while working against Jo. Sang Man has also come into the light with the JQ Construction investment. Jo Tae Seob has a lot of Hee Woo’s weak points to attack now.

Han Ji Hyun’s story still remains a mystery amidst all of this. 

With just two episodes to go there is a lot more left in the plot before wrapping up. It looks like the last two episodes are going to be action packed.

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