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Again My Life- Episode 15 Recap

A girl (Han Ji Hyun) cries in a room engulfed in flames. She looks over at her unconscious brother and calls out to him. Prosecutor Jo Tae Seob rushes in and grabs her. As he carries her out of the room she tells him that her brother is still in there. Jo Tae Seob tells her to go out and he runs back inside.

Jo lifts the desk that is over Han Ji Hyun’s brother. Jo shields the boy from a falling cabinet and carries the boy out of the room. The boy looks up at him with grateful eyes.

Later Han Ji Hyun goes over to her brother’s hospital room with some flowers. She sees Jo Tae Seob slap Jin Woo. Jo says he told Jin Woo not to do anything dangerous. He says he just wanted to uncover the corruption within the orphanage. 

Jin Woo says he will do anything for Jo. He says he is glad to set himself on fire instead of the orphanage for Jo. Jo says the kids got hurt and the boy lost his memory. Jin Woo says he had no choice but he feels bad for the kids.

Han Ji Hyun is shocked to hear this and she drops the flowers in her hand.

Present day

Jeon removes Hee Woo from Kim Seok Hoon’s case and transfers it to Choi Kang Jin. Jeon also transfers Hee Woo to Division 5 along with Sung Ho.

Choi who is standing beside Hee Woo smirks as he tells Hee Woo not to resent him too much as he promises to give him little credit. Hee Woo starts to object but Jeon sends him away.

Later, Sung Ho tells Hee Woo that Jeon had asked him to resign. Hee Woo says Jeon has a plan as he wants to fight the powerful. Hee Woo says he must follow the order of taking his hands off Kim Seok Hoon’s case. Hee Woo says he will go after Park Dae Ho.

Meanwhile, Park Dae Ho assures Jin Woo that the acquisition of JQ Constructions is going smoothly. Jin Woo says if this goes wrong, Jo may be forgiving but he isn’t. Jin Woo warns Park that he doesn’t want someone who habitually makes mistakes to work for Jo Tae Seob. Park promises to do his best. Jin Woo says Park will pay for it with his life if he doesn’t give it his all.

At her office, Hee A tells Hee Woo that she got the Chunha Insurance employees intrigued. She says Chunha Insurance can offer the funding that Park needs. She says people who have been turned down by backs often come to insurance companies. She says she has told the people in the industry that Chunha is expanding its line of loan products. Hee Woo says Park Dae Ho will take the bait.

Later, Park Dae is having tea with his underling Young Ho from Big Tiger Outsourcing. Young Ho says Park ditched them to go play with big money. Park says they should scoop up the money from Chunha insurance loans. Park asks for Young Ho’s hidden card which is Young Ho’s boy’s speciality. He promises to take 3 billion won and promises the rest to Young Ho. He asks for 10 of Young Ho’s men.

Jin Hyuk gives Hee A a list of loan applicants for Chunha Insurance. He says mailed Hee Woo the same.

Hee Woo mails the document to Oh and asks him to filter out the suspicious ones. He says Park may have used the same names in the past to take out loans. He says Park may have manipulated records to clear some loans and enable him to borrow more funds. Hee Woo asks Oh to check both lists and get back to him tomorrow.

The next day, Oh tells Hee Woo that he found no one with criminal records but he found one name who is listed as a missing person but has taken a loan. Hee Woo promises to buy him dinner. Oh says he is joking. Hee Woo says he is not joking and is started when Oh opens the door. Hee Woo is taken aback to see Oh in Seoul.

Hee Woo’s parents clean up a table as Hee Woo said he was bringing an important person today. They think he is bringing his girlfriend. They wonder how he has time to date.

Just then, Hee Woo walks in with investigator Oh and Sung Ho. His parents are disappointed that it is not a girl but they extend a warm welcome. They wonder if Hee Woo swings the other way.

Oh tells them that he applied for a transfer and got lucky. He says he checked on the list that Hee Woo sent and found some suspicious names. He says they were from Big Tiger outsourcing and they took loans to buy cars after they went missing. Oh says the company is run by Park Dae Ho’s underling. Hee Woo says they probably made it look like they worked there to make them eligible for the loans. 

The next day, Hee Woo heads to one of the missing people Lee Chang Soo’s house. Hee Woo meets with Lee’s wife. She tells him that their baby was born with a congenital heart defect and they took out a private loan to pay for it. She says they couldn’t pay off their debt but one day her husband said that he paid off the debt using the salary advance from a new job. She says he went missing a week after that. She asks him to help and he says he will.

Just then, Hee Woo receives a call from Sung Ho. Sung Ho says they located Lee Chang Soo who is now working for Par Dae Ho’s acquaintance. He recruits people for phone scams and is there against his will.

Hee Woo, Sung Ho and Oh head to Big Tiger Outsourcing. Hee Woo says they can’t call the police as this has to be done in secret. Hee Woo says they can call the police after they get Lee Chang Soo and his boss. Oh says they could also die in secret. Just then Lee Hyun Seok joins them.

Inside, Young Ho is threatening an employee to raise the employee’s interest rate. Hee Woo and his team barge in looking for Lee Chang Soo. Hyun Seok opens the door and finds more thugs inside.

Young Ho orders the thugs to beat up Hee Woo and his team. Sung Ho and Oh lock the door. Young Ho watches in disbelief as Hee Woo and Hyun Seok take down his thugs. Oh asks for backup.

Later, Hee Woo confronts Young Ho at the training Centre. He says he knows Young Ho works for Park Dae Ho. Young Ho tells him to call it quits. Hee Woo says he brought him here so that there is no recording. Young Ho starts panicking when Hee Woo says that tomorrow’s headlines will talk about how Young Ho kidnapped a father and forcefully made him work for him after coercing him to take out an illegal loan. Young Ho just laughs in response. 

Hee Woo says the netizens will go after Young Ho’s family and his daughter can’t even go to school if Young Ho is arrested. Hee Woo asks Young Ho to confess. Young Ho says Hee Woo can’t arrest Park Dae Ho as the media won’t cover it.

Hee Woo says that is his problem. he sits Young Ho down and points out that Young Ho has been embezzling money under Park’s nose. Hee Woo says that Young Ho is prepared to threaten Park in case he gets caught. Hee Woo tells Young Ho to call Park using his burner phone.

Young Ho screams in frustration and calls up Park Dae Ho. Hee Woo puts it on speaker. Young Ho tells Park that CHunha Insurance has approved the loan and they will get the money tomorrow. Park is happy. 

Jus then, Jeon walks in with his investigators and asks Hee Woo to hand Young Ho over to him.

Later, Hee Woo walks into Jeon’s office and asks if he plans to do it alone again. Hee Woo says he already heard everything from Oh. Oh tells Jeon that he had to tell Hee Woo.


Jeon tells Oh to help Hee Woo now that he is here. He says he can take the bullet but he doesn’t want others to get hurt.

At present, Jeon tells Hee Woo to leave Park to him if he wants to get to Jo Tae Seob. He tells Hee Woo to hide his claws and back off.

Meanwhile, Jo Tae Seob watches the news that says a group of loan sharks were arrested and Park will be summoned by the prosecution soon. Jo is furious when he hears that Jin Woo cant locate Park Dae Ho.

In his office, Jeon is equally shocked to hear that Park Hae Do has gone missing.

Meanwhile, Hee Woo calls up Jeon and says he has a fair idea as to where Park Dae Ho is hiding. He asks Jeon to send backups to that particular address as he is heading there. He ignores Jeon tell him not to go there and hangs up

As Hee Woo drives down, He recalls finding Park Dae Ho dead at an address in his previous life.

Hee Woo goes to that address and grabs Park Dae Ho before Jin Woo and the assassin get to him. They watch from afar as the assassin almost kills Park Dae Ho’s right-hand man when he refuses to tell them Park’s whereabouts. Jin Woo and the assassin make an exit when they hear the police sirens.

At night Jeon visits Jo Tae Seob. Jo asks him to release Park but Jeon says he won’t since he was arrested. Jeon says he will release Park if found innocent. Jo says Jeon must be more flexible in order to catch the prey unscathed. Jeon says he will heed Jo’s advice but Jo realises that Jeon won’t listen to him. After Jeon leaves Jo says this is what Jeon meant when he said the office should function independently. 

Han Ji Hyun says that all the orders were given by Jeon and Sung Ho is heading the case.

Jo tells them to put Hee Woo in charge of the case. He says Jeon will back off as he feels Hee Woo is loyal to him. He says it will also show whose side Hee Woo is on. He also asks to meet Yoon Joon Gi.

Hee Woo is at work when he receives a call from Han Ji Hyun saying that he is on Park Dae Ho’s case and tells him to let Park go.

Hee Woo goes into the interrogation room. Park thanks Hee Woo for guaranteeing his safety. Hee Woo says a jail sentence is for sure. Park says Hee Woo cant put him in jail. Hee Woo switches off the recording. 

Hee Woo tells Park that Jo Tae Seob told him to let Park go. He says Jo Tae Seob is waiting for Park. Park tenses as he hears thisHee Woo says he will give Park a week’s time before facing Jo. He asks Park to decide wisely.

Jo speaks to Prosecutor General Yoon over drinks. Jo says he has second thoughts on Jeon. Yoon says it is not a good idea to replace Jeon as he was given the position just now.

Yoon says he will make sure this is Park Dae Ho’s solo corruption case and says he will strike Jeon at his Achilles heel. He says Jeon cant do anything if his subordinates don’t listen to him. Jo tells Hwan to leak news on Hwang’s party member’s suicide attempt to distract the public. Jo tells Yoon that Jeon voluntarily resigning would be the best case scenario.

Jeon meets with the prosecutors. He says that there is an order from the Prosecutor General’s office to put a stop to Park’s case. Jeon says he won’t force them but he reminds them that their Junior colleague is fighting a tough battle for justice. Jeon says that they are free to leave if they don’t believe in this cause. One by one all the 4 subordinates leave the room. A couple of them ask him to bend this one time. Jeon tells them to leave but says he will not back down.

Hee Woo walks in. Jeon smiles as he said they expected this. Hee Woo asks Jeon to hang on till the end. Jeon says laying low and waiting for the right time is his talent. Jeon says he will defend this position when Hee Woo is outside fighting crime.

Min Soo finds Hee Woo as they are leaving for the day. He asks Hee Woo out for drinks. Hee Woo asks if Jo sent him and Min Soo says Jo is dying to find out. Hee Woo says they should go somewhere quiet.

Min Soo and Hee Woo drink at a posh place. Hee Woo says they plan to let Park go. He says they are waiting for the public to forget the case to avoid the backlash. Min Soo asks why he is telling him this. Hee Woo says Min Soo cant go to Jo empty handed. Min Soo says he is touched. Hee Woo asks Min Soo if they are really feuding. Min Soo says no they aren’t as they have no time for that. He receives a call and walks away.

Jung Seo Yoon comes over to Hee Woo and strikes up a conversation. Hee Woo says he is here with someone as Min Soo returns.

As she goes away, Min Soo says she is his type. Min Soo tells Hee Woo that he just relayed everything to Han Ji Hyun now.

Later, Hee Woo joins Jung Seo Yoon by the bar. Hee Woo asks her if they can drink in private.

Soon, Jung Seo Yoon tells Hee Woo that when you are in the trading business you need a lot of connections. She asks him to introduce someone from politics.

Hee Woo asks her what is their relationship. She says it is casual and he says she is wrong. She asks if they are dating and he says she is wrong. He leans over to her and says that their relationship is one of a prosecutor and a criminalHee Woo addresses her as lobbyist Jung Seo Yoon.

Previous Life

Prosecutor Gu Seung Hyuk and Prosecutor Hee Woo are atop a building. Gu is furious as he throws the newspaper that holds the news of lobbyist Jung Seo Yoon’s death on the floor. He says she wouldn’t commit suicide a day before the investigation. He is in despair as he says they could have thrown Jo Tae Seob in jail.

Later Hee Woo is driving when finds out through a phone call that Gu had died in an accident and they found alcohol in his blood. Hee Woo yells in fury.

At present, Hee Woo tells Jung Seo Yoon that if he does as she says, he will become a criminal like her and in turn, she will become his leash. Jung looks at him dumbfounded

Hee Woo walks over and brings a file on Jung. He hands it over to her and says he has enough on her to send her to jail. He asks her if she approached him under Jo Tae Seob’s orders. Hee Woo says he has no intention of becoming Jo’s chess piece. he says he wants to start a new game. He says if she sides with him he will tear up the charge but if she sides with Jo he will throw her in prison.

Hee Woo tells her to go to Jo Tae Seob and say that Hee Woo fell for her plan. He tells her to go ahead and sell any weapons that she wants to sell. He says he will give her the evidence to prove it.

Jung has a smirk on her face as she says she can always narrate everything to Jo Tae Seob and he will protect her. Hee Woo tells her that she is expendable to Jo Tae Seob.

Hee Woo says he is aware that what she really wants to sell is an EMP bomb that will jam electronic equipment. Jung asks him who he is. Hee Woo says that Jung doesn’t want to work with Jo as he charges a high commissionHee Woo says if she sells weapons behind his back she will end up dead.

Hee Woo shows her a picture of Jung meeting with Kwon Jung Kyu, a local arms dealer. he also shows her a picture of Kwon meeting Jo Tae Seob. He warns her not to trust Kwon as he will sell her out to save himself.

Finally, Jung Seo Yoon sees sense. Hee Woo asks her to give her the intel he needs and she will not face any loss. She says she wants things to proceed only after she leaves Korea and Hee Woo agrees.

The next day, Jung Seo Yoon gives Jin Woo a flash drive that contains the recording of Hee Woo agreeing to give her a list of corrupt politicians and contacts from the Ministry of Defence army generals etc to win her over. She says he will give her the information on the days he leaves Korea.

Jin Woo finds it odd that Hee Woo agreed to give her the information. She asks if Jin Woo thought Hee Woo was different and Jin Woo smiles. Then they start discussing the rebate rates. She says she will give him 5 % and he calls her greedy as she is getting 20%. Jin Woo says he wants 30% which is 90 billion won and they won’t negotiate any lower than that.

Later, Jin Woo hands the flash drive over to Jo. Han Ji Hyun says that Park Sang Man has become the CEO of JQ Constructions.

Meanwhile, Min Soo tells Hee Woo that no one will get hurt if he stops now. Hee Woo says the trigger has been pulled already. Hee Woo says the entire nation will be shocked. Min Soo tells him not to get hurt.

After Min Soo leaves, Hee Woo receives a call from Hee A. She says Jo Tae Seob is looking for Sang man as he is the same person who bought Young ll’s shares too

Hee Woo goes to Sang Man and tells him not to attend any phone calls from Jo Tae Seob. He also tells Sang Man not to agree to meet Jo Tae Seob at any cost. Sang Man is worried as Jo is looking for him. Hee Woo tells him not to step out without Hyun Seok

Meanwhile, Han Ji Hyun is looking through something when Jo Tae Seob asks her to call up Sang Man.

Sang Man is eating and he picks up Han Ji Hyun’s call. She says Jo wants to meet him. He says he won’t do as he says. Han Ji Hyun says it is his decision but the consequence is on him too. She says Jo will see him at 7 pm.

Jo says Park Sang Man better agree to meet. 

Sang Man gets ready to see Jo alone without telling Hee Woo. Hyun Seok informs Hee Woo and Hee Woo calls up Sang Man. He tells Sang Man not to go but Sang Man says he is the CEO of PSM Investments.

At 7 pm, Jo is in his study and he is surprised when Hee Woo walks in instead of Sang Man.

Hee Woo says he was the one who made Park Sang Man and orchestrated everything. Hee Woo tells him not to go after Sang Man who is innocent in all this. He says they should talk and Jo asks if Hee Woo knows what he is saying. Hee Woo says he is declaring war. He says he will be the one who punishes Jo Tae Seob for all the crimes he committed all these years.

Jo says everything he did was not for personal greed. Hee Woo tells Jo to stop lying about how he cares for people. Jo Tae Seob says he looks at one’s potential and he is willing to give Hee Woo another chance. He tells Hee Woo to kneel and beg for forgiveness.

Hee Woo asks if he will be given a clean slate if he does that and Jo nods. Hee Woo bursts into laughter as he says he isn’t as generous as Jo. He says he won’t give Jo a second chance even if he begged.

Hee Woo says he will catch Jo. Jo raises his eyebrows and says he wonders if Hee Woo has what it takes to do so. Hee Woo says time will tell.

Jo says he can’t persuade Hee Woo. He wonders out loud if he should strip Hee Woo of his title or send him to an office in the middle of nowhere.

Hee Woo asks if there is any prison Jo would like to go to. He says he wants to see Jo in a shared cell. Hee Woo laughs as he says Jo can be a leader of the cell and Jo joins in. 

Jo says he can see that Hee Woo has a grudge against him but wonders why. Hee Woo says he does but Jo won’t understand if he tried to explain. He says he is speaking as a prosecutor to a criminal and says Jo doesn’t belong here. Jo says he is curious as to how this will end. Jo tells Hee Woo to leave if he is done.

As Hee Woo gets up to leave, Jo says that politicians fight by going after their opponent’s weak point. Jo says Hee Woo shouldn’t have come to this meeting if he treasured Park Sang Man.

Hee Woo comes outside and calls up Sang Man who doesn’t pick up the call. He calls Hyun Seok who says Sang Man went out to the restaurant. Hee Woo tells Hyun Seok to check on Sang Man.

Sang Man is on the roof of a building. Jin Woo and the assassin are with him. Jin Woo tells Sang Man to betray Hee Woo by making up dirt on him. Sang Man smiles in disbelief. Jin Woo promises Sang Man money and power in return.

Jin Woo gives the assassin a nod when Sang Man doesn’t budge. The assassin grabs Sang Man and pins him against the railing. Sang Man screams in terror. Jin Woo demands Sang Man resign or die.

Sang Man tells Jin Woo that he will give him dirt on Hee Woo. They release him and move away. Sang Man asks if he can confirm that this promise is made by Jo Tae Seob.

The assassin walks forward and extracts Sang Man’s phone from his pocket. He sees that Sang Man has been recording their conversation and stops the recording. Sang Man laughs and says he wants to remain Hee Woo’s friend. The assassin throws him off the roof.

Hee Woo and Hyun Seok wait outside the Operating Room. The surgeon comes out and says they don’t know if Sang Man will regain consciousness.

Hee Woo cries in the restroom and splashes water on his face. His expression turns to fury as he grits his teeth and says, “Jo Tae Seob”.

Meanwhile, Jo says it has been a while since he met a fun match like Hee Woo. Jin Woo says he is overestimating Hee Woo. Jo Tae Seob says he doesn’t fear the old people as they have their reputation to protect. He says young people have nothing to lose. Jin Woo says Park Sang Man was a warning. Jo says Hee Woo will challenge him till his last breath. He says Hee Woo will regret this and feel powerless tomorrow.

Jo tells Han Ji Hyun to find out Hee Woo’s phone records and all his personal relationships. He says he wants to meet the Prosecutor General and the Minister of Justice now.

The next day, Hee Woo comes to work to find that Sung Ho and Oh have been transferred to Gimsan. Han Mi gives him a call and says they are sending her to Japan as a special correspondent.

Hee Woo goes into the office to find Sung Ho and Oh packing. They say they like Gimsan better when he says they will meet soon. They tell him to make sure he wins.

Prosecutor Gu calls Hee Woo up and says that he is going to Gangwan Province. Gyu Ri says she is going to Gimsan.

Meanwhile, Jin Woo tells Han Ji Hyun that Hee Woo will be all alone. He says Hee Woo will feel like he is standing at the edge of the cliff, powerless because there is nothing he can do. Jin Woo says Jo is making an example out of Hee Woo to show other prosecutors and assemblymen that he should be feared. He tells Han Ji Hyun that she must know that fear easily turns to respect.

Hee Woo recalls all the times he spent with Sang Man, Gyu Ri, Gu, Min Soo and Jeon.

Hee Woo meets Hwang. Hwang says he has no one around him as all of his colleagues and friends are getting hit by the Prosecution or the Press. He says word has spread that whoever works with him will get burned by Jo. He says he expected this but did not think that he would get this alienated. He asks Hee Woo if he is okay.

Hee Woo says he didn’t think it would turn out this way. Hee Woo says he regretted it for a bit and thought that he should have left Jo Tae Seob be. He says no one would’ve gotten hurt or died. Hee Woo says he can’t turn back time. He vows to give Jo Tae Seob a taste of pure miseryHee Woo asks Hwang for a favour. He says it could be easy or hard.

Meanwhile, Jo is on phone with Yoon and says he won’t be getting involved in transfers for some time now.

Jo calls Min Soo and says Hee Woo wants to bring Jo down. He tells Min Soo to bring Hee Woo down.

Jo asks Min Soo what he wants and Min Soo says he wants to walk in his father’s footsteps and restore his father’s honour. Jo says Hee Woo will be Min Soo’s ticket to a National ticket in the assembly. Jo orders Min Soo to bring down Hee Woo. Min Soo says he will.

Min Soo walks into his office with a smirk saying that Hee Woo is his ticket.

Hee Woo stands in his empty office with no subordinates to do his work. Min Soo walks inside and says he hates to break the bad news. Min Soo says he wants Hee Woo to be his ticket

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As a child, Han Ji Hyun and her brother were rescued by Jo Tae Seob and it looks like that is how Han Ji Hyun ended up in Jo’s workforce. She didn’t seem happy when she learnt that Jo’s man Jin Woo was behind the orphanage fire. 

Jin Woo is turning out to be a menacing character as he is obsessed with destruction and killing. He has put his toes out of line in the past to Jo Tae Seob’s annoyance. At present, he did mention that he is not as forgiving as Jo Tae Seob and one wonders how much of his actions were actually approved by Jo Tae Seob.

Jo’s coalition with Jeon was a bad move as Jeon was vocal about following his principles from the beginning.

Putting Hee Woo in charge of Park Dae Ho’s case was an interesting move from Jo Tae Seob to find out on whose side Hee Woo is. But Hee Woo revealed his ulterior motive before Jo got a chance to find out for himself.

It is odd that the brilliant Sang Man was naive enough to step out without Hyun Seok despite Hee Woo telling him not to do so. 

Hee Woo knew Jung Seo Yoon from his previous life. Prosecutor Gu died in a case involving her in his previous life. Jung seems to be greedy and dull-witted as she gave too much credit to herself and it took a lot of convincing to make her see sense. 

Min Soo makes it a point to tell Hee Woo what is going on with him and Jo Tae Seob. It does make one wonder whose side he is on. 

Hee Woo put in a lot of effort in his second life and yet ended up in a similar situation as his first life. Involving everyone this time around came with its own consequence.

Hee Woo seemed more upset this time as in the previous life he was the only one who took a hit but this time it was everyone else. 

Interestingly, despite the hit they took, Hee Woo’s team are better off in this life when compared to their first life.

Hee Woo’s heads up into his second life has run its course and this time Jo Tae Seob knows Hee Woo well. 

It was only a matter of time before Jo Tae Seob went after Hee Woo’s team and it took Jo long enough. Jo removed Hee Woo’s whole team out of the way through absolute abuse of power. 

Hee Woo worked alone in his previous life and he came quite close to catching Jo Tae Seob. He is older and wiser this time and I am curious to see how he finishes what he started.

-By Soul Sword-

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