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Germany Vs Mexico – Fifa World Cup

The match started off with both the sides playing aggressively. Every few minutes there were attempts made at the goal. The German defence was not up to the mark from the start as many chances went through them leaving Neuer (German goalkeeper) to save them. Mexico, on the other hand, was in a terrific form… Continue reading Germany Vs Mexico – Fifa World Cup

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Argentina Vs Iceland Fifa World Cup

-By Soul Sword- The match got off to a slow start with both the sides missing the opportunities to score early on. 17 minutes into the game, Sergio Aguero scored a goal putting Argentina in the lead 1-0. After scoring the first goal, Argentina seemed to be enthusiastic and kept attempting shots at goal but… Continue reading Argentina Vs Iceland Fifa World Cup

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Spain Vs Portugal Fifa World Cup

-By Soul Sword- This match was a treat to watch as it was an action-packed game just as expected. Three minutes into the game and Christiano Ronaldo had earned himself a penalty which he converted into a smooth goal. It was not long before Diego Costa equalised by scoring a tough goal which was referred… Continue reading Spain Vs Portugal Fifa World Cup

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The Office Picnic

-By Brave Flower- It was December, the time for our annual office picnic. It was customary for us to select one picnic spot and spend a day there with our families. Usually we go on this trip the weekend before Christmas and this time the manager had chosen a riverside. We split ourselves into two… Continue reading The Office Picnic

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A Day In The Life Of A CCTV Camera

By Brave Flower Today is my first birthday. It has been one year since this house owner proudly installed me on the first-floor balcony in his house. He placed his full trust in me and from that day onwards I have been clearly recording whatever happens on the road as far as I can see.… Continue reading A Day In The Life Of A CCTV Camera