The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge- Episode 13 Recap

Yo Han vows to kill her in a horrible lonely way which suits her the best. Sun-A smiles and Yo Han laughs. Yo Han grunts in pain. Sun-A slides a phone towards him. It shows footage of Ga-on in the slum chased by Jukchang and his men. Sun-A says Yo Han has to save Ga-on now. She says she wants him to be dead lonely. She and Jae-Hee walk away.

Yo Han peers over the railing and sees K’s lifeless body below lying in a stream of blood. Yo Han howls in agonised fury.

Yo Han staggers down the staircase. He calls up Soo Hyun and gives her Ga-on’s location. He tells her to save Ga-on and hangs up.

Yo-Han walks towards K. He groans in pain as he kneels next to K. He runs his hands through K’s hair. Yo Han says, “Your life really blows. Just as much as mine. It was almost over. You just had to live your own life. Me and you.”

Yo Han clutches his abdomen as he rolls over and lies down. He grunts in pain and dials Elijah’s number. She doesn’t pick up. Yo Han doesn’t seem surprised.

He lets out a laugh and tears streak down his face.

Ga-on runs through the crowd as the thugs follow him. Soo Hyun drives into the slum and picks up Ga-on. The thugs smash the wooden pipes against the car as she manages to drive away.

Meanwhile, Lawyer Ko, Soo Hyun’s Chief and the rest of the team are also pursued by the Social Responsibility Foundation’s thugs. Ko and the Chief manage to escape their clutches but Han So Hoon (actress and fake first witness on Young Min’s case) is taken away. The writing on the van says the destination is Dream Home Village.

Soo Hyun tells Ga-on that she is fine as long as he is not hurt. He says he got a strange phone call saying Min was here. He says he realised it was Jukchang. Soo Hyun says she spoke to Min in the morning and he is still at the hospital. Ga-on asks how Soo Hyun knew his location. Soo Hyun thinks for a moment and says she got information on the Police radio.

Yo Han lies on the ground unconscious. K’s voice echoes as he asks Yo Han to get up. Yo Han doesn’t budge. K’s soul speaks to Yo Han.

Yo Han jerks awake as he finds Lawyer Ko, a doctor and the Chief standing beside him. Ko says all Yo Han’s people are being taken away. He says he checked Yo Han’s phone for the location and got here. He says they have given first aid. He adds that Han So Hoon has been taken. Yo Han asks them to find her. They all turn around and glance at K’s body.

Elijah wakes up and she picks up her phone.

Yo Han is driving back home as he asks why she didn’t pick up his call. She says she was sleeping. Yo Han tells her not to open the door to anyone. She says okay.

Yo Han comes home and is shocked as hears Elijah talking to someone in the kitchen. Yo Han pulls his coat closer to cover the bloodstain and goes into the kitchen to find Sun-A and Jae-hee there with Elijah. Elijah says Sun-A saw some people hovering around the house. Elijah claims Sun-A protected upon Yo Han’s request.

Yo Han walks in and sits before Sun-A. He thanks Sun-A for looking out for Elijah. Yo Han watches Jae-Hee who smirks as she shows him the gun inside her jacket.

Yo Han glares at Sun-A as he asks Elijah to go to her room while he speaks with Sun-A. Sun-A says Elijah should stay here as they just now got close. Elijah agrees as she says they are similar and it will be interesting to know Sun-A.

Sun-A gets up and goes over to Elijah. She stands behind her and strokes Elijah’s hair. She watches Yo Han as she says they both are smart and ruthless. She places her hand around Elijah’s shoulders and says they both are a bit broken. Sun-A thinks that this is only the beginning.

Elijah swats away Sun-A’s hands and tells her not to cross the line. Sun-A apologises and walks away.

After she goes away, Elijah comments that Sun-A is weird. Yo Han smiles and Elijah asks why he is sweating so much. She asks if something happened to him. Yo Han swallows hard as he says nothing happened. Elijah comes forward and pulls his coat open. She sees his bloodstained shirt and asks what happened. Yo Han hugs her and reassures her by saying he is okay.

Soo Hyun dresses Ga-on’s wounds. Ga-on apologises to her for putting her through all that when Cha died. She says she wasn’t a great cop anyway.

Ga-on says Kang Yo Han’s ways are not right but he can’t stand it. Ga-on says if he doesn’t do this he will go crazy. He says he doesn’t deserve to be next to Soo Hyun. He says he was a nuisance to her since he was a kid but he can’t live without her.

Soo Hyun says she doesn’t care what is happening but she doesn’t want to see him in danger again. She tells him not to cry and not to ruin his life. Ga-on pulls her towards him and kisses her.

As he pulls away, Soo Hyun is awkward. She speaks non stop and she says she has to go. He calls her but she leaves hastily.

Meanwhile, The foundation members have a meeting. Sun-A says that most of Yo Han’s assistants have been picked up by the evacuation bus. Just then, Jin Joo enters the room after giving finishing her broadcast. Jin Joo says she is worried about the effect of the virus on the working class. She is told not to worry.

Jin Joo says she should go to the location instead of filming the broadcast. Park tells her to leave it to the professionals. Sun-A tells Jin Joo to get ready to become the presiding judge. She smiles and leaves.

Yo Han watches the news which says the Dream Home Project is going on faster than ever. The doctor advises him to rest and leaves.

Elijah comes in and asks if he is really okay. She asks how he got hurt this bad. Yo Han smiles as he says he is fine. Elijah asks if he is sure. Yo Han tells her not to worry and he will keep him safe and healthy till she can stand on her feet and kill him. Elijah is annoyed as she goes out.

Yo Han calls up Lawyer Ko. Ko says the Foundation has taken away Han So Hoon and the others under the pretext of evacuation. Just then, Heo gives a Press Statement.

Heo says the Press should follow what the Government is saying. He says a night curfew from 10:00 will be introduced. He also says that the government rounded up a group of rebels who were spreading false rumours.

Yo Han recalls K, Issac and Han. He remembers bringing Ga-on to his side. He crouches on the floor and grabs his head as the faces of his enemies swims before him.

Yo Han recalls Issac giving him the necklace and asks him to promise not to hurt the innocent. At present Yo Han apologises to Issac as he can’t keep his promise.

Ga-on walks into his office to see Jin-Joo. He tells her that the virus is just a lie. Jin-Joo doesn’t believe him. He asks her to find out for herself and shows her his wounds. He says they are beating people with metal pipes. He points out that Jukchang is on the frontlines to combat a virus without wearing any protective gear. Ga-on tells Jin-joo that she is being used. She still doesn’t believe him.

Later, Ga-on on phone with Yo Han. He asks why Yo Han isn’t at the courthouse. Yo Han says he is glad that Ga-on is fine. he says he will talk later and hangs up.

Yo Han visits Heo at the Blue House. H asks Heo what he is doing. Heo says he is protecting the people. Yo Han says Heo is using a Private Organisation to drag away the poor. Heo says he is the lives of tens of millions in more significant than 10000.  He says the people will be happier when this is over as the real estate prices will skyrocket. Yo Han asks if there is even a virus.

 Heo asks if he is a lunatic. Yo Han warns him to stop. He threatens to reveal everything on the live court show if Heo doesn’t stop. Yo Han says angry people will set the place on fire and drag Heo out like a mutt.

Heo says Yo Han has nothing on him. He says the citizens won’t believe Yo Han over him. He says the same people who made Yo Han popular have put Heo on the seat too. He says people prefer his policies over Yo Han’s. He taps Yo Han’s cheek as he asks if he gets that. Yo Han moves Heo’s hand away. Yo Han says it is fine if Heo wants to test his luck. He goes away.

Meanwhile, Jin-joo goes over to the slum. She is shocked to see the people being beaten up and dragged away in evacuation buses.

Soo Hyun gets a call from the elderly woman at the church. She tells Soo Hyun she heard something about Jung Joseph’s whereabouts in a district near Seoul.

At night Ga-on waits outside his house. Soo Hyun comes up the stairs. They go inside and Soo Hyun is still awkward around him. Ga-on says he won’t apologise for what happened earlier. He says he got the order wrong.

Ga-on says he was trembling throughout the day in fear that things would become awkward between then. He says he was always worried that if they got together they would end up fighting like other couples. He says he was worried that they would break up because she was the only one he has. He says he would never feel lonely if they were good friends. He calls himself stupid and selfish.

Ga-on says he doesn’t care about anything any longer. He says he wants to like her forever. He says he likes her a lot. Soo Hyun smiles as she opens her arms inviting him for a hug. He walks into her arms and they embrace.

Soo Hyun sleeps on the cot while Ga-on lies awake on the floor. He watches Soo Hyun sleep.

The Foundation meets again. Heo wonders if Yo Han has something on them. Park and Min say that they are in control of the Government and the press. He says if they say the virus exists, it will. Heo says they should get rid of Yo Han but the country will flip out. Sun-A agrees.

SunA suggests that they should get rid of Yo Han’s stage. She says a star is no longer a star without a stage.

Soo Hyun wakes Ga-on up in the morning and tells him to watch the news. Heo gives a statement. He says the live trial will be dissolved and an emergency court will function. He says this will deal with cases on disruption of pandemic assistance, illegal gatherings or protests. He says the Emergency court will be presided by Oh Jin Joo and the associate judges will be selected based on applications.

Ga-on tells Soo Hyun that they should stop this. He says only Yo Han can do this. Soo Hyun says Yo Han is dangerous and is against this. She says she is onto something and she will find out something about Yo Han soon. Ga-on asks her to trust him this once. he says they can find out about Yo Han later. Soo Hyun is quiet.

Yo Han is on phone with Lawyer Ko. He asks if it is possible. Ko says they will have to do it with whatever people they have.  He says they have someone who can get into the main control room. Yo Han hangs up as Gaon walks in.

Ga-on says innocent people are getting beaten up and asks if Yo Han won’t do anything about it. Yo Han is quiet. They turn as someone knocks on the door.

Soo Hyun drives over to the town and she searches for Jung Joseph. She has the direction to a house with a blue door. She reaches the street asks a woman if she knows Joseph from the photograph. The woman says she doesn’t know him. 

Jin Joo walks into Chairman Park’s office. He promises to make her Chief Justice. She says if she has to take Yo Han’s position she has to do it properly. She says she needs his popularity. She says she doesn’t want to look like a person who took her superior’s position. She says she wants to give a speech just like Kang Yo Han’s inaugural speech at the same place. She says Yo Han and Ga-on will be sitting behind her. Park wonders if Yo Han will agree to this. She says she will convince Yo Han that she will give him a goodbye broadcast. Park agrees to this.

The live court shows PD and staff are worried about the show being cancelled. Just then, Jin Joo calls him.

Jin Joo and the PD join Yo Han in his office. Yo Han tells Jin Joo that he is so touched that he wants to cry. She tells him not to take it in a wrong way. The PD says they will resume the live trial after the emergency situation is over. Ga-on asks Jin-Joo if she needs sidekicks. Yo Han immediately agrees to it.

Soo Hyun finds that all the houses have blue doors. She starts asking for Joseph in every house. No one seems to know him. Finally, she gives up as no one answers the last door. As she walks away, Jung Joseph opens the door. He immediately tries to close the door but she shows her ID and talks with him.

The Judges travel in a car and the TV crew follows them in another vehicle. Suddenly the crew receives a call from Jin Joo and she tells them that they will take a break for lunch.

Ga-on sits beside Yo Han in the car and they exchange a look.

One of the staff back in the control room seems nervous. He slowly goes over to the door and opens it for Lawyer Ko’s men. The men take over the broadcasting studio’s control room. Ko walks into the control room and informs Yo Han that they are in.

Yo Han, Ga-on and Jin Joo get out of the car. Jin Joo tells the PD that she will make sure they get high ratings. They walk to the edge of the roof and the PD is shocked as he sees the violence against people in the slum. Jin Joo says they have to show what is happening here to the world.


Yo Han and Ga-on turn as they hear a knock on the door. Jin Joo walks in. She tells Yo Han to count her in as she saw everything that is happening in the slums. She says she is ready to do anything. Yo Han asks if she is serious and she says yes. Yo Han says this is good because it will seem natural.

At present, the PD barks orders to his team to get the set-up ready. Yo Han tells the PD that it is time for a trial. The crew and the judges wear the protective gear that the Foundation’s workers are wearing. They walk through the chaos and they film everything on the way.

They reach a footbridge and the Police Chief Jo tells Yo Han that he will take it from here. He closes the door to the bridge and chains it.

Yo Han, Jin Joo, Ga-on and the PD walk onto the bridge. The rest of the crew are stationed on the roofs of the buildings.

The cameras roll as Yo Han calls for attention. He then addresses the people. He shows the violence in the slum and says that the government has been lying to them. 

The people are surprised as they see this on TV.

Heo calls up Park and orders him to stop the show. Heo then tells his men to tell Jukchang to kill Kang Yo Han.

Yo Han urges the people to vote through the DIKE app. Just then, Jukchang and his men come running. Jukchang looks up at Yo Han who smiles at him. The thugs start throwing things at the judges. Ga-on and Jin Joo move away but Yo Han doesn’t move. He continues to talk.

The Chief beats up the men who try to come near the door. The men continue their attempts to break the door.

Jukchang yells in fury. One of the stones hit Ga-on and his forehead bleeds. Yo Han asks if he is fine. Ga-on tells Yo Han to go on.

The whole nation watches the broadcast.  Soo Hyun is worried as she sees Ga-on hurt. She drives to the slum.

After sunset, the burning fires light up the slum. Jukchang’s men continue with the violence as the judges look on.

Just then, one of the rocks hit Yo Han on the head. This angers an elderly man. He tries to attack Jukchang. Jukchang hits the man and the old man falls.

Jukchang looks up and shouts, “Kang Yo Han. Get down here!”. He starts hitting the old man repeatedly with a golf club. Ga-on and Jin Joo are shocked but Yo Han looks on. Jukchang beats the old man to death.

Yo Han shouts,”Kim Choong Sik!”. Jukchang throws away the club and calls Yo Han down. 

Heo orders the electricity to the entire station and the surrounding area to be cut off.

The big screens throughout the city go blank as the power supply is cut off.

The slum is in darkness too. The PD whispers to his team and asks if the lights are in place. He tells them to wait.

Yo Han switches on the torch in his phone and lifts it up. Ga-on and Jin Joo follow suit. Soon all the people switch on the torchlight on their phones. Jukchang and his men laugh at this.

Yo Han yells, “Darkness cannot beat the light.” The PD gives the go-ahead and the focus lights come on. Yo Han repeats, “Darkness cannot beat the light.” The other set of focus lights come on.

The people walk in a group towards Jukchang’s men. Jukchang and his men are forced to retreat as the people start attacking them. Ga-on watches Yo Han who watches the people attack Jukchang’s men. Jukchang is dragged away by his men.

Heo takes in deep breaths as he says Yo Han disgusts him.

The crew congratulates everyone and they pack up after the place is quiet. Soo Hyun drives up to the place as they are about to leave.

She runs towards Ga-on as Yo Han and Jin-joo look on.

Just then, a man walks in with a gun and he points the gun at her. Ga-on calls out her name and points behind her. Soo Hyun turns around as the man shoots. The bullet lodges into her chest and she falls.

The Chief chases after the shooter but the man gets away.

Ga-on rushes towards Soo Hyun. Yo Han and Jin Joo take a few steps towards them but stop.

Ga-on holds her in her arms as she says she told him not to get hurt. She whispers, “Ga-on I love you.” Her body goes limp in his arms. Ga-on is shocked.

Yo Han watches them silently. The crew who were hiding behind the truck come out slowly.

Ga-on cries holding Soo Hyun as he desperately shouts for help.

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Sun-A turned out to be a hidden Trump card for the Foundation. She is solely driven out of an obsession with Yo Han unlike the rest of the members of the Foundation. It looks like she wasn’t even on Yo Han’s hit list at the beginning of the series but now she has made it to the top of it.

Isolating a person from their close ones is one of the main characteristics of an obsessed person. Sun-A took this literally as she abducted or tried to abduct all the people assisting Yo Han.

It is intriguing to see Heo and Sun-A went using a fake virus outbreak to get their work done. 

On the other hand, Jin Joo turned out to be quite sensible. She caught on to what Ga-on was saying and she realised she had made a mistake. She wasted no time in correcting the mistake either.

This is not the first time that Yo Han used Chairman Park’s live trial show to make the Foundation look bad. Chairman Park unwittingly gave permission to dig his own grave when he agreed to Jin Joo’s broadcast.

Yo Han did not move when the stones were hurled at them. It looked like he deliberately put himself out there so that in case he is hurt it would trigger a spark among the people. 

It looks like Soo Hyun found something about the Church fire. Though she confessed her love for Ga-on before death, one is left wondering what she discovered from her trip to find Jung Joseph. One doesn’t feel for her death as the character didn’t accomplish anything in the series. 

It does look like Ga-on will be affected by her death. 

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