The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge- Episode 14 Recap

Ga-on is grief-stricken at Soo Hyun’s funeral. He stands away from the gathering. He recalls all the times Soo Hyun was there for him. Min feels bad for him.


Soo Hyun and Professor Min attend Ga-on’s appointment ceremony. They pose for pictures. Soo-Hyun is teary-eyed and proud of him.

As children, Ga-on gets hurt while playing. He cries and Soo Hyun comes up to him. She hugs him and tells him it will be okay and not to cry. She says she loves him.

After she is shot, Soo Hyun tells him not to cry or get hurt. She says she loves him before dying in his arms.

At present, Yo Han brings Elijah to the cemetery after the funeral. Ga-on sits at Soo Hyun’s grave and cries his heart out. Elijah cries softly seeing him.

Later, Ga-on wakes up in Yo Han’s house. Yo Han and Elijah are there. He asks if the shooter has been found. Yo Han says they haven’t. Ga-on gets up to go but Yo Han holds him back. Ga-on says he wants to kill the jerk.

Elijah intervenes and asks him to stop. Yo Han moves away as Ga-on stops resisting. Elijah asks him if he wants to die on the street and how Soo Hyun will feel if she sees him like this. She promises that they will find a way and tells him to stay here till then. Ga-on falls to his knees and cries.

At night Ga-on speaks to Yo Han in his study. He asks who would have shot Soo Hyun. Yo Han says they were planning to attack everyone in the confusion. He says the Foundation cut the power supply and stopped the broadcast. He says their plan did not work and hence they planned to kill them off.

Ga-on is sorrowful as he asks if Soo Hyun died in his place. He breaks down again. Yo Han says he knows how Ga-on feels. He says Ga-on feels like he is in a fiery pit that he will never get out of.  Yo Han says he knows how Ga-on feels because he lives in the same fiery place.

Yo Han says if Ga-on can find time to cry he must find the people who are responsible for it and make them burn in the same pit. He says that is the only way to survive the place.

Ga-on asks if Yo Han arrested Jukchang. Yo Han nods. Ga-on says they have to start with him. Ga-on gets up and says he is ready.

The next day, Yo Han, Jin Joo and Ga-on come for the press meet. Yo han states that the Government workers assaulted the innocent public. He says an unidentified gunman shot and killed a police officer. He adds that the government hasn’t given a proper explanation for this either. Yo han declares that he will take this case of State violence to the court.

Yo Han is asked about the Emergency court. Jin Joo steps in and says she won’t be a part of the so-called emergency court which aims to suppress and control the citizens. Ga-on says more than 5 million citizens have already voted not guilty. He says whoever tried to stop this trial is guilty.

Meanwhile, at the Foundation, Chairman Min tells off Park for obsessing over ratings. He says Yo Han is openly threatening them now. Park says he didn’t expect Oh Jin Joo to stab them in the back. Sun-A says Jin Joo probably wants to get to the top on her own.

Heo says he isn’t scared. He says they cant pressure the Supreme court or the media as the whole world watched Jukchang kill the old man with a metal Pipe.

Sun-A says it is time to shift blame.

Heo holds a Press Meet. He apologises on behalf of the Government for the field workers’ behaviour. He says this shouldn’t be used as the basis for criticising emergency operations. He says this action will be considered treason.

Later Heo tells Sun-A that the virus is the problem. He says people are wondering whether the virus is there or not. He says they should release the virus in the slums to prove it. She asks if he intends to spread it on purpose. Sun-A gives him a disapproving look and he asks if she is against this. She gathers herself up and says she is moved. Heo says she doesn’t look like is happy with this. He then asks if she still has feelings for Yo Han.

Sun-A tells him to get Jukchang to keep his mouth shut while she takes care of Kang Yo han. She asks if Heo still has feelings left for Jukchang. Heo looks uneasy.

Meanwhile, Yo Han and Ga-on discuss the case. Ga-on says they have o prove the virus doesn’t exist. Yo Han says Lawyer Ko knows a researcher who worked at the Emergency response headquarters. He says he is meeting with him later. He asks if Ga-on wants to come. Ga-on says he will.

Yo Han asks if Ga-on ate. Ga-on says he isn’t hungry. Yo Han says he is hungry and he is going to make some Ramyeon. He asks if Ga-on will join him. Ga-on refuses politely and walks away.

Later, Ga-on is listening to something on his earpods. Elijah comes in. She tells him to listen to something cheerful. She asks if he has eaten and say she is going to make some Ramyeon. Ga-on smiles as he says she is just like her uncle Yo Han. Elijah is offended. He says both of them are bad at comforting others. He says it feels good that she is so bad at comforting. He thanks her and she asks what’s with him before going out. Ga-on goes back to playing the recording which has Soo Hyun’s voice in it. He starts crying.

Sun-A is at home drinking alone. She comments that Heo is a crazy clown. She calls up Jae-Hee and asks if the neighbourhood she grew up in, comes under the emergency quarantine area. Jae-hee says it is a poor area so it probably is. She says the Youth welfare Centre is safe because it is associated with the Foundation. Sun-A’s eyes tear up.

Jae-hee asks if Sun-A is going through menopause as she sounds like she is caring for people. Sun-A says she cares for Jae-hee. Jae-hee reminds her that they have a business relationship and tells Sun-A to make sure that she gets paid well. Sun-A says Jae Hee is rude.

Sun-A hangs up and wonders, “How did I end up here. What can I do? I am already here.”

Yo Han and Ga-on meet the researcher. The Doctor says he has seen no scientific evidence to prove the existence of a mutated virus. He adds that the Blue House changed the researchers and they classified the key documents. He says armed soldiers are restricting everything. He says he peeked at some autopsy reports but none of the cases was similar. He says a virus doesn’t give these many symptoms. He says the only commonality between them was that they were all malnourished. He says they all seemed like homeless people from poor areas. He says poverty killed them and not the virus. He says they are using the name of the virus to clean people up. He says he will testify in court.

Ahead of the trial, the people are banned from entering the supreme court because of the virus. It is declared that the defending Counsel is an Active Duty Colonel and Deputy Minister of Legal Affairs.

The trial begins. The Defending Counsel maintains that this was an accident. Yo Han plays the footage of Jukchang killing the old man. The defending Counsel still maintains that it was an accident as they should see the context.

Yo Han asks which context allows someone to beat an elderly man to death. The Defending Counsel says that Korea is in a state of war right now. He says the field workers risk their lives by going there. He says incidents like these are bound to happen when residents don’t follow the orders.

Yo han asks if this is proper execution of justice. The Counsel says protecting people against the virus is the biggest priority. He asks if Yo Han will take responsibility if something happens.

Yo Han smiles as he says they will find out if the Nation is in a state of war. He says they will find out if the virus exists by calling a witness. The Counsel asks him to go ahead.

Yo Han calls for Dr Yoon Myung Jin. The spotlight is on the door but no one walks through it. Yo Han repeatedly calls Yoon’s name but gets no response.

The Defending Counsel tells Yo Han that Dr Yoon passed away this morning. He claims Yoon was infected with the mutated virus while treating a patient. Yo Han looks at Ga-on who is tense.

Jukchang finds it difficult to hide his laughter. The counsel says Yoon’s death proves the existence of the virus.

Back at the Foundation, the members enjoy the live trial while having snacks.

During recess, both Jin-Joo and Ga-on are worried. Jin-Joo asks what they should do as the only option left is to make Jukchang talk. Yo Han says he has prepared something and asks both of them to stay quiet as he gets on with it.

The trial resumes. The Counsel asks for the most lenient sentence as the defender is young and unemployed. The Prosecution requests 7-year imprisonment.

Yo Han plays a video where Jukchang is a part of Heo’s Vlog. 

At the Foundation, Heo chokes on his food

Yo Han says Jukchang was a member of Heo’s fan club and was an unofficial staff of the President’s campaign. Jukchang denies this. Yo Han says Jukchang and his men wielded steel pipes at the people holding a peaceful protest.

Yo Han says Heo always mentions that you bring order to society by strengthening the law.

Park and Min realise that Yo Han is up to something.

Jukchang says a judge already ruled over that case that it was a drunken mistake. Yo Han asks if he wielded the metal pipe due to a mistake or if someone gave him an order. Jukchang says it was his decision.

Yo Han asks if anyone ordered Jukchang to go to the slum and wield metal pipes. Jukchang says no one did.

Yo Han plays another of Heo’s videos where he urges the citizens to take matters into their own hands. Yo Han says it was after this video that Jukchang gathered unemployed men and assaulted foreign workers. Jukchang screams that he strongly sympathised with the President’s views and acted on his own accord. Yo Han asks if Jukchang will take full responsibility for it and Jukchang says he will.

Yo Han asks the defence Counsel if he too sympathises with Heo’s philosophy. He says he does.

Yo Han plays another footage of Heo where he speaks about criminals. He says they should be given the death penalty. Heo says that life should be paid for with another life.

Ga-on and Jin-Joo look at Yo Han in shock. Yo Han looks ahead calmly.

Yo Han walks up to the centre and says it has to be a life for a life. He suggests the death penalty.

The courtroom goes silent.

 The defending counsel says no one has been sentenced to death for killing just one man. Yo Han asks if they have to wait for the defendant to kill more people.

Yo Han says not everyone who grows up poor commits crimes. Yo Han says this court will treat every human fairly and equally. Yo Han asks how the defendant can pay for the blood of the victim. Jukchang shivers as he watches the vote rise for the death penalty.

The count comes to 75% guilty.

Yo Han says Justice doesn’t end with words. He says a penalty that is not carried out is fraud and not justice. He says he demands justice to be served. A photo of the electrical chair comes up on the screen. The situation in the court is tense.

Yo Han says the death penalty will be carried out in 24 hours in this very courtroom. He tells the justice shall be served by the public. He says the higher number of votes will determine the higher voltage of the electric chair. Yo Han says they need one million votes for the defendant to die.

Jukchang grits his teeth. Yo Han says he will see them here in 24 hours and walks away. Jukchang calls after him but Yo Han goes out of the courtroom.

JIn-Joo and Ga-on follow Yo han out.

Sun-A says Yo Han wants to instil fear in Jukchang’s mind for 24 hours so that he will tell the truth to the whole world. Sun-A lets out a laugh as Park calls Yo Han inhuman. They all turn towards Heo suggesting a different way to keep Jukchang quiet. Heo is extremely upset as he says he will handle it. He says he knows how to handle Jukchang.

Jin Joo tells Yo Han this isn’t right. She says they can’t use the public to electrocute Jukchang to get him to talk. Yo Han says he asked the public and they answered him.  He says that is democracy.

Jin Joo asks what makes him different from Heo. Yo Han tells Jin Joo to leave the bench if she strongly feels against it.

Later, Jin Joo switches on the news. Professor Min is holding a press meet. He says he is resigning as Chief Justice.

Ga-on rushes to Min’s office. Min tells Ga-on to stop Yo Han. He says Yo Han is the devil. Ga-on says Yo Han is doing this to get Jukchang to talk. Min says YO Han is having the public execute Jukchang in the sacred Supreme Court. He says Ga-on shouldn’t trust Yo han as he is using people’s weakness to ridicule the world. Ga-on says they even killed Soo Hyun.

Min asks if he is sure about that. He says Soo Hyun met him that day and said she said Yo Han was taking advantage of Ga-on. Ga-on says she never liked Yo han. Min says Soo Hyun was digging into the church fire. He says there was a man called Joseph who seemed like he was hidden away on purpose. He says his responsibilities included handling the CCTVs. Min asks what if she found Joseph and Yo Han found out about this.

Ga-on says that is just an assumption. He says he has seen how much Yo Han has suffered over his brother’s death. Min asks if Yo Han is suffering out of guilt.

Ga-on says he needs to leave. Min asks what Soo Hyun would say if she sees Ga-on electrocute a person next to Kang Yo Han. Ga-on walks away.

 Ga-on sits on the stairs as he recalls a conversation with Soo Hyun. Soo Hyun said that whatever Yo Han went through won’t justify his actions. She says everyone has reasons but not everyone breaks the rules.

Meanwhile, Jukchang trembles in fear in prison. He tells himself that Heo will save him. Just then, two guards come in and tase him. Jukchang becomes unconscious and they drag him away.

Jukchang is brought before Heo and he bows before Heo.

Yo Han is in his study reading Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche. Ga-on walks into the room and asks if he is going to go through with it. He says the innocent public should not be punished by making them kill a person. 

Yo Han asks if it is okay for someone else to kill them instead. He says he doesn’t believe in cheap justice. He says people who stay at homes asking not willing to get their hands dirty are accomplices. 

Yo Han says there are no innocent people. Ga-on says there are people who work hard every day and are innocent. He says many risk their lives to protect the world. He cites Soo Hyun and Dr Yoon as examples.

Ga-on says a world where everyone has blood on their hands is pandemonium. Yo Han says that the world he was born into was always like this. Ga-on says he doesn’t want to see Yo Han go to a place where he can’t come back from.

Yo han says he doesn’t have another choice.

Ga-on asks if Yo Han knew beforehand that a person would die in the clash between Jukchang and the public. Yo Han tilts his head as he watches Ga-on.

Ga-on asks if that was Yo Han’s plan all along. He asks if Yo han wanted a victim to shed blood in order to get the people to fight back. Yo Han watches Ga-on intently and tells Ga-on to act if he has enough time to ask him questions.

The next morning, Yo Han walks up to the electric chair which is placed in the centre of the courtroom. He sits on the electric chair.

Later, Jin-Joo and Ga-on are absent. Jukchang is strapped to the electric chair and Yo Han asks if Jukchang wants to take full responsibility and if no one ordered him to do it.

Jukchang calls Yo Han an evil jerk and says no one ordered him to do it. 

Yo Han requests the citizens to execute the sentence.

The vote count slowly rises. Jukchang slithers in the chair as the numbers rise up. Yo Han comes down as Jukchang asks if he is having fun.

Just then, Ga-on comes in.

Jukchang is confident as he says he is not going to die. He says he didn’t do anything wrong.


Heo tells a crying Jukchang that he is a true patriot. He says he won’t abandon him. Heo tells Jukchang to sit in the chair for a bit. He says Yo Han is putting on a show and he won’t go through with the execution. He says he wants Jukchang to tells Heo’s name. Jukchang asks if Heo is asking him to die. Heo tells him to endure it a bit. He promises to cut the electricity if things get precarious. He says this is for the sake of the nation and he promises to make it come true.

Heo promises Jukchang an apartment overlooking the Han river and a permanent position at a state-owned company. He promises a ton of bitcoins too.

At present, Yo Han sees that number hovering around 500. Yo Han appeals to the people to be responsible. He says they are the sovereign and tells them to exercise their ownership.

Jukchang bursts into laughter

The public deliberates with their friends and they start voting. The people slowly realise that if they vote the count is really going up. They start voting.

Soon the vote count climbs past 100000. Jukchang says he can endure it. He says he told him to endure it.

Yo Han and Ga-on watch Jukchang as the count crosses 250000. Jukchang shakes as the current passes through him but he holds the smile on his face.

Jukchang tells himself to hang in there.

Heo watches this on TV.

Jukchang convulses as the vote climbs higher. Ga-on walks out of the courtroom.

Elsewhere, two children try to vote but their mother runs in and stops them.

Yo Han stands before Jukchang who grits his teeth.

The vote almost touches 1 million. Jukchang lets out a scream and his eyes are bloodshot. 

He stops quivering as the power goes out.

Yo Han is told that the Ministry of Justice has issued an emergency stay of the execution. He is told that Ga-on is addressing the press. 

Ga-on’s image is splashed on screen as he says that the live court show was a fake. Professor Min stands beside Ga-on as he speaks.

Yo Han glares at the screen.

Image Courtesy- TVN


Both Ga-on and Jin-Joo easily figured out that the Government and the Foundation are hurting the public. They tried to find a middle ground by joining Yo Han as they both knew that only he can handle this situation. They struggled to stay by his side as his methods arent by the book. It looks like they are not willing to accept that there is no middle ground if they want to go up against the Foundation.

It looks like Sun-A is having issues with Heo releasing the virus into the slums. She seemed to disapprove of this but is helpless as she is already too invested in the Foundation. It seems like her obsession made her blind to the path which she chose to walk on. it looked like this is the first time she felt bad about something that is happening around her.

Heo is turning out to be the worst of the lot. He resorted to involving the military and is also planning on spreading the virus artificially in underprivileged areas. Heo was distressed after seeing Jukchang in a mess. He knew that it wouldn’t end well for him after Yo Han made the connection between him and Jukchang. It was intriguing to see him attempting to brainwash Jukchang and finally succeed in it.

Yo Han cornering Jukchang at the live trial was a good watch. It looked like he assumed Jukchang won’t give up Heo’s name that easily.

The extent to which Jukchang trusted Heo was shocking. It goes to show that Heo has got him out of similar situations umpteen number of times. Jukchang was on the brink of death and yet chose to endure it. I wonder whether his patriotism over Heo or the apartment overlooking the Han river and the bitcoins served as an incentive to endure it.

Yo Han’s choice of books is always interesting as they match with the mood of the ongoing live trial and his mindset.

Soo-Hyun was Ga-on’s family. Ga-on misses Soo Hyun as she was always fussing over him. She left a void in him. Throughout this episode, Ga-on was an emotional wreck and was basing his actions on Soo Hyun’s words. His misplaced guilt acted as a barrier to his rational thinking.

Since the start of the series, Ga-on, Min and Soo Hyun were never on the same page as Yo Han where the justice ideologies are concerned. During grave situations, they draw a blank when asked if they have a better idea to counter it. Ga-on claims that he wants to fight the corrupt. I wonder how he plans to do that when there is nothing in the existing system to help the cause.

Yo Han usually reads Ga-on like a book and judges his actions correctly. Yo Han didn’t bother trying to get Ga-on on his side this time. He told Ga-on to act on his suspicions. I wonder if he guessed that Ga-on would do everything in his power to stop the execution.

Ga-on chose to say that the entire live court show was a fake. This rattles the very core of what Yo Han worked for all along. With just two episodes to go, it looks like the clock has reset and we are right where we started with a suspicious Ga-on questioning Yo Han’s motives. With most of the antagonists still around, I am curious to see how everyone meets their downfall.

-By Soul Sword-

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