The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge- Episode 15 Recap

Yo han watches Ga-on’s press meet. Ga-on says the Live trials were fake. He is asked if Yo Han manipulated the trials and Ga-on goes silent.

Min steps in and says Yo Han did manipulate the trials. He says Yo Han decided on a conclusion and created evidence to support it. Ga-on’s eyes are downcast as he hears this. Min says that the defence Counsel worked on Yo Han’s side. He also mentions that Ga-on has given a statement regarding this to the Supreme Court. He says a committee will be put together to find out the truth.

Min says that once the truth comes to light, all of Yo Han’s trials which he presided over as a Judge will be retried and annulled.

In the courtroom, Yo Han addresses the public. He says the execution was stayed. He says he will release a separate statement on this matter.

Jukchang laughs and cries in relief as Yo Han asks the defendant to be freed. As he is released, Jukchang says Yo Han did his job. Yo Han wishes him luck and says they will meet again. Jukchang says he looks forward to it.

President Heo, Chairmans Park and Min celebrate the rift between Yo Han and Ga-on. Heo says he wasn’t going to cut the power to the electric chair. Park and Min are taken aback. Heo says he was planning on increasing the voltage to maximum if Jukchang was about to talk. Heo wonders how the righteous people pull each other down and laughs.

Ga-on goes to his office and Jin-joo asks if Dr Safety’s case was also manipulated. Ga-on apologises as he confirms it. Jin-Joo asks if she was for show. She says she believed in what Yo Han stood for.

As Ga-on writes his statement to the committee, he pauses for a moment and thinks back to when he first met Kang Yo Han. 

Yo Han stands still in his office. He wonders, “Is it happening again? Treating me like a monster.”


On his first day at the new school, Yo Han kills the bird on the desk because his partner is scared of it. Yo Han was treated like a monster since then. 

His father believed he would kill his brother one day. 

Sun-A mentioned that Yo Han killed his brother and rescued his niece so that he won’t be suspected.

Ga-on asks Yo Han if he killed his brother.

Yo Han shot at the bus driver (Ep 1) because 2 is greater than 1.

He called voting at the live trial an action of democracy.

At present, Yo Han thinks, “I just chose the fastest way for them.”

Just then, Ga-on walks in. Yo Han asks him why Ga-on is here after stabbing him in the back. Ga-on says he came to say goodbye. He says he didn’t want to see Yo Han go to a place where he couldn’t come back from.

Ga-on says Yo Han electrocuting Jukchang to make him talk was an excuse to get blood on everybody’s hands. He says after that, they will have no option but to stand by Yo Han’s side.

Yo Han clenches his fists as he says humans desperately want to believe they made the right choice. Ga-on says using the humans’ vulnerability is what the devil does.

Yo Han glares at Ga-on as he walks towards him. He says in this world if you don’t attack you will get attacked. He asks if Ga-on doesn’t want him to cross the line in the middle of a fight. He tells him not to be naive. He says he chose the fastest way.

Ga-on says it is human nature to hesitate and know when to stop. He says if they don’t, only self-pitying monsters will be left in the world.

Yo Han lets out a dry laugh as he says here they go again. He smiles as he says this is something he has heard all over his life.

Yo Han asks if Ga-on is scared of him too. He grabs Ga-on’s neck and tightens his grip. He pushes Ga-on against the wall and asks if he doesn’t want to turn into a monster like him.

Ga-on asks Yo Han to kill him if he wants to. Yo Han’s eyes well up as he calls Ga-on a weak loser. He loosens his grip and tells Ga-on to get lost.

Yo Han walks away and faces away from him. Ga-on says he truly wished for Yo Han to stop and walks away.

The news reports that Yo Han hasn’t given a statement yet and there is negative publicity growing against him.

Heo is happy seeing this. He tells his wife that Min thinks Yo Han’s men attacked him but in reality, it was Jukchang who did it. He says it is a shame that there is no bloodshed yet. He says he would’ve killed everyone against him and left only the patriots alive. He says that way Korea will be more powerful. 

 Heo’s wife says the concept of Pure-blooded Koreans was started for the internet show. She says he is getting too immersed in the character. She tells him that the only thing that matters is only money. He says he did agree to make the nation into a business model.

He says there is something more important than money and that is to etch their name in history forever as the eternal protagonist.

Yo Han comes home and finds Elijah in the study. She says she saw the news and asks if he will be okay. He smiles as he asks if she is worried for him. She gathers herself and says this house will be hers if he gets arrested. Yo Han says it has been hers all along.

She says Ga-on is never coming back. Yo Han says they are going to go back to how they used to be. He says they used to only have each other. He smiles slightly and takes her back to her room.

Ga-on comes home. He finds it empty without Soo Hyun. Min calls Ga-on up and says he thinks Yo Han killed Soo Hyun because she found out that he was behind Issac’s death. Ga-on says he doesn’t believe so. He says Yo Han needs sympathy. Min says Ga-on doesn’t believe him and hangs up.

Sun-A, Park and Min are present at Heo’s office. Sun-A says Kang Yo Han is no longer a threat. She asks Heo to remove the state of emergency and calm the people. Heo says they have to use the virus and evict more people.

Sun-A disagrees as she says this isn’t what they agreed upon. She says they don’t have a place to accommodate the evacuated people.

Heo thumps the desk to silence her. He declares that he will be taking charge from now. He says every decision will go down in history so they have to follow him.

He tells Sun-A that she has been getting on her nerves for a long time. He asks how dare a woman talk this much. Park and Min keep quiet.

Heo says they will have to wipe out useless people who leech on the government without contributing anything. He says this is the chance to get rid of old people and protestors. He says they will build a young and strong Korea. He says this is a revolution to put Korea in the right place.

Sun-A says she is moved by the speech. She says the aftermath will be huge protests. Heo says he will deploy the army and wipe them all out. Sun-A grimaces as if her ears hurt and lets out a curse. Heo is surprised.

Sun-A slowly gets up and comes towards him. Min and Park fist bump as Sun-A stands before Heo.

They watch as Sun-A slaps Heo hard across his face. She pushes him back into the chair. Heo looks to Park and Min for help. He realises that they are ganging up on him. 

Sun-A says Heo is nothing but a puppet and she says there is a limit to her patience. She asks if he thinks he is a leader. Heo fumbles across the table and grabs the phone. He calls up his secretary Kim.

Kim rushes in and Heo gives him the authority to shoot Sun-A, Park and Min. Kim stands rooted to the spot. Heo yells that it is a coup and Kim should shoot them all.

Sun-A smiles at Kim who bows at her. Kim pulls out the gun and points it at Heo. Heo sinks into his chair and Park and Min burst out laughing. Sun-A sends Kim away.

Sun-A tells Heo to get out of the way. Heo gets up and moves away. Sun-A sits in the President’s chair and says this is a business. She tells Heo that revolution and history do not make money. She asks why the Foundation will support that cause.


Sun-A meets with Chairman Park and Chairman Min. She says that Heo wanted to kill Jukchang in front of the entire nation. Park says Heo is trying to become the lead role. Min says they want to redevelop Seoul and sell it to foreign investors. He says Heo doesn’t think about the economy. Sun-A tells them that Heo planned on releasing a real virus in the slums. They are annoyed at this because they can’t sell contaminated property. She says he lacks business skills because he is an artist. Sun-A says they have to come up with Plan B. An elite who is safer.

At present, Heo is huddled in the corner as Sun-A sits on his chair.

Min says the President and the Chief Justice are just temporary employees chosen by the Foundation. Park serves Sun-A some tea and she drinks it.

Yo Han sits in his office staring out of the window. Sun-A walks in. She comments that he looks lonely now. Yo Han says it is brave of her to come here. 

Sun-A wonders if he wants revenge for her death. She then realises that he is not stupid to act on emotions unless he has something to gain out of it.

Sun-A crouches beside him and places her hand on his cheek. He says she will give him another chance because it is Yo Han. He swats her hand away.

She tells him to stop bluffing as she is giving him an opportunity of a lifetime. She says he can go to Blue House instead of the prison.

Yo Han asks if she needs a new puppet. Sun-A gets up and asks if he can live in prison among the trash he put away there. 

Yo Han gets up and says she is impressive. He says she is working so hard to stay afloat to fill a hunger that can’t be filled and to get something she cant dare to have. He says he really feels bad for her.

Sun-A raises her hand to strike him but stops herself. Yo Han smiles slightly and she walks out of the office.

Sun-A pushes a floor lamp on her way out and Yo Han goes back to thinking. Sun-A wipes away her tears as she walks away.

Yo Han taps his foot and claps his fists as he thinks hard. 

Yo Han walks into the Press Conference. He starts by saying he is a criminal.

Min wonders what he is doing this time. Sun-A is quiet. 

Yo Han says he has betrayed the people’s trust as all the suspicions around him are true. He says he has abused the law to punish criminals. Yo Han says that as a Judge he realised that law is powerless before power. He says those with money and power got away with committing crimes. He says he wanted to do everything in his power to make them pay the price.

Yo Han says that using his rage that justice is never served as an excuse, he crossed a line that must never be crossed. Yo Han apologises to the public and says he doesn’t qualify to be a Judge. Yo Han says he will resign his position and accept his punishment. he says he is a criminal and they should stone him.

The courtroom buzzes as the people ask him if he will return. Yo Han walks out of the Supreme Court amidst a crowd. There is a commotion as the people tell him not to leave. Jin-Joo runs up to him and holds Yo Han’s arm in an effort to stop him. Yo Han removes her hand gently and thanks to her. He thanks the shows PD and gets into his car. 

Yo Han drives out of the Supreme Court amidst slogans that say, “Kang Yo Han for President.”

The news reports that the people want Kang Yo Han to run for President. Min says that Yo Han is indeed formidable. Sun-A says Heo is lucky and he has to stay on for a while now. Sun-A calls Jae-Hee and asks her to keep an eye on the opposition.

Yo Han watches the news from his study. He is on the phone refusing the offer as it is too soon. He thanks them before hanging up. Yo Han has a slight smile on his face as he sees the news which reports that an emergency poll stated that 57.6 % of people would vote for Kang Yo Han if he ran for President.  It says the opposition parties are vying for Kang Yo Han to become their Presidential Candidate.

Min and Ga-on visit Soo Hyun’s grave. Min gives Ga-on Soo Hyun’s notebook which has details of Jung Joseph and his address on it.

Later, Ga-on speaks with the old lady who gave Soo Hyun information on Jung Joseph. Ga-on confirms Joseph’s identity with a photo in Soo Hyun’s book. He obtains Jung Joseph’s address from the lady.

Ga-on retraces Soo Hyun’s steps as he asks around the neighbourhood for Jung Joseph. 

He reaches Joseph’s house. Joseph is returning from the store just then. He has a bandage wrapped around his head. He recognises Ga-on as Kang Yo Han’s associate and he starts running. Ga-on catches up with him. Joseph asks if Yo Han sent Ga-on to kill him.

Later, Ga-on promises to move Joseph elsewhere so that he will feel safer. He says Professor Min will help him. 

Joseph says he has footage of the church fire. He says Yo Han came to him after the fire and promised him money and a house if he kept quiet about the footage.

Joseph said he had made a copy to make money out of it. He says a few months back one of Yo Han’s men came and tortured Joseph for a copy of the footage. He says he handed over the copy.

Ga-on asks about the fresh wounds on Joseph. Joseph says that a detective (Soo Hyun) came to see him. He says he didn’t tell her anything because he was worried Yo Han would kill him.

He says again Yo Han’s man came by yesterday and beat him up asking if he told Soo Hyun anything. Ga-on obtains the dashcam footage from Joseph’s neighbour so he can see who this man is. Ga-on finds out the license plate of the car and informs Min. Min locates the address through his contact. He tells Ga-on to find the person soon as Kang Yo han may try to kill him. Joseph refuses to tell Ga-on the contents of the footage.

At night Ga-on drives to the address. He recalls Soo Hyun saying that she was close to finding out who Yo han really is. He finds the car parked outside. He goes into the house just in time to find a black figure running away. Ga-on finds a person dead on the floor. He identifies the dead person as the person who shot Soo Hyun.

Ga-on finds the man’s phone in the pocket and he retrieves it. He checks the call history and finds multiple logs on a contact names YH. Ga-on calls that number and Yo Han answers the call. Ga-on is appalled as he hears Yo Han’s voice and hangs up. He holds his head in and cries in fury. He recalls Yo Han telling him to cut Soo Hyun out of his life.

Yo Han is in his study when Ga-on comes charging at him with a knife. Yo Han holds the blade with his hand. He tells Ga-on that he will allow Ga-on to kill him, but Ga-on will regret it for the rest of his life.

Ga-on recalls Soo Hyun holding the blade back when he tried to kill Do Young Choon.

Ga-on accuses Yo Han of killing Soo Hyun. Yo Han says Ga-on is hurting and he wants to blame someone. Ga-on says he saw the evidence with his own eyes. Yo Han reminds him how futile evidence is and says it is easy to fool people. Yo Han is furious when Ga-on accuses him of killing Issac.

Ga-on asks if the video Jung Joseph has shows Yo Han setting the church on fire. Yo Han instinctively puts his hand over his back as memories of the church fire come flooding back.

Yo Han is enraged when he realises Ga-on met Joseph. He grabs Ga-on.

Just then, Professor Min barges in with a group of Police officers. Yo Han looks at Ga-on in disbelief as the officers arrest Yo Han for murdering Soo Hyun.

Tears well up in Yo Han’s eyes as he asks if Ga-on really believes that he killed his brother and Soo Hyun. He asks if Ga-on feels Yo Han used him. Ga-on doesn’t reply.

Just then Sun-A claps as she walks into the study with Jae-Hee. She comments that she has never seen Yo Han like this. Ga-on asks what she is doing here.

Gaon is shocked as Professor Min welcomes Sun-A and bows to her.

Sun-A says coincidences don’t repeat themselves. She says Ga-on resembling Issac was a coincidence but Ga-on joining Yo Han’s team was not a coincidence. She says she was the one who put Ga-on beside Yo Han.


Ga-on takes oath as a Judge in his appointment ceremony. Soo Hyun and Min sit in the audience. Sun-A and Chairman Seo sit in the front row. Sun-A smiles as she looks at Ga-on’s face. She comments that he (Ga-on) looks just like him (Issac). Min catches her eye as they are taking photos.

At present, Sun-A says that she was the one who made Professor Min as Chief Justice. Yo Han lets out a gasp. Ga-on is shocked. Min says this was all for the greater good and Ga-on will understand one day.

Yo Han watches Ga-on. Ga-on is taken aback. Yo Han calls Ga-on’s name. Ga-on tries to follow Professor Min out but Sun-A stops him. 

Sun-A says Ga-on is Yo Han’s weakness that she planted. She says Yo Han is really dangerous.

She walks up to Yo Han and says she told him that she would make him alone. Meanwhile, Ga-on looks over at Jae-hee and realises she is the one who escaped from Soo Hyun’s killer’s house earlier.

Ga-on says, “This is all a manipulation. Kang Yo Han didn’t do it. She did it.”

Yo Han says there is no point as everyone here have been won over by Sun-A. Ga-on watches as all of the police force stands still.

Ga-on asks if Sun-A was the one who told Jung Joseph’s whereabouts to the old lady.

Sun -A says everything Joseph said was true as Kang Yo Han did everything to hide the truth. She says she was the one who sent the man to torture Joseph and obtain the copy of the CCTV footage.

Yo Han curses in rage as he hears this.

Yo Han yells at Sun-A not to do it when she gives the footage to Ga-on. Yo Han resists his captors as he roars in fury. Officers go towards Yo Han and hold him down.

Sun-A places the footage in Ga-on’s hand and watches Yo Han scream in agonyShe smiles and hits the play button.

She walks away as Yo Han continues to scream. She feels satiated as she hears him scream in agony.

Ga-on drops the phone in shock after seeing the footage. He watches Yo Han’s anguish. He clutches his head and sinks to the floor.

The footage shows Elijah running down the corridor right before the fire.


Verena Church

During the ceremony, Elijah’s mother wonders where she is.

In another room filled with candles, Elijah holds her teddy in her hand as she prays.

Yo Han is outside the window. Elijah wonders if the teddy is cold and takes it close to a candle. He looks knocks on the window and Elijah looks up. He gestures a warning that the teddy will catch fire if she takes it too close to the candle. He goes away.

Elijah smiles and she walks out of the door. She doesn’t notice the teddy in her hand flip over a burning candle. The candle falls over the curtain and catches fire.

At present, Sun-A says she feels sorry for Yo Han. She says Yo Han is scared that Elijah will find out that she was responsible for her parents’ death. SHe says he spent his whole life keeping that secret.

Just then, Elijah comes out from the second floor. She spots Ga-on. Yo Han is unhinged as he calls out her name desperately. 

Elijah yells his name in alarm as she sees him in this state.

Sun-A looks at Jae-Hee. Jae-Hee rushes up and grabs Elijah.

Sun-A says it’s time Elijah knows the truthYo Han pleads with Sun-A not to tell Elijah the truth. 

Ga-on looks at all of this in shock.

Sun-A says, “I just wanted one thing. For you to look at me like that.” 

Sun-A tells them to take him away. Yo Han roars as they drag him away.

Sun-A’s face no longer has the smile she had a while ago.

Ga-on’s voiceover says, “That moment, I decided to die.” 

Image Courtesy- TVN


This was a gripping and emotive episode with a lot of content.

Heo revealed that he wasn’t going to cut the power to the electric chair. It looks like he found himself in a fix after getting carried away in his role as a bloodthirsty leader. The scene where Sun-A silences Heo was a good watch. It was hilarious to see how Heo went from roaring like a lion to squeaking like a mouse in a jiffy once the tables were turned.

The path Ga-on took to voice his opinion about Yo Han’s methods were reckless. It looks like Ga-on had assumed Yo Han to be a monstrous killer since the day he met him. He always found it easy to doubt Yo Han rather than trust him. So it was easy for Min and Sun-A to use him. When it is Yo Han’s word over anyone else’s, Ga-on was sure to choose the other persons’ words.

It also looks like he learnt nothing despite being with Yo Han and watching all the evidence being tampered with in the previous cases. Ga-on’s actions towards the end of the episode also showed he was ungrateful and judgemental, as he decided not to give Yo Han a chance to explain.

This was another situation where Jin-Joo comes across as a sensible character when compared to Ga-on. She was up straight about her differences with Yo Han and didn’t betray his trust. She stands as one of the good supporting characters in the drama despite being left out of the loop always.

The way Yo Han turned the situation around at the Press Conference was a good watch and the dialogues were well-written. 

Finally, it was revealed that Professor Min did have a motive. He was indeed working for Sun-A which is why he kept planting ideas in Ga-on’s head. He wasn’t blind to the Foundation’s atrocities because he was on their side.

Sun-A was shown to be quite a mastermind in this episode. She outdid herself with her plan concerning Ga-on. Ga-on was just caught in the crossfire as the pawn in Sun-A’s game. She had planted him around Yo Han as she knew he would have a soft spot for Ga-on who resembled Issac. She knew Ga-on had the power to crumble Yo han emotionally when he betrayed him. It looks like that part of the plan played out perfectly in her favour. Ga-on’s fickle personality was an added bonus to her. She wasn’t joking when she said she wanted to make him lonely.

It is rare when Sun-A shows her emotions. But when she does, it is around Yo Han. It looked like she visited him at work as a last attempt to try to get him on her side. She seemed genuinely hurt by his response.

Yo Han showed immense strength in character by not taking Sun-A’s offer (and betraying her later as he did previously).

The last scene was emotive and deep-seated. 

To shield Elijah from the truth, Yo Han not only kept the evidence hidden but also drew the suspicion onto himself. He knew that Elijah would be guilt-ridden if she found out that she was responsible for the fire though it was an accident. It looks like he is a deeply emotional person after all. He turned out to be a selfless and self-sacrificing character.  

Though Elijah speaks spitefully to Yo Han she is extremely attached to him as she knows he cares deeply for her. They have also gone through a lot together. Elijah was not kept in the loop about the Church fire incident and it also looks like she isn’t aware entirely of the differences between Ga-on and Yo Han. I wonder what her reaction will be if she finds out that Ga-on is a weak and unreliable character in reality.

Sun-A has finally taken over as the main antagonist. Ga-on seems to be in a state of shock at the end of the episode. He knew he made a grave mistake. He also felt betrayed and used by Min. Above all it looks like he is guilt-ridden at the present. It looks like he will have a chance to right the wrongs he has committed.

This episode was action-packed and has set the stage for the finale. It was easily the best episode of the series so far as it tied up most of the loose ends and it makes the storyline more solid. I am curious to see how the finale surpasses this.

-By Soul Sword-

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